Monday, February 28, 2011

Obama's paying minorities for 'fraud'....Shirley listening?

When you read the following information, please keep SHIRLEY SHERROD in mind.  Do you think Obama will make restitution to the Black farmers she screwed (sorry, there's just no other word)?

USDA Announces $1.3B Fund for Female, Hispanic Farmers Claiming Discrimination

The Obama administration plans to distribute $1.3 billion to female and Hispanic farmers who claim they were discriminated against by the federal government.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced a process for distributing the money Friday. The move comes after Congress approved a separate $4.6 billion settlement for black and Native American farmers who claimed discrimination.

Though some lawmakers alleged the claims process for black farmers was rife with fraud, the administration has pushed to extend settlement money to other minority groups.
(Z: Mr. Obama, after what he said today at the governor's meeting, will probably claim that the lawmakers who allege fraud are just 'vilifying' minority groups, huh?)

"The Obama administration has made it a priority to resolve all claims of past discrimination at USDA, and we are committed to closing this sad chapter in USDA's history," Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said in a statement Friday. "Women and Hispanic farmers and ranchers who allege past discrimination can now come forward to participate in a claims process in which they have the opportunity to receive compensation."

The administration first offered that settlement in May.

The farmers and ranchers in all these cases claim they were discriminated against over a period of decades when trying to obtain USDA farm loans. The Hispanic and female farmers have been seeking restitution in court since shortly after the black-farmers case was filed more than a decade ago.

The USDA-announced claims process would provide at least $1.33 billion, plus another $160 million for debt relief. The USDA said the system would provide up to $50,000 to any Hispanic or female farmer "who can show that USDA denied them a loan or loan servicing for discriminatory reasons" between 1981 and 2000.

But critics say that, in the case of the settlement process for black farmers, some of the claimants didn't have to prove much in order to receive the payments. Lawmakers who raised concern said whistleblowers from the Department of Agriculture had come to them in confidence to warn that the money is going to claimants who don't deserve it -- a charge the USDA denies. 

The $4.6 billion settlement approved late last year marked the second round of payments for black farmers who claimed they were discriminated against. The government had paid out about $1 billion before that. (end of article)

Z: Well, he is buying one HECK of a lot of votes, isn't he?  I wonder how many female farmers there are...don't you?    Discrimination is never a good thing but to not have to prove much in order to receive OUR MONEY?    Boy, you and I sure have to jump through hoops to prove anything with our government, don't we.   IRS incompetence might have screwed me out of  receiving monies due me from Germany in Mr. Z's name, after years of hard's THAT for efficient?  Maybe I'll write Mr. Obama and he'll pay me for this gross inefficiency.



Opus #6 said...

The leftists are opening one spigot after another attempting to drain the public treasury.

Anonymous said...

There are some of those 'farmers' here who just have failure year after year. And on we go----


Anonymous said...

Disgusting. Period. What can one say? Until these jerks are out of office and Obama is out of office this will only get worse. Too bad.

Anonymous said...

One more AA fraudulent government, shitty program to undo what?

Another scam that denies truly eligible "minorities" a claim?

I'm disgusted with the perceived evilness of whites against these so called "minorities".

I'm disgusted that America is willingly participating in this fraud...this, ripoff of American taxpayers.

I'm disgusted that after 50 years of blackmail...50 years of attrition for so called "crimes" against mexicans and blacks that our treasury now has an open wallet for these hucksters, frauds and poverty pimps...that we still haven't the balls to call for an end to these unjustified reparations.

When will the Irish stand up? When will the Poles stand up? When will the Slavs stand up? Or the Greeks, the French with their hands out?

We're heading for a war...a very uncivil war....maybe that's the only way to stop the thieves, bandits and whores form looting us and our future. a Dem said..." a little blood in the streets"?

Anonymous said...

Ok I'll say it. Were there any white male farmers who didn't get loans? And if they didn't, why not?

No small farmer is rich, no matter what race he is. Are we supposed to believe this isn't racism?

I guess the white male farmer who needs a loan and doesn't qualify, is just out of luck.

Oh well, we're rolling in monopoly money, so we might as well throw it around. The printing presses are running overtime.

And in case you land in jail for fraud, you get a "get out of jail free" card!


Anonymous said...

Btw, is our generous govt compensating our Inland Empire farmers in California, for refusing to turn on their irrigation water, thereby, allowing their farms to go to dust?
And what about the 40,000 people who lost those jobs?

They weren't asking for money, they were asking for the water to be turned on. The feds said, no dice.

