Tuesday, August 7, 2012

White House Press Corps hypocrites

So, the economy's falling apart, the Middle East isn't calm,  Iran's a hotbed, Syria's in flames, Europe's falling apart, our unemployment has gone up, the GDP stinks, ........wouldn't you THINK the White House Press Corps MIGHT have a question for THE PRESIDENT?  I would............but...........

WH Press Corps Goes Seven Weeks Without a Question

by Keith Koffler on August 6, 2012, 9:28 am
President Obama has not taken a serious question from the White House press corps in nearly seven weeks, a remarkable string that points to a campaign-style White House operation that is seeking to insulate the candidate from tough cross examination.
The last substantive question Obama took from a White House reporter was during a June 20 press conference following the G20 Summit in Los Cabos, Mexico. Obama allowed only six questions during the event, which was nearly guaranteed to keep him out of political hot water as the focus was on foreign policy.
Since then, Obama has held no press conferences, given no interviews to White House reporters, and taken no questions at the White House events he has held where reporters have been present.
After a July 26 Cabinet meeting, Obama actually laughed off the prospect of taking a serious question about gun laws.
From the White House transcript:
Q    Mr. President, can you tell us, if what the Colorado shooter did was entirely legal, how do you do more on this subject without any new laws?
THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you very much.  I’m sure we’ll have more opportunity to talk about this.
Q    This afternoon is fine.  I’m available.
THE PRESIDENT:  Thanks.  I’ll ask Jay for your number.  (Laughter.)
During his recent trip to Europe and Israel, Mitt Romney’s failure to take many questions from the frustrated reporters traveling with him sparked an uproar in Washington, even though Romney did in fact hold a press availability during the trip.
Obama’s silencing of the White House press corps has drawn no similar protest.
To the contrary, Daily Caller White House reporter Neil Munro was derided by his colleagues when he interrupted Obama’s remarks in the Rose Garden June 15 to try to ask about immigration. Munro said he thought Obama had finished.
It turns out that was one of the last questions any White House reporter has asked the president.
Obama has done some interviews with local TV reporters during the interim. But, though they occasionally yield some news, these sessions tend to be easy home runs for the president. Obama is facing reporters less versed in national issues and politics than the White House press corps. And they are more likely to be intimidated by the trappings of the White House, where they suddenly find themselves sitting down with the president of the United States.
Obama and Michelle also swatted away mainly softballs during a July 12 interview with “CBS The Morning” anchor Charlie Rose.
Obama did get one feeble question from what appeared to be a White House reporter during his June 29 tour of the fire damage in Colorado Springs. Obama was quizzed, “What do you think when you see just this stuff right here?”

Z:  Do you think news people on the left have any shame?  Has it been so long since journalism teachers had the dignity and honor to teach "Why?  What? Where?  Why? and When?" instead of "Protect a liberal at all costs?" that the journalists don't even RECOGNIZE what they're doing?   

These are some of THE toughest times in America........and we see Solyndra, and bad GDP, and more going into debt, and horrid unemployment, etc etc..........and.........."how are you, Mr. President, GEE, I'm excited to be here....how cool are YOU, man?"

WOW.  One cringes at the thought of a Republican president getting this kind of KINGLY TREATMENT and what the leftwing media'd say THEN.



Anonymous said...

Hypocrites? By all means, Hypocrites be they name!

Harry Reid wants to see more of Mitt Romney's past income-tax filings. Debbie Wasserman Schultz wants to see 23 years of his taxes. This, from the die-hard supporters of a candidate who will not release his college transcripts or so much more. I want to know how Barack Obama got into Columbia University for undergraduate school.
We learned that Bush, a "C" student with a 77 average, had scored one point higher than Kerry, who graduated with a 76 GPA. Bush got a "D" in astronomy, while Kerry scored four "D" grades as a freshman. That year alone, Kerry scored 68 in each of two history courses and a 69 in political science. Indeed, the media could compare them. I want to know Barack Obama's grades! And I want to know them NOW before the election!
I want to see his application. I want to know who funded his college education.
Did he seek extra consideration, as did Elizabeth Warren in applying for her academic opportunities, by claiming to be a member of a demographic group favored by affirmative action?
Mitt Romney has complied with the law. If the Democrats want to argue that "tradition" implies that presidential candidates should release more tax returns, then tradition also teaches that presidential candidates should release school transcripts.
To slander and defame an American who is a candidate for the Presidency is shameless. Something we already know very well about these lying SOB’s called Liberals, Progressives, Communist Slime balls.

