Thursday, August 16, 2012

Progressive Legacy: Lies and Distortions

According to the Daily Caller, administration officials have finally confirmed they don’t care about our system of government —you know, where the legislature passes acts, and the executive signs them into law. One may recall that a democratically controlled congress refused to take up the so-called Dream Act in 2010, and so now … miraculously timed to benefit him during the 2012 presidential election cycle, the communist in chief picked up his Mont Blanc pen and made the Dream Act official policy by fait accompli.

But wait … it gets better. As initially explained to us, the purpose of the Dream Act was to do the right thing by those poor illegal aliens dragged to America by their illegal parents (who are now progressive movement policy makers). If they graduated from an American high school, enrolled in college for five seconds, served as first responders or a hitch in the military services, then they could petition the government to become lawful citizens. After all, it wasn’t their fault.

The new official policy by fait accompli now adds about 350,000 low-skill, unemployed, and middle school dropouts to the 800,000 people under the age of 31 announced by President Obama last June. The inclusion of middle school dropouts with skilled workers, scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs gives us gas.


Because in an environment where between 8.9 and 20% of the American people are unemployed, Obama grants legal status to over a million more people —all of whom are now legally competing for American jobs.

Of course, no one in the Obama administration is calling this amnesty. To them, it’s mere “Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” —which brings us back to the title of this post: more progressive lies and distortions. And hopefully, if they can get this done in time for the November elections … well, you know.


Elmers Brother said...

As a former recruiter, I can say illegal aliens are NOT permitted to enlist ONLY resident aliens. Resident aliens of course are here LEGALLY.

My guess is most people don't know this and assume it so. The only reason I can think for this lie to be perpetuated is because most people don't know, the illegals will think it a benefit and cast the vote anyway.

Elmers Brother said...

this is the closest they've come and even then you had to be here legally, be a medical professional or speak a certain language and only 1000 enlistees were permitted...the program has been suspended. These people and resident aliens who serve are rightfullly given a faster track to citizenship should they choose to serve

The Defense Department has authorized the U.S. Army to implement, under the Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest (MAVNI) program, a test that permits the enlistment of certain legal aliens into the U.S. Army. To be eligible for consideration, you must be legally present in the United States, and able to provide a passport, I-94 card, I-797 form, your employment authorization document or other government issued documents proving your legal presence in the United States.

Silverfiddle said...

Americans are recoiling in horror at what the Democrat party has become. they need new voters.

ElBro is right. Illegal aliens cannot serve. Anyone who is, is doing so under false pretenses.

Z said...

And it starts........
The article is WELL worth the short read; take a look at the sound of it "I don't have to worry about my brother anymore!" "I lived in fear" The writer picks up all the heart breaking quotes, right? :-)
as if WE in America who are fighting for everyone to come legally and join our American family is to blame, not those who snuck in illegally.

The way this writer writes is EXACTLY what I bitch about here so much. The bias is hilarious.
It mentions how 85% of the people there are Hispanic, but there's a Pakisani passport on the table and a British one, too. SO WHAT?

No one's discriminating against Hispanics!

SO...those who came illegally are being rewarded.

On the other hand, what to do if this DOESN'T HAPPEN? The idea that these law breakers DESERVE to get this is utter nonsense. But the idea that many want to continue their schooling and be productive citizens is a good thing.

But the illegalities will continue as they have in the past, we're sure of that; declaring 16 dependents and sending the tax break money to Mexico, for example. We've all posted stories like that. etc etc..

This is the Progressive Legacy......congratulations, leftwingers.

Look at the questions the staff asks the illegals. Anybody confirming the answers?
I doubt it.

Silverfiddle said...

Here's they really insidious part of this. It is defining deviancy down. Moynihan's broken window theory.

This is the new normal. They've mainstreamed being in this country illegally. Think about it. Illegal immigrants sat in on a hearing in the capitol, they publicly protest, and they now line up, freely identifying themselves as illegal, and nobody get stopped or, God forbid, deported.

Silverfiddle said...

A nation is no longer a sovereign nation that cannot control its borders and regulate who comes and goes, with anyone who wanders in granting themselves de facto citizenship.

Here's more: Illegal immigration is rife with document fraud and identity theft. Anyone can get papers "proving" they've been here however long the requirement is.

