Friday, August 10, 2012

Soptic AD: Obama advisors lied

"Obama campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki acknowledged Thursday that the campaign was no longer pleading ignorance about the story of a man who has appeared in both a Super PAC ad and a campaign ad."   HERE is the story.
"Stephanie Cutter knew Joe Soptic, and heard the entire story well before the Priorities USA ad debuted over the airways. It’s now obvious that she lied when trying to deny it this week. It’s highly likely that Robert Gibbs and other high level Obama campaign advisers knew Joe Soptic and his story very well. It is a violation of federal law for a campaign to coordinate with Super PACs. While it could be very difficult to prove that there was any direct coordination going on, at the very least it has now become obvious that the Obama campaign knew the specifics about Soptic, and that they lied about it repeatedly."  That's from THIS article.

Not only that, but Soptic was offered a BUYOUT FROM BAIN back in the day....

What's on your mind about all of this?
And do you think Obama's really sweating this or "No big deal...the American people won't hear the aftermath of that ad...but it sure did hit home with them, lie or not" (that's my quote, not his, Z)


Robert Sinclair said...

What has me scratching my head is that Joe Soptic has no hesitance appearing in a nationally televised ad as a lying POS.

We can understand how the likes of Gibbs, Psaki, and Cutter might conspire to engage in sleaze. This is who they are. But does Soptic have no shame at all?

Or is he simply a stupid idiot who allowed others to take advantage of his low IQ?

Ducky's here said...

Can't get much more trivial.

Myself, I'm more interested in the story (which Romney admits) of Mittens getting his Bain startup money from the friends of Roberto Daubuisson.

Of course the right probably considers these guys just swell folks.

Meanwhile, the Superpac story can't be much more trivial. Campaigns don't coordinate with Superpacs, it's illegal. Please, bore me later.

Z said...

Ducky "BORE YOU"? I know, lying may not be important to liberals, but we find it part of the character of a campaign/administration. I would have thought you could see that. Excuse me.

No, it's not "trivial" to have Obama thugs lying to the American public, which will probably never hear that it's a TOTAL LIE. By the way Septic's wife also had insurance from her own company.
As for Daubisson, I think SOros is far worse and we should all demand the information on the ties with him and Obama.

Love how you fight so hard for Obama, the guy you don't like :-)

Robert...Shame is a word leftists have erased from the AMerican lexicon; it's one of the reasons we're failing so badly on EVERY front, don't you think?
Septic? SCUM (Oh, I should do what the TV news people add to that "SCUM...but it's so sad his wife died.." As if I have to include that, but they feel they do)

Lisa said...

Of course this is dismissed by the left as "boring" or overreacting" because after all we are talking about the "Teflon" president.
But let's see what would have happened if Obama was accused of killing someone. You can hold your breath for 5 seconds on that.
Let's see how long before the dems
turn on this

Thersites said...

Can't get much more trivial....

Said the man demanding more or Mitt Romney's tax returns?

Anonymous said...

Now that makes the campaign interesting.

But let's be honest: don't you think ALL campaigns coordinate things with SuperPAC. Some are just smarter at not getting caught.

Obama is surrounded by not only dishonest people but also imbeciles. I don't know what's worse.

Anonymous said...

Ducky is the prototype of stupid leftists that I've seen in France.

They bitch when investors come in to save a company and have to change the business to avoid bankruptcy.

If the company goes bankrupt they bitch too because there's no money to save it.

Then they ask for the gov to step in. Then they bitch their benefits are not good enough.

Country goes to hell like Greece or France because of that kind of mindset. Then they bitch when austerity sets in.

If humans had been made of whiny babies like this, we wouldn't have made it past the cro-magnon stage.

Anonymous said...

And that is why Ducky and people like that want to work in the arts or gov. There's no accountability, no need for results.

One can critique all day long, feel superior and bitch against the ones that need to figure out things and are taking the risks. And the heat.

What an easy, cozy, lazy ass life.

Silverfiddle said...

Of course they knew about this. Hand and glove. And the same lefties moaning about the Supreme Court overturning unconstitutional election spending laws care nothing of the apparent lawbreaking that went on with this cooperation.

Anonymous said...

And then the same people think communism or democratic socialism is great because production is in the hand of the people and they do know how to manage factories, businesses because they've been critiquing for so long.

We all know what a wonderful life it's been in CCCP or GDR. Soptic's wife would've received all the healthcare he needed for sure.

Anonymous said...

