Monday, February 21, 2011

Governor Walker....hang in there

Governor Walker -

Please continue to hang in there in spite of the defamatory and malicious rhetoric directed at you from the "main stream media" and the partisan left which are both threatened by your good efforts to protect your state and its citizens from the tyranny of unregulated unionism.

The nation is watching Wisconsin and you will emerge a champion of traditional American virtue should you hold fast.

God Bless,
Anderson, Indiana USA

Here is Governor Walker's email address for you to encourage him!
Thanks, MGM....good going.



Catherine Barry said...

This man is merely doing exactly what he said he would do before he was elected... require public employees to pay a portion of their benefits like everyone else on earth does in the private sector. The bullying of the Unionistas is really, really pissing me off!

We all need to send Gov. Walker our regards and support.

Anonymous said...

our forefathers chose a republic over a democracy for this very reason ... mob rule = chaos

Z said...

Yes, Catherine! I posted this so EVERYBODY (but DUcky :-) will send Gov Walker SUPPORT!
We need to do that more and more for good Conservatives trying to rescue this country from the jaws of defeatism

David Wyatt said...

Absolutely, Z. I do pray for him, good guy!

FrogBurger said...

Yes. The same lefties who blame corporations for greed are so freaking greedy.

But thanks to them for proving my point: human nature is selfish and greed is one of the manifestations of this selfishness.

Aside from that that's why we really need to limit government. Let's be honest, gov attracts people a lot of people who don't necessarily want to compete in the private world and want to cruise. Those people love being provided for as much as they can and unions are of a great help for that. The bigger the gov, the more of this we will get.

They seem to have forgotten people in WI have to pay for their own healthcare, retirement and the retirement and healthcare of those losers.

So if they want equality, since the left loves equality, time to apply it to themselves.

Z said...

I'm going to show my VERY OBVIOUS lack of knowledge in the case of unions (other than I think they've outlived their time and have created problems)...

The unions supposedly bargain for their people. That's what made unions good in the day, right? They helped rid us of child labor, 12 hr work days, etc.

SO...if they work for ALL the people, then how can SOME workers in a certain industry which is represented by unions NOT pay when they will get the same "benefits" (whether we agree with those bennies or not) as if they did pay?

I will skulk off now and hope to get information and not TOO much ridicule for my lack of info on this!

Anonymous said...

While needed at one time, unions are one of the greatest problems in our country now. Their power, corruption, & greed have helped put us in dire straits, even though they are a smaller percentage than they were. These so-called teachers have no concern for the children for whose education they are responsible.

I hope that Gov. Walker does the same thing Pres. Ronald Reagan did with the Air Traffic Controllers: 'Come back to work or you're fired'. That would solve a lot of problems for the other states who are facing this problem down the line. And as for their votes, they didn't vote for him in the beginning, so he hasn't lost anything. In fact, he may well have gained a lot of respect for standing up to them & the imported thugs.


Catherine Barry said...

Z, that has been the argument for forced unionism. Our laws and Constitution lean toward people being able to choose whether or not they want Union representation. In shops where people can choose, getting the benefit of pay raises negotiated by union is a kudo they must get as a result. But if they are fired after they get that raise, they don't get union representation.

Let me tell you how the UAW worked here (since I was a card carrying member for several years. Every time contracts were negotiated, the Union would throw out say 40-60 legitimate grievances to get a drunk or thief back on that had been fired for drinking on the job and wrecking a fork truck or caught stealing valuable tools or parts. And usually if you dug deeply enough, they got this loser back on because he was related to someone like the President of the local or best buddies with one of the officers at the Union Hall. Unions are NOT about representing all who pay dues, believe me.

Ducky's here said...

I contacted him.

Scotty said...

I will skulk off now and hope to get information and not TOO much ridicule for my lack of info on this!

One thing that many are not aware of, because one may be in a union, it doesn’t always mean big bucks per hour nor does it mean high dollar benefits. Albeit, a lot of the government employee unions seem to have a lock on that.

An example, when I lived in upstate New York, there were a few county hospitals that had unions. But that didn’t mean that they all got the same pay or benefits.

Each hospital negotiated with the unions on an individual basis. Each hospital had negotiated contracts apart from each other. Even thought the funds for the hospitals came from the same county.

Now this is at least 10 years ago but, I have a friend that is still working in one of them and he certainly doesn’t get the benefits of a lot of the private sector folks that are doing the same thing he‘s doing.

While a teamster truck driver can make good money, another same teamster that maybe drives an ambulance, will not see the same income. While the teamsters may be a seemingly large organization, it deals with thousand, if not more, different contract with different companies.

I was an operating engineer union member for many years as a truck driver. We negotiated for pay only. The contracts we were under offered no benefits, as far a retirements were concerned. We did get medical, but it was never totally paid for. We had to participate in the plan. And, in all this, we were contractors to the county we worked in.

Having no children with us anymore, I’m not up on what the Florida teachers make but, I would assume that they don’t see what the Wisconsin teachers see in pay or benefits.

My brother and sister in law are both retired teachers from New York. My brother in law LOVES to brag about what they are getting in retirement pay and benefits and I got to say it’s breath taking!!

Did that help any, Z?

Scotty said...

And usually if you dug deeply enough, they got this loser back on because he was related to someone like the President of the local or best buddies with one of the officers at the Union Hall.

I will say that wasn't my experience in the operating engineers, Catherine. If you were a deadbeat, they'd drop you like a wounded dog!

Chuck said...

