Friday, August 17, 2012

Sticks n' Stones.......

Calling Mr. Romney's economic plans Romney Hood was dim because everyone likes Robin Hood, so Romney Hood sounds kind of like a compliment. Now and then the foes of a candidate accidentally do him a good turn. The Soviets thought they were disparaging Margaret Thatcher when they called her the Iron Lady. She was cold, wouldn't bend, couldn't compromise. The British heard the epithet and thought: "Exactly! And exactly what we need!" An admiring nickname meant as an insult was born. Mr. Romney should go with it, lay out how he'll save taxpayers from the predators of the liberal left and call that Romney Hood.” —Peggy Noonan

I could not agree more. I would be so proud of Mitt Romney if he concluded his next political campaign ad with, “My name is Romney Hood, and I approved this message.”

—Mustang Sends

Z agrees.......Robin Hood is a beloved figure and Romney does want to get liberal government hands (King Richard's enemies) out of the pockets of the middle class (Sherwood Forest dwellers).........!  My gosh, if one more liberal characterizes Romney's tax plans as MAKING THE RICH RICHER and STEALING FROM THE MIDDLE CLASS, we're going to have to start schools for listening comprehension or something!   I'm Z, and I approve Mustang's message! :-)



Always On Watch said...


Joe said...

President BO (the child president) has demonstrated that he has never read Robin Hood. If he has, he never understood what it said. Proving that he is as smart as his college records would prove he is...that is to say: not so much.

CnC said...

The stakes have never been higher, and the rhetoric on the left has never been more inane.

The Debonair Dudes World said...

Lets Not Let Them Get The Joe Biden "Chains" Story Off The Headlines!

It's much too HOT of a story to drop from the headlines.

Anonymous said...

Robin Hood was more against tyranny than the rich perse. If people understood that, I would agree that the name could be made a plus. Otherwise, the name can do Romney harm.

Anonymous said...

In the meantime Biden’s ‘good friend,’ donor receives $20M federal loan to open foreign luxury car dealership in Ukraine

Mustang said...

Right FB ... there's simply no such thing as "too much corruption" in the party of Stalin.

Anonymous said...

Right Mustang.

They are fighting for the 99%.

What a bunch of phonies.

So sick of it.

Z said...

AOW...I heard Obama's about to empty some oil reserves....just in time for the election; something the R's have been trying for for a long time.

Silverfiddle said...

I thought that was funny too. Romney should embrace the Romneyhood label and tell us yes, he wants to slap King John's greedy hand!

Lisa said...

Well I believe smart Americans are getting who Obama really is now. Although many of us already knew who he was (or wasn't) before the 2008 election.
The more he speaks in "preacher" mode the more of a turnoff he is.

Anonymous said...


SF..THAT's it, "King John!" I couldn't remember Claude Raines' name :)

I own the old Errol Flynn Robin Hood and I'd seen it probably 30 times before buying it, as a kid, and do you know I STILL get weepy when King Richard removes his outergarmets and reveals who he is and Errol says "SIRE!" And everyone bows? I'm such a wuss for that kind of thing when the guy's a good guy.

Also, somewhere in a scene in the grassy rolling hills, there's apparently an old Ford truck that the camera caught... I've always tried to find it but never have been able to spy the truck that certainly doesn't fit in the Sherwood Forest of yore!
Bugs me that I can't find it.

Anonymous said...

Better being a "Ronmey-hood" then a Chicago hood.

Hoping one day to see Holder in an orange jump suit and bunk with Rod Blagojevich!

Lisa said...

'Better being a "Ronmey-hood" then a Chicago hood.'

lol Good One Imp!!!

Anonymous said...

To Z's readers: I will visit the Normandy beaches in late October. First time. A very special trip for me.

If you have family members or friends who were buried there, let me know and I'll go pay tribute to them.

That's for everybody, including Ducky :)

Anonymous said...

FROM Z (at work):

FrogBurger, that is a beautiful offer; thanks so much.

Perhaps I'll do a BLOG POST on that....we can ask there so more people see it. Remind me...and thanks.

You will find it so beautiful.

I have to admit the German cemetery was very moving, too...only 20 min or so away.

"Here lie German soldiers, many of whom did not pick the cause or the fight" Amen to that.

And I think it's notable that the FRENCH GAVE THE GERMANS THAT CEMETERY...moved French soldiers and left it over to them..

viburnum said...

I seem to recall Robin was all about ending tyranny and restoring rightful government.

Not a bad platform these days.

Anonymous said...

LISA~ (from Z at work...still :-)

Do you remember the post nobody appreciated (BOO HOO!! :-)...when I first heard ROMNEY HOOD pejoratively the other night from Obama and quickly posted a large pic of Romney with ROMNEY under it and a large pic of Obama with HOOD under it!

I thought it worked pretty darn well (nobody else did, and YOU always appreciate me...which I appreciate!)

ALl of you others; Consider yourselves chastized !! (Smile)


Liberalmann said...

Paul Ryan admits to Brit Hume the other day that he hasn't crunched the numbers on his budget.

Romney's plan will substantially increase the deficit and taxes on the middle class.

Romany/Obama Tax Calculator:

Mustang said...

Thanks, Littleman ...

Barack Obama dot com ...


Jack Whyte said...

Oh really, retard? My taxes went up since Barack Obama, and I’m on a fixed income. Stuff your Barack Obama propaganda where the sun doesn’t shine.

Craig said...

Calling Mr. Romney's economic plans Romney Hood was dim because everyone likes Robin Hood,

Here's the quote,

“It’s like Robin Hood in reverse,” he (Obama) said. “It’s Romney Hood.”