Always On Watch said...

Mustang has joined your web site, Z?


I'm jealous.

On the other hand, Sam is posting at my site, and I'm very pleased with what he's been posting.

Always On Watch said...

That article you linked to in your comment is alarming in the extreme.

Fact: Most employers will hire the young instead of anyone over age 45. And so many people over age 45 have lost their jobs.

To all here:

Please read THIS POST by my blogging buddy Midnight Rider. He's approaching age 50. He was a specialist in telecommunications -- phone systems, I think -- and lost his job after some 20 years of being with the company. Look what he has now been reduced to! And he wouldn't have gotten this new job on his own, probably, if young folks had applied and if MR didn't know someone within the company.

Ivan Wolanski said...

Every time I see topics like this one my blood pressure spikes to unhealthy levels. Welcome to the U.S.A. under the rule of King 0bama the Wonderful One, where we no longer have any rule of law. It absolutely infuriates me.
Lets call it like it really is, giving American jobs to foreigners to get votes.
This country is in dept up to it’s ears we have 13,000,000 unemployed, millions of small business DESTROYED
$15,400,000,000,000.00 national debt, and getting larger every minute
Maybe some people are impressed by this Snake Oil salesman, but I’m not. Or maybe it’s because I’m a Conservative racist! But I’ll admit Obama has really achieved a great deal in a very short amount of time!
Yes, Obama has accomplished a lot but unfortunately none of it is good. He accomplished just about every socialistic agenda he wanted he shoved down our throats. Lets not forget that Benito Mussolini accomplished a lot in Italy also, he made the trains run on time. Obama hasn’t even done that. And lets not forget that Barack Obama's presidency provided lots of vacation time for his wife. What does Obama do when the country is suffering through a recession? He goes on a vacation and spends $4 million dollars of the tax-payers money for a Christmas vacation. Shocked? And soon after, they took a C-20 Gulf-stream III aircraft operated by the United States Navy The press pool flew in a separate plane, identified by the military as a G5, along with the staff in a third plane on a date in New York. Add another $350,000 to his social weekend. Nice job (if you can get it).
These black kids in America’s ghettos should be listening to what Obama is doing, because their chances of ever getting a good job when having to compete against millions of illegal aliens with Obama issued US work permits who are willing to work very cheaply, just got a heck of a lot more dismal.
Obama and his wacked-out side kick Joe Biden have been bitching and complaining that the Bain-Capital Corp. by closing a few American manufacturing plants years after Romney departed that company, essentially sent a few hundred American jobs from those plants to foreigners. They are felons, they are the ones who are violating the law.
The country is in the worse shape it’s ever been in and I blame it on the great Uniter. Obama has done quite enough for me thank you, he can't leave soon to satisfy me.
And they call Paul Ryan a big spending conservative.. Hows that?

Bob said...

Can't we put Obama in jail for breaking the law? Certainly, we can impeach him.

Anonymous said...

The left wing twits can only type big words man. I don't see black or white but I do see LIBS bring the race card and most are not even black. Keep up the great work Mustang.
A man who tells the truth and stands up against the BS that has lead to generations of poverty is an inspiration.

Right Truth said...

A DREAM for some, a nightmare for others. I like Jan Brewer, no welfare/benefits for these people.

Right Truth

Always On Watch said...

In today's WaPo:

For most undocumented immigrants, life in the shadows continues

For thousands of undocumented immigrants who rushed to apply for new protections from deportation, Wednesday was the life-changing day many had dreamed of for years.

But for most, it was just Wednesday.

“I will be working today, that’s all, if I can get work,” said Ricardo Cruz, 22, a Salvadoran day laborer gathered with other job seekers in a parking lot on New Hampshire Avenue in Langley Park. “I have heard of this program, but they said it was not for me.”

Advocates hailed President Obama’s offer of temporary residency and work status to some young immigrants as the most significant reform in a generation. But, as some have learned as the details became clear, it is a narrowly tailored one.

Fewer than 2 million of the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in the country are eligible for the program, known as deferred action, which began accepting applications Wednesday.

That leaves life in the shadows to continue unchanged for the rest. For many who have been waiting to learn the final details of the program, its launch brought crushing disappointment.

