Friday, August 31, 2012

MSNBC COVERAGE!! Wait till you hear this!

A friend brought dinner over last night and we watched the Republican convention.... afterwards, I don't really care to hear the Conservatives talk about the speeches because we pretty much know that, like Brit Hume said "Unless he falls into the orchestra pit, which wouldn't be a good thing,"  conservatives are generally going to like it, or at least most of it......and that most FOX contributors would approve of it, right?  I think a better test is to switch to the opposing political side of news...

So, I switched immediately to CNN.  Then, some time later, I told my friend "I'm switching to MSNBC, wait till you see how they'll slam the whole night."  And, sure enough, there were Matthews and Robinson and Fineman all so witheringly dismissive of everything Republican.

Suddenly, Matthews spits out "and, of course, I could say I'm surprised at the lack of response in the audience on this subject,'ll see what I mean...."  And he plays Romney talking about giving to charity, helping the needy,...etc and then Romney's mouth's moving but THERE IS NO SOUND so you  could DEFINITELY not hear the audience's reaction, or the NONreaction Matthews ragged about!   No cheering about helping the, just as Matthews surmised. friend, who doesn't watch politics like I do, said exactly what I thought the minute we both saw it happen: "Wait!   Romney was talking and then he wasn't...they cut the sound off, but that guy (Matthews) accused the Republican audience of not cheering for charity or helping the needy!  How can you hear ANY reaction if he cut the sound off!?

I SWEAR THIS HAPPENED and I had to blog it.   Man, WHAT another AMAZING example of stinkin' media bias and lies.

That was low even for Matthews and MSNBC.



Always On Watch said...

I didn't watch any of the MSNBC coverage of the RNC.

I watched CNN. Yes, CNN.

Why? Because I couldn't abide some of Fox's pundits weighing during dead air moments at the convention.

Here's another little tidbit....On Wednesday (I didn't watch the RNC on Tuesday because of a hectic schedule here), the onscreen DirecTV guide did not show FNC as covering the convention at all! I'm not kidding. What showed on the guide for FNC: the regular lineup!

The onscreen guide DID show MSNBC and CNN as covering the event.

How’s that Hopey-Changey Thing Working Out for Ya? said...

Am I shocked? Far from it.
The MSM = Obama

Elmers Brother said...

Watched on CSPAN. no commentary.

abluegirlami said...

It's a very sad state of affairs when we cannot get unbiased reporting from a major news network. No one has to wonder whether their persuasion is, it's so obvious that they are on the on the far left, bought and sold by the Obama camp. I can't wait to see the parade of idiots that will be on the Democratic Convention. I could probably write the article for you before it even happens. This may be your headline: THE DEMOCRATS COME THOUGH AGAIN! I happen to be an independent voter but after seeing this convention with all these honorable people speaking so eloquently and beautiful I'm more than ever persuaded to vote for Romney ticket. But that's easy to do in this election, I can honestly say that I'd vote for anyone bu Obama.... Why? Because I'm for America, not for election a man who wants to be the messiah of the world. . We Americans fell for the lie and we're paying for it. If we fall for it again, shame on us.
I don't need to list of the incompetent actions and decisions to back this up for they have been written and mentioned time and time again. .

Joe said...

Why does Chris Matthews even have a job in broadcasting, other than janitor?

cube said...

I'm not surprised, Z. There is no end to the dirty tricks the left will employ to retain power and it will only get worse as they grow more desperate.

Ducky's here said...

Wow, this is BIG !!!

Silverfiddle said...

My wife flipped back and forth between fox and MSDNC, and she couldn't believe what their panel of hideous leftists were saying.

They have no agenda and nothing positive to offer. Look at their coverage: all negative. Look at the liberals who post over here: all negative all the time.

Anonymous said...

I loved Clint's segment, and from what I'm seeing on the blogosphere , the Libs went nuts over it. More reason for me to love it...

Rita said...