Wisconsin could be setting a precedent for the rest of the country.

Z said...

Chuck, from a lot of the news reports, there's no 'could' about definitely will IF this goes through.

Catherine, thanks so much for the explanations. Good reminder re the fact that they don't stand for everyone anyway, that's for sure.
I just watched a woman on Hannity who is a teacher and forced member of the union in Ohio.....she said all she gets is liberal information and even 'how to vote' information...all lib. It's unbelievable that Americans find this acceptable. You'd think libs would be ashamed, wouldn't you?
I've heard that they favor the relatives, too....I'm surprised and cheered to hear Scotty's experiences are different.

Scotty, that really does help, thanks.

Ducky...good response. I get it :-)

Scotty, by the way, I have a college prof friend who taught dance/movement for 42 YEARS and is retired better now than her salary while teaching full time. WHAT benefits SHE gets in California! Holy COW.
(I just kind of wish she'd stop bragging about it!!)

FB: "the same unions who blame corporations for greed" Exquisite point.

David, good! ANd write to him (cancel out DUcky's email :-0)

Law and Order Teacher said...

Where to start. I've been in a union since 1975. I've negotiated many contracts including three (3) while union president. Unions have their place but most have become arms of the Dem. party and left unionhood behind.

I quit my union, although because Ohio isn't a "right-to-work" state I still have to pay union dues. I took the only action I could take. It really wasn't a popular move, but I'm too old to buckle to peer pressure. I've been told by more than a few teachers that they wish they had the courage to do it. Whatever.

My take is that both sides have contributed to this mess. The unions for their unchecked greed and the government entities for selling their political souls for votes. Money talks in politics and unions have lots of money. They donate it and provide a legion of free campaign workers for favored candidates. Quid pro quo.

While I was union president I caused a minor row because I refused to endorse candidates. The state union threatened me, but I told them even though we were affiliated with them, we were still a local lodge that was autonomous. They didn't like that too much.

I appreciate what unions have done for me, but I feel they've lost their way. Until unions become a bargaining unit again and leave the politics to politicians, they will marginalize themselves as pawns in the unions power plays.

Historically, unions hurt themselves in their formative years by allying with socialists. That doesn't meet favorably with the people who pay their salaries. As long as they ally themselves with idiots like Trumbka, they will have little sympathy from taxpayers.

Both side have screwed this up and the elections gave a loud and clear signal that the taxpayers want the mess cleaned up. Too bad it took all these years to do it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Z, I sure will email the Governor with a positive message.

For any workforce to think they are above sacrifice in this economy, they're kidding themselves. And worse, they must think they deserve it.

Detroit announced today, it's closing half it's schools, and these Wisconsin teachers think they can should get free healthcare and pensions?

They're lucky they still have a school to teach in.

My son was furloughed three days a week, until the company he worked for was foreclosed upon. All the employees agreed to it, knowing if they hadn't some of them would be laid off. They knew the co. was barely hanging on and now it's closed.

All of them finally lost their jobs. This is a reality. While this administration props up unions, the private sector is suffering, and it appears the state run media doesn't give a damn.

The administration doesn't care either. Obama needs union contributions and to hell with the country as a whole.

It's all about money. Not the school children, not the citizens who work for private business, and not the welfare of the economy.

The left loves chaos and crisis. They thrive on it, and use it to their advantage.

Good for Governor Walker. He has the guts to stand up for what's right, and what will benefit all the citizens of Wisconsin.

As for the crybabies who stormed the capitol building, they should all be fired, then maybe they'll appreciate how good they had it.


Common Sense said...

Fire everyone of these asshats, there are so many good people ready to take their place and want to work.

Screw unions!

Z said...

Law & Order, SO good to see you. Thank you for coming by geeeZ...your blogging is VERY missed.
Thanks, also, for your comments, I really appreciate hearing this insider's view of THIS side of the union....Did you see the Ohio Teacher tonight who says her union promotes leftist candidates and has a magazine full of leftist points of view, etc? She says she's tired of having to send them $700 a year for THAT.
I hope things are well with you.

Priscilla...they should all be fired. Did you see teachers with "WTF?" on their placards? Nice for kids to see, huh?

Common Sense... except the SURFING UNION, right? :-)

Opus #6 said...

Dear Gov. Walker,

Fire the shirkers!


Opus #6

beamish said...

All you really need to know about unions is that they are domestic terrorist organizations that bombed and killed their way into political power over the course of a century, given their roots in both international communism and the Mafioso thuggery of Italian anarchists.

Common Sense said...

Is there a surfing union? LOL!

Catherine Barry said...

Scotty, in Operator's Unions I assume if people mess up, lives are at stake? I can only speak for the UAW, which operates like a good ole boy network. The representation for honest workers isn't important if a officer at the local has a family member on the fired roll. It's just what they consider an "entitlement" of holding an office in the environment I was in.

Scotty said...

Scotty, in Operator's Unions I assume if people mess up, lives are at stake?

It's a union made up of heavy equipment operators. From cranes to bulldozers.

I can only speak for the UAW, which operates like a good ole boy network.

And I for the operating engineers. I wasn't trying to take away from you're point. Just trying to point out that the many union halls differ just as much as the people in them differ.

Don't misunderstand me, I'm NOT pro-union.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I went the same route she did for the very same reason. I have to pay the union, but I don't have to belong so I don't. I've been unionized since 1975, but this isn't a union, it's a political action committee. I think this whole thing will come to a head very soon and unionism will be challenged in every state.