Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Irrational Left

This country may be teetering on the edge of insanity. The news contains almost nothing that makes any sense. Here are a few examples:

Joe Biden, representing the political party that wrote Jim Crow laws, violated the civil rights of millions of black Americans, participated in the lynching of blacks throughout the south, and who refused to hire them in the north, is telling his audiences that the Republican Party wants to put black Americans “back in chains.” Yes, that’s right … the same political party that took this country to war in the first place to free the slaves; the party of Lincoln.

And then you have Debbie Wasserman-Schultz telling her audiences that if they vote to elect Romney to the presidency, Ryan will tear through convalescent homes like a tornado, denying seniors of their medical care entitlements.

Another leftist is suggesting that one solution to the Tea Party movement is, “… we take these sons of bitches out and [shoot’em].”

It never stops. According to the Daily Caller, MSNBC co-host TourĂ© proved he was unhinged when he accused Mitt Romney of “niggerization,” whatever the heck that means.

And then you have the Huffington Post proclaiming the Family Research Center, which supports normal heterosexual behavior, a hate group —this pronouncement following an incident where Floyd Corkins walked into the Family Research Center and shot their security guard in the arm. Okay, so wait a minute. The FRC is minding its own business, is attacked by a volunteer from a community center for sexual deviants, and FRC is a hate group? Are they stupid?

—Mustang Sends


Always On Watch said...

It took CNN almost three hours to report on the shooting at the FRC. Three hours!

Early on, all the media knew the self-declared motive of Floyd Corkins: "I don't like your politics." Some stations were reporting that aspect right away -- our local media here in the D.C. area. But CNN? Nope.

Did you hear Floyd Corkins' mother defending him? Something like "He has a real problem with people not treating other people right." I deem that a justification.

Floyd Corkins, age 28 (details I have gleaned here from the local news):

1. master's degree in Education and Human Development from George Mason University, which also has a loud LGBTQ community on campus. In fact, the student speaker at this year's GMU graduation blabbed on and on about the LGBTQ community at GMU.

2. no visible means of support

3. liberal activist here in the D.C. area

And please note THIS:

WASHINGTON (AP) - The head of a second Christian conservative organization said Friday she was told by authorities that a note containing her group's contact information was found in the pocket of a man charged with opening fire at the Washington offices of another such group, wounding a security guard.

Traditional Values Coalition President Andrea Lafferty said FBI agents visited her group's Capitol Hill offices hours after the Wednesday morning shooting as part of their investigation. The next day, she said, members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force came by and confirmed that "our information was in his pocket," including the location of the group's offices....

Index to WTOP's articles about Floyd Corkins

The Debonair Dudes World said...

Rush Limbaugh once said that when the Liberals/Democrats/Progressive’s panic they get even more stupid. For liberals to get “More Stupid” is kind of difficult to do, but it seems as if it’s true. Sometimes I do wonder if it is possible for liberals to be any more stupid and pathetically inept and out of touch with reality then they are already. Paul Ryan's got a great big problem with progressivism, they are scared shit of him!

Ed Bonderenka said...

Stupid is as stupid does.
But deranged is as as deranged does also.
I pointed out the Biden/Chains, democrats/slavery issue (in the way you just did) on Bill Bennett the other day.
He thanked me for "reminding us" of the historical connection.
It looks like you and I are the only ones making the connection.

Anonymous said...

I think "irrational left" is a tautology.

Joe said...

"Are they stupid?"


Rita said...

I'm not watching that video. That beast makes my stomach turn.

Sam Huntington said...

After reading comments at AOW’s latest post, the light bulb came on. Biden, Pelosi, and Kerry are all prone to gaffs … and two of those people are famous for receiving Botox treatments on a regular basis. Some now believe that Botox migrates to the brain. If this is true, then this penchant for the inane tenets of progressivism could be the result using designer drugs.

Z said...

ALways...AH, the LEFT. A note for other places to attack, huh? How horrifying for Americans with traditional values to have to be on guard or die.
Of course, the leftist will say "that's one NUT"......and it sure is.
However, when it's a Conservative, it's "you REPUBLICANS.."
One JERK kills an abortion doctor, we're all made to feel like we killed him, etc etc

typical. AOW, thanks for all that info.

