Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Guess who told HARRY REID!

and some aliens apparently helped Obama get a NOBEL PRIZE he STILL doesn't deserve, right? 
I just saw THIS ARTICLE......ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Jay Carney says BE CAREFUL OF YOUR SOURCES?  Now if THAT isn't the irony of the world.  And, how's the White House think Carney can say "I can say with absolute confidence that such an assertion has never been uttered by the president" and people believe it?   Absolutely astonishing.
(thanks for the poster, Elbro)xx


Bob said...

I thought Harry was an empty suit. Maybe he is carrying around an alien anal probe, and that is what makes him such an idiot.

Ed Bonderenka said...

" And, how's the White House think Carney can say "I can say with absolute confidence that such an assertion has never been uttered by the president" and people believe it? Absolutely astonishing."
See your previous post.

Rita said...

How anyone can defend this scum spewing these lies on the floor of the Senate is beyond me.

Z said...

Rita, you should have heard a collage of lefties asking Obama talking heads "How can Reid say that with NO verification of who told him?" STephanopoulos, Candy Crowley, and more.
I think even some lefties are waking up.

Ed...point well taken :-)


Anonymous said...

It's when I see Harry Reid that I think we should have forced retirement for senators and representatives.

Rita said...

I think they are getting desperate. Juan Williams was talking about how horrible the latest Obama ad was. The one where the guy was let go from a steel company after Bain tried to salvage it for four years.

His wife died of cancer SIX YEARS later and he blames Romney for closing the steel mill. Of course it was the same time ALL of the steel mills were closing in the US. You would have thought Williams was referring to a Republican ad because he was definitely slamming the Obama campaign.

Liberalmann said...

And she had insurance from her employer

Louis H. said...

Senator Reid's secret source is a penis?

Law and Order Teacher said...

This is an incredible campaign in that BO is allowed to say anything without fear of questioning by his people in the press. Election of the previous centuries were more legitmate as the press really went after candidates and their surrogates. What a shame that with the media we have today it's more bloggers that get after candidates. Professionals? Right.

Mustang said...

Rita, saw the ad and found it utterly disgusting. Obama is essentially accusing Romney of murder. If ever there were reasons for Romney to become angry, maybe even lose his composure, this advertisement is that reason. I don’t understand how he can remain so “disinterested.”

Rita said...

Libman have you ever thought you might just be wasting electicity by posting your nonsense?

Go Green Libman. For the sake of the country, try going green.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty pathetic to what level American politicians go these days. It's gotten worse since I've been here.

I thought France politics were lame but I think this beats it by a wide margin now.

Z said...

Frog....good point. TERM LIMITS.

Rita...isn't that amazing. WILLIAMS?? WOW. Ya, the lies are overflowing from the Lefties; you DO know that the Bains guy who DID send jobs overseas was (and still is) an Obama bundler, right?


Mustang...the Obama thugs will stop at NOTHING. They're like punk Harvard jerks who think they know better and can insult better and make people believe them because they're privileged.
Odd that this Obama is so all over Romney for being rich, when he himself was able to attend Occi, COlumbia and HARVARD, huh? Punk lib

Z said...

Frog, my Mr. Z, a German, was stunned at what was happening here..he adored AMerica and made his home here, finally, but was stunned the last 10 years of his life. He used to say "WHy is America following the failed policies of EUROPE?"
or "it's like the fall of the Roman Empire"

He was so right. You are, too.
Who's EVER seen a president more insulting than this one? Not only to his competitor but to half of this COUNTRY? He's insulted FOX, insulted Limbaugh, Hannity (by their names), he's LIED about so much... it's unreal.
And folks fall for this. They either have no dignity themselves, and not enough love for this country, or they are very Machiavellian.

A friend of mine today told me that his kid's preschool had required signs on the walls in the teacher lounge saying what kind of MILK they could serve KIDS! had to be LOW FAT! WHat business IS it of the governmentS?? WOW

Rita said...

I don't think Beckel will make it through this election. The Five is getting really contentious. There was some heavy tension the last few days.

Gutfeld likes to make jokes, but I think there is beginning to be some real tension on the set. You can always tell when Dana Perino is about to lose it.

At least Williams won't defend this crap, but Beckel still tries.

Liberalmann said...

I was only reinforcing what you said Rita

Rita said...

I apologize Lib. I thought I was talking to your alter ego.

CnC said...

Toto, I dont think we're in America anymore.

Liberalmann said...

No prob - my alter ego (Eddie) deserves it

Z said...

Rita, I can't watch it anymore what with working full time :-(
I wonder if it's on at night at all? We get it in LA at 3 pm, I think...
And I don't record TV...so...
ah, well.
Nice to hear :-) DANA losing it? That IS big.

I couldn't sit with Mr. Bob (can I tell you AGAIN what a huge lush I was?) Beckel..

Kid said...

They'll say anything Z. They know their supporters are mindless drone democrat voting machines.

Z said...

Kid, I was watching O'Reilly tonight and Jess Waters was around the Harvard campus, I think it was? IN that area..
There were young people who'd never heard of Fast & Furious. One had never heard of the Tea Party, etc.

These are people being KEPT DUMB...and they VOTE!

Pris said...

The Five is on at 2PM and repeated at 11Pm.

Anonymous said...

I love the Five. I must say all those smart ladies are pleasant to look at :)

Beckel is a nice man but I'm wondering if he prepares for the show. Feels like he reads nothing before it so he talks out of his rear end quite often.

Brooke said...

@ Louis H:

"Senator Reid's secret source is a penis?"

Well, when isn't it?

Sorry, couldn't help that one! *:)

Z said...

Pris, thanks...I did remember last night that it's on at 11pm and watched it.

Rita, I didn't think it was more testy than usual, but I was flipping back/forth to the Olympics.

FB...They say he is a nice guy, but I can't get past his bad character. He never misses a chance to talk about chasing women and what a lush he was..EVERY time liquor comes up, or bad behavior..he LOVES that.
And I think that says so much about him and our society; people used to keep bad behavior to themselves, not it's a badge of honor.

FreeThinke said...

Poor Jay Carney!

He's been fated to play the ignominious role of Calpurnia (i.e. Caesar's Wife).

The loveably merciless Rush Limbaugh has been referring to Jay as "Mr. Claire Shipman" ever since Carney took on the ungrateful role of White House Press Secretary.

How ANY of these people an can appear before the cameras with a straight face is beyond me, but they do.

Brazen Effrontery has come to be regarded as a virtue.

If you don't believe me, look at the CLINTONS.

~ FreeThinke

FreeThinke said...

"Hairy Red" by the way is revolting -- nothing but a smarmy little hypocrite -- truly a weasel.

What could Nevadans possibly see in him?

~ FT

Liberalmann said...

It was someone from McCain's camp from when he was a Presidential candidate. Romney gave them 22 years of tax returns and they picked Palin. What does that tell you? Why do you defend someone who will screw the middle class and can't be bothered to invest his own money back in the USA?

Z said...

Libjerk, STOP with the "screw the middle class"
We ARE middle class, most of us here...do you GET THAT?
We think America's more valuable than you do, we think American character is better than yours, or it was.
We want our America back.
PLEASE start reading the other side; open your eyes.

Elmers Brother said...

He did invest his own money in companies like Staples....employs about 77,000 people in the US and that's just one. Obama's invested $450,000 of his own money in Bain capital in companies that have shifted jobs overseas. Obama has invested our money in failed companies who then back doored that money back into Obama's campaign before going bankrupt. Obama is the Outsourcer in Chief