Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Keep your eye on O-hi-o

No candidate for the American presidency has ever won that election who lost Ohio. Moreover, only two candidates for president won Ohio, and lost the election: Dewey in 1948, and Nixon in 1960. This tells us that if Romney doesn’t win Ohio, he cannot win the presidency.

Who are these Ohioans?

They are significantly Catholic, and predominantly socially conservative. They overwhelmingly repudiated John Kerry in 2004. On the other hand, they are union workers susceptible to the tawdry campaign ads generated by the Obama campaign accusing Romney of destroying GST Steel and contributing to the death of Joe Soptic’s wife in 2006, and ignoring completely the fact that Romney left Bain Capital in 1999.

How will Ohioans respond to the fact that Barack Obama destroyed domestic coal industry, as he promised to do in 2008, contributing to the unemployment of tens of thousands of Americans? Presently, Appalachian Coal unions are lining up behind Romney.

Recent polls indicate that likely voters continue to support Barack Obama 49% to Romney 46%, but the three-point differential is within the margin of error. Essentially, it is a dead-heat race for Ohio’s 18 electoral votes. Moreover, Obama leads in the race for Ohio women, but trails Romney among Ohio men. Independent voters favor Romney 51% to Obama’s 39%. When asked about the best candidate for controlling government spending, Romney wins among likely voters; most Ohioans think Obama has the edge on Medicare and foreign policy —which is puzzling.

The race for Ohio is far from over. The successful candidate in Ohio must excel in three areas:

• He must be an adaptive leader: one with the ability to avoid taking a hard stance on issues, who can cater to what voters most want to hear, and concurrently conceal or explain away any changes in policy.

• He must demonstrate compassion: the ability to empathize with the common man, regardless of socio-economic group, race, or gender.

• He must be an excellent communicator: an aptitude that allows a candidate to display his strengths in the two other areas.

Are these things attributes, or character flaws? This is the dilemma of politics. We want our candidate to win the election, but in order to achieve that win, he must become as unprincipled as his opponent.

Are you an Ohioan with some insight you can share with us here?  Will Mitt Romney win Ohio? Will Mitt Romney win the election in November?

-Mustang Sends


Brooke said...

Well, as an "Oihoan," I can say that NO ONE here is liking Obama very much right now. No one I know, anyway.

The problem will be the same as last time; voter fraud and the big 3-C's: Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati. That is were most of the bennie and 'because he's black' voters reside.

Ducky's here said...

Don't the coal unions understand that the switch to natural gas is here to stay?

What do these fools think Mittens is going to do for them?

Silverfiddle said...

If people simply ask themselves, Am I better off now than four years ago, the choice is clear.

Obama is a failed president.


Obama spokesperson Ducky quacked:

Don't the coal unions understand that the switch to natural gas is here to stay?

What do these fools think Mittens is going to do for them?

But we still have many coal-fired power plants, many of which cannot be converted, but instead must be torn down and a new natural gas plant built.

Also, we are exporting coal. At least those companies Comandante Zero hasn't shut down yet are exporting.

Keep spinning Ducky. Your Lord and Master Obama smiles upon you...

Speedy G said...

The opening statement confuses me. If Kennedy lost Ohio in 1960, how did he NOT win the presidential election? (Ditto for Truman in '48).

Anonymous said...

I think Paul Ryan is right or , at least, I hope he is when he says people want to be talked to like adults. If we don't have enough adults, we are truly lost anyway.

Brooke said...

I'd also like to see Ducky explain how we don't need coal when leftists continually block the development of safe nuclear power plants and their waste disposal, such as Yucca Mountain.

Here's a little something, if you don't mind some language.

Mustang said...

@ Speedy

The statement reads: "Moreover, only two candidates for president won Ohio, and lost the election: Dewey in 1948, and Nixon in 1960."

The statement suggests it is possible to win Ohio and lose the presidency, as did Dewey and Nixon; it is not possible to lose Ohio and win the presidency.

Ducky's here said...

That's right, Silver. There are issues around burning coal and the shift is to natural gas.

Now Romney, to his credit, was helpful in the push to convert coal plants in Massachusetts. So if they want to look at his record they can.

But keep burning lots of coal. Those climate clowns are full of it. Even the Koch Bros. bag man, Richard Muller, changed his tune.

Something the fringe right blogs neatly ducked (along with most of the "liberal" media(LMAO).