I keep thinking that Soptic rhymes with septic. Very a propos.

Anonymous said...

At this point he could caught get caught doin' the nasty with Barney Frank in the Logan airport terminal...and these mutts would still think he walks on water.

Our Mitt is toast. Even though the "minorities" have been hardest hit thru this mans policies....they ain't gonna jump's all about color folks. And the fraud at the polls will shoo him in.

Does anyone think a serial liar like obama would admit he lies? He'll lie about lying.

Anonymous said...

That's why I decided to volunteer, Imp. I think we should all do it.

The minorities have been hurt the most in France since the 80s because of socialist policies. Yet they keep voting left. When you promise welfare checks, that's what happens.

The left is like drug dealers.

And I haven't seen any honest drug dealer yet.

Always On Watch said...

FYI -- Romney's new ad about this very matter.

Anonymous said...

Great ad. Made me want to open my wallet. That says a lot.

Z said...

AOW< thanks for the link.

I'd have addressed it a little differently, but at least they addressed it, and quite well.

I guess this is an actual campaign ad, because they don't say "This is Mitt Romney and I approve this message" at the end of SUPER PAC ads, obviously...right?

America CERTAINLY deserves better than this guy.

But, you know...most AMericans saw that AD and the Obama folks are at the WHite House right now chuckling about how "who cares? Nobody will learn that this is all a lie...the media's covering for us"

Bunkerville said...

It never ends, and I am crossing off one day at a time on the calendar until the election.

Ducky's here said...

They bitch when investors come in to save a company and have to change the business to avoid bankruptcy.


No Froggy the Gremlin they bitch when a man is lauded for his business acumen when he had to go to the promoters of a terrible mass slaughter to get hi seed money.

viburnum said...

Ducky: " I'm more interested in the story (which Romney admits) of Mittens getting his Bain startup money from the friends of Roberto Daubuisson."

You're pirouetting on your pinfeathers with that one Ducky. I read that story in Salon and it's largely supposition and innuendo.

viburnum said...

Sorry wrong link LOL

Z said...

Ducky; THE LIED.

(can we get a response? or does it feel better hiding?)

The Debonair Dudes World said...

C'mon folks, did anyone really expect anything different from this despicable vermin?

Obama has changed the rules, it's time that Romney and the rest of the party took off their gloves.

BTW, I also blogged on this today.

Anonymous said...

No Froggy the Gremlin they bitch when a man is lauded for his business acumen when he had to go to the promoters of a terrible mass slaughter to get hi seed money.

You basically answered my rant about your bitching. You see life with black and white.

It's easy for you to say this when you spend your life critiquing art and others.

By the way your sentence is poorly constructed. It's very hard to read it.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Soptic doesn't care because he won't be held to any standard. Leftists will dismiss it as politics as usual and it will go away. Repubs fire people and it becomes a real story. Dems lie and only come clean when caught. The MSM lets it slowly fade away. Example: Fast and Furious. This just pisses me off.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Law and Order. Let's go have a cigarette to relieve the stress :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

does it feel better hiding

You just summed up Ducky's personae.

Hiding behind a desk critiquing art and bloggers all day long (maybe more bloggers than art), waiting for discounts on baseball tickets, dreaming he was a major movie director or an MLB player, both successful figures of our capitalistic society he hates so much, because he can't be them.

FairWitness said...

Hi Z, my take on this is to blast Joe Soptic for being so damn useless that he couldn't get another job with benefits during the 6 years after his steel plant closed. Why is MITT ROMNEY responsible to take care of JOE SOPTIC'S wife? Mitt Romney had the responsibility to care for his own sick who had both breast cancer and MS.

When did so many Americans buy into the lie that politicians and our government owe it to them to provide everything they need? I'm sorry, but nobody owes anybody anything. In a free society it is up to you to make your own way. It is your duty and responsibility to not only take care of yourself, but to also have something left over to fund your government. Instead, these people are looking for our government to take care of them.

This thinking is totally screwed in the head!!!!

Mustang said...

Ducky said, "Meanwhile, the Superpac story can't be much more trivial."

We can understand why you think that, too. You are a wretched human being.

FairWitness said...

Will you have a look at this cartoon?

FreeThinke said...

All I can say about SOPTIK is that he is SEPTIC -- and should be flushed.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...


Hey...splain to me about that comment you made about me contacting BloomTurd for a free vibrator?

I didn't get that...OK?

Anonymous said...

10,000 Dead Virginia Voters registered

Maybe some states are wising up like Va, and FL? These "swing" states?

Anonymous said...

FreeThinke you stole my joke. Plagiarism! :)

Anonymous said...

"Hi Z, my take on this is to blast Joe Soptic for being so damn useless..."

Exactly FW...what a whiny, useless drek to even concede to participate in such a disingenuous POS over his wife's dead body.

He's a damn necrophiliac IMHO.

And a failure as a husband and a provider. Bet he sure like that check every week though from the masters of deceit and welfare.

Mustang said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
FairWitness said...

Really Imp! Why is he blaming Mitt Romney for him being such a loser POS???

Mustang said...

@ Imp

I was attempting to direct your attention to this article in the New York Post. I figured you’d be asking, as I was, “What the hell …?”

Anonymous said...

"I was attempting to direct your attention..."


Thanks friend....I wasn't sure...but I sure as hell was disgusted by that fact that these morons want to be free in their sexual deviations...but...WANT SOMEONE TO PAY FOR IT?

Mustang...BZ...but friend...we ARE...well FOOKED.

We're way too late to the "party".

ME? I've lost all my optimism.

Anonymous said...

"Really Imp! Why is he blaming Mitt Romney for him being such a loser POS???"

FW...cause he's a LOSER...because he's bitter and needs a scapegoat for his failures to provide for his family....a puke...a disgusting failure. I know damn well that this so called "man" ( I know your husbands service too ) hasn't ever given a day of his rotten life to his country. He's a wimp...a parasite...and your typical whiny Obama suck up to make up for his failures.

Liberalmann said...

The story still rings true. But every ad Romney has put out has been an outright lie.

viburnum said...

Lib-Mann: "The story still rings true."

Read the timeline. The guy is delusional.

Z said...

Law and Order...ALL that time spent by Isa and others trying to hold our gov't's feet to the fire for F&F and NOTHING. The thing is GONE.

Then did you hear Obama's said "nobody's holding anybody responsible at GOldman Sachs"

AND "None of the cases against OWS bums will be pursued"?

Have you heard all of those? Yup...all true.
Media is in on it.

Liberalman, get out of the WAY, adults are talking here and that is ABSOLUTELY BS. Damn, why do you humiliate yourself like this?
WE KNOW...anything that doesn't exalt your bum hero is A LIE. Try to be an adult.

FW...I see that you've seen the free vibrators thing...."Government to take care of them?" IMagine WOMEN LINING THE STREETS for their free vibrators? Think there's a Conservative in the whole bunch? I STRONGLY doubt it.
MY GOSH, one woman is quoted as saying "I'm 57 and I need free health care and a free vibrator".

But, of course, we have Sandra Flukes going around and talking about being single and insisting you and I pay for her birth control..$3000. She must have a gold plated IUD or something because I"m hearing pills are available for about $8 A MONTH.
Typical LEFTIST.

Z said...

viburnum....I once had a video where someone was admitting guilt and Libmann said "it's not true" so I don't have much hope for him to ever see any light !:=-)

Anonymous said...

I think it's unfair and therefore is against the leftist principle of material equality women can get free pills and I have to pay for my condoms.

Mustang said...

@FrogBurger ...

Yeah, unless you're Janet Napolitano, then you get free condoms too.

Mustang said...

@Z ... that's what prompted Rush Limbaugh to suppose Fluke is a slut. No one has that much sex unless they're in the business ... or, you're Liberalmann, but then it's with yourself.

Z said...

Frog...we know each other in person, I don't want to know that stuff!! (just kidding!!!)

Here's a story about THAT HATEFUL ROMNEY WHO LIKES PEOPLE TO SUFFER...of course, this was before he was running for president; he's like Bush, doesn't crow about his good deeds.

Z said...

MUSTANG!!!!!!! :-)
Ya...well.........just the thought of lining up. OH, my GOD!
women DEMANDING birth control be paid for by US, women DEMANDING vibrators.

That's the left for us......maybe it's good this stuff's coming out.
they can take ZERO responsibility for themselves.

Fluke's father must be SO PROUD.
And, you know...come to think of it, if he's a LIB, he probably truly is.
THAT's enough to turn my stomach.

Anonymous said...

Z, you know I was using a joke to make a point. I couldn't use the pill for men b/c I'm not sure it's that available yet.

Z said...

FB...yes, but I had to tease you! :-)

CnC said...

Obama murdered Brian Terry.
That statement is closer to fact then that lying assed Soptic is.