Silverfiddle said...

Since the Messiah ascended to the throne, the name "White House Press Corps" signifies that it is owned by the White House.

The attack dogs who pursued those evil Bushies are now docile lap dogs for Obama.

Anonymous said...

Show us his education records to prove that he was not here on a foreign exchange student program, and then, maybe Romney might show his tax records!

Put up or Shut up!

Anonymous said...

We no longer have journalist. We have propagandist bought and paid for by friends of Obama. They are a disgrace.

Z said...

Darth, imagine an AMerican media not interested in pursuing that kind of information? Just PURSUE it...prove it's WRONG, right?
By the way, even the NYTimes and Huff Post are publishing SOME things about Obama that I'm surprised about..
for example, I just commented at SF's that Obama made a deal with big Pharma that if they supported his health program, he'd make it hard for Canadian drugs to be bought here, making it harder for us. Who's heard about that? Or, if it's read in the Times or Huff...why does it just 'go away'? that's pretty damning information for a guy who says he's for the little guy!

SF...I was tempted to type White House Press Corps(e)...like Obama pronounced Marine Corps, remember? !

MCT: You mean the same Debbie with offshore investments who's pounding ROmney for having them, too? :-)
They're now saying his grandmother paid for his education. (really? Columbia and HARVARD?!$$$$)
Gad, don't you hate a president who can only get a D in astronomy? ...the media'd NEVER compare that to Kerry, right?

Obama...I think he wrote ONE article for the Law Review as EDITOR ...how'd he become EDITOR?
ANd, by the way, who the heck would publish two books by a virtual UNKNOWN? autobiographies by a guy whose only smidgen of interest to ANYONE is his being biracial and struggling with it. REALLY?

Z said...

COF...you are SO right.
I never EVER thought this could happen in AMerica.
And then the lefties have the NERVE to insult Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly, Weekly Std, etc., for trying to represent 2 viewpoints and telling the truth about things the leftwing media won't tell America.

Hannity's program on Obama's broken promises was astonishing....

I love how FOX ALWAYS has 2 sides represented...
And I URGE folks to watch five minutes of Maddow on msnbc; she's becoming UNHINGED in her 'information' and how she slants it. UNHINGED.

Mustang said...

Reid and Wasserman-Idiot have become Obama's attack dogs. It's the old "deflect attention away from dear leader" ploy.

Darth has it right. Show US Obama's foreign exchange student records from Columbia and Harvard, and we'll ask Romney to show you his tax records.

Lisa said...

If there were any question about a Republican's legality the media would be on it like white on rice and the dems would have the president before a judge.
And the dumbed down public would be all for it,unlike they are now..

Anonymous said...

"White House Press Corps(e)"

It can be said that they are...without any rearrangement of the original letters...a corpse.

Dead to the American public.

Robert Sinclair said...

The press corps is much like the wife who knows her husband is fooling around. She will save herself a lot of grief by not asking why he never answers the phone at the office whenever he is working late. Ignorance is bliss.

If the press refuses to ask questions, they won't have to admit that they've been deluding themselves about Barack Hussein Obama— and they can award one another, kudos through the National Press Club, for their stellar work in covering the news.

Always On Watch said...

Arrogance and fear of a misstep preclude transparency.

Not that Obama had any intention of transparency in the first place.

Sam Huntington said...

Obama’s silencing of the White House Press Corps has drawn no similar protest.

