Sunday, August 26, 2012

2016....and Answered Prayer

Coming on the heels of my Sunday Faith blog below, I'm glad to announce there has been some answered prayer this weekend:  2016, the film, did VERY well this weekend at the box office, topping 3 new mainstream, high budget films. I've been told this film's honesty and 'facts only' approach will open a lot of liberals' eyes to who Obama really is.

I'm hoping something like this quote Imp just sent me might be part of that film:

"The fact that we are here today to debate raising America's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the US Government cannot pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government's reckless fiscal policies. Increasing America 's debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that, "the buck stops here.' Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better." ~ Senator Barack H. Obama, March 2006 

If only we had a man of integrity in the White House, one who believed what he said instead of saying what he thinks voters want to hear.    I believe Dinesh D'Souza's and John Sullivan's documentary exposes a lot of this.

Anybody seen it yet and ready to give a critique?  Please do.  
"Thanks, God...please get more and more Americans to see this film.  Help them to WAKE UP.


Deborah on the Bayside said...

Great film!

D’Souza’s thesis is that Obama is motivated by a deeply embedded anti-colonialist hatred of the dominant western culture. He supports it with a well-crafted development of facts, interviews (including of Obama’s father’s associates) and Obama’s own words taken at length and in context.

Obama was steeped in this from childhood – not just by an absent father but by a mother who promoted the same view with a passion, and grandparents who also steered him on this path when his mother basically abandoned him about age 10. The movie is everything you’d expect from an articulate college president with a passion to craft an engaging message in a thoughtfully supported way. D’Souza wins on all counts.

What does it lack? The shrill, emotional declarations you’d find in the fat guy’s movies, or troublesome rabbit trails of fact (no ‘birther’ stuff here), or the sniping distortions of a Maureen Dowd column.

It has all the watch-ability of a Michael Moore movie, with the added benefit of being true.

The Born Again American said...

I was going to leave my opinion / review of the movie and then I read Deborah's and refuse to look stupid in the shadow of greatness... So I'll just say "If anyone can watch this movie and still vote for Obama, our country is screwed"...

Ducky's here said...

Well don't leave the folks who aren't going to see it guessing.

Is he a Mau Mau or not?

Ed Bonderenka said...

Just got home from it.
Took my sis-in-law with us.
I thought it started out focusing too much on Dinesh's background in comparison to Obama's.
I thought it didn't have enough depth, either.
But my expectations were very high.
A lot of visuals seemed to be filler.
However, my SIL, a political neophyte, got a lot out of it and wondered why more people didn't know this stuff and how there could be so many well-educated people in this country who are so ignorant of this president's background.

The Born Again American said...

No Ducky, he's an "Anti-Colonialist America Hater"... Something even low lifes like you should despise... Oh that's right, I almost forgot that if this sorry excuse for a human ever stopped short, you'd have to be surgically removd from his rectum... I guess that makes him a Mau Mau...

Z said...

Deborah, thanks! Am looking forward to seeing it...I've heard Dinesh interviewed countless times and admire his approach. Yes, it apparently goes very much into the anti-colonialist hate he has, as he showed with the Churchill bust he returned.

BAA...I've heard that same thing; that, if this isn't convincing people not to vote for Obama, their heads aren't screwed on tight. Or they just hate this country.

Ducky...oops! As Deborah above said "no birther' stuff here"..sorry.
This film's facts. Hard to refute.
But now I can't get that old Persuasions' song "oo papa, oo mau mau.." out of my mind. Thanks! (damn)

Ed...I'm glad you said your expectations were high; I need to lower mine a bit, too, because I woulnd't mind a little shrillness , frankly. The evil of the Leftist movies like MOore's is so shrill that I expect it in Republican films, too, and have to remember we're better than they are....As is witnessed by the anarchists threatening to shut down EMS in the Tampa area just in case they can see one dead republican who didn't get help in time at the convention, God forbid someone there would need it; I think I'll blog on that tomorrow. Very upsetting, the things the Left's consciences allow them to do. Something one will NEVER EVER EVER see in a Republican.

Janie Lynn said...

Someone I know went to see this today. I'll clean up his comment for you -

"Good Movie,

If this guy did this research by himself why doesn't the general media have this....


Liberalmann said...

And yet Bush raised the debt ceiling 7 times while he was taking our economy into ruins with 2 wars, tax breaks for the wealthy and Medicaid part D, ALL off budget.

The GOP would rather see average Americans suffer than see Obama succeed. And they get these average Americans to actually agree with them while the turn around a screw them over and over. Wake up.

Z said...

Hi, Janie Lynn! Thanks for the critique...and I guess your friend knows, because YOU DO, that it's the MEDIA keeping all this from voting Americans.

It's probably why we get this ridiculous comment from LIberalmann, too, come to think of it. My GOD.
I guess it's better to go into the hole trillions of collars to China than to raise a debt ceiling (with the support of Democrats in Congress), huh?

Liberalmann, Republicans ARE "Average Americans" think we're all millionaires? You probably don't YET understand that there are more rich Dems than Republicans and that, despite that, Republicans give more to charity, right?


Lisa said...

Obviously Lib gets all his info from Media(George)Matters(Soros)

Haven't seen it yet but I will. Love Janie Lynn's comment.

Janie Lynn said...

Absolutely - if the MSM did their job instead of idolizing Obama - we might not be in the spot we're in now.

Z said...

