Wednesday, August 1, 2012

And they're OFF!

Hi, geeeeZ friends....Please pray for my stepdaughter (msZ) as she and two sailing mates take off from the islands NW of Africa to BRAZIL.   Yes, across the Atlantic Ocean........on their 49' sailing boat.  I'd give you the name but....  better not. 
Anyway, I'm obviously concerned for them though Ms Z's friend is a sailing instructor and Ms Z now has even more certification than her dad, which was a lot.   SO....I ask you to pray for their safety, for their health, and for lots of her favorite dolphins.........And pray that she feels her dear dad out on the ocean.  He'd have been so proud of her and so excited.  Thanks very much from him and me.



Rita said...

That's just a dream. Unbelievable.

DaBlade said...

Awesome! Fair winds and a following sea for Ms Z. Dad will be looking out. Thanks for sharing this, and please rest easy. I'll bet she is doing what she loves.

Z said...

Rita, not MY dream, but it's sure the dream of many!
They've been sailing around many islands recently, like Cape Verde, etc......and meeting couples who've been sailing for many years!
One couple just upped and bought a broken down bar on an island with 3000 people and very few tourists...and love it!?

DB..thanks! I like to think her dad will be looking out for her, too, and that she feels him in the winds pushing them on.
She ADORES sailing, you're right.

Elmers Brother said...

I'll be praying

Pris said...

Hi Z,
She has my prayers as well. I wish her smooth sailing and safe waters.

Yes, I believe Mr.Z will be watching over her, and with a smile for her adventurous nature, just like her Dad.

Bob said...

I used to want to do something like that. It sounds like a great adventure.

My prayers for the adventurers.

Anonymous said...

"One couple just upped and bought a broken down bar on an island with 3000 people and very few tourists...and love it!?"

Sounds very much like an old friend of mine who met the man of HER...HER dreams...and got on his sailboat ( He had many years experience as a Professional Charter Captain ) and along with another sailing couple headed out from Ft. Lauderdale to North Carolina. And from there to make the crossing to Europe in late August.

Well...along the way a tropical storm crossed their path and the trip was so terrifying that they made landfall in the Azores!

They stayed...bought a house for 15K...renovated it ( in house bathroom and toilet first!! ) and stayed there.

We met them in France back in 2002 and he had gotten rid of the sail boat for a motor yacht instead!

They motored down from Holland where he bought the new boat...on all the inland waterways, no more oceans for them!.

We met them in Dijon. And cruised the rivers in France for two weeks.

Never liked sailboats myself. Just like to get where I'm going sooner and faster I guess.

Kid said...

Fair Winds, Following Seas, lots of stars and dolphins Z.

I must admit, I'm not a fan of floating on that much water myself.

Anonymous said...

"I must admit, I'm not a fan of floating on that much water myself." said that in 14 words and it took me say the same thing..LOL

I hate sailing....But good luck to them.../sheepishly.

Silverfiddle said...

That is so cool!

Kid said...

Imp, Better lucky than schmart I always say. Tks.

Sam Huntington said...

I love sailing. Z ... can I have the boat when they're done with it?

What a wonderful adventure! It is a dream. Yes, I will pray for their safety.

Z said...

Thanks, everybody!

How wonderful to see the "what a dreams" and "not ME!"

I'm of the "NOT ME" crowd, believe me!

I'm a power boat person...Mr Z was all sailor! (sailing on the North Sea in high school is probably what gave him the malignant melanoma he almost died from 20 years before he did die from something else....I noticed it while we were swimming and mentioned it to my doctor who gave me the name of the best melanoma doc in the world...he worked with Dr. Mohs!...)

Anyway...she's her DAD..that's for SURE.

I swear I'd freak out halfway to Brazil and Africa.....yuck.

Imp, I have the same feeling...and once said to Mr. Z when we were sailing in Marina del Rey "Honey, there's a whale out there and if we were on a speed boat, we'd actually get to SEE it is, on this sail boat, he'll be gone!" true.

Sam, yes, you can have it :)

I love the water, but from a patio with a cocktail in my hand and umbrella overhead! "great view".......

beakerkin said...


You didn't tell them the tale of the greatest pirate to roam the modern Atlantic. Black Beamish sails under the black and white gasmask flag searching for acholol and floozies. He only resorts to violence when the boat
has light beer or wine sprizers.

The US Navy has never been able catch the great gasmasked pirate.

FreeThinke said...

What courage! What daring! What a great sense of adventure! What a marvelous zest for life!

I admire them, and wish I could have been more like them when I was young enough to think of doing such things.

My father read Thor Heyerdahl's Kon Tiki aloud to me when I was still a little boy. It is STILL the most thrilling adventure story I've ever experienced. (My Dad was great at reading aloud. So was my Mom.)

Those who can do, those who can't enjoy reading about it. ;-)

All the best to them, and may God be with them every moment of every day.

~ FreeThinke

Rita said...

Having lived in Land Locked Land my entire life, I can NEVER get enough time in, around and in the water. The best was a fast catamaran sailboat excursion we took. Sitting up front in the nets, splashing Caribbean waters in our faces heading toward St.John. I swear you could see clearly 50 feet down.

I can't imagine just deciding to sail off into the sunset.

Meanwhile, we are now experiencing "Exceptional Drought", something that hadn't been seen around here before.

May the Good Lord watch over them.

Lisa said...

that is amazing. I wish them well and smooth sailing and may the sun be in their face wind stay at their backs.
I envy them mainly because I don't think it is someting I would attempt.

Anonymous said...

"may the sun be in their face.."

Lisa..if the sun is always in their face they're going the wrong way...LOL

They should have a compass heading of about 210 to 220 degrees or so....most of the times!

Just kidding ... ;-)

Anonymous said...


LMAO and spritz my keebord too.

Must be a Key West flotilla?

Lisa said...

Lisa..if the sun is always in their face they're going the wrong way...LOL

I thought about that but it sounded good didn't it Imp?

Anonymous said...

I thought about that but it sounded good didn't it Imp?"

Of course it did Lisa....I was just being silly and picky. As a Pilot....It just made me laugh!

I hope that their compass headings are on the mark....!!!!

Cos...if they're's not ... Brazil's North Carolina!!

Z said...

I'd prefer N Carolina, Imp! :-)

christian soldier said...

They are on my prayer list---
Angels sent by God -watching over them---

beakerkin said...


It would be funny to see pirates complining about lite beer and getting tofu.

viburnum said...

That's great. Wish them bon voyage from me.

I'm not much of a sailor either. Give me a good horse and a trial to ride. I'd rather spend a day in the mountains than a week at the beach.

Mr. AOW said...

Lucky people!

I have done some sailing on overnight trips on Chesapeake Bay. Great fun except when a thunderstorm comes up!

cube said...

Godspeed to Ms. Z and her friends. Hoping she has a great voyage.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Outstanding. There are still people in the world who are brave and willing take on a challenge.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Praying. Will we get updates?

Z said...

Thanks, everybody!

Bob, yes I will give updates as much as possible. She can't call me anymore (via Skype) or email me directly, apparently, but she's blogging.

If it wasn't for my anonymity desire, I"d be SO happy to link her sailing blog!! I'll print her more interesting posts, tho!

Thanks for asking.

You guys are SO fabulous, I appreciate your support and your holding my hand as my girl goes across the OCEAN :-)

Z said...

I just linked my blog to her at her site so she'll see all your comments, everybody!

I know she'd be thrilled for your prayers and good thoughts!