Thursday, August 9, 2012


Years ago, the American press prided itself on its fierce independence and impartiality.  

Hardly anyone who became the focus on an inquisitive press much appreciated these stalwart members of the so-called Fourth Estate, but they did serve the interests of the American people by exposing despicable politicians —forgive the oxymoron.  The press even maintained its independence during wartime—yes, even when military commanders censored information due to the need for operational secrecy.  There was Edward R. Murrow, Ernie Pyle, Andy Rooney, Ralph Barnes, Mike Wallace, Douglas Edwards, and Walter Cronkite.

In those days, the press had integrity.  Yes, it’s true that journalists came up with the stories demanded of them by editors —men who had earned their spurs in the trenches— but not without a lot of backtalk.  They knew darn well the editors wouldn’t fire them: they were the best journalists on the planet.  And they were proud to wear the AEF patch on their shoulder that told everyone who they were: American journalists.

But then, the focus of journalism began to shift away from reporting the facts to something entirely different.  Journalists wanted to convince Americans how terrible their country was to be at war with the Vietnamese.  Journalism in Vietnam became shoddy and purpose driven; the stories were as bad as the demands for body counts by military commanders trying to prove we were winning.  Some journalists made up their stories from the comfort of their hotels in downtown Saigon —where they stayed mostly drunk and away from the danger of the battlefield.  But bless their hearts, they always made their deadlines.

Subsequently, journalism took on yet another complexion.  Students fell under the spell of neo-communist professors who told their students, “If you want to be a reporter, then you have to stop being an American.”  There was no room in journalism for anyone felt an allegiance to any country.  We could see this in the press, too.  Journalists stopped wearing American flag lapel pins.  The news desk no longer had an American flag just behind the newsreader.  And then, news no longer cared about the Who, What, Where, When, How, or Why? … it was suddenly all about social engineering and the agenda was poignantly leftist progressive.  How many times has the press claimed that a mass shooter belonged to the Tea Party, or was a right-wing skin head, or a registered republican.  And then, when it was proven to be a lie … stone-dead-silence.  There was never a retraction, no apology, and no display of journalistic integrity.    

Geeez has been writing about this for several years.  Typically, whenever a conservative blog dares to suggest that the “State Run Media” is eating out of Barack Obama’s hand, the loons arise from the swamp, squawking loudly, “It just isn’t true you poopy-head right-wing extremists!”

But the problem is, it is true.  The press is eating out of the hand of Barack Obama and his henchmen.  First to testify about this is New York Times writer Jeremy Peters.  You can read the story [here].   Z and I highly recommend you take a look.

We aren’t so much worried about the print media; it is debatable whether print media is even relevant.  Most Americans don’t read newspapers or news magazines —this is because most Americans can’t read.  The new media almost entirely consists of television news 24/7 (we like to think of it as news until you puke), blogs, and the new social media, Facebook and Twitter: all the news fit to print in sixteen words or less.

Make no mistake … journalists are eating out of the hand of Barack Obama.  Were this not true, then Eric Holder, Nancy Pelosi, and Barney Frank would be in prison, Obama fully exposed for the corrupt thug that he is, and members of congress would be packing their bags looking for another line of work.  And America would be a much better place to live.

--Mustang Sends (Z illustrates!)

Amen to that, Mustang and thanks for this great piece.  I hope people send this to their friends, it needs to be read and digested.  --Z


Teresa said...

Excellent post! If it wasn't for journalistic moral bankruptcy and Leftist political propaganda we probably could have won the war in Vietnam. Now the major news networks are one big cover-up machine for Barack Obama.

viburnum said...

It's been a long time getting to this point, though there were signs along the way. Years ago I was a devoted follower of the old PBS McNeil/Lehrer News Hour which, before cable news, was pretty near the only daily in depth coverage available on TV. In the discussion portion of the program I began to notice that certain participants were always introduced as representing 'the conservative Heritage Foundation" or some other group. After a while it struck me as odd that no one was ever cited as belonging to the "liberal such and such". The most extreme left wing positions were presented without any such disclaimer, leading the average viewer to infer that their position must be mainstream, moderate, and centrist. After all, they clearly pointed out conservative positions didn't they?