DUDE, I think they ARE scared of him. ANd I think the "MEAN MACHINE" had it all set to attack Rubio and this threw them off.

ED...I just watched some women on MSNBC, Melissa Harris Parry or something like that? She showed that awful "suddenly Southern accent" of Biden's (it isn't just 'y'll' and I wish people'd remind America of that) smacked her forehead and said "Did he REALLY say that?"

I thought 'WOW, an msnbc commenter with discernment and truth?"

But, no...she continued with "he makes gaffes, but you have to love him for his PASSION, his EXPERIENCE.."
unbelievable.'s the BOTOX :-) that's funny!

THanks, everybody!

FreeThinke said...

Not to promote disharmony in the ranks, but if we are to be honest and not disingenuous we must remember that the Republican party of Lincoln's day was the upstart agent of radical reform, busybody interventionism, and the "revolutionary" advocate for "social change," but since the beginnings of the Progressive Era -- the very early twentieth-century -- the roles of the two parties became dramatically reversed.

That's not opinion; that's fact.

This does not mean, however, that Republicans now want to put Negroes back in chains. It is the Democrats who do everything possible to keep them in metaphorical chains.

The campaign rhetoric grows more grotesque irrational and stridently absurd every day.

By the way, there always was a world of difference between old line Democrats and DIXIEcrats.

Somewhere in the seventies the Dixiecrats finally woke up to reality, jumped ship and became Republicans.

SO, labels mean nothing, because they change their meaning all the time to suit the convenience and understated purposes of the politicians involved.

~ FreeThinke

FreeThinke said...

As I've been saying for years, both John "Did-you-know-I-served-in-Vietnam?" Kerry and Nancy Pelousy would best be described as BOTOXIOUS.

Or maybe BOTOXIC.

How about both? };-)>

~ FreeThinke

Ed Bonderenka said...

"busybody interventionism"?
Abolishing slavery?
I guess Normandy was needless intervention in European affairs.

Mark Adams said...

The Toure' comment has set a new precedent of low down, bottom of the barrel, political banter.

All the while saying the Republican party is "the all white" party. Hmmm wonder what Allan West thinks of that comment?

Elmers Brother said...

Switching sides, don't think so.

Z said...

Elbro, I'm reading STAR PARKER's book "pimps, whores and welfare.." I can't remember the rest of it.

It's fabulous..a Black woman speaking like Whittle does.
I can't imagine how angry she is about the Biden statement.

I just wish she could get out and get heard more...she's working hard,and she's very well know, has a great Board behind her...but WHERE IS SHE!?

Elmers Brother said...

the myth of Republican racism

So right Z

Elmers Brother said...


Brooke said...

Z: If you want to see a scraping of the barrel of idiocy, check out the blind craziness on my most recent blog post.

Pris said...

I think the left likes the fight more than anything. They can become like spoiled children in a sandbox, saying whatever they want and get away with it!
What's more, they don't know the meaning of the words, discipline or civility.

Btw, isn't botox made out of a derivative from snake venom? How appropriate!

viburnum said...

Pris: "Btw, isn't botox made out of a derivative from snake venom?"

No, it's a bacterial toxin produced by an organism that causes food poisoning

viburnum said...

Pris: "Btw, isn't botox made out of a derivative from snake venom?"

No, it's a bacterial toxin produced by an organism that causes food poisoning

Anonymous said...

Can I say..."let's get the sons of bitches"?

It's only an innocuous, innocent progressive battle cry...right?

Kind of like...."Ya'll will be put back into chains". Thanks're always so eloquent and always, quotable.

Always On Watch said...

Sam referred to my post today: "Joe Biden's Brain: Confabulating Joe."

Now, my intention in my post is NOT to make excuses for Biden (and others). However, right now I'm in the midst of rereading Huxley's Brave New World. Soma! Yep, a designer drug.

Always On Watch said...

Biden promoting race warfare? I find that believable. Division makes for advantage to them -- or so the Dems think.

Always On Watch said...

Of course, the leftist will say "that's one NUT"......and it sure is.
However, when it's a Conservative, it's "you REPUBLICANS.."
One JERK kills an abortion doctor, we're all made to feel like we killed him, etc etc


I am so sick of the double standard to the point of nearly puking.