I could only take a few seconds of hearing Dip Matthews speaking. I heard him talk about how horrible it was that Romney used climate denying jab at Obama. He he so dense he didn't get the contrast behind how ridiculous it was that Obama thought he had the ability to stop the rise of the oceans.

I thought that was a great line from Romney in proving in one simple statement that Obama can promise the world but not get out of The way to get this economy out of the ditch.

The Born Again American said...

I know Clint said that it was not possible for him or Mitt to do what the empty chair requested, but I'm sure Chris Mathews could do that to himself...

Right Truth said...

Shouldn't be surprised at the MSM or at Britt Hume. He is supposedly 'retired' but brought himself out of retirement for the final weeks running up to the convention. Oh, his wife is a big wig at Fox in charge, so I guess he can come and go as he pleases. I don't care for his commentary, it is mush-mouth and he doesn't have an original thought in his head.

That aside, Fox does a much better job than the MSM and they do offer all sides.

Right Truth

Anonymous said...

Bunch of drunks and fascistic minds on MSNBC. I cannot watch it not because they disagree with me but because this network is full of vile human beings. A

Z said...

thanks, Everybody..Ya, I do think it's very important to see what the other channels are saying; we need to hear what Americans who don't want to be really informed by getting all reactions, are seeing and hearing. (by the way, msnbc beat out CNN during Ryan's speech, amazingly enough)

The story is that leftwingers will believe Matthews and his inference that Republicans don't cheer for caring about the poor and needy msnbc had SHUT THE SOUND OFF TO MAKE SURE PEOPLE CAN'T HEAR CLAPPING?
When Romney's mouth was still moving and there was no sound, it was such an astonishing thing.
What liars these people are ...

Imagine if the Right had turned sound off then blamed the Left for not cheering about something? That'd be ALL OVER the headlines...but................with pravda, notsomuch

Anonymous said...

It's ok Z. They have what? 300,000 viewers at times? And people who watch this won't be convinced to vote for a Republican candidate anyway.

Anonymous said...

I didn't watch any of the post speech commentary, just the speech, and the audience did NOT cheer the line about helping the weak. It was the only line they didn't cheer. Watch the speech.

Rob J

Z said...

Rob, whether they did or not (and for Matthews to infer Republicans don't CARE because he didn't hear enough cheering is insane, considering the stats who more philanthropy among Republicans), the fact that Romney's mouth moved for a good 10 seconds before the msnbc'edited video ended and Matthews started Spitting again is certainly notable and emblematic of his show. does matter; believe it or not, MSNBC beat out CNN in the ratings the night Ryan spoke.

Bob said...

I didn't like the coverage on Fox or CNN. I went to CSPAN to hear what the people had to say without some idiot like Hannity interviewing someone. That way I got the whole thing unadulterated.

Don't worry about Chris Matthews. Everybody knows he is a legend in his own mind.

Z said... more thing, then I need to get to work;

I don't WORRY about him or msnbc; except how it does play to the leftwing loons who say "FOX IS BIASED!" :-)

My point is the leftwing media in general and what they'd have done to FOX had FOX cut the sound out....and then had drawn such an insulting, negative inference from that.

Brooke said...

Z, I have come to the conclusion that NOTHING is too low for the lapdogs in the MSM.

Lisa said...

I believe it I didn't notice that in particular but I did notice when I switched during the convention the cheering was definitely suppressed as I suspected it would be,just like they didn't air Mia Love's speech and Artur Davis' speech.
After Clint Eastwood spoke I quickly switched to NBC and Adrea Mitchell said that was the weirdest thing she ever heard,then I quickly switched to MSNBC and Maddow said the was the weirdest thing she ever heard. Hello? Are we all reading off the same White House Memo?

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the Democrat Convention to hear what Elizabeth "You didn't build that" Warren has to say. That should be fun to watch.

Anonymous said...


Lisa, I swear, Wolf Blitzer used that exact word, "WEIRD," too... I suppose they all got the White House Memo?

That is REALLY WEIRD :-)

I figured the Eastwood thing could have bit Romney in the bottom for overshadowing him, but it didn't...if anything, I'm seeing a lot of good stuff about Eastwood...and Romney's speech.