Joe said...

I lost all faith in the MainStream media when I marched in St. Agustine with Dr. ML King. He was arrested and taken to the courthouse. The media showed video of him being taken up the steps of the courthouse...only it wasn't the right courthouse!

They were using video from another event and telling the story as though the pictures showed St. Augustine!

And the newscaster was...are you ready?...Walter Cronkite.

I never believed anything he said after that.

Lie to me once and you have to give me a list of things you are goint to tell me that are true and a list of things that won't be true.

In otherwords, lie to me once and I'll never trust you again.

Why should I?

Ducky's here said...

But wait, you link to the dreaded New York Times home of such neo-communists as David Brooks and Tom Friedman.

The dreaded New York Times criticizes Obummer, shocking.

Now let's return with mustang and reminisce about the righteousness of the Vietnam war before the left ruined it.

Silverfiddle said...

Joe: You marched with MLK? That is so cool! You just went up a whole head and shoulders in my eyes!

Mustang nails it again. The media watchdogs have turned into lapdogs.

I read something by a journalist awhile back decrying the trend now of journalists coming from the same elite Ivy League class as the politicians.

Reporting used to be a working man's profession. They came from a different class and didn't trust the rat bastards in the ruling class. Now, they are birds of a feather.

They go to the same cocktail parties and they have those gridiron dinners and such. If you're a reporter and you go to hard on the DC grandees, you get shut out.

That is what's wrong with our "news" media.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting bored with media bias stories to be honest. All of them are biased. That includes people, hosts or networks I agree with.

Don't forget they have to cater to their audience too. It's a ratings game as well. So if FOX decided to become MSNBC, I may stop watching it.

The least biased media outlet I have encountered so far is Reason. When they crunch numbers about the economy like Veronique De Rugy does, it's tough to be biased.

Ducky's here said...

“Backed by their own wing of the book-publishing industry and supported by think tanks that increasingly function as public-relations agencies, conservatives have built a whole alternative knowledge system, with its own facts, its own history, its own laws of economics.”

--- David Frum (well known commie)

Ducky's here said...

How much did it alter the truth of the story if another courthouse was used, Joe?

Possibly they didn't have good footage of the correct courthouse, there was a processing problem, someone pulled the wrong film.

Did it effect the truth of the story?

Always On Watch said...

Most Americans don’t read newspapers or news magazines...

Ray Bradbury predicted that such was going to happen to a greater and greater degree years ago in Fahrenheit 451. Today, most interpret that dystopian novel as a condemnation of censorship, but Bradbury himself declared otherwise. He particularly despised television.

Always On Watch said...

The visual medium is all about staging.

And here's another thing....Once people see something on the screen, it's almost impossible to convince them that what they saw didn't actually happen. Al Gore tapped into this with An Inconvenient Truth.

Always On Watch said...

Why are you bringing up Vietnam?

Ducky's here said...

Why, because it's a major topic in the lead article.

Always On Watch said...

All of them are biased.


But what is worse now than I've ever seen: the mixing of opinion into news stories. Some old school journalists whom I personally know -- and I'm speaking of liberals -- decry to me on a regular basis this mixing of news and opinion and the lack of present use of the inverted pyramid; there is a sample at the link.

So many so-called news stories now begin as human interest stories and play to the heart strings.

I have tried to break into the mainstream media. I got some financial support, but not enough to continue. Okay, so I'm not the right person for the job. I accept that although KFNX said otherwise. But I've come to the conclusion that one reason for our not having even-handed media is the lack of financial support for the same -- and the reluctance of commercial sponsors to support such a medium. In other words, a sugar daddy is needed!

Brooke said...

Print media is dead not only because the reporters can't be trusted, but because it is an archaic way to disseminate information.

I cancelled the newspaper a while back, and the subscription person seemed shocked when I told him that by the time the paper reaches my doorstep (filled with articles culled from AP and Reuters, not local writers) I've already read it last night on the internet.

Why leftists love such a carbon-heavy industry is puzzling.

Ducky's here said...

A huge change came, AOW, when news was merged with entertainment at the networks and we began getting our "news" from the likes of the morning shows.

Local "news" has been ten minutes of accidents and crime and twenty minutes of sports and weather for some time.

It's not a question of biased news but a question of no hard news.

Anonymous said...

I agree AOW. But it's a lost battle. All we can do is use our own media (blogs, Facebook, Twitter) to rectify things.

TV will eventually die like newspapers will. Wait for our generation to die to see it. Young people raised online, with mobile devices will not use a big screen to get information. The big screen will be entertainment only b/c it's more suitable to watch movies or sport.

Ducky's here said...

Well this leftist loves print journalism because The Nation, The New York Review of Books, The Progressive, Harpers and others are the only sources of in depth reporting out there.

Anonymous said...

The only sources to you. We know you're self centered.

Depth doesn't mean truth. That's the problem of pseudo intellectualism on the left.

I can be deep and totally wrong.

Anonymous said...

We no longer have jounalist. What we have today are nothing more than propagandist for the left. I'm guessing they have been bought and paid for by Soros and Friends. I find more truth with conservative and libertarian bloggers. They will attack Republicans as well as Democrats.

Jack Whyte said...

The progressive left much prefers a morally bankrupt press; it allows them to achieve their odious goals for this country. The left are not intelligent enough to discern the likely consequences of this, so I will spell it out for the one or two knuckleheads who frequent this blog for the sole purpose of reinforcing their stupidity: When the state has achieved total power over what used to be a free people, that government will not long countenance an incompliant press.

I sometimes wonder: would be worth giving up our liberties to see government agents dragging journalists into the street and shooting them?

Z said...

Teresa, many Vietnam generals said we could have won that, too...for the Vietnamese, had the propaganda not been so negative.

Viburnum, you never hear "from the liberal..." NEVER. It's been like that for years, you're right.
The extreme left wing positions are presented as fact and that conservative next to him/her is expected to try to defend. WHY?
THIS is the attitude I've finally gotten over here at geeez; fairly recently, I thought "What the...? I'm not defensive, this is what's GOOD for AMerica, and we can't be cowed by a very liberal press.."

Joe...Cronkite; they treated him as god...what a real perfect example of liberal couched in 'gravitas with thick intelligent eyebrows and a deep voice'...baloney.

Ducky's right "The dreaded New York Times criticizes Obummer, shocking." He confirms that we Conservatives read every side and that what a lot of us are starting to see that a newspaper with NO truth isn't going to succeed any longer.

Silverfiddle....imagine our news people running what they're going to write by the WH before they write it? THIS IS A MEDIA? They should be SO ashamed, but they'll lose their stories if they don't play the game.

Let's face it, if any Republican had said "First we have to pass the bill then you can know what's in it" as Pelosi did about a bill that could change 60% of our economy (For the worst) , you think she'd have survived?

and yes, JOE! YOU WALKED WITH (WITH?) DR KING? GAD! God bless you!
(Oh, and remember the story that Jesse Jackson wasn't really at the shooting but he posed as he was? wow)

FB.."So if FOX decided to become MSNBC" How do you mean?
I agree, I don't want to hear a 'conservative echo chamber' and that's why I'm pleased that FOX always has liberals on their staffs. Shep Smith, who does i think 4 hours of news a day is no conservative but I can't watch him not because he's a lib but because he acts like it doesn't matter what anybody else has to say, he's got THE SECRET on every subject.

Ducky, Frum's wrong... who cares what he says? Although I will say we've had to develop an 'alternative knowledge" because we have to look for the other side and weigh. That's not what the left does.

I hope we stop fighting Vietnam here as a diversion to the point of Mustang's excellent post....I think it was a good thing to bring up because it does seem like that's what started propaganda in the media, but..we've done this.

DUcky is right about the MLK footage...that could be the case, but I"m thinking there were PLENTY OF CAMERAS around that day to have captured the scene.

But, Jack "When the state has achieved total power over what used to be a free people, that government will not long countenance an incompliant press."

This HAS's in Mustang's piece! they're compliant when checking with the Obama thugs...or when asking Romney what they can ask his sons.


IMAGINE a curious media TODAY which wasn't afraid of its puppet masters!?
MY GOD...FAST AND FURIOUS would have rec'd SOME press...Mrs O's vacation frequency and costs would be common knowledge and resented,.....Executive orders passed Midnight on Friday nights when the media's sleeping would at least be looked into!
To say nothing about Obama's background...and SO MUCH MORE that the average American does NOT know about..

MY GOSH, this election would be a slam/DUNK!

Sam Huntington said...

Watching these journalists bend over for the president and his hacks is disheartening. With any luck, we won’t have to watch this meltdown of the Fourth Estate after November. Obama will be defeated, and then journalists can go on a rampage against Romney.

I wonder: how much of this is driven by editors and publishers, more than by up and coming journalists themselves …

Fantastic post, Z and Mustang.

Anonymous said...

I meant Fox has to cater to its audience. They do have people from the other side but let's be honest, it's part of the show. They're there to have their opinion deconstructed most of the time. It makes it more interesting to watch. If everybody was saying the same thing, nobody would. That's maybe why MSNBC is so bad. And why The Five is working. MSNBC doesn't know how to do good television. It's clearly amateurish. Fox knows what make human beings tick. And yes, that includes good looking ladies.

Ducky's here said...

Thinking of the recent shooting in Wisconsin it might be worthwhile to remember the fringe right going into high dudgeon when the report about the dangers of certain military personnel being involved with white supremacist and internal terrorist groups.
The usual folks, Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, Lou Dobbs and the rest of the pig people who pass as journalists went absolutely bonkers. How dare they .
Well the report was accurate like so much that gets dismissed because it doesn't fallow the fringe right meme.

No, the right bears some serious responsibility for the admittedly lousy state of affairs.

Anonymous said...

Why does the word 'white supremacist' automatically rhyme with right wing? Wasn't there white supremacists and KKK members in the Democratic party? Wasn't Hitler a white supremacist? So why do you and he have one word in common: 'socialism?'

Mustang said...

It is easy to ignore Ducky whenever he chooses invective over a meaningful dialog; Alea iacta est.

An example of journalistic dishonesty appears in today's Christian Science Monitor: ROMNEY BLASTS OBAMA OVER TV AD WHILE PRESIDENT PUSHES FOR ECONOMIC FAIRNESS

Always On Watch said...

Well, you really want to talk about the massacre in Wisconsin today, don't you?

You said: No, the right bears some serious responsibility for the admittedly lousy state of affairs.

Please clarify. Are you referring to Wisconsin or to the media per se.

If the former, let's consider this....Should Islam as a monolith bear responsibility for the acts of jihadists?

Consistency, Duck, consistency.

Always On Watch said...

Spot on!

From the Archive for the Stupid Liberals said...

It's been the same old story since the first day of his presidency if he cant get it done through the proper channels, look for him to go thru the back door to accomplish what you wanted in the first place. This man truly scares me. I really hope the American people wise up in November Obama has no new ideas? He is clueless..

This man is definitely a wannabe DICTATOR. Unless defeated in November. If not defeated the US will become AmeriKa and will plunge this country into TYRANNY and DESPOTISM until we take it back.
People are getting desperate for a change, people are losing hope in the recovery. Pouring more and more money on the problem is not fixing it..
We need a President with idea's to solve these problems not a Savior with "Hope"

Maybe the light at the end of the tunnel for recovery is in November.. Let's hope so.

Always On Watch said...

people are losing hope in the recovery

To a certain extent, capitalism runs on the confidence of the people, on the morale of the people. All but the government bureaucrats are currently suffering from low morale and feeling quite economically insecure.

Anonymous said...

Guys, there won't be a recovery unless Obama is out and Romney does his job. For 3 years now, I've said we needed to get used to a 8% structural rate of unemployment. All of this b/c of too much government, too much debt that doesn't generate a good return on investment. (vs debt with high return.)

Also something that nobody talks about, but California is in trouble and it did help the overall US economy when things were ok here.