PS. If we end up with a food shortage, remember this. Who knows how many have legitimately lost their farms under EPA rules, and requirements they couldn't meet.

Anonymous said...

"Were there any white male farmers who didn't get loans? And if they didn't, why not?"

This was never...NEVER intended for any farmer who was unfortunate to be born Caucasian to apply for these...errrrr..."grants". Whites cannot be discriminated against or even prove they were according to the Holder DOJ.

It's a totally one sided,( as it's always intended to be ) fraudulent, hustle, ala Sherrod, Sharpton , Jackson scam to bleed white America dry. Another attempt ( a so far successful one ) to once again bring the "majority" to their knees while making false mea culpas to the "aggrieved minorities". Led by commie "share the wealth" hustlers and hypocrites, that Obama is enslaved and dedicated to.

The tribalist black liberation, anti America ( so long as there are bucks to be made ) jive ass black loons who will always continue to believe that their failure to be productive, law abiding members of the WHITE MANS FAULT!!

Listen...I've heard this shit for over 50 years...I've heard one excuse after another. I've heard that an illegitimacy rate of over a whites fault.

I've heard that less than 50% of blacks can graduate from high the whites fault. I've heard that the 60% incarceration rate is the whites fault.

I've heard that we should be patient...that Sharpton and Jerkson will address the complete failure of ..after 4 generations...of blacks to enter the mainstream of American exceptionalism.

Scuze me....but yea....I think blacks are capable of success.....Obama is...West is...Cain is. We are not opposed to blacks in government...we're opposed to sanctimonious frauds and parasites relying on their failures due to their skin color. many whites out there have seen failure? How many whites have lost their businesses, homes, 401k's, investment and futures?

Piss off...creeps.

Anonymous said...

I'm sick to death of all these 'reparation' equalizers. For
starters, there is no group, nationality, or race that hasn't been enslaved at some point in history. Just another form of vote bribery. No different than 'walking around money', only more expensive, 'legal', & government subsidized.


Jan said...

Hmmm..reparations, anyone?

This video which I posted long ago, and says a lot, as far as I'm concerned, and an excerpt from this article which I, also, posted a long time ago, rather explains a lot about what his agenda is, and has been all along...the USDA thing is just another aspect of it.

Prior to his election to the U.S. Senate in 2004 "Obama opposed reparations for slavery. After his election, Obama subtly changed his view, stating he was against "just signing over checks to African-Americans," leaving open the possibility of other forms of reparations would be acceptable to him" (Chicago Tribune 11/14/2004).

beamish said...

Social welfare and subsidization programs could not be abused if they didn't exist.

There's a wall to right and an open field to the left from where I sit.

Speedy G said...

Please. Obama is ALL about redistributing the wealth. He doesn't give a @#^&% where the money COMES from, just so it GOES to people who never earned it.

The current Social Security tax reduction, but ONE other recent case in point.

Anonymous said...

What really irritates me is the so-called 'earned income tax credit' where thousands per person are handed out to these folks. I call it the 'UN-earned income tax credit'. Here they go and buy flashy cars (used), put ridiculous wheels on them, & in a couple of months the repo trucks are running around taking them back. This is taking place as I hunt & peck, & the money goes down the rat hole.


kisha said...

I can understand how all of the Caucasians in this room have forgotten the blood of all the slaves that built this country. You think that African Americans are just naturally unproductive, that they live their lives with their hands out. That they choose to be poor, or uneducated.
Because after all it was them that chained themselves to a ship in the thousands with their children at their feet and begged to come to this country to work their fingers to the bone and have their children sold for spare parts to the highest bidder.

Why is it that the black family is so broken. HMM... lets see. How about watching generation after generation of mothers, fathers and children for 200 years, murdered, beaten, burned, hung, drug through streets, and raped right before your eyes. Imagine having a child born to a world in which you cannot guarantee they will survive one day after "the boss" finds out.

Now fast forward to today, in which it is a struggle from birth to make it out of the Ghetto Cages that have been provided by the government to keep them under control. Generations after generations trying to just make it away from these negative stereotypes. No upgraded schools like in the white areas, no one really cares about what these kids are learning as long as they stay away from the "nicer" side of town.

Do you White People really believe that you should not have a hand in correcting your ancestors harms on humanity. It is too late for many of us Native Americans as it was seen to that we were all but exterminated.

You can complain about settling things but the only reason why you are so irate about it is that you have created a debt in the heart of humanity that cannot be compensated in your lifetimes.
If I were all of you... i would just pay the land and mule and ask for it all to be forgiven.

Unless you wanna go back to your countries and give us Indians back the land you stole in the first place.