What did you think of Rubio?

Anonymous said...

I keep seeing Weird everywhere about Eastwood.

I'm not surprised. Those people actually have no sense of imagination with their collectivist minds.

The people I've met that are the most collectivist minded in LA are actually in the entertainment industry. They put in you boxes. It's a paradox but that's what I've noticed with entertainment libs.

An artist that is a collectivist. THAT is weird.

Leticia said...

The also ignored 3 minutes of Rubio's speech to slam Clint Eastwood and completely ignored all or most of the minorities speaking.

I refuse to watch that network. They are too far gone as Obama sheep or followers.

Anonymous said...


Leticia and FB:

I called it last night; Eastwood would be the one the leftwing media'd focus on.
Saying "WEIRD" is way better than "Man, they got CLINT EASTWOOD...A star that big who's a #($&@(#*&$ CONSERVATIVE?" (and who really made such sense)

This was less painful for them; insult him.

Actually, to do it off teleprompter made it look halting, but it was clear from what he said and how he said it, and his timing, that he's 100% sharp and it was wonderful to laugh at Obama FINALLY.

Even the Left said "he just broke the glass ceiling and people can laugh at Obama after this."

OH, I JUST REMEMBERED...WHen Blitzer had that said to him (are you ready for THIS?) he actually said "Obama is PRESIDENT, one doesn't laugh at a PRESIDENT"

Of course, the CNN treatment of Bush crossed my mind :-)

The hypocrisy never ends..

Pris said...

I flipped back and forth between Fox and CSPAN.

As for MSNBC, I never go there. Why waste my time visiting an insane asylum?

I enjoyed Clint's performance, and it was good for a few laughs too.
The best part to me, was when he said, "WE own this country, and the politicians are our employees". I loved that!

Marco Rubio was terrific IMO, and I think Romney's speech was very good.

All in all, the convention came off very well.

Btw, I'm stunned that Obama didn't visit Louisiana during the convention. However today, Romney IS in Louisiana.

Anonymous said...

Watching Marco Rubio's speech and it's awesome.

Finally someone points out that "forward" or "progress" are actually "backward" and "regress."

Average American said...

A three day convention and not a damned word about our military??? WTF is up with that?!!

Second point, I was right, Ryan set the bar to high. Romney did very well but he did not do nearly as well as Ryan. Good thing they were on different nights.

Third thing. I don't usually spam for visitors, but I'd appreciate people visiting and stealing the picture from the post I put up today. Take the whole post or just the picture, I don't care. We have to pass along the writing on the pic. You'll know when you see it. Has the potential to convert undecideds and on-the-fense dems--BIG TIME! Thanks

CnC said...

When Speaker Boehner was on the other night, I flipped back to the MessNBC just for laughs and Matthews and Maddow had their panties in a bunch saying Boehner was vicious and it conjured an image of him grabbing Obama by the shoulder and throwing him out in the street. I laughed so hard at them trying to come up with some narrative it was great comic relief. Boehner vicious? baahahhahahahah stop it your killing me har har har !!!!!

Liberalmann said...

You must have a crappy TV because I didn't hear this. But I'm sure you didn't hear all the lies told over the last three days pointed out on Fox News. Of course not.

Thersites said...

Comedy Central and Jon Stewart had the best convention coverage - "RNC 2012: The Road to Jeb Bush 2016".

Anonymous said...


Pris, EXCELLENT point about Obama not going to LA as soon as he safely could...EXCELLENT point..
Yes, Romney's there.
Boy, one thing Americans can be assured of is that he's a very caring man; those testimonials (of things down WAY before he thought of running for president) about his caring and helping were amazing.
I disagree about MSNBC, etc., as you know. A lot of my readers ask why I watch that at all, but I do think it's important to see all the coverage. Imagine that MSNBC did better than CNN during the Ryan speech?

FB, wasn't it fantastic? He's really a bright guy with a past that informs his future in the most positive of ways.