Like in the 80s in France, statism is destroying the American economic machine.

Mustang said...

FrogBurger is 100% correct. In the news today, slightly less than 1/3 of all Americans are on welfare.

Obama did achieve his socialist state after all.

Conservadude said...

Why I support Mitt Romney for President
I, like so many others bought into Barack Obama's rhetoric and promises of Hope and Change in 2008. Although I disagreed with him on so many key issues, I was just about fed up with the way America was going with George Bush and I thought it was time for a change, time for a new administration in Washington, and I thought Obama was going to be the one to get America on track. So I voted for him. Man was I wrong. Only a short 4 years later, I see that his tenure as President has been nothing but a failure. I'm not someone that believes he is just crumbling America because he hates America, rather I think he's tried everything he thinks will work.. and it isn't. As Romney said, "he's out of ideas, and out of time." And in my view the path he has led has been a socialist path, and I’m not ready to go on that path.
I think he's tried his social experiment on America, and I believe it's failed. From Obamacare, to supporting gay marriage and no longer defending the law of the land (DOMA), and to supporting government funded abortions -I’m sorry but he has to go.
His economic policies have obviously failed as well. Unemployment still sky high.. Gas prices still skyrocketing.. America lost it's AAA credit rating.. What's next?!
Now that I've made the case against Barack Obama (as an ex-supporter.. yes, it's amazing what four years of Obama can do to someone).. Allow me to make the case for Mitt Romney.
Mitt Romney - Businessman, Religious leader, Governor.. Why is he the right choice to beat Obama? While I admit that Mitt Romney wasn't my first choice, he wasn’t even my 2nd or 3rd choice, but he is choice right now. Here's why - listed in importance to me..

#1. He's for defending our laws and upholding marriage as an institution between a man and a woman (DOMA).
#2. He's for protecting innocent life by repealing Roe V. Wade and letting the states decide abortion laws.. and he's also for cutting ANY government funding that goes to killing innocent life.
#3. He doesn't want to cut our military at such a volatile time.
#4. He's a businessman. We need someone that knows a thing or two about running something and how to get businesses doing business again.
#5. He'll be a strong ally of Israel.. and may even make a couple trips over there.. (ahem, Obama, ahem.forgetaboutit.)
#6. He's for repealing Obamacare and letting the states decide their own health care laws, like he did in Mass.
#7. He'll protect the second amendment and won't tour the world making apologies for America.
And that is just my top 7.. I know he isn't perfect.. but when we compare him to Obama.. There's no contest.

Anonymous said...

Yes he did with the help of Bush sadly. No child left behind is a socialist dream as well.

From the Archive for the Stupid Liberals said...

You can bet your bottom dollar that Obama's thugs over at the IRS have already taken a look at Romney's taxes for quite a few years back. If there was any discrepancy in any of his past filings, the IRS would have blown the whistle by now and it would be broadcast on all the major news channels. It's all you would hear about. Right now, a lot of noise is being made about Romney's taxes simply because Obama doesn't have a record that he can run for re-election on and his only chance is to try to make Romney look small so nobody will look closely at his own miserable past records...
I personally hope that I hope he never ever shows those taxes.

Ducky's here said...

AOW, I am referring to the disgraceful state of journalism in the nation.

This whining and puking about the nasty left wing press is absolutely ridiculous.

I believe the fringe right rabies media reaction to that homeland security memo about white supremacist groups is an excellent example of the right wings irresponsibility. There's no interest on the right in responsible reporting.

Mustang said...

@ FrogBurger

Here is yet another example of our degeneracy as a nation, as a people.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Late in the game here, but on the Vietnam issue.
Who says we lost the war?
I'm not a revisionist.
We beat the North.
They signed a peace treaty in Paris, which is all we wanted.
We won.
Then the democratic congress forbade any more money to be spent there and the North marched because they knew we couldn't resist.
We didn't lose.
We threw it away.

Mark Adams said...

"Students fell under the spell of neo-communist professors"
That sums up the story in a nutshell.
And it's only going to get worse.

Robert Sinclair said...