Kinda lame but he's calling Mittens the antithesis of Robin Hood. Who's dim?

Robert Sinclair said...

Debonair Dude is right. We have to keep harping on the fact that Barack Obama and Little Joey Biden are trying to put Robin Hood in chains again.


Louis H. said...

Who's dim?

Anyone who voted for Barack Obama.

Anonymous said...

I have yet to see a leftist president that doesn't hammer the middle class.

Don't be fooled. To them middle class is the lower class.

When the rich can't cover all the deficits, the only people left are the middle class, which becomes tinier and tinier.

That's what happened to France.

And aside from taxes, constant government intervention and stupid policies have made life a lot less affordable in France and Europe.

So LibTurd and Craig, you're fools. Two countries in my lifetime that are going to the crapper. I'm sick of it.

Anonymous said...

HEre's what statism and socialism mostly did to the averange net income in France. Check what happens after 1976 when unemployment insurance became an entire administration really lauching the French welfare state under Giscard (center right) and then decades of socialism under Mitterrand.


Fascinating, uh?

This one for unemployment

That's how the statists and the left took care of the middle class.

I want to scream to the idiots like Ducky, Craig and LibTurd who think the left protects the middle class.

And I want to slap the liars, power hungry jerks like Obama.

Mustang said...

Elitist socialist hierarchy sees the world in two dimensions: themselves, and everyone else. We can see this in Barack Obama’s arrogance. Notice how freely he spends other people’s money. Now look at the culture of corruption that no permeates our government. This gift of idiotic voters just keeps on giving. If anyone thinks they are better off now than they were in 2008, they are morons beyond recovery and useless to a free society. I believe that most progressives/communists have damaged brains; just as Joe Biden, they are beyond having a clue.

Mustang said...

Socialists offer an interesting enigma. On the one hand, they scream about the collective “we.” But have you ever noticed that the pro-communist unions are always whining about THEIR pay, THEIR benefits, and THEIR wealth —to hell with everyone else? Never mind that unions have corrupted Wisconsin government with the effect of screwing non-union taxpayers. Never mind that elitist socialists feel as they are entitled to taxpayer money, even to the extent of stealing it, misappropriating it … and do not expect anyone to demand accountability, much less actually become accountable. FB is right … we are in a deep spiral in this country. I hope we can turn this around in November. It may be our last chance.

Sam Huntington said...

I wonder if we should put FB in a room with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz so that they can iron out their differences. FB gets to take a hammer along.

Anonymous said...

This woman must be the worst. I'd come with all those diagrams and I'd explain her why eventually there's less income to work with as far as getting tax revenue. That income growth or lack thereof is pretty easy to comprehend.

What those douchebags don't get is that rich people always find a way to stay rich while others struggle. So yes the gap increases. But it's not because of the free market, especially in a heavily regulated economy such as France.

So yes I think I'd need a mental hammer to make my point across with those idiots.

Or maybe use the foie gras technique. After all Debbie does look like a goose.

Anonymous said...

@ Lisa...

I'm glad you approved...even if I did fudge Mitt's name...I'm used to typing on my IPhone I guess!

Z said...

Craig, who's dim? LIsa's right.
When I hear you libs demean Romney for not wanting to screw the rich TOTALLY (considering they already pay the HUGE preponderance of taxes and so many do NOT pay any tax at all), all I can to is wonder what lies you're buying.

Let's talk about Medicare, too, and see who's REALLY screwing Medicare. Want to get into that? Who's taken money out of Medicare for Obamacare? HIM.

Who wants to close loopholes and try to get everyone who has the blessing to vote to pay SOMETHING in taxes, as ALL SHOULD? Romney.

Do you REALLY think Romney's out to help the rich and screw the poor?
What drugs do you do?

Anonymous said...
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Ed Bonderenka said...

"I STILL get weepy when King Richard".
I'm not ashamed..

Frogburger: Thanks for the offer, but Dad and my friend Nate came back.
(Nate survived Pearl and Normandy!)

Anonymous said...


Then give them both a big "thank you" from me.

Lisa said...

I thought it worked pretty darn well (nobody else did, and YOU always appreciate me...which I appreciate!)

Well shucks Z!!I appreciate you plenty.

So IMP I guess it's safe to say we are correct when we call it a "cult mentality" or just a plain old mental disease. It is very shameful.

Lisa said...

FB that is cool of you to ask.My dad came back as well-after 2 years.
He passed away in 1981. I loved to listen to him speak French. He was always able to speak Italian because he was. All 6'4" of him.

Z said...

FrogBurger said...
Ed, Then give them both a big "thank you" from me."

FrogBurger (I almost typed your real name, oops!)...what a great thing to say. And you're born in France.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,

You had a great dad then. I admire people who fought there.

I wasn't born in France, Z. I was born very close to where Obama's father came from :)

Anonymous said...

Did you see this funny commercial

Z said...

FB, not that the Left would care about what we say, but that video, as great as it is, seems like just another nod to the Left to GET RID OF BIDEN ON THIS TICKET.

Palin, the idiot's, said this...that horrible worm McCain's said this..

OR is it the Republican plan to keep saying it SO OBAMA WON'T DO IT? THe LAST thing Obama wants is "The Republicans (like me, let's face it, here at this blog, along with a few others) advised us to get rid of Biden so we're doing it!"

Are the Republicans smart enough that this is reverse psychology. NO, absolutely not...not our leadership (except Romney and RYan and a very few others) ya think?