Saturday, August 4, 2012

REALLY disturbing....

The truth is scary....................if only every American knew this.   And cared.  And wanted to get back to being Americans of self reliance and courage again.
Thanks, entitlement-makers, you did a really good job. And, brother are we dependent on the government, and brother, is this a bad economy.



Anonymous said...

Years ago I was listening to some family members, in their fifties, talking about retiring from General Motors when they turned fifty-eight. Their logic was that the difference in income between continuing to work and what their pension and Social Secwould give was only two or three hundred dollars a month. Their conclission: Why would we work full time for only two or three hubred dollars per month. I fear that welfare recipientss today make a similar determination.

I do, however, believe that the conservative movement will when in tend. It will be a bumpy and at times painful road, but we will prevail. I have to believe that. Two of my five great grandchildren start school this Fall and I want to believe that the America we grew up in will be there for them when they reach adulthood.

Mustang said...

FANTASTIC information, Z. I'm going to forward it to everyone I know. About three people, actually. I hope everyone watching this today will do the same.

T.N.B.C. said...

Thanks, I'm reposting this at T.N.B.C....

Right Truth said...

Too many people don't care, that's part of the problem. The uninformed masses, yet they vote.

Right Truth

Robert Sinclair said...

My 67-year old neighbor has been a union man all his life, and not surprisingly, a Democrat. He recently moved his wife (aged 74) into a nursing because she suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. Not long after that, he replaced the wife/homemaker with his 54-year-old girl friend who works at McDonalds. Then filed claims with Medicaid to supplement nursing facility costs, but state welfare advised him that his wife’s retirement and their savings disqualified them from receiving Medicaid. What did he do? He emptied out his savings by paying off the house. Now he qualifies for state welfare. By the way, the wife’s retirement adds up to about $4,000 a month; the nursing facility costs about $3,000 a month. He is even asking the VA for a veteran’s benefit. He served in the Army for three years, not in combat.

I don’t suggest all Democrats are like this, but still … it reinforces what this man is saying. If we all look around carefully enough, we can easily observe the fraud, which has become rampant. And he’s right about another thing, too: the largest patronage of the welfare state is unwed mothers, who haven’t a clue, and the elderly —who, after a lifetime of living high on the hog, suddenly think we owe them something.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...


Fredd said...

Back in the day, people would be ashamed to have to accept welfare in any form when they were down and out.

Now, the stigma of being a poor lower class sponge has largely been removed by society at large (I still look down on these sponges, by I am in the vast minority).

We'll see if things start swinging in the other direction under the Romney administration.

Silverfiddle said...

The Progressive Plan is almost complete.

Z said...

thanks, everybody, this information really should be shared with a LOT of people.

Robert, that's a very troubling story and one, I'm sure, that's repeated all over this country. There are people with no character, that's for sure; and we are supporting them.
You're right about the unwed mothers...they'll be raising a whole generation of welfare kids.

I hope all of you read Star Parker's Aubotiography, the black woman who was a welfare queen until she suddenly realized what she was doing to epiphany I wish MORE kids would get! SHe's trying to help them, but she's one woman.

Woodsterman... I think if EVERYBODY had to pay SOMETHING, they might think twice of milking the system? Or is that just the better-valued Republican in me? :-)

Fredd, I hope there's still a pendulum there at all... I think it's stuck on stupid, the LEFT.

SF...then what? you've got kids!

Always On Watch said...

Doesn't surprise me at all.

And, overall, I agree with the video.


As for 60% of long-term elder care being paid for by the government, one cannot qualify for Medicaid without having exhausted one's assets. What shall we do with these elderly folks? I'm not being snarky at all. Believe me, long-term elder care is a serious issue -- and getting more and more serious. One year in a nursing home -- the worst one, BTW -- often runs at least $9000/month for room and board only (Amounts doesn't include feedings and other essential services). A "good" nursing home is about $20,000/month. Assisted living is very expensive, too, but I don't have those figures at hand. How long would YOUR assets last were you totally disabled?

Medicare does not pay for long-term care, BTW.

Sorry if I sound like a liberal, but I've struggled with this issue on a personal level.

Z said...

AOW, when the assets are gone (and I don't believe that they can force you to sell your home), then what?
Government assistance does kick in again, no?