“It was devastating to hear I didn’t qualify,” said a sobbing Elsi Hernandez after her visit to Carecen of Columbia Heights. Hernandez, 25, came to the United States when she was 17 and graduated from high school in 2008. She only learned while gathering documents to apply that she was too old when she arrived from El Salvador to be eligible. “I just want to study and be a good example to my daughters.”...

Now, get this!

At legal clinics and workshops around the region Wednesday, families and young adults came by the hundreds to learn if they would qualify for the program. The biggest group who won’t are those who are too old: An estimated 6.8 million undocumented immigrants are 31 or older.

See what's coming folks? Sheesh.

Bunkerville said...

Washington Times; “Slow path to progress for U.S. immigrants, 43% on welfare after 20 years”.. I think this says it all.

Anonymous said...

The leftist will create what they created in France: a stronger nationalistic sentiment against minorities.

This pisses me off so bad.

Not only do they destroy the economy, which makes it harder for minorities to prosper.

But also they favor illegal immigrations so they can get voters.

I can promise you that in 20 years, if things keep being that way, a National Front like party or trend will emerge in the US,

And the left, like in France, will play to it because it will be a tool to demonize the right.

Deja vu all over again.

Sam Huntington said...

Karl Marx is often credited with saying, “Religion is the opiate of the masses.” He didn’t exactly say that. More prophetic is this paragraph, written by the Marquis de Sade in 1797.

“Though nature lavishes much upon your people, their circumstances are strait. But this is not the effect of their laziness; this general paralysis has its source in your policy which, from maintaining the people in dependence, shuts them out from wealth; their ills are thus rendered beyond remedy, and the political state is in a situation no less grave than the civil government, since it must seek its strength in its very weakness. Your apprehension, Ferdinand, lest someone discover the things I have been telling you leads you to exile arts and talents from your realm. You fear the powerful eye of genius; that is why you encourage ignorance. This opium you feed your people, so that, drugged, they do not feel their hurts, inflicted by you.”

There may be no better description of the Democratic Party in America than this. The fact is that those people who control the Democratic Party have never really cared about human suffering, or acted on it. Their “socially progressive” programs intend but one thing: destroy the fabric of American society. By destroying this fabric, they can better control it.

We should wonder whether the Democratic presidents were well-intentioned morons, or if there is a more sinister purpose to taxpayer-funded programs that only make human suffering worse. How did Roosevelt’s programs benefit Americans today? Where is that “great society” promised to us by Johnson? Show me how Carter made America a better place.

The Democratic Party had but one recent president who even comes close to making things better in America: Clinton. But then, seeking a softer place for America on the international scene, he led us to 9/11 where 3,000 Americans died on a single day.

Democratic leaders are a disgusting lot, and the people who follow deserve them.

Louis H. said...

I came here the right way. Everyone else should have to come here legally, too.

Frank Cannon said...

Sam Huntington said...
Democratic leaders are a disgusting lot, and the people who follow deserve them.

If a president has done his job the way he was suppose to.. he should never have to spend a penny on buying votes or giving amnesty to illegal’s to get them as His Righteousness has been doing. If he has been in office for 4 years, we already know what he stands for and what he wants to do.
The amateurish lying coming from this president is beneath the dignity of the office and not worthy of this (formally) great nation
Obama is a classless, clueless, empty little phoney of a man who hopefully is doomed for a drubbing come November.

Mustang said...

I’ve been saying for years that our primary problem in this country has been the so-called educationalists who have brainwashed our children for the past sixty years. They have successfully transformed our bright-eyed, inquisitive, excited-about-learning children into depressed dullards. This was always part of the leftist plan, evidenced by Norman Thomas’ famous prophesy. The progressives have given America a knockout punch far worse than any of our enemies of World War II, because it didn’t destroy a single generation, it has destroyed three generations (and still counting).

Where is the proof of this? Imagine that in Russia alone, communist leaders murdered over 62-million of their own people. Imagine that in China, communist leaders murdered more than 76 million people. In spite of this, tens of thousands of our “educated children” proudly march around under communist and socialist flags, President Obama appointed several communists to positions in his White House, and staunch democrats argue for more tolerance of socialist ideas —the system that has caused more human suffering than all other systems combined —since forever.

