Wednesday, August 22, 2012

BRAZIL! Ms Z has made it across the Atlantic

Thanks for your prayers and well wishes....Ms Z (my stepdaughter) made it across the Atlantic from islands NW of Africa with one other sailor and a guest on board the 39' Alita! Obviously, I'm very relieved that they made it. The pictures below are just a couple of the highlights of the trip......she loves dolphins, so she's had a wonderful time as dolphins have danced around their boat the last several days...

I think she'll be commenting here but I did want you to know we're both grateful for your prayers! Beautiful pictures, huh?


Anonymous said...

Nice. I'm envious. I need European vacations again :)

Anonymous said...

Actually, before Ducky jumps on me like a shark, let me say I don't really miss having so much vacation time. I'd take prosperity and less time off vs low growth and nobody-is-working-in-August France.

Always On Watch said...

I had no idea that you are traveling.

Envy here. **sigh**

But I'm glad for you. You deserve a nice vacation, my friend.

Silverfiddle said...

Wonderful news! Quite an accomplishment for her.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Your stepdaughter crossed the Atlantic in a 39-foot boat??


Anonymous said...

No *she* didn't do it. It's the government. Because it made sure there was enough water and enough wind for her to cross the ocean.

Anonymous said...

And obviously without the roads and bridges, the boat would've never been built.

And she would've never been born either because we need roads and bridges for people to meet in the first place.

Thank god for government. We wouldn't have nice dolphin pictures without it.

Ducky's here said...

Man, I'm really in your head Froggy the Gremlin.

Don't taunt me, I'm pretty good at this.

Anonymous said...

No actually you're not.

I'm doing this so you don't look like an utter moron at the end. And an incompetent reader.

Anonymous said...

If you were that good, you'd answer by bringing up specifics, which you never do because you're just a coward.

Actually that's what it is. You're not stupid, but you're an intellectual coward. And I think it's worse.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding...great accomplishment for them.

Anonymous said...


FB...I need one, too, BELIEVE me!
I must admit that as much as I adored living in Paris those 4 years, August (tho everybody was gone but tourists so the traffic was less) is miserable...the best restaurants are closed, it's hot as HELL, etc...and almost nothing's AC'd!

AOW...I'm at work...MS Z is traveling for about a year.
But thanks xx

BZ, you bet!! She's an amazing sailor.

SF...thanks, she's thrilled.. But she did email that listing for days on end (cooking while you're leaning, sleeping while you're leaning, etc., stank!)'s flattering to think you're in FB's head but, really, we all cringe when you mischaracterize or presume things as you see them...for us.
And you ARE good at this, and I don't see that as a good point...I find it sad. Sorry, but...

-FJ said...

I guess she's officially a "Shellback" now, in addition to having achieved the Order of the Rock. :)

Mark Adams said...

NICE! Pics look outstanding, too!

Lisa said...

wow Z those are fabulous pictures So serene. Good for her pursuing her ambitions. Where to next?

Pris said...

Z, This is quite a post, and such great news.
Congratulations to Ms Z. She is indeed an adventuresome young woman, and is experiencing such beauty as those pictures portray. Wow!

More power to her, and may she and her friends remain safe.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Thanks for posting these.
It's nice to pray for someone and see some of the results.
Even if they fill you with envy ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello, this is MS Z. Thank you everyone for participating on my atlantic crossing and especially thanks for all your prayers! We sailed on a 49ft Alubat OVNI 455CC, very well equipped and with my friend being an excellent and experienced skipper. Him and me shared all the shifts (usually 4hrs each) watching out and setting/changing sails and courses or even sometimes turn the motor on because the wind was gone etc. Our guest enjoyed the journey, she was not a sailor before. We will be heading down the Brazilian and Argentinian coast this year, then through the Beagle canal, up part of the coast of Chile, over to the South Sea til New Zealand. Then we'll see.
But I had to learn that crossing the Atlantic was so hard on me, my body and my nerves like 2 months of tough project management!
Have a great day and time everyone and especially thanks to my wonderful stepmom Z to support my trip through all her worries and share it with you.
Ms Z

Leticia said...

This is great time to travel in Europe, it's normally cooler.

Envy here. :)

Rita said...

How nice. First the pictures and update and then a visit from Ms. Z herself. Most of us can only dream of a trip like this. Can't imagine how long it will take before the sea legs become land legs again.

Z said...

NEW ZEEEEEALAND?! How much can this "wonderful stepmom's" nerves TAKE? :-)

Isn't that a nice compliment? (thanks, MsZ xxx)

I'm so glad you all liked reading that she's arrived on solid land and that you enjoyed her pix...she's a terrific photog, too.
black/whites, also.

She takes lots of architectural shots for me (doors, windows, etc.) but not this trip!..not having seen ARCHITECTURE in 3 weeks!

Ugh. New Zealand? :-)

Kid said...

Great News !

Here is some music for the arrival?

Really glad she is safe and happy Z.
Thanks for the update.

Z said...

Imp, speakers aren't working since yesterday but I like that song!
I hope Ms Z listens to it

And yup, I checked the volume thing, go

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms Z,

You were on an OVNI? A UFO? OVNI in French means UFO.

Congratulations on this achievement!!

Kid said...


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