Thursday, August 23, 2012


A friend did this poster and I thought I had to share it with you...........good, huh?

While we're on the subject of big money, I'd like to ask something of you all:   John Kerry was worth $240 million when he ran for president.   Mitt Romney is worth $250 million now that he's running.  SO, do you remember a huge flap about Kerry's millions and 'how can we elected such a rich man who doesn't care about you which is evidenced by his big bucks"?  Of course not!  Is this evidence that, because of the Left, we've really become a country where working hard and succeeding and getting rich isn't quite as cool as marrying someone and living off her husband's money, like Kerry is?

I'm confused...are you?  
And yes, we know that the Left will say they slam him because Romney is a corporate raider, blahblahblah (and more blahblahblah....)...but was HEINZ, the company Mrs. Heinz/Kerry got rich from, the perfect example of corporate propriety?   Just curious.  And, you know how I love to point out utter and cheap hypocrisy.

Z  (Thanks, Ryan, for the terrific poster!)


beakerkin said...

The dirty secret about Democratic
financial malfeasence is hardly limited to the poorly groomed hippie bum Corzine. The ethical practices of George Soros should have landed him in jail long ago.
Of course he pays people to trivialize these criminal actions and preposterously accuse people of quoting him accurately of antisemitism.

Soros is so thoroughly despised in the actual Jewish community he attempted to keep his support for J Street secret. Once it was revealed the organization lost its very limited credibility.

viburnum said...

Corzine getting a pass is almost as annoying as Kerry having spent Republican John Heinz's money running for President.

The Debonair Dudes World said...

And how much was John Kennedy worth?

Answer: the Kennedy family estate was worth nearly $1 billion dollars. Born into great wealth, Kennedy's wife was oil heiress. His Father was one of the wealthiest men in America. But AH! he was a Democrat so we don't report or give a damn about that, or do we?

PS, Lyndon Johnson was worth $98 Million,

Gotta get to work now and leave early because my cities traffic is once again going to tied up for hours and hours with those Basketball "Thugs", pardon me I meant to say HEROES Michael Jordan, Carmelo Anthony, Patrick Ewing and Alonzo Mourning and His Arrogance Barack Obama.. Anyone give a crap about that, besides Spike Lee? I wonder who's paying for this? And by the way, did you know that His Arrogance Barack Obama is being slammed for fundraising with a bunch of pro-drugs, anti-police activist who allegedly cavorts with gangsters. New York Knicks basketball player Carmelo Anthony, who is currently seen in a YouTube video and on a DVD that promotes drug use and threatens people who “snitch” to police about drug dealers and other criminals. The DVD, is called “Stop Snitching”
I wonder who's paying for this “Fundraiser” with all the police escorts and security as well as Air-Force One...humm?

But whatever.

Silverfiddle said...

The left has quite a double-standard when it comes to wealth, but they are consistent.

If you stole it or inherited it, it's OK.

If you worked hard for it, they want to gang tackle you and confiscate it.

Pardon the off-topic aside, but has anyone else seen that Taylor Swift has hooked up with a Kennedy scion, the one who's mom hung herself a few months back?

I thought that young lady had her head screwed on straight. She obviously does not.

The Kennedy's are a family of misogynist pigs better suited for Afghanistan or some other place like that.

Brooke said...

It drives me insane to see most Republicans demonized for their wealth when you consider that the majority of the most wealthy members of Congress have a (D) after their name:


Hypocrisy, thy name is Democrat.

Z said...

Beak...Soros has so much money he apparently can buy the press.
Then, the minute we expose Soros, the left comes with THE KOCH BROTHERS.
See, it's not okay for Republicans to use their money, but...

Viburnum, thanks for elegantly reminding me it was THeresa HEINZ, not HUNT, as I'd put in my post! oops!

Dude, good point...see Brooke's list below.

SF...stealing seems to be more honored by the left in a lot of ways than working hard....
and I, too, am REALLY sorry to hear Swift's hooked up with a Kennedy. (could he be Republican?!) (ya, sure, not without changing his name at the request of his family!)

Brooke, I guess it'll take teaching journalism teachers to have ethics and honesty before we EVER get an ethical and honest media again. They're sure not teaching what they used to.
Today, it's all AGENDA.

I think one problem I remember was when the silliest little nothing write-up got the once-treasured BY LINE...remember? Now EVERYBODY gets a By Line...telling us what THEY THINK when, really, Americans used to be educated well enough to just want facts and we'd decide.

Lisa said...

" Kerry having spent Republican John Heinz's money running for President."

Amazing isn't it viburnum? the ultimate betrayal.

Anonymous said...

They're just in it to cash in and to do that they sell us a bunch of crap. I can't believe people buy into it.

Sam Huntington said...

I would be confused if I wasn't already aware of the Progressive agenda for America.

Ducky's here said...

Once again it's worth pointing out that you completely miss the problem.
It isn't a question of D vs. R.

The American political system is broken, badly.

Maybe beyond compare. But arguing about which one of these lepers has the most fingers is useless.
Meanwhile the transfer of wealth upward to a small oligarchy will continue and you are not safe from this process.

Ducky's here said...

ooops "compare" should be repair.

Anonymous said...

Ducky, you're right. It's broken big time.

The sad thing is the fact it's broken everywhere. Corruption is big in France as well.

I don't think we can avoid it 100%. All we can do is minimize it.

Question is how.

And big gov is certainly not a way to decrease corruption. After seeing the corruption in France, that's how I actually started realizing that the centralized, omnipresent and omnipotent nature of gov in France was a problem. Especially when you have parties making sure they stay mutually protected from all the "affaires."

Then there are lobbies. I don't know how to fix that one as far as limiting the amount of money candidates can receive. But I also think that lobbies wouldn't be that strong if big gov was not ruling the economy, giving tax breaks, etc... The European Union actually has created lobbies in Europe. Or has increased their size dramatically. And that's because the EU has power to pass regulations that countries must respect. That's partly why I am against the EUI.

A big centralized gov leads to less democracy, more corruption and at the end less power for and from the people.

Anonymous said...

This is what I think.

If one is on the left, he/she must accept corruption and corrupted leaders as the downside of their ideals. He also must accept the lack of ethics in the political system since they ask the apparatchiks and an elite that knows better to rule society.

If one is on the small gov right, he/she must accept the ups and downs of the free market system and the risks. He must force himself to be ethical so that this system can survive, and be courageous when times are tough.

Nothing's perfect and we have to choose the downside of our ideals.

Jack Whyte said...

I think it is fair to say that there is corruption within both political parties. Not everyone is honest. The difference is that conservatives attempt to diminish corruption, punish it whenever it occurs, and demand a higher standard from other conservatives. Progressives embrace corruption as a badge of honor; when exposed, they rush to defend their exposed brother or sister. Take for example that horrid witch Nancy Pelosi who wasn’t content with the G-VI luxury jet provided to her by the US Air Force. No, she demanded a larger craft and ran a bar bill exceeding $10,000. Why isn’t she (and others) in jail? Answer: she’s a democrat.

Ducky's here said...

Yeah, Froggy, the "ups and downs" of the "free market(LMAO)".

You make it sound so quaint and of course the political and economic systems are currently bound at the hip.

What you see is your unfettered market economy.

Anonymous said...

Ducky, stop being a child.

There are economic cycles indeed.

In your ideal economy, there are less cycles but people end up starving. Proofs: North Korea, GDR, CCCP.

So be an adult, stop being a coward and grow up instead of using LMAO.

How old are you? 55+. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

And you're such a jerk and a-hole that you didn't even caught the fact I agreed with you and made a fairly neutral analysis.

Really you need a shrink or you need to get laid. Because so much hatred is kind of problematic. Especially when you claim to be Catholic or religious.

Anonymous said...

What you see is your unfettered market economy.

So how do you explain France is tanking? Do we have a true unfettered market economy in France?

That's what the socialists and right wing statists have been saying in France since 1980 . Mitterrand was in power for 14 years and nationalized the banks. How come did it make things worse?

And how come France had full employment before those years? That people were coming from Northern Africa, Poland and Portugal to find opportunities in France before that?

I guess when you've been brainwashed and are totally incapable to break down the facts, that's what happens. Glad I survived my Marxist education and had the objective analytical skills to see the light after college once I started working.

Anonymous said...

For the Left, envy can be selective.

Anonymous said...

From Z:

Anonymous said...


It's almost scary to see a liberal scoff at FREE MARKET ECONOMY...

Ducky, how would you like to FETTER the market? More and more restrictions on people who've worked SO HARD to start and grow businesses? So far, the restrictions are working for your side; more and more are closing under the weight of liberal regulations, laws, etc.

Anonymous said...

They're working on his side b/c he can slack. He can be a lazy bum browsing blogs all day vs being productive.

Deep down a lot of leftists think about themselves first when they advocate all this crap. Hence the lack of courage for someone like Ducky.

Anonymous said...


I just hope that more and more people start to see the hypocrisy when considering things like the HUGE insults to Romney's success "too rich" "too successful" versus the just as huge riches of John Kerry...

Dude's right...Kennedy was worth a LOT of money and where was the outrage?

Dude, I wonder if they have drug-sniffing dogs on Air Force One?

Bob said...

Z: You are not confused, nor are most of the people commenting on this blog. Well, Ducky is confused, but we are used to that.

In the United States of America and other countries you need to be wealthy to run for office. Wealth is usually an indicator that you have accomplished something. I don't see anything wrong with people being wealthy and running for office.

The politicians that scare me are those like the Gore family of Tennessee. The old man was not rich before he became a senator. He became rich while serving several terms in Washington, DC.

We should want self-made men to run for office.

Anonymous said...


I agree, Bob....LIke the House of Commons in England.

In Germany, there's a set limit to how much a candidate can have to spend for an election and they get that from the gov't. Only candidates who reach a certain percentage popularity are entitled, of course.
That way, ANYBODY who's bright and has a good message can win.

Honestly, I'd rather YOU and Mustang and Silverfiddle and Viburnum and Beak, and Dude and Sam and ANY (absolutely ANY, but Ducky and Libjerk, of course) excellent commenter here was president than Obama.

By the way, I didn't mean to be sexist!...Brooke can run, too...And AOW and Lisa...

I want someone who has a lot of FAITH in other than his or herself, and INTELLIGENCE and an understanding of the Constitution and appreciation for the message of the Founding Fathers; all has been lost since Obama.
Well...since FDR? Or Coolidge?


UGH...I could write more, so much mroe is on my heart, but it's nothing my good readers don't know...and I need to get to work :-)


Anonymous said...

I started opening my mouth more, Z.

I have friends who are utter drones. They're nice, sweet and have very good intentions but they can't see past the veneer. So I am making them think about the unintended consequences and am telling them I'm taking it personally that they accuse me of bad intentions when we approach things differently.

And if this means they get pissed at me and they hate me, so be it.

Liberalmann said...

It would be nice if he invested in the county he wants to be President instead of hiding his money overseas to avoid paying taxes.

It would be nice of he created more jobs here than he did send overseas leaving people out of work.

In 2012, it was estimated that he had amassed twice the net worth of the last eight U. S. presidents combined, and would rank among the richest in American history.

Nice try at lame deflection.

Anonymous said...


Liberalman, you need to know you're just stupidly DEAD WRONG on it ALL.

PLEASE do some research and listen to ALL the news before you make outrageous and slanderous comments like that....Even most liberals know all of your comment's a lie.

