Thursday, August 23, 2012

I went to a drive-in today

I was hungrier than usual this morning, hadn't had breakfast, and was doing an errand for work, when I found my car turning unexplainably, into a JACK IN THE BOX drive through!   Yes, it did, ALL by itself, honest! Then I thought "What's the least unhealthy thing here?"  And, seeing nothing close to healthy on the board, and deciding I was too hungry to give a damn anyway, I ordered a SAUSAGE EGG CROISSANT.   I haven't had one in years.  It was worth it because it was utterly delicious...but for a better reason..............

The maroon SUV in front of my car got his bag and drove away, and I took my bag that popped out of the window attached to a little Hispanic girl, and the girl said "it's paid for..." and pointed to the car which had left.  I said "What?  WHY?"  and she just shook her head, smiled, and pulled her head back into her Jack in the Box turtle shell. 

A complete stranger paid for my breakfast.  I think we should all do that.  It gave my day a lift.



Robert Sinclair said...

You can believe it wasn't Mayor Bloomberg!

Z said... worries; I didn't order a 32 oz Coke with the croissant!

By the way, do you have a blog? I don't quite understand the gist of the words where I click on your name..??

Ducky's here said...

Did you follow his car?

Ed Bonderenka said...

A radio host (Robin Sullivan) on the christian station in town (WMUZ) has been promoting something she calls the "drive through blessing" for a year now.
People doing what you just got.

Anonymous said...

That's nice. Must've been a person who was very happy today. Maybe she/he won the jackpot.
Or Mr. Z spirit was around you b/c he knew it was a long time since you had a breakfast croissant.

Kid said...

That's nice. I wonder if they recognized you. Next time I go through a drive through, I'm going to do the same for the care behind. Sounds like fun.

I actually take a Jimmy Dean sausage, egg and cheese croissant in for breakfast everyday. Pretty good but follow the instructions to the letter.

I buy them myself though.

Z said...

Ed.....That's terrific. It's such a simple thing to little croissant was something like $2.69? but it gave me a thousand dollars worth of gratitude and more.
The anonymity of it is the best part, isn't it...more delicious than the croissant (almost:-)

FB...Maybe it was Mr. Z....that's a nice thought!

Z said...

Kid, I'll bet those are good!
You know, I have to admit, it suddenly occurred to me that my neighbor across the street drives a maroon SUV and, tonight when I got home, I saw his car parked on the street and went to look at the license plate because I'd been slightly disappointed when I realized it might have been him...but it wasn't :-)
Not that he's not a good guy but I loved the idea of someone doing it completely anonymously...and he obviously wanted it that way, too, right!?

christian soldier said...

completely forgot about Jack in the Box and the Croissant sandwiches- thanks for the reminder Z!!

good on the buyer in the SUV!!!

Black Sheep said...

Now that's neat. And the truly amazing thing about it is that I almost went to Burger King today. Except I didn't, of course, I had lunch at a cafe with a friend, but otherwise, wow, hey, what a coinkydink! ;-)

Lisa said...

Z were you having a good hair day?
That was so nice of him/her. It was a "him" yes?

Since we are exchanging good things I saw a Lexus SUV with stickers on it
Don't Tread on Me
Repeal Obamacare
Of course I couldn't wait to pull up next to him and give him a beep and a thumbs up up but we were in construction and by the time I was able he was watching the road and didn't see me but I am sure the ones behind me saw my support.

Z said...

CS and Black SHeep...I have to admit it was utterly delicious ! All that buttery croissant, spicy sausage, gooey egg and cheese.
Man, if I keep talking like this, I'll go tomorrow!

Black Sheep, I swear I LOVE Burger King; we had one very nearby but it closed and I was sad; nothing nearby anymore.

Is Carl's Jr a national chain? I like that, too...but Burger King is better.

Lisa....I was giving the thumbs up the other day to a driver in front of me but don't think he noticed...he had a bumper sticker that said something like "Just because you think a guy's cool doesn't mean he can run a country!" :-)

Lisa said...

I like that one z!

Lisa said...

We don't have Jack in The Box near me anymore. We used to have 2 in NY.