Ed, General Vo Nguyen Giap wrote in his book that he was never more surprised than when Washington DC threw in the towel. “The Americans had us beaten,” he said.

Yes, the leftists have done well in this country, destroying it one brick at a time.

Anonymous said...

Mustang, pretty sad state of affairs. But that's what the left and some libertarians focus on: freedom of pleasure and material comfort.

Then they think they're deep. It's pretty sad.

Liberalmann said...

You're wrong Mr Ducky

Anonymous said...

This just crossed my email....

Over 100,000,000 "Americans" now receiving some form of Federal Welfare!

One third of the Country.

And guess who's paying for it??? The time is soon when there is going to be...and has to be a huge reset of America. And on that day...the scenario won't be pretty.

Clearly...with stats like this..Obummer will win. I wonder what the "progressives" think they'll gain from this as states and cities across the country go bankrupt?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

They don't care Impertinent. Look at the French president. This jackass lowers the retirement age to 60 as soon as he gets in office and the system is broke with an aging population and not many young ones to support them.

The left doesn't give a rat's ass. They just don't.

The French ship is sinking and they make more holes in it.

Sam Huntington said...

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure. —Thomas Jefferson, 13 Nov 1787

Louis H. said...

When the press refuse to print the truth, the make a more dangerous world. I have to say that this USA is starting to look more like Haiti.

Kid said...

Z, I have to disagree. By now, people, with the possible exception of a small % of the young, either get it or they're not going to get it in any kind of time frame to do us any good.

And of the ones who have a chance of getting it, it won't matter because, as Imp posts, over 100 million are so dependent they can't afford to care. And that number doesn't count medicaid and medicare and SS recipients according to the info I read.

La Dee da dee da dee da

They Say/We Say said...

Am posting a series of Videos hope you can give a time to listen

Anonymous said...


I concur with you and Jefferson...but my friend...I truly believe it will be the tyrants who will do the refreshing. One look at the T Party and how behaved and civilized the majority of the country is....will prevent us from resisting any change.

We will be and are at the mercy of the animal farm and the feral beasts.

Anonymous said...

"a small % of the young, either get it or they're not going to get it in any kind of time frame to do us any good..."

There are millions of little "Flukes" in the US...and along with their OWS assholes...intend to cripple and demonize the 1%..or the remaining 51% who are productive.

We have a failing education system in all levels of grads who are pissed off that they can't find work and have to live with mom and dad....will blame the rest of us...and demand compensation.

Everybody...wants welfare and entitlements...they're owed you know.

Always On Watch said...

What has the fringe right rabies media reaction to that homeland security memo been?

And I'm not sure which DHS memo you are talking about.

I don't listen to any talk radio whatsoever.

Always On Watch said...

I just read that link that you left.

I'm stunned. Absolutely stunned.

Kid said...

Imp you got that right.

- They're been programmed to hate the rich and not see any value in what 'the rich' provide.
- They hate or seriously mistrust Wall Street. And who can blame them for that. All thus far, and now a whole bunch of them are holding Facebook that are going to cause them to lose a big chunk of their "investment". Just keeps coming.
- DOJ not a gonna prosecute Goldman Sacs - shocker eh?
- They're been made to at least seriously dis-value America's contribution to the world and see this country as one of the big problems.
I could go on and on and on. It's not good, and one Romney isn't going to help much, especially with the democrat media geared up like evil little children geared up to produce 4 years of "Romney is a Bad Man, A Very Very Bad Man" media spew.

Revolution! For the people !! ;-) But the people don't want it, or maybe I'm wrong.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Seven Days in May.

Anonymous said...

" But the people don't want it, or maybe I'm wrong..."

Oh..they want it...but it's the left who's really capable of implementing it. Remember Obummers call for a "civilian force" that meets or exceeds the standing military?

These pukes...these busturds...of atheists, anarchists, terrorists, these children of excess and narcissism...will be the ones who organize and resist...that's what "progressive" shits want...power and dominance.

We are not up to the task.

Look at duckys face....he's grinning from asshole to elbow.

He's one of the "special" elites ( like Mao's Red Guards ) who want to rule over us.