The Left has demonized Right ideology based on the actions of a few nutjobs. Well, turn about is fair play. It's going to come back to bite the Left in the a$$.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

Hi Z. How are you? Hope you have been well.

I'm sort of back, I think life has quietened down a bit but not entirely so. Hope to do a bit more blogging in the coming weeks.

Regarding your post, expect the cat calls and shrill screams of pending catastrophe from the left to reach heights never before seen.

They're desperate enough to do anything to get obama reelected. He hasn't quite ruined the country completely.

Kid said...

This sure sounds to me like the dems are over-reaching. Playing their cards a bit too soon. Jumping the shark.

Putting all their eggs in the loser-moron basket.

As it were.

Did y'all notice michele is out with a radio add calling for All losers and morons (confused people and htos not paying attention) to come out and vote for the imbecile.

It is very telling that she isn't making an appeal to intelligent people based on the imbecile's stellar record for accomplishment in the his time as POTUS, let alone his time on Earth.

You get that Duck? You get that Beamish? Your Commander thinks that the only people who are likely to support his worthless ass are losers and morons. Get in line?

Kid said...

PS - Lol ;-)

Kid said...

PMS, Yes, like shooting dead fish in a barrel this exercise is.

PMSS - I sure wish I would spell And type.

Leticia said...

AOW, it over a day for Obama to send his condolences, when Romney called within minutes after hearing about the shooting. Glad you added these comments.

FRC is not a hate group, in fact, probably would have welcomed the shooter (which I refuse to say his name) and spoken with him.

The hate is from the intolerant Left, they are the ones we see in videos cussing, throwing things and defecating on police cars, not the Right.

Yet, the conservatives and Christians are the ones who are the hate groups.

This is insane.

Liberalmann said...

Unemployment is at 8.2% and Obama's answer is to ask Romney for his tax records

Mustang said...

Unemployment is a lot higher than 8.2%.

It's only at 8.2% if you agree to allow the government to establish the narrative.

Real unemployment is closer to 20% ... but in the words of Barack Obama, "So?"

Mustang said...

@ Kid

You have me laughing.

Anonymous said...

"I’m rather quaint about the American Presidency. I regard the Office is worthy of respect ’til it hurts.


When do we get to say the President is lying? Not misspeaking. Not misunderstood. Not tired… but L-Y-I-N-G?

Because damned if I think we haven’t crossed that line a while ago. Quite a while ago. I mean… What’s coming out of the mouth of the Commander-in-Chief is no mere quantification of “what is, is” or splitting hairs, pubic or otherwise, over some pedestrian misdeed of the philandering or fiscal variety.

We’re hearing full-on, full-monty, bold-faced, easily fact-checked & rebutted, all-out, shameless, jaw-droppingly audacious LIES.

I love my Republican form of government. I love that we don’t have murals of our leaders all over our buildings.

We take great pains to separate the man from the Office and revere the Office to a fault – like I said, until it hurts.

That Oval provides a kind of force-field of good will around whomever occupies it; buys them the benefit of several dozen doubts… but this guy. This guy’s killin’ me. I mean… it’s no joke no mo’: How do we know Obama’s lying? His lips are moving. I’m as serious as a heart-attack here.

And I hate saying it. I hate saying my President is a liar. L-I-A-R. Like… WAY more than usual. In a WHOLE NEW CLASS of lying Presidents.

The kind of lying that leads one to believe… nothing anymore. Ever. Again. Leaving even the most devoted acolyte no choice but to… vote his lying ass out of Office in the vain hope that the next President will just be an ordinary liar.

That I can live with.

Give me lies about semen-stained blue dresses & expensive china again… Those were good days, huh?

We just didn’t know it, then."

Z said...

Imp; I felt the same way for a while...that the office was so hallowed that I shouldn't say our president lies, etc.
But now? I HAVE SO LITTLE RESPECT FOR THIS CREEP that I've finally taken my gloves off.

Yes, I HAVE criticized him since when he was running, but I DID NOT call him LIAR and I did NOT insult him otherwise very badly.

When he grows up to love this country and treat Americans with respect, I'll change my tune..Right?
Thanks for that piece..