California has 930 wow. I found this

Z said...

Lisa, do you have Carl's Junior?

Kid said...

Z, I don't know about Cali, but I buy the Jimmy Dean's for less than a buck at Sam's Club..
If you have a microwave at work...

I'm gonna make it a to do to go through a drive through and do that. Really sounds like fun.

Anonymous said...

I am afraid of trying Jack in the Box. Mrs FrogBurger says it's bad.

Carl's Jr Megaloaded omelet biscuit is yummy!!

Brooke said...

That is soooo cool, Z! I bet it tasted even better because of the kindness, too!

FreeThinke said...

HI, Z!

A lovely story!

What you experienced at Jack in the Box has been called A Random Act of Kindness.

I first heard of this quite a few years ago in connection with paying someone else's toll at a toll booth.

As far as I know, the term "Random Acts of Kindness" was invented by OPRAH WINFREY, and I first heard of this on her show, which I have never been in the habit of watching.

She did a whole show on it one day -- probably ten years ago. I liked it.

Since then I have (occasionally!) paid the balance on someone's grocery bill in the checkout line at the supermarket when they've been short a few bucks, and have also paid for someone else's dinner at a restaurant when they'd already eaten, and found their credit card wouldn't work when they got to the cash register.

It doesn't have to involve money. Sometimes, just going out of your way a little bit to say something complimentary about someone's child or pet when you're out and about gives everyone involved a lift.

My own peculiar brand of Christianity has often taken me in that direction. I do think we need to encourage each other and spread as much good cheer and comfort as we can in our daily walk.

Being kind and considerate has never hurt anyone, and it just might help make the world a better place.

~ FT

Z said...

Freethinke..everyone's "brand" of Christianity includes being kind!
I've made up the grocery bill for some people, too, when they've been a couple of bucks short, etc. Feels good, doesn't it!

FB...I'm sorry Mrs. FB doesn't like it..I DO! But, as I said, I haven't been through a Jack in the Box in maybe 3 years or something.!! I don't eat that much junk food, I have to admit. But I LOVE JUNK FOOD...absolutely LOVE IT!!

Brooke, it absolutely tasted better! :-)

cube said...

What a nice thing to do. It does my heart good to see that there are those in the world that still believe in spreading good.

Lisa said...

No Carl Jr's Z,none east of Texas

Anonymous said...

I love good tasting junk too, Z :)

Chips, spicy cheetos, fries, double cheese burgers.

I am actually fascinated by food innovation and packaging.

Lisa said...

FT- that is funny you mentioned the Toll Booth thing. When I was dating my husband we went to NYC for a joy ride and could no find our way out for the life of us. At a light we asked a lady who had other women with her obviously after a night out and they said they were going to the Midtown tunnel which we needed to go through and to follow them. When we went to pay the toll booth guy said that she already paid for us.

I guess she saw us as her own kids.

Anonymous said...

Told you you're cute...LOL!!

He definitely made use of his rear view mirror Z!!

Anonymous said...

Ummmmm..Ft might be right...Pay if forward Z...!!

Anonymous said...

Lisa...Carl's Jr is actually barbecued; it tastes right off the grill, but I have to admit I like it to taste more JUNK than that :-)
How nice that the lady paid for the toll!

FB...we need to go get a Philly Cheese at THE SHACK soon! Great burgers there, too.

IMP...I kind of hoped the guy might have thought I was attractive enough to pay $2.69 for !! But, I'm OLD now :-) I think he'd just watched Oprah or something!

You all remember SILVERLADY who used to comment here? She emailed me that she paid for some soldiers only the day before this thing happened to me. She asked the owner not to tell them till she was gone but he must have, the second she left, because one of them dashed to say thanks when she'd just got outside.

Paying for police or soldiers is a really nice idea if you see them at a coffee shop, etc.

Anonymous said...

That ANONYMOUS is Z from my office...sorry

Bob said...

Well, Z, you must have that movie star look. That was just a fan paying their respect by buying your breakfast.

Z said...

Bob, THOSE were the days!
But I DID have on my large sunglasses, DAHLING! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thoroughly enjoyed reading your post !! It was QUITE INTERESTING !!