I think you’re wrong about this. I have that information right here … uh, wait a minute. Oh, here it is … no, that isn’t it either. Well, I’m sure someone protested between now and January 2009.

Liberalmann said...

Wrong again:


Leticia said...

The day Obama became president all bets were off. It was his show and he was going to run it as he saw fit and made sure anyone serving under him were at his beck and call and follow him like lap dogs. That hasn't changed and has gotten worse.

The media is so blind to him or are so enamored of him, that he can never do wrong, he can even laugh at them and they find it comical.

I just read Silver's comment and it looks like we are the same wavelength.

Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

So tired about Obama and any other politician telling people to do some soul searching. Typical reaction of collectivists.

1/ People who commit crimes still are statistically a minority. Asking ME to do soul searching is making me part of the problem when I'm not. Unless you are a Marxist and tend to explain violence through economic matters.

2/ Collectivists and statists spend their time destroying 2 fundamentals of society: family and faith. If there was stronger family and stronger faith with moral values, maybe violence would be decreased.

3/ Mass murderers are sick human being. There's a difference between a guy planning and killing a large amount of people and a crime of passion or a robbery. So asking the nation to do soul searching after some genocidal maniacs kill people in WI and CO won't stop the next psychos.

4/ Politicians keep dividing us, and Obama is great at that, and they ask us to do some soul searching. I'm so tired of getting lectured by people in the beltway. I didn't hang out with Bill Ayers or any criminal in my entire life. I don't have Tony Rezko in my network. So piss off Obama and other politicians. Look at your life first the come back to us.

Brooke said...

It must be good to be 'da king!

Liberalmann said...

“He’s worried about not getting reelected,” said Elsas, who runs a preschool in the nation’s capital. “He’s worried about independents. I understand that. I’m worried too.”

But Obama has the ability to influence the way Americans think about the issue, she said, and the moment is right.

Thanks for the link Eddie. Obama (Mr. Principled) is only interested in getting reelected.

Mustang said...

Well said, Frog Burger

Z said...

Such good comments, thanks everybody...

the hypocrisy really never quits.

FB "soul searching" imagine?
Maybe HE should do some, he's done NOTHING to help black/black crime, he's done nothing but rile people up, start class warfare, gender warfare, a war on the faith of our country, etc etc...........man

Anonymous said...

And 5/ Shut the hell up when your administration gave so many weapons to criminals.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

"He's done nothing but rile people up, start class warfare, gender warfare, a war on the faith of our country..."

And...there is a solution to this maniac....this fake...this fraud...this fraud who won't allow a look into his past...a man who has defrauded America...scammed America and has restarted a race war that should have ended with his "coronation".

This most shuck & jive corner minstrel vying for corner space from Al Charlatan and Jesse, and Jerimiah...should have given us a clue. But we said...NO.....we want to prove....we're not what they accused us of.

This collectivist...this socialist...this fascist...this commie, red a$$wipe, this racist and his racist staff...who gets his briefings from a chicago whore....Valerie Jarret....and his armpit stressed wife who needs million dollar "escapes" on our dime.

We are now...thanks to this racist...in another civil war....race against race...black against white...poor against rich.

Z said...

Imp...what an awful scenario, but I'm not sure you're so wrong.

That guy's got SUCH a 'great smile'...so engaging, so 'sincere'......and people actually fall for it. Don't they HEAR how awfully insulting he is, how little dignity he has for the office of the presidency?

To call Romney Robin Hood but robbing from the poor? IS HE NUTS? Because Romney what he does, and it's all good, he's preferring the RICH?

Anonymous said...

Z..i.t is what it is.

A corrupt fraud...a misanthrope and a true...mirage.

We keep crawling towards that unattainable image. And that summarizes America...only connected to the false prophet....the speech and the total bullshit of this mans being. His TV image....his appeal to the ignorant assholes...that will re-elect him.

There's no doubt in my mind..that we'll have 4 more years of this asshole...

Be prepared for 4 more years of...poverty. Unless....you're illegal or a minority.