I had my time with weapons, military service and defending America....we're all too old now to do it again..and we've failed miserably to teach our offspring that this country is worth saving...rather than bleeding it dry.

It's just all of us alone with our 9MMs, and 380's to defend ourselves from these savage beasts...who roam our street with masks and molotov cocktails if it doesn't go their way.

FreeThinke said...

Do Obama, Holder, Pelosi, Reid & CO. belong in jail?

I don't think so!

I think they ought to be strung up, flayed alive, drawn and quartered, then incinerated, myself.

And one by one the members of the enemedia should be ever-so-slowly lowered into vats of boiling oil.

Jail is much too good for them.

[Can you tell I'm being sarcastic, or i do really need to spell it out ? ;-]

~ FreeThinke

Mustang said...

Imp ... when one-third of this country is on Obama's welfare plan, this country is done.


And how long did it take to sink a nation? Less than 4 years.

This is the result of leftist educators brainwashing our kids for the past 60 years. This is the result of parents giving up their parental responsibilities to the state (or public schools).

This is the product when villages raise children, rather than their parents doing it.

And Imp ... don't forget to write a note to Mayor Bloomberg for your new vibrator.

Leticia said...

I love Mustang's wisdom and his way with words.

The MSM is most definitely biased when it comes to Obama and anyone that disputes their reports, are either racists, bigots, or what have you.

We had Mr. Breitbart who was unafraid to challenge the press and Obama and he would up dead.

Makes you think?

Kid said...

.that's what "progressive" shits want...power and dominance.

Exactly Imp. Ignorance always insists it is the smartest kid in the room. Yet, the progressives are exactly what they accuse of the rest of us.

Only a NAZI wants people DEAD who disagree with it. How many times has the left called for the Death of people on the right? Literally.

I couldn't disagree with the left anymore than I do, but I don't wish for their death. At the least, I laugh at them because they have minds of children. At worst, I only want to educate and have them voted back to the kiddie tables they belong at.

And it's perfect logic. Why kill them when these moron voters will simply find more to vote in. There is no shortage of evil dumbass arrogance in this country.

Duck? Personally I don't know how anyone gets beyond the first couple of words of any of his thousands of comments. It would be like giving undivided attention to a 4 year old, then getting mad at what they say.

But hey, I hope I haven't offended anyone with that. I'm not above having a little fun with the kids from time to time. Like now actually ;-)

Mustang said...

@Kid ...

Given the choice between offending a water fowl and having the benefit of your opinion, we’ll take your opinion every time.

Semper Fi

Kid said...

Oh, and make no mistake.

The Democrat Media is a balls to the wall propaganda arm of the democrat party/communists.

They photoshop images of opposing politicians and others.

They make up outright black as coal lies.

They spew excrement 24/7 out of wide open firehouses.

There's nothing nuanced about this.

The most damaging thing they do is NOT report. They hide anything that could be taken negatively about the democrats, though nothing is all encompassing, so they do toss out a negative one in 100,000 cases, the point to it and say See, we report.

These are the few things they can't hide or spin. The stuff that comes to the surface that they simply can't control, which again isn't much.

Kid said...

Mustang ;-) Thank you Sir.

I'd love to say Semper Fi, but I didn't serve. 4F in 1971. Would have probably been Army Infantry Vietnam, but I still sometimes regret it these days. I was a pretty tough 19 yr old, maybe Army Ranger. But that's all just BS at this point in time.

Kid said...
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christian soldier said...

NBC commentator just indicated that the War of 1776 was fought to get rid of royalty - but that Americans now admire royals and want them back--
How did NBC get the Olympic Games!!

Kid said...

"War of 1776 was fought to get rid of royalty "

Carol-CS, if that's a direct quote and I'm not challenging you...just being thorough..

- There was no War of 1776
- To boil down America's Declaration of Independence from major government oppression, stifling taxes, torture, dark age mentality, and just pure evil as "getting rid of royalty" is beyond words.

Things really are much worse then we think. Frog in water that is just about boiling. Fall of Rome level stuff folks.

Z said...