"lame deflection?" no, TRUTH.

It doesn't bother YOU that Romney's worth is about what Kerry's was? And can you show us the jobs he sent overseas versus Obama's idiot JOBS CZAR who's sent MANY JOBS?!!

Anonymous said...

"It would be nice if he invested in the county he wants to be President..."

You twerpy little about Obummers "jobs" czar Jeffy boy of GE...who SENT ALL THE GE JOBS OVERSEAS??

Wanna bet the horse face J f'in Kerry and his squeeze...have their money stored off shore too? You're such a despicable, ignorant asshole when the top 10 richest turds in Congress are...your buddies.

Yea...while kerry is tooling around in his 10 million dollar're playing with yourself in your Spiderman jammies...Oh..and Kerry tried to cop out on paying taxes on that new boat much for honesty and integrity from the "I feel your pain" crowd.

He's worth 250- mil and the cheap bastard tries to cop put on a tax of 25K?

Then there's botox babe..Pelousy....and her butt buddy DWSchmaltz.....with ther OFF SHORE pukes make me sick with your slave mentality.


Z said...

Imp; they just can't learn. Liberals just don't seem to be able to learn.

"putz' is right!

Mustang said...


I hope you understand that by claiming Liberalmann is a twerpy little douche bag, you seriously insult twerpy little douchebags from one end of this country to the other.

I only tell you this in case you start getting irate letters from their national organization, the DNC.

beakerkin said...


Don't you need a license from Ducky to use Yiddish words. As a Communist
he thinks he is the sole arbiter of who is authenically Jewish Black and so forth.

Z said...

Beak, good point. Ducky also embraces everything homosexual until he doesn't like a Republican, then he calls him gay as if it's a pejorative. You know that...

Mustang, WELL SAID!!! :-) You've got quite a mind!

Ed Bonderenka said...

Imp: Don't hold back...

Robert Sinclair said...

I see brainless is back from vacation now. The boy is fortunate; not everyone who suffers from rectal cranium inversion syndrome can find meaningful work. How much do you think they pay him for puking all over conservative blogs?

Z said...

Hi, Robert...I"ve been accusing Libjerk of that for months now but, every time I ask how much he gets paid by the Soros crowd or the DNC, he leaves for a few hours.
I think you're right.

Ed :-) Imp is too shy to really be entertaining or informative, don't you think? (NOT!)

Anonymous said...

"Ducky also embraces everything homosexual.."

@Z...OK. OK..I'm being goaded now by..."YA'LL / thanks you imbecilic skank JB...

I know theres one damn thing duckquat won't embrace or grasp...even with two hands...And I think if a really bonafide, legally married queer in his homo state pinched his buttons on his rear pockets...he'd yelp, scream and call the cops.

I don't think he's really given lot's of his elitist thought to the process and homo act of... sodomy.

It's the one MAJOR aspect / effect / outcome ( scuze me ) that libs love to cutsie name of..."GAY"...

As a normal hetero, straight, married robust male ...male...I appeal to all my STRAIGHT buds here..and say...what type of man is it who would find another mans butt.../ exit if it was his his Happy Meal?

Not many I think..and I think that's the sentiment of 99% of all American men. And we're grossed out, disgusted and fed up with swishy interior decorators and would probably kick their asses if approached by one. Fact...just a fact.

We're the 'new' norm. We's bullshit...depraved...and disgusting.

Now Ms. Z...ban me.

Anonymous said...


"Imp is too shy..."


Anonymous said...

@ ED...

"Imp: Don't hold back..."

Ed...obviously...It's not my nature.

Ed...I hate these cretins...despise them with every ounce of my soul.

51% of these loser scumbags are now in charge and we're totally screwed.

Say goodbye...

Z said...

Imp, I just can't imagine that sex has been perverted so badly.

I honestly didn't mean "grasp" in that sense, by the way, but GOOD CATCH! :-)