Friday, August 3, 2012

Obama...what a CARD

A shirtless Vladimir Putin? A birthday cake captioned "You Didn't Bake That"? A mocking reference to Vogue magazine? Warm words from Hugo Chavez? George Clooney offering to "party at my house again?" Welcome to the world of Republican birthday cards for President Barack Obama.
Obama, who turns 51 on Saturday, has joked that his birthday wish is to win Florida in November. The Republican National Committee has other ideas, and is using the occasion to raise money and enlist volunteers with a website, The cards have mocking or pointed messages about everything from the sputtering economy to the collapse of clean-energy firm Solyndra.
One card, with a photo of Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Dianne Feinstein, reads "News of Your Birthday Leaked Out." On another card, a grinning, shirtless Russian President Putin says "After The Election You Are Flexible For Me. I Flex For Your Birthday." A particularly dark card reads "Mr. President. I Couldn't Afford To Get You A Gift, So Here Is The Shirt Off My Back — Unemployed."

Negative Obama cards and there has to be an article written on it?  And, are they REALLY so "mocking?"   That one about Feinstein is really funny, let's face it.  "Mr. President, you are ruining our country" THAT might be a little 'dark' and 'mocking'...but THESE?   Republicans can't be really mean if they try.   Sadly.

May I tell you all how many PRO OBAMA CARDS there are on the very long wall at my car wash between where you leave your car for washing and the counter where you pay?   There are two ROWS of glowing Obama cards of all ilk...Happy Birthday, Thank You...clever cards from "him"....
And now some lefty has to comment on Republican cards?

By the way, "Mr President, I couldn't afford to get you a gift, so here is the shirt off my back - Unemployed" ...that's referred to as "particularly dark?"   Um.....actually, because of Obama, it's "Particularly TRUE".

Have you see positive Obama cards all over the place?  I sure do........(I have to admit I even turned a few to the wall the other day :-)  And now I see THIS?   ridiculous.

By the way, this lefty writer might find this unappealing, but I wonder if he ever wrote about the OBAMA EVEN REGISTRY where people can send money to Obama's campaign instead of buying a toaster for the wedding couple?  Of course not.


Rita said...

What? Are you telling us that there are actually cards put up in businesses wishing Obama happy birthday?

Robert Sinclair said...

Is there any chance he'll return to the place of his birth to celebrate?

Lisa said...

I was a little taken back about the cards in the car wash too Z. But then again you're in CA .
It's so "Dear Leader" like. Talk about "dark".
I really don't think I can handle his voice and his policies for another 4 years. The more he speaks the more cocky and arrogant he gets.
I just don't get the unconditional love there.It's so mindless.

Rita said...

I think my head would explode if I had to live where places displayed birthday cards for this guy who is destroying America. You must have the patience of a saint, Z.

Z said...'s HIM wishing people all sorts of lovely things! You don't have them there? Makes me grit my teeth.
Honestly, why isn't the DNC paying for this kind of advertisement?!! a wiser person than I said on a blog the other day "SOmewhere, a Kenyan village is missing its idiot but we'd be glad to return him!" Good, huh?
So glad you're here, Robt.

Lisa......yes it IS Los Angeles..
Very "Dear Leader" ..Man, you have a way of focusing like a laser beam..good on you, girl?
Did you get my email, by the way?

Rita.....I try! :-)

Z said...

Robert...I haven't seen a blog like yours with 'joining' and all..what's up?
Are you posting and getting comments?
Do i HAVE to join to see and enter in? :-)!!?

Z said...

Lisa and Rita, look at the card images on my blog!! The ones I've seen are even more celebratory of THE ONE!

Ed Bonderenka said...

I was shopping for a birthday card for my son and the rack had a number of cards with Obama on them that mocked him.
This was at a major chain.
I liked the one that had a well endowed woman on the outside and promised a picture of a couple of big boobs inside.
Open: Biden and Obama.

Z said...

Ed, GREAT NEWS! Our carwash had NO negative ones..(naturally, in LA)
thanks for that info!

Z said...

By the way...if any NUT doesn't think our media's baised, how about this?

Ya, it was important that some male porn star thought Romney was a good guy (tho he was voting for Obama..I blogged this a few days ago) and it's SO important for Yahoo to cover how this porn star is supporting Romney (a Yahoo HEADLINE).

ya...WHY? WHO CARES?!!

Ed Bonderenka said...

I'm with Robert Sinclair.

Rita said...

Oh, I see. No, none in this part of the country.

I HAVE bought cards with The One's picture on it. And we sent our SIL (anonymously) a Obama Chia Pet a couple years back. It was quite entertaining to hear him complaining about how in the world that thing ended up on his doorstep.

We finally told him we sent it. I kinda doubt he ever grew the chia.

Bob said...

I hadn't heard about the birthday card thing. I would send Obama one, but that would put me on some kind of enemy list, and I would be the first to face the OBAMA DEATH PANELS planned for all Medicare recipients.

FreeThinke said...

Here's a REALLY dark fantasy card:

A picture of a slave cabin at Mt. Vernon with Michelle and the two girls in turbans and typical house maid's attire standing listlessly out front pained expressions on their faces.

The caption would read:

If George Washington were here today, Mr. President, he'd certainly put YOU in your place.


Liberalmann said...

Thanks to the SCOTUS Citizens United decision, Obama will be out spent by the 5 or 6 families who own more the the bottom 60% of all of us. If that doesn't scare you-you're just plain stupid.

Liberalmann said...

FreeThink said: "If George Washington were here today, Mr. President, he'd certainly put YOU in your place."

There it is. That oh so right wing flagrant racism, the bottom line true with true loony right wing (or pseudo asswipe libertarianism). The rest of your words are null and void by this loser comment. Thanks for proving my point! Pwned again!

Z said...

Libmann, next to Steve, you're the ugliest, meanest little leftwing creep I have EVER EVER encountered (how do you live with yourself with that kind of heart, by the way?) but I have to say to FT that his scenario is pretty racist.
And there is NO PC in my admonishment.

Lisa said...

No I never got your e-mail