Had an ELEVEN HOUR RETREAT today with my (fabulous) new job and I AM BUSHED and can't even read all of these!

Boy, my blog's sure picked up since Mustang's been doing the posting :-)
I LOVE WHAT'S HAPPENING HERE AGAIN...I think y'all needed new blood in the posting chair or something/ (So to speak?!)

THanks, Mustang, for another terrific piece.
And thanks for all of your coming by

Bob said...

Z said, "Boy, my blog's sure picked up since Mustang's been doing the posting :-)"

That's because Mustang knows how to start a fight.

Good post.

Z said...

Bob, I think it's just Mustang, period!
I have had comments up to 450 in the past...rare, but true! Maybe even more, I think...I don't remember.

I was just getting TIRED and it's such a blessing to have Mustang step in while I'm acclimating to working full time for the first time in a very long time.

it's been such fun seeing what he's written and I'm so proud to have him here ..

Whitey said...

Kid said...
that's what "progressive" shits want...power and dominance.

Exactly Imp. Ignorance always insists it is the smartest kid in the room. Yet, the progressives are exactly what they accuse of the rest of us.

Only a NAZI wants people DEAD who disagree with it. How many times has the left called for the Death of people on the right? Literally

Kid, you couldn't have said it better.
The progressive's can now be considered a clear and present danger to America.
Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, Bill Daley, Eric Holder, Valerie Jarrett, and Barack and Michelle. Obama brought their “Chicago Values” to Washington and the country has never been the same since.

Elmers Brother said...

I miss u Z, though I like having Mustang around

Always On Watch said...

Returning to full time employment requires a major adjustment. But if you like the work, you won't feel stressed -- not much, at least.

Always On Watch said...

BTW, Sam is taking over my blog the week of September 3, when the homeschool classes that I teach resume for the 2012-2013 term. With Mr. AOW back in PT and OT, Sam may find himself in charge for even longer. We'll see.

Z said...

Elbro, thanks! I have no time anymore :=-(

AOW...I LOVE the work but hadn't counted on the learning curve. Of course, 3 days into it, I expected to 'get it' and I haven't.
New computer, Windows 7, gmail...I HATE IT. I'm SO SO fast on this old clunker and love my Outlook email, etc..
but I WILL get it. I hope!

GOOD that Sam's taking over for you. it's a nice feeling to get the break, isn't it.
I'll be wishing you and Mr. AOW well during that period.

Always On Watch said...

You'll manage that learning curve.

I have Windows 7 and Gmail. If you get stuck, give me a call.

Always On Watch said...

I have an education post today. You might be interested.

Z said...

AOW "Get stuck"?

I want those tabs across the bottom of my computer screen so I can go back and forth, I don't like EVERYTHING about WIndows 7 !!!
Thanks for the offer...I just might do that!

Anonymous said...

"And Imp ... don't forget to write a note to Mayor Bloomberg for your new vibrator."

Mustang...I'm not sure how to take that.

Kid said...

Thanks Whitey, and right back at you on the saying it well.

Z said...

Imp! Your comment about the vibr. really made me laugh!
Ya, if you didn't know, I'd hate to THINK how you'd take that :-)

Z said...

that's a very cool story about that "HATEFUL ROMNEY WHO HATES THE POOR!" :-)

Of course, he doesn't crow about it like Obama's thugs do whenever he does anything good. Oh, wait...has he EVER?

Always On Watch said...

By "tabs," do you mean the task bar?

You can "pin" items to the task bar.

Right click on the desktop icon that you desire to pin. A menu pops up. Choose the correct step from there. If you pin something and want to unpin it, right click and follow the correct step from there.

Also, when a program is running and appears in the task bar as a current task, you can right click and pin that program to the task bar.

Caveat: Don't pin too many applications to the start menu, which is on the right bottom of the screen.

Hope that the above helps!

Z said...

AOW, thanks!
Kid is helping me...he sends me info emails and I send them to my office so I can open them there in front of that horrible computer :)
Just sent yours there!

I really appreciate your taking the time. xxx

Always On Watch said...

I'm happy to be your secondary guru.

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