But back to it, the shift to natural gas is going to happen domestically.

Mustang said...

@ Silver
This country suffers mightily from short-term memory syndrome. People who support Obama keep claiming that he added jobs to the private sector. Well, he may have done that, but it doesn’t make up for the tens of thousands of people he put out of work by closing down coal and offshore drilling. If anyone votes for Obama this time, they have to be among the dumbest people on the entire planet.

Perhaps one of these days, Americans will start asking how American money ended up in Brazil Oil offshore drilling projects, a Soros investment. In my view, it is enough to justify a federal prison term for Obama, but I’m not holding my breath.

Anonymous said...

Brooke, nuclear energy isn't that great. It's actually very expensive. Article about this from Veronique de Rugy

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This climate change is getting on my nerves. Not because of the findings, but because of the study of underlying causes. I have yet to see a comprehensive analysis that goes beyond CO2 and takes into account the entire system, including sun activity, distance to the us, earth axis changes, planet interaction, etc...

I checked the Berkley site and you can see there's nothing about that. Furthermore, the gathering of stats 250 years ago wasn't that great, hence the grey band b/c of the uncertainty. So that tells me we're dealing with a young science where the quality of data gathering is new.

Another thing I'd love to know that they're not showing on the site is where the temperature data is collected. I read somewhere that a lot of data was collected in urban areas. If that's the case, with increasing population in urban areas, it does make sense the temperature goes higher.

That doesn't mean we shouldn't be cautious but I don't think climate change / global warming should be the monopoly of climatology since climatology only studies climate.

Bob said...

Having been a union member many years ago, I must remind people that not all union members are stupid.

The way to destroy Obama in Ohio, and pretty much anywhere else, is to keep up the message that you will have less and less of your paycheck for groceries, gasoline, and school books under a Democrat President.

You have to go with what brought you. "It's the economy, stupid."

Bob said...

Ducky said, "There are issues around burning coal and the shift is to natural gas"

So, what are those issues? Are you worried about carbon dioxide emissions? Don't you know that natural gas combustion leaves the same stuff, except it is a lower quantity.

The climate facts are that the risk is overblown. Here in the USA, coal burning is very clean as compared to China and India. The biggest problem with burning coal is the soot and ash problem which in the US was solved decades ago.

So, what are you issues with coal?

Bob said...

FrogBurger said, "I checked the Berkley site and you can see there's nothing about that"

You are correct. The Berkely measures use pretty much the same crappy thermometer readings, but have applied their own adjustments. Note that everybody applies adjustments to the temp readings, and therein lie many of the problems. NOAA is still adjusting the 1960, etc temps for no apparent reason. They are making the past look colder, and they adjust current readings up to look warmer.

Even at that, none of the surface scales show much warming. As a matter of fact, the warming they show is within the statistical margins of error, especially the rigged NASA GISS product.

Anonymous said...

Bob, after perusing the site more, I saw the temperatures are more around cities. I checked France and only the major cities are covered. So that answered my concern.

Ducky's here said...

Geez mustang, it's called creative destruction .

Your precious capitalism can't survive without it.

You sound like a 50's union guy.

Anonymous said...

"Moreover, Obama leads in the race for Ohio women..."

Here it is the 21st century and some women..many...still vote on emotion, looks, charm and sex appeal. ( Kennedy, Kerry, Clinton, Obama )

Guess these Ohioan fuzz brains...don't care if their men are out of work and can't put food on the table?

Anonymous said...


Imp, you're right about women, but not only Ohioan women.

I think this convention will show women what they don't know about Romney. Imagine that some women think Republicans are against birth control? I mean, you can't make this stuff UP! What are women THINKING?
By the way, isn't HE better looking than CLINTON~!? or OBAMA? I think so. He's certainly attractive. Clean cut, tall, etc.

He's worked hard but he's turned profits, which CNN is treating like a disease in their coverage of him. It always kind of makes me laugh when they do that "But he made a big profit" as if they're saying "But he spread thyphus amongst the workers!"

As Romney said to Gloria Borgers, "that's the POINT of business...to make profits so they can grow, and the great offshoot of that is JOBS" something the left's totally lost sight of in their hopes of doing people with good values in. Finally shutting out those who understand that a large number of big government jobs are fatal to any society, and always have been.

Anonymous said...