I agree; Conservatives understand the plight...but the Left paints it as if we'd kill a grandmother with no money. And, if we try to offer solutions, we get "See? they're liberals after all"

It's a tough one.

The COST of the care is outrageous compared to Europe, THAT I DO KNOW. SO what drives it up? Their workers live good lives on their salaries, their medical care is pretty good...why? And I believe their "Altesheims" charge VERY little if you've got very little.

FreeThinke said...

It is, indeed, frightening, but not at all surprising. The handwriting has been on the wall for a good long time.

The majority either can't read -- or don't want to accept -- the message.

It's time once again to take a look at the Scottish economist Alexander Tyler's famous cycle. (Just google his name.)

Tyler really does "say it all."

We keep blaming "liberalism," but it's really our own deeply flawed human nature that's at fault. History proves that "The Lesson We Learn from History is that We Learn Nothing from History."

We just happen to have come along at a time when our particular civilization is petering out.

Terrible, of course, but isn't that just what life really is -- a terrible thing that also happens to be wonderful -- at times?

It is very hard to be optimistic these days. The post-war euphoria we were experiencing, when I first became conscious, didn't last very long. I shall always be grateful I experienced it, however. Nice memories.

We can take some comfort in the knowledge that nothing -- either good or bad -- lasts forever.

"Change," after all, "is the only constant."

~ FreeThinke

Sam Huntington said...

Beamish provided this link at SF blog. It is worth a few moments of your time to check it out. It explains a lot about how we ever ended up with idiots running the country.

Always On Watch said...

In some states, Medicaid can force you to sell your home, particularly if the deed is joint. Or so I've heard, anyway.

In my case, I and I alone own this home. From what I understand, Virginia could indeed take it as payment for Medicaid. Maybe I'd have to die first, though (This statement is predicated upon Mr. AOW's recent health crisis, of course).

Once on Medicaid, the health insurance company is off the hook as one cannot afford to pay the premiums.

What Medicaid CAN do in the state of Virginia is take all the other assets of BOTH members of a married couple. And I do mean ALL other assets, too -- right down to the jewelry on your fingers. If I understand correctly, Virginia can take all but $2000 of the joint assets -- no matter the origin of those assets.

Things may be different in California.

But forget all that personal information for a minute. My main point is that obtaining Medicaid cannot be done by snapping one's fingers. There ARE requirements.

And one more thing....Social Security Disability Income is taxable if one is married and the healthy partner earns a pittance. I found that out to my chagrin when Mr. AOW got SSDI. We got slammed with a helluva tax bill, and our taxable income was $10,000. I kid you not! The tax man doesn't care what your bills are: property taxes, real estate insurance, utility bills, other normal living expenses, etc.

Always On Watch said...
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Always On Watch said...

Lest one think that Medicare is a free ride for us "old geezers," now that Mr. AOW is getting PT and OT again, the monthly bill for those therapy sessions will be running $640-$960 every month for the duration. Those amounts are the copays for the therapy sessions. We anticipate at least two months of this particular hell, which, we hope, will give us some coping techniques that should have been shared with us long ago.

In my view, neither the Right nor the Left has a full grasp of how awful the situation is. Live long enough, and each of us will be slammed by the coming tsunami!

Z said...

THanks, Sam...someone sent me that today in an email and I sent it to Kurt!

AOW, thanks for that information.
And yes, we will ALL be faced with the tsunami of very expensive old age.
No, no side has the answer; but the real answer is bringing the COSTS DOWN.
Europe can do it and does it without much subsidization.

Kid said...

1 in 3? Geez. Yes, it's the culture now. Personal responsibility? What's that?

Liberalmann said...

More total and absurd bullshit by haters think others are getting more than they at their expense when they are a whole lot closer to these people than the corporate few who own it all and want them to hate their fellow American-while they screw them.

Wake up, lemmings. And by the way, this video is sponsored by a Karl Rove associated PAC. Pure evil.

Z said... should actually watch it and learn something.

We don't dismiss anything without giving it consideration.
Rove is an excellent're just too full of what you've been told to stay awake.

Kid? 1 in 3...what am I missing? :-)

Kid said...

Z, 1 in 3 is the video starting at the 1:10 mark. That has to be the highest number in modern America. I'd bet in 1960, it would be more like 1 in 100,000.

Z said...

oh, right, kid! I'm sorry...that's right. how bad can it get?