Right, Janie Lynn...imagine if Obama's past had come out, the kind of mentors, etc. Not a ONE of them who's pro America, pro White, even?

Remember the lie about Obama's barely knowing Ayers? "He's just a neighbor"! And still people voted for him. So, maybe it's not just the media, but it's 90% of the problem.

It's funny, we know so little about Obama and yet they've made Romney look secretive. And maybe I should say it's not that we know so little about Obama but it's that every time something negative does come out, the media squelches it. As a matter of fact, I had to laugh when Snopes SKEWERED Michele Bachmann for misspeaking some historical fact, but when PRESIDENT OBAMA said we have 57 states, I snoped and they said "True, but HE WAS TIRED" So, snopes editorializes to protect their guy. That was hilarious!

CNN did a fairly balanced piece tonight ..Gloria Borgers interviewed the Romneys and all of the staff, Crowley, Cooper, Blitzer, King, etc., seemed slightly enchanted by the Romneys, I must say. Kind of surprising that they'd let their hearts open to a REPUBLICAN!

I think leftwingers watching the show tonight might have had some heart changes, to tell you the truth.

YOu had to laugh at the title, though...something like " "Romney Revealed: Family, Faith and the Road to Power,"

The ROAD TO POWER...really? Think they'd have EVER included POWER for anything about Obama? :-)

beamish said...

Where does the money made by this movie go?

Anonymous said...

Liberalassma, STFU already. I have a news flash for you. Bush is no longer the president. This is ALL Obama's responsibility. u ain't got Bush to kick around anymore. Get it? Proberly not!

Always On Watch said...

Go see it!

I second Deborah's critique.

Anonymous said...

Saw this flic over the weekend and I was amazed at how great a film this was. It is not an "anti-Obama" film, but a true documentary with just the facts that the media refused to disclose about the biggest threat to our American way of life in our nations history. Go see this movie and take a dazed and confused liberal with you.

What this man from Kenya has done to America is really Scary stuff, but the sheep won't listen. Their stupid mantra is Insist "we can't go back!" Every day I see messages like that from intelligent, professional friends and family. But they don't want to hear anything negative about this guy.
It's not far fetched that the enemy uses insidious tactics such as this, and I've seen it used a lot by way of telephone calls, either annoying people late at night, or people calling with "surveys" asking bogus questions,, meant to convey that your candidate is Jack the Ripper, etc.
This is part of the problem with our political process where folks are rewarded for saying irresponsible things to win elections or obtain short-term political gain, and when they have the media backing up every thing he says, true or false.

Silverfiddle said...

Obama is not a Mau Mau, Ducky. You should go see the movie and stop asking stupid questions.

D'Souza offers his opinion and does not assert it as fact, but he does assemble the facts he used to form his opinion, allowing you to examine them for yourself.

The wife dragged me to see it yesterday, along with the kids.

I'm a big Dinesh D'Souza fan, and it was a very well made movie, but I doubt it will change any liberal minds.

As Ducky shows, liberal Obama fans will boycott it. Can't have the fantasy bubble pierced by facts.

Silverfiddle said...

The real danger to Obama and the leftist progressives who have destroyed our public institutions will be the movie

Won't Back Down

It comes out in September, and The NY Times had a good article about it.

Anonymous said...

The bloggoshere is raving about the film. Every one I read said the theaters were full at matinees and they daid there were lines waiting to get in to see the next viewing. Sounds like a HIT!

Brooke said...

We took a rare outing with the kids to the movies this weekend to see Premium Rush, as hubby used to race bikes... We were both shocked to see the movie playing at a 'mainstream' theatre. (We usually go to the drive-in.)

I really do want to see it, but will have to get a babysitter. I don't see my 7 y/o sitting still through it. ;)

I'm glad to see positive reviews and lefty heads popping. That's promising!

Z said...

THanks for all the comments...

Darth, that's the impression I get from the interviews of D'Souza I've heard; it's not as much "anti Obama" as just telling the TRUTH.
I believe the real truth is that he'd never have been elected the first time had people understood what's in this eager to see that film about schools. I'm not sure how much it could hurt obama, but if you think so, I'm FOR IT! :-)

Always On Watch said...

I commented as follows at my own blog, and this comment serves as a mini-critique of the film:

In the interview of George Obama in the film, he said something like, "If the white man had stayed longer in Kenya, we'd be better off today. Look at South Africa -- better off because the white man stayed longer." Obama, Sr., and Obama, Jr., clearly don't hold that same view.

D'Souza himself grew up in India among the anti-colonialism rhetoric. He says that, at least during that time of his youth, anti-colonialism was the predominant meme -- and still is in some places.

Anonymous said...

from z in the sale mines:

AOW, I was thinking how AMerica never colonialized ANYBODY so it's a little weird on Obama's part, no?

As for colonialism; Mr. Z did tons of business with Nigeria years ago and said the same thing "they should have stayed longer and trained people to be ready to take over"

I had friends with a Nigerian caretaker and one night she and I talked and she said "we had food under the colonialists"

But the leftists don't let the truth come out in the name of JUSTICE and EQUALITY. Yes, some colonialists took advantage, no question about it, but they also did a lot of good..

Anonymous said...

oops..That's SALT MINES!

Average American said...

"I almost forgot that if this sorry excuse for a human ever stopped short, you'd have to be surgically removd from his rectum..."

Thanks alot BAA, you just made me piss my pants!

I actually have a picture of that somewhere in my blog.