"something the left's totally lost sight of in their hopes of doing people with good values in...."

I'm assuming that since the 'One' gutted workfare / welfare July 12....he'll have himself a captive appreciative throng of dedicated parasites...that gov't will provide...so why work?

We're getting more 'Greek' everyday.

Lisa said...

Did anyone catch what on Stewart said? "I don't want a president I can have a beer with,I want one who is a designated driver"

I know I was shocked too.

Friend of a friend was driving and saw a Bumper Sticker that said"That Obama sticker on your car might as well say "I'm a dumbass" Good one huh?

Ducky's here said...

How did he gut workfare?

He gave states the opportunity to opt out of Federal requirements if they presented alternative plans.
See if someone has a better idea. I figured you 10tm amendment freaks would be thrilled.

Amazing how misinformed the right wing can be. Really stunning.

Lisa said...

Hmm Now it's ok for states to enforce federal law?

All that is saying is the Federal Government will keep the checks coming. If they want to give out the checks then they are the ones who should have the requirements so basically what they are saying is that the federal governmnet doesn't require you to look for work but we will still provide the checks. The end result will still be the same.
That's how the Party of Santa Claus works.

Anonymous said...


What's "really stunning", Ducky, is your nerve. Misinformed? you have no problem with the whole country being misinformed through leftwing media obfuscation and lies but you find the Right 'misinformed'on this point because they don't go along with Obama and you...and that doesn't bother you?

LISA: more good statements and bumper stickers; I think, SOMEHOW, through all the leftwing love fest, people are waking up. They're seeing a real adult in Romney, an amazing budget expert in Ryan, warm, loving wives and tons of kids and grandchildren whose futures the Republicans are fighting for...

The film 2016 is on fire, too....oops; talk about 'fire', there are reports that people are pulling the fire alarms in theater's where it's being shown because the leftwingers don't want the facts out there. Odd no Conservatives did that to Michael Moore for any of his bloviating lying films.
But, then we don't wish people dead, we don't celebrate over the dead like the Left did over Tony Snow and Breitbart, and ...well, come to think of it, maybe people are seeing that, too!?

Mustang said...

Once again, Ducky is full of duckshit …

Obama issued a memo during the first week of August indicating that it would issue waivers to the work requirement for participants in the TANF program. In other words, for Ducky’s benefit, in exchange for enrolling even more people on Welfare, Obama will grant a narrowly defined waiver to Clinton’s bi-partisan Welfare Reform Law. Never mind that it seeks to bribe voters in advance of the November election.

Ducky is so dishonest he even makes his idol Stalin cringe.

Chuck said...

My gut is that Oiho is not as close as it looks.

-Most polls out right now are weighted too much to Democrats making them irrelevant

-The black vote will be lighter than last election due to dissapointment in Obama

-Ryan will draw Catholics while Obama is pissing them off.

-ACORN is toast so the Dems cannot count on cheating this time

I think this is becoming Romney's to lose.

Leticia said...

I wasn't aware of this information, and I thank you for sharing it! Pretty cool.

Liberalmann said...

If he does win Ohio, as usual it will been done not only by the lies from the GOP but voter disenfranchisement.

The election boards of Republican-dominated counties had extended their early voting hours in October to evenings and weekends while Democratic counties had had their efforts to extend early voting blocked.


Sam Huntington said...

The election boards of Republican-dominated counties had extended their early voting hours in October to evenings and weekends while Democratic counties had had their efforts to extend early voting blocked.

Being full of crap must be an affliction common among progressive communist scum ...

Ed Bonderenka said...

I live in Michigan, but work in Toledo.
I remember the day our plant shut down because the anointed one spoke at Chrysler (a major customer) and THEY shut down, so we had to.
He was speaking about jobs....
It wasn't lost on us.
The blacks are almost all Obama, but not all. I have a conservative young black friend in IT.
A lot of others are ignorant, but we are informing them, and they are listening.

Louis H. said...

Those of my own race who vote for Obama because he is black embarrass me. There are many stupod raison to vote for Obama, such as letting other peple pay for your free stuff but this does not speek well for the intelligence of any Americans, especialie the black ones.

Ducky's here said...

Well mustang you be the judge

Seems closer to my conception than yours or Imps.
And we know how impulsive you get if you think the government is giving "your" money to "you know who".

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice how often duckfart mocks the constitution?

