Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Obama's RIGHT!


The fun never quits.



FreeThinke said...
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FreeThinke said...

Obama has just turned 51.

Mr. Romney is already 65.

Which one is aging more rapidly and showing greater signs of strain?

Which one betrays the kind of anxiety that comes from holding a very public, highly responsible position, and not having the faintest idea of what he's doing?

Which one looks and sounds truly "presidential?"

Which one is sounding more and more like a confused, petulant, spoiled little boy who hasn't yet developed any real skill or sense of moral responsibility and intellectual maturity?

~ FreeThinke

Z said...

Right, FT...

I enjoyed playing with Obama's ridiculous ROMNEYHOOD allusion to Robin Hood. If anything, by the way, HE IS Robin Hood because he's the one wanting to rob the rich to give to the poor.

Z said...

well, Obama's a CHicago HOOD, anyway!

Anonymous said...

I'm very afraid that this last tagline will stick though.

I can't wait for the debates but I'm pretty sure Obama will chicken out.

Anonymous said...

Classic Alinsky tactics. What else could we expect from the Chicago hood masquerading as our president?

Robert Sinclair said...

I have to admit that what Obama said, and the way he delivered it, was pretty funny.

But I thought Romney's retort about Obama-baloney was juvenile. I think this is because I expect more from Romney.

Meanwhile, Obama spokespersons are saying they had nothing to do with that horrible campaign ad accusing Romney of "killing" a woman. That was a PAC.

So then, Obama thinks all of us is that stupid?

FreeThinke said...

My unasked for advice, Mr. Sinclair, would be this:

If you're engaged in a war, don't EVER give the enemy ANY quarter -- or any word, deed or gesture that might be used as a weapon to throw back at you.

Mr. Romney was not my preferred candidate, but right now he's all we have, and in the heat of an election campaign I, personally, don't think it's wise to make any adverse criticism of "our" guy.

Just my opinion, of course, although wasn't it the late great Ronald Reagan who gave as the Eleventh Commandment, "Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican?" ;-)

Take care,

~ FreeThinke

Silverfiddle said...

Romneyhood, sound like the state of being Mitt Romney.

It's what we've come to expect from the Obama-lama-ding-dongs.

Hey, this is fun!

Elmers Brother said...


Joe said...

Obamahood is probably the name of the place where Obama was a "community organizer."

Hoodlum, Hoodwink, from the Hood...all bring up the aura of President BO (the child president).

If it walks like a hoodlum, talks like a hoodlum, looks like a hoodlum and acts like a hoodlum, it is most likely a hoodlum.

And he both does and is.

Robert Sinclair said...

@ Free Thinke

I’m not sure what Ronald Reagan said about that. I only know that we have too many republicans in name only (RINO) because few people have the courage or conviction to denounce them. In my mind, there is something dangerous about giving people a pass simply because they wear an elephant lapel pin. Perhaps this is how we ended up putting a Medal of Honor winner into federal prison.

Plus, voting conservative does not require that I give up my sense of humor.

The other point I would like to make is that I’ve been to war. I am not now, nor shall I ever be at war with the American people. Nor do I see any humor in the possibility that this nation will embark upon a second civil conflict. This is what “the other side” wants us to do; if they divide us, they conquer us.

Anonymous said...

did nobody get my HOOD implication and how well that worked?:)
I'm bereft!!


Liberalmann said...

Amazing how the right defends a guy who's tax plan is to give the middle class a tax raise and another tax break to the wealthy. A guy who's job it was to put Americans out of work and keeps his own money in overseas accounts, wont release his tax returns (although he gave McCain's vetting people 22 years worth-and they picked Palin) He can't be bothered to invest his own money back in the USA.

Romney/Obama tax calculator:

Mustang said...

Here's an idea. Let's all go over to an Obama web site so we can better understand our conservative values...


We could take up a collection for Liberalmann so that he can get professional help...

-No, wait-

As an Obama jockstrap, Liberalmann qualifies for psychiatric help at a local veterinarian…

Z said...

Mustang, well said!
I really need for LIberalmann to learn before he comes back, but he just keeps drinking the KoolAid.

You see, he apparently thinks we're all millionaires and want to be richer........forgetting that Republicans are less rich than Dems but give more in charity...
We want EVERYONE except the very indigent to pay some tax; our country's dying because his sort has encouraged some to sit back and let others care for them.
sad...and scary.
And, of course, having said that, he'll now consider us heartless :-)
they don't THINK.