Kid, that made me laugh, too!

Leticia, it IS insane. By the way, a friend of mine knows Tony Perkins from the FRC quite well and says he's a fantastic man...very loving, very bright.
What happened there barely got mentioned in the media, but a lot of people are taking notice.

AOW...I just hope we can win this election...for our country!

beamish said...

Somewhere in the seventies the Dixiecrats finally woke up to reality, jumped ship and became Republicans.

Bullshit. Strom Thurmond, Jesse Helms, and who else? That's right. Nobody else. Two politicians were the entirety of Dixiecrats?

No. The overwhelming majority of Dixiecrats remained loyal Democrats and shaped today's modern racist Democratic Party. Bill Clinton's mentor Senator Fulbright? Dixiecrat / Democrat 'til the day he died. Al Gore Sr.? Dixiecrat and Democrat until he died. Bull Connor? Died a Democrat. Robert Byrd? Died a Democrat. Jimmy Carter? Still a Democrat.

Now I won't deny that the Republican Party hasn't shifted leftwards towards Democratville, particularly with the influx of Medicare entitlement junkies from Hillary Clinton's Tea Party movement, but there is nothing in common (yet) between the Republican Party and the Democrat Party's inner factions.

Anonymous said...

@Z...yes ....I stumbled upon it when I some how got steered to the NYT...

A comment written by a not so fond of O_liar, blogger, had a link to the blog that I added at the bottom of the comment. It was very interesting and...written by another courageous woman....from New England!

I was also surprised to see that there were many comments on that NYT piece that were immensely critical of the 'One' and weren't censored or scrubbed too!

Miracle of miracles.

beamish said...

You get that Beamish? Your Commander thinks that the only people who are likely to support his worthless ass are losers and morons. Get in line?

Why? Because Mitt Romney allegedly flip-flopped to oppose National Romneycare?

No, my vote is worth too much to waste on Mitt. I'l probably stay home unless the Tea Party goes BACK HOME to the Democratic Party when Hillary Clinton replaces Biden on the ticket.

Pris said...

"No, it's a bacterial toxin produced by an organism that causes food poisoning"

Ok viburnum, I was wrong. Thanks for the info.

Z said...

I was just thinking how proud I am to be a Republican when I watch that video with this post...boy

Pris said...

Beamish, I'm surprised you haven't come out all the way for Obama.

By now it's obvious you have a generation gap problem.
I think Obama and far left feel as you do. After all, in their line of thinking, we older folks are no longer useful.

Btw, your vote isn't worth anymore than anyone else's. So stay home and don't vote. Frankly, I don't give a damn whether you vote or not!

Oh, btw, the tea party with whom I am a member, are not going away, so eat your heart out Mr. Johnny one note.

I'm done!

beamish said...


By now it's obvious you have a generation gap problem.

No, I don't have a problem with your age. That Baby Boomers are, almost to an individual, all non-productive, fiscally irresponsible detriments to society rapidly approaching becoming too old to work and pull their own weight at least once before they die if just only to show they can would seem that the problem with age is theirs, not mine.

But, you'd rather scream "Granny killer" at me alongside your fellow Communists for balking at your idea that your lazy, freeloader generation is "entitled" to anything other than and short of viscerally-felt contempt.

I think Obama and far left feel as you do. After all, in their line of thinking, we older folks are no longer useful.

Sure you're "useful" to the left, be it Obama or Romney. Both of them want to save your Ponzi scheme with my money.

beamish said...

After all, you "paid" exponentially lower payroll taxes all your lives so that on average a Baby Boomer will recieve "entitlements" well beyond the first two years of their retirements they "paid all their life" for, courtesy of higher taxes on my generation.

If anyone has a generational hatred, it's you lazy pieces of shit holding your hand out to the children and grandchildren you've bequeathed a $16 Trillion national debt to.

beamish said...

As for "coming all the way out for Obama," although it is readily apparent by any measure that Obama is significantly to the right of Romney on just about any issue you can name or think of, Obama remains too far left for my tastes.

I'm exploring either Gary Johnson, writing my own name in, or staying home. As much as Obama needs to go, replacing him with a Republican at this point seems counter-productive.