Democrats now subsumed by the progressive movement, itself a neo-communist effort, protest whenever we accuse them of being communists or socialists. I can hear their shrill voices even now, and yet it is absolutely true. One does not have to favor the death camps; one only has to believe in the primacy of the state over individual liberty. The horrors we attach to the German national socialists, Stalin or Mao communists didn’t happen overnight —they were the result of years of people watching what was happening, and then doing nothing until Obama-like “civilian army” showed up to escort them away. Cloaked in the rhetoric of social justice, the American people today accept Washington’s consolidation of power, removing the rights of individuals and of states and setting into motion the next step in the progressive movement: control over every aspect of our private lives. Seizing public education was bad enough. Now they’re seizing our medical records, too.

De Sade was right; thanks Sam for that quote. I think November will tell us if we any longer deserve the America created for us by our ancestors, and paid for in the blood of our fathers. God help us!


Democrats now subsumed by the progressive movement, itself a neo-communist effort, protest whenever we accuse them of being communists or socialists

What do they all have in common?
Progressives, Marxists, Socialists, Maoists, all just other terms for Communist, I guess it depends on who is “defining the narrative.

GOD BLESS YOU future president Mitt Romney

Andrew Whitehead said...



I don't know what's scarier...North Korea's nukes, or Washington's clowns?

Anonymous said...

In Marxism, the ends justify the means and our Marxist President knows that very well.

Chateau Robert said...

Biden does have brain damage, Biden is a fool. . He is not morally qualified to be the Vice President. But then again, neither is his boss.

I just can't wait for the Ryan-Biden debates, it's going to be like Albert Einstein discussing physics with the Rainman

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

What an embarrassment these 2 are. A president who divides and demonizes like a third world leader does and uses hand gestures like one too. Ever see his hand gestures? Pointing his finger like he is superior and pointing his nose in the air while cocking his head side to side? And then we have his side kick "Gaff Biden" who says things on camera like "This is f---- huge"
We are the greatest country in the world and we have 2 buffoons as our representatives..
And what is worse than these two are the blind followers they managed to manipulate who fall for the lies and distortions.

For the first time in my adult life I am ashamed of my country

Chuck said...

Just another way for the Democrats to prostitute themselves to grow their ranks. Must be Thursday.

Anonymous said...

"North Korea's nukes, or Washington's clowns?"...

With a 90% DISAPPROVAL rating...yes...90% of the people have zero confidence in Congress. Now...any other civilized country would dismiss these sorry sad sacks and donkeys asses and turn them out. Or...erupt in civil war.

Personally...if the NK's can guarantee they'd hit congress while it's in session...I'd say...go for it. They're useless, corrupt, arrogant, disingenuous, self centered, out of touch and we'll never succeed in using the polls to run them out.

They Say/We Say said...

Illegal's can find their paperwork from their countries for this, but we here cannot for voter ID's?
The left doesn't want Voter ID for this very reason---VOTE FOR THE DEMOCRAT PARTY--SEE THEY GOT YOU LEGAL!

Kid said...

And the Beauty of it? It's only good for 2 years. And then 2 more, and then 2 more and then....

Hey Young Latinos! Welcome to the land of being Voting Slaves for the Democrats.

Look forward to receiving your official reward letter each election which falsely sates that "unless you vote for the current POS democrat you will be deported."

You have now devolved further into the realm of the stupid ass black person who votes for Slave Owners because their brains stopped working when LBJ robbed social security funds to create welfare and put them into modern day slavery in Perpetude !

Congratulations Dumbasses!

And Thanks for helping to make being an American Embarrassing !

Kid said...

Mustang - August 16, 2012 1:02 PM


Z said...

Kid, your comment is EXQUISITE.

"Ya, that's the ticket"! (@#$&*@(*#$&@(*#&$*(@#&$(*@&# (stronger letter to follow!)


Z said...

AOW! I knew you said something about Mustang (I'd checked my comments while at work much earlier today) and wanted to get back to you...

Yes, I am so excited! Mustang has been writing for geeeeZ for about a week now and I"m thrilled!
I call myself CITY EDITOR now :-)
Now that I'm working full time, this works out great!

You SHOULD be jealous! :-) But, yes, you DO have the marvelous Sam Huntington!
And did you see where Silverfiddle's the City Editor for Viburnum now at SF's blog!

Maybe we've started a trend!?


Mustang said...
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