Liberalmann said...

Its not a tax cut Eddie, its an extension of existing tax rates except for the wealthy...which makes it a tax hike

Liberalmann said...

Hey Eddie, leave the thinking to the intelligent people

Anonymous said...

Libdude, instead giving us a link to Obama's site, just read Romney's tax plan and think for yourself.

I haven't read it so I won't say anything.

And getting rid of subsidies, welfare checks is not increasing taxes. Let's be clear on the definition of taxes in case you include those.

So bring up your own points instead of being a zombie and convince me. I'm open.

Anonymous said...

"its an extension of existing tax rates except for the wealthy...which makes it a tax hike"

That is so profound. Would that qualify as an oxymoron?

Also little English correction from a non native since it's a biggie.

"Amazing how the right defends a guy who's tax plan"

It's "WHOSE."

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Libdude aka LOLMan just proved my other comment about leftists being sophists.

- A tax reduction is when taxes go down.
- A tax hike is the opposite of tax reduction.
- Romney maintains the current tax level
- Therefore it's not a tax reduction it's a tax hike.

And by the way isn't the current tax level Romney should maintain the one Bush created? But I thought Bush only decreased taxes for the rich?

Is it another sophism? I'm getting confused Libdude.

Can you enlighten me on that?

Liberalmann said...

Thank you for correcting me Frogburger

Liberalmann said...
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Liberalmann said...

No, Obama's plan is a tax hike

Kid said...

And today, Romney is guilty of killing someone's wife where the man was associated with Bain, but never mind that Romney had been gone for 9 years and one of obama's buddies was actually running things.

Anonymous said...

Ok so everybody's raising taxes, Libman. So do you think I should vote for nobody then?

Liberalmann said...

Romney is the better choice, at least he's sober

Z said...

Kid, isn't that amazing? And the White House HAD to have known Romney was LONG gone, and they don't talk about the Bain Obama Bundler! (bungler?)

yup...Romney KILLED this guy's wife. As IF.

Liberalmann; the NEW SYBIL!!

Liberalmann said...

My psych was in today...I took two hours

Anonymous said...

RON PAUL is the only ELIGIBLE candidate.
Million are going to vote for Ron Paul because they know that voting for the lesser of 2 evils gets EVIL every time!
Why won't the RNC allow Ron Paul speak at the convention and why deny all the Paul delegates as though they don't exist? They FEAR Ron Paul because millions support him and that only Paul can actually end the lie of the 2 party system and beat Obama.

Z said...

Lib, keep going, it's doing you good.
I'm proud of you!

Law and Order Teacher said...

What bothers me about Romney is the question, does he really want it? He is such a nice guy that he comes across as someone who really is ok with whatever happens. We need him to show that he really feels the issues in his gut. Take on these lying jerks. Don't allow them to set what's talked about. Take them on. Show us you're willing to fight.

beamish said...

Mr. Romney was not my preferred candidate, but right now he's all we have, and in the heat of an election campaign I, personally, don't think it's wise to make any adverse criticism of "our" guy.

I absolutely support, relish, and enjoy any and all criticism of Romney. In fact, with all the children that go missing in America every year, I'm fairly certain Romney has eaten at least a third of them. Romney needs to come clean about his preference for cannibalism.

Just my opinion, of course, although wasn't it the late great Ronald Reagan who gave as the Eleventh Commandment, "Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican?"

That was before the "big tent" of the GOP expanded post-Reagan to include extreme far left entitlement-snarfing Communist front groups like Romney's Tea Party "movement."

Romney spent how much money smearing Newt Gingrich and Sick Rantorum during the primaries? Over $200 Million worth of ill-speaking his "fellow" Republicans.

No, Romney needs to come clean about his long history of necrophilia and sexual relations with snail droppings.

Z said...

L&0...he's none of our first choices, that's for sure. BUt he's not OBama.
I'm hoping he gets some fire in his stomach after the convention.
But, I don't think it's attractive on him, if you know what I mean.

He needs to fire his Press person, too. I am SO not impressed with the people he has around him. She REALLY REALLY flubbed the FOX interview ...I know it's a tough job but what she said was moronic.

Great, just GREAT.

beamish said...

Lifelong America-hating Communists, such as you would find at any Tea Party rally or Occupy sit-in, worked their asses off to get Romney the nomination specifically because it virtually guarantees an Obama re-election.

Romney's staff has no other goal.