If you're a supporter of the second amendment...you're a gun nut. If you believe in the 1st...you're a liar and a loudmouth. If you believe in the 10th...you're a freak. Pretty telling to me what's going on in his diseased foie gras.

Wonder who shoves this crap down your gullet muscovy?

Mustang said...

Are you attempting to change the narrative again, Duck-wad? You can talk about the Romney ad if you wish, but I was talking about the reality of Obama’s action to suspend the work requirement for welfare entitlement; the reality is exactly as I wrote, above. Unlike you, I don’t rely on Google to produce a canned “fact check” provided by a known Obama enabler. Whether CNN is a known Obama enabler seems validated by the fact that CNN has not criticized Obama one time in the last four years. We are not interested in CNN or any other liberal media bias. If you are too lazy or incompetent to do your own research, here’s an idea: STFU. Honestly, a demitasse would sit on your head like a sombrero.

By the way, Workfare is incredibly popular among the American people. They think it is reasonable. Obama now seeks to encourage states to “be creative” in finding ways to circumvent the federal law. Typically with progressives, it all depends on what your definition of “work” is … which might even include attending spousal abuse therapy classes. You damn progressives make me sick to my stomach.

Anonymous said...
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Ducky's here said...

No Imp, most gun loons don't understand the history of militias in America, their failure and their relation to the 2nd Amendment.

What you mean is that I don't agree with you. I haven't been given any reason to consider that a serious concern.

Ducky's here said...

mustang, I'm not changing a thing.

The meme that Obama is taking down workfare is a Republican talking point propagated by the usual suspects, Faux News, Romney, The Vulgar Pig Boy. You know the crew.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"most gun loons don't understand the history of militias..."

There you go again...warmed over road kill...it's how you disparage those who support our constitution and laws...and I don't agree with you on anything.

Just after this post you do it again ( "Faux News, Romney, The Vulgar Pig Boy"....you freakin' wackos can't control your hate of anyone that disagrees with your ilk.

If I did...I'd check myself in to your mental ward or surrender to DWS or Code Stink. And suffer their insufferable bromides and lies.

And as a Vet...I think I know lot's about our 'militia" and military history. My family has a proud record of service to this country.

Now like Mustang advises...STFU.

DaBlade said...

The November 2nd vote will go overwhelmingly to obama, peace be unto him.

Ed Bonderenka said...

But the Novemeber 6th to Romney, victory be to him.

Anonymous said...

Z at work:

I'm at work late and can't watch the convention, which means I'll be up late watching reruns...and work long hours again tomorrow.


Meanwhile, I'm reading how Obama's encouraging people to get food stamps..."it's HERE, COME AND GET IT"....one in SEVEN AMERICANS is on them now.
Please, Ducky...prove that wrong. I'd be beholden.
You must be thrilled. Pretty soon, we can all put our Mao jackets on, kick all the goodness of self reliance and personal integrity out after 250 years, and get $3000 a month. From China.
you must be SO PROUD.

Chuck said...

If he does win Ohio, as usual it will been done not only by the lies from the GOP but voter disenfranchisement.

You forgot racism Libidiot.

How can you call yourself a respectable liberal if you do not use race when speaking about a vote against Obama.

Pay more attention next time.

Liberalism is intolerable but I will not stand for sloppiness.

beamish said...
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beamish said...

Don't know about Ohio but here in Missouri you've got to sweep away piles of hen's teeth to find a Romney supporter.

beamish said...

...at least, if such a thing as a Romney-suporting Missourian actually exists, they're staying well hidden.

Anonymous said...


It's hard to believe or understand that the 'Show Me' state is actually satisfied with thew Ones bullshit and zero accomplishments? Has he poisoned the water there?

Or have they succumbed to so much PC that if they dare to speak out any longer...they'll get "Tingles" attention and branded....a Racccccciss?

beamish said...

It's hard to believe or understand that the 'Show Me' state is actually satisfied with thew Ones bullshit and zero accomplishments? Has he poisoned the water there?

For the most part it's "Romney? Why? We already have a leftist in the White House."

beamish said...

Romney-Ryan-Rove's campaign to re-elect Claire McAsshole probably isn't helping among conservatives here either.

Anonymous said...


Ducky's here said...

My my, this is interesting

Anonymous said...

If I were at home, I could go from article to my blog effortlessly, but I have this rotten idiotic system that makes me have to get out of this page to see msnbc. So, i'm posting this which I just read first:

"The party states that "the unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life which cannot be infringed." It opposes using public revenues to promote or perform abortion or to fund organizations that perform or advocate abortions. It says the party will not fund or subsidize health care that includes abortion coverage.

Jan said...

I'm not sure about other Ohioans, but the ones we are mainly associated with are not Obama fans.

I'm pretty sure that a lot of the people on our street voted for him last time, but I don't know about this time.

It seems that people are less, and less, willing to talk about him, at all.

We haven't met a single doctor who thinks Obamacare is a good thing, and just the other day, one told us that he had no doubt that it was going to lead to a two-tier system, with many doctors going to a 'concierge practice.'

He said that he would have to hire extra help, just to take care of the paperwork, and that most doctors would have to hire nurse practitioners to help handle the extra load of patients.

He said that the ones who run to the ER for everything, would be forced into being seen at the doctor's office, because an office call costs much less than an ER visit.

He said that is one thing that will be the deciding factor of a cocierge practice for many doctors.

I think that issue, alone, will be what causes some who voted for O last time, to think twice about voting for him, again.

Personally, I am feeling more, and more confident that Mitt Romney will take Ohio.

Anonymous said...


Okay...I can't even FIND the article I saw that in now but want to record the fact that the media's saying THE GOP PLATFORM WANTS TO BAN ABORTION.

Does it sound like that to you in the words in the comment above? Of course not...nothing new.
Why should ANY citizen pay for someone else's abortion, anyway?
Have one, what the heck do WE care, really? That's between you and your god...but to misinform like the media does just to twist the truth and turn voters off.

Typical damned leftwing media.

Anonymous said...

I live in Missouri and I really like Romney. Maybe some people don't, but Iknow a lot of people who do.
I don't know who Beamish is but he sure doesn't talk for me or my friends.

Liberalmann said...

If he does win Ohio, as usual it will been done not only by the lies from the GOP but voter disenfranchisement.

The election boards of Republican-dominated counties had extended their early voting hours in October to evenings and weekends while Democratic counties had had their efforts to extend early voting blocked.

Ducky's here said...

z, that plank has been in the platform for some time.

It's nothing but raw meat for the base. Not going anywhere and they don't want it to.

beamish said...


When 52 of Missouri's 114 counties have more registered voters than people old enough to vote and / or still alive in them and the Carnahan dynasty having full control over doing anything about it (remember Obama squashed the Bush administration's federal order to clean up the rolls here on his FIRST DAY in office), does it really even matter? The Teapublican Party has written off Missouri.

beamish said...

Don't forget that most of the county sheriffs in Missouri were "Obama Truth Squad" members. They'll be transporting the votes to wherever Ms. Carnahan counts them.

beamish said...

God bless the internet

Z said...

Beamish, is your blog open? Please take your stuff there. Thanks.
WE GET IT. YOu don't like Romney and we're ALL STINKING LEFTISTS...WE GET THAT. OKay? thanks.
We're just realistic enough to know that this is the competition now.

Ducky...you missed the point again and I was really quite clear. The lie is that they're trying to STOP ALL ABORTIONS. That's not the case. it's paying for them. Again, another lie the media propagates ...

beamish said...

Damn Z, you're awful sore about Donald Trump's convention speech getting cancelled.

Anonymous said...

...could i have understood you wrong, Z (i hope that's the case)? Abortion is a sin in the eyes of God and i can think of no valid reason to allow it. Even in case of rape punish the rapist, why punish an innocent life?

Texan Conservative.

Z said...

Beamish, I don't know anything about Trump, but I emailed a friend last night who asked me about who I thought the surprise speaker that it was probably Trump and I hoped not...is that the case? Or was it?
However, he says more sensible things lately than a lot of people have.
I'm not sore at anything and don't see where you got the impression. I'm just finding your rants sillier and sillier...

Texas Conservative..I do care but I'm realistic enough to know women will always get abortions, legal or not...and that it IS between them and their god. and I don't want to have hard earned money of mine paying for killing their baby.
And yes, I'm one of the few who believes that, if abortion is killing innocent life, then how do some condone killing a child of rape or incest? It completely ruins the whole argument against abortion. One doesn't say "It's an innocent life, you can't kill it UNLESS the conception was violent or perverted."

Flannery said...

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