Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Faith Blog.......I'm leaving this up for part of Monday because I want more of you to see it...till the end, you'll enjoy it!


Yes, it's Super Bowl Sunday, and it's my Sunday Faith Blog day....but I wanted to post this and will now figure out a way to justify posting it today :-):

1.  Some of you will be rooting for a team that loses.  You will need a sense of humor and this video will help.
 (there, I justified posting this today, Super Bowl Sunday!)   I will now attempt to justify using this adorable    video for my Sunday Faith Blog........give me a minute :-)

2. Okay! Got it (funny, I accidentally typed "GOD it" at first!)!  Some of you are depressed and anxious about world affairs and you need a laugh.  Some of us cling to Scripture, all of us need humor.  SO, this is a very good reason to post this video today!  There, I did it :-)

"Surely then you will find delight in the Almighty and will lift up your face to God."  Job 22:26

 I think that would make God smile......whether your team wins or loses, whether you have fears for our country or not.......lift up your face to God.   It really does help!  Have a wonderful day, enjoy the game, enjoy the food (make sure you tell me what you ate at my food blog)...........and look for His face to be smiling down on you in your enjoyment!  IMAGINE THAT?!



Chuck said...

You never need a reason to post humor. It's the best medicine.

Trust me, I'm a health care professional ;)

Have a good Sunday.

David Wyatt said...

GO Stackers!!

Thanks for this great reminder Z! Because of Jesus, God isn't angry! He wants us to come to Him & be saved!! God Bless you!

Anonymous said...

That was SO CUTE!

I can relate to those guys...

Karen Howes said...

Thanks for the vid, it was great! A take off on Monty Python's dead parrot skit? LOL

Z said...

Chuck, never need a reason UNLESS you always do a FAITH BLOG and you need to tweak the words to include Faith and the VIdeo :-..oh, and Super Bowl. How'd I do? :-)

David, you are more than welcome...thanks for the sweet reminder about marriage on your blog right now. God bless you, too.

Jen, isn't it? SO clever...especially at the very end!! I just wish I knew the difference between an iPod, an iPAD, a blackberry (which I called raspberry for the first 2 years of its existence, honestly!), APPS and all that stuff........yikes!

Karen, you're too young but I used to date a Brit who was much older than I and he got me listening to THE TWO RONNIES..VERY VERY famous in Britain...This video says "ONE RONNIE" so I guess it's one of them.
I think one was SPike Mulligan or something..the humor was OK, I like Brit humor but it wasn't the best I'd ever heard..My friend adored it...they'd been around for years.

Leticia said...

That was great!!

Z said...

Re the SUPER BOWL GAME, I want to say that I"m glad the Packers won mostly because of Roethlesberg, tell you the truth, BUT I am a little sad after seeing what an amazingly CLASS ACT the Steelers' Coach Mike Tomlin whining, no pity party, just "we didn't play well enough, they did..." He looked SO disappointed but was such a gentleman. That's what sports should be about.

Congratulations, Wisconsin and all Green Bay fans. And WHAT a game. AFter the last Steelers' TD I thought they were going to take it at the last minute.

Ticker said...

BUT I am a little sad after seeing what an amazingly CLASS ACT the Steelers' Coach Mike Tomlin whining, no pity party, just "we didn't play well enough, they did..."

Too bad the LSM media could only make excuse for the THUGS losing. Class always wins.

Anonymous said...

Z, this is funny, and does have that Monty Python bent, doesn't it?


christian soldier said...


Anonymous said...

Z, during the pregame, one of the analysts used a basketball analogy to describe the two teams' styles. He said the Packers would be Magic and the Lakers while the Steelers would be Bird and the Celtics. I thought, "Z's got to pull for the Pack now."


beamish said...

If I were the Steelers coach, I would have said something like, "No coach likes to lose the Super Bowl, but no coach like to lose a Super Bowl with a lethargic, useless team. I don't want to take anything away from the Packers, but they probably wouldn't have done so well if my team had actually wanted to win the Super Bowl. On Monday, I will begin the task of removing Steelers jerseys from an easily named list of pathetic players that have no future place in an organization dedicated to excellence. Congratulations, Packers, on winning when my team was barely trying. Please take your MVP Roethlisberger with you."

Anonymous said...

Yesterday was Ronald Reagans' 100th birthday. Shouldn't something have been said about it at geeeeeZ?


Anonymous said...

These people think they have fruit problems?

My daughter lost her cherry last week, and she's only eleven years old.

Now THAT's a problem, but what's a mother to do? The culture's dead set against decent parenting.


Mark said...

What a way to start the Super Bowl, eh? Hand Christina her sign She stunk up what otherwise would have been a pretty good game.

How to incorporate faith in this?

I have faith that God can use even Christina's horrid performance for His greater good.

Ducky's here said...

Big Ben must be steamed. Wouldn't want to be a single woman in Pittsburgh.

Mark said...

What makes you think he'd limit himself to only single women?

Ducky's here said...

Why was Christina Aguilera baying at the moon?

cube said...

Eggs box. Ha! Very clever skit. I enjoyed it very much.

As far as the Super Bowl goes, my Bucs weren't in the running, so I was just looking forward to a good game. I wasn't disappointed.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

British humour is the BEST.

Speaking of best, the best team WON. Go Packers!