Thursday, August 2, 2012

Gabby Douglas...You ROCK, girl!

Yahoo calls her competitive spirit "Cold Blooded"....I'd say there isn't a less cold-blooded girl in sports!    She said "the glory goes up to God and the blessings flow down to me"   ....what a wonderful example she is.
Congratulations, Gabby..........We love you and are SO PROUD OF YOU!   Thanks for representing the USA so well!
your fans at GeeeZ!


Always On Watch said...

I've been watching Gabby's rise to the Olympic level.

She is something else on those uneven bars and in the floor exercises.

Always On Watch said...

BTW, she has been homeschooled since 3rd grade.

Always On Watch said...


namaste said...

i LOVED watching gabby perform, especially on those uneven parallel bars last night. she is ever composed and interviews like someone wise beyond her years, yet her child-like enthusiasm shines! her mom has done a wonderful job. GO USA! :)

Z said...

AOW, no WONDER she's still a girl of such strong faith! Nobody's indoctrinated her.

namaste, she just ROCKS. I agree with you, she does seem SO WISE BEYOND HER HEARS.......and that SMILE! What maturity, someone's raised her and trained her with such good input.
And yes, her mother! What a fabulous girl!

Bob said...

Gabby has a wonderful ability to focus on the job at hand. The Russians were more graceful, but Gabby has more talent. It was a great show.

Bob said...

By the way, I think Gabby favours Michelle Obama. POOR GIRL!

Anonymous said...

FROM Z from her office.

BOB....I think she looks nothing like her, isn't that weird?
I think she's adorable and FABULOUSLY mature for such a young girl in the limelight, don't you?

I was thinking that it would be good for our girls to study ballet,'re right..the grace of the Russian girls, their foot and arm positions, etc...can't be beat. We lose a lot by not having that..

Lisa said...

There's something about Olympians especially when they are so mature and graceful like Gabby that makes me so proud to have her represent the USA!
I get all sappy when I watch her perform.

Berry said...

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