CnC..he's not vicious, but he's a horrible DRUNK; I can personally vouche for that. didn't hear it because MSNBC turned off the sound. GET IT? READ THE DARNED POSTS more carefully if you have to comment here.

Thersites; I didn't get even a smidgen of that feeling. He spoke. That was it.

Anonymous said...

You must have a crappy TV because I didn't hear this. But I'm sure you didn't hear all the lies told over the last three days pointed out on Fox News. Of course not.

Hey Libmerde. It works both ways. Will you hear all the lies at the DNC and on MSNBC?

Come on, stop being puerile.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Z, he was fantastic.

Those Libs and Progressives like Libcrap don't understand the luck they've had to be born in this country.

France isn't Cuba but it's misery there now from an economic standpoint. And it's never been great since my birth.

Many Libs enjoyed prosperity in the US. They don't understand, even from an emotional standpoint, what the difference is with a country like France where everything is small, never changes, where there's no innovation.

Bunch of douchebags.

Anonymous said...


FB,you CERTAINLY have learned the language :-)
By the way "Libmerde" is an excellent moniker...good one.

No, I don't think liberals realize what freedom truly is.

What did Ryan say the other night? Something like "we get so much for free that we'll stop BEING free"? something like get the message.

I spoke to a 22 yr old just yesterday whose parents immigrated here to LA from El Salvador. They're all Republicans. Funny, because I always hear that "Salvadorans are the hardest workers of the Latinos in LA" ... kind of fits, doesn't it.

Freddy was taught to do well on his own resolve, that he could do anything he wants, that you don't want to live on the gov't. The kid's 22, gets super grades, has a business on the side and works another job, too. Yup, he's Republican. Of course, I asked him to talk to his friends about why he's a Republican, but he told me "Too LA City College, I was the one Republican in my debate class; young people believe they deserve stuff.."

And, FB, as you say, they'll NEVER REALIZE what hit them when all that STUFF has cost their country so much there's nothing left but debt to China, a gutted military, and no hope. but they got their college paid for :-)


Anonymous said...

Yes, horrible mindset.

Laziness, lack of courage, accountability, common sense. It's a crap society the left builds.

But let's call it progress to hide the truth.

Pris said...

Thanks Z,
I heard today that Obama is cancelling one of his campaign stops to go to LA.

Ummm, too late Mr.President, Romney beat you to the punch!

Bunkerville said...

Anything to talk about something other than what is important. The left reveals themselves once again.

Janie Lynn said...

I will admit to falling asleep as balloons were falling, but to my defense, I am sick. However - I give you a lot of credit being able to go over and watch those other commentators. I can't do it - they just make me SO mad! When I was awake - I watched most of the convention coverage on c-span.

Chuck said...

I think the fringe media is doing themselves in.

There numbers were down this year. Seems only the far left whackjobs like Lib were watching.

Kid said...

They photoshop images, they edit video, and they say anything and everything - most of it lies.

There is nothing they won't and haven't been doing. Propaganda the likes of what you'd see in Russia during Stalin in my opinion.

Lisa said...

Wolf Blitzer used that exact word, "WEIRD," too

Really Z. Unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

"I heard today that Obama is cancelling one of his campaign stops to go to LA..."

Like I said Prisc...he must have heard he can tee off from the top of a dike..or is that dyke? Dunno golf lingo too well.

Meanwhile some liberal turd with an open mic says Mitt campaigns while "black" people are drowning!!??

Guess he must have meant the 'One'....cause he's never given a damn about his bro's...a weekend in Chicago goes without a mention from the red in chief.

Makes me wonder if Rahm wants to come back to DC where there's only 6 murders a week...instead of his homies...49 a week.

Liberalmann said...

No Z. MSNBC didn't lower the volume. Sorry. Stop buying TVs at Walmart, lol!

Number of times the troops were acknowledged at the RNC=0. Afghanistan=1. Yeah, real Patriots.

Number of times the last GOP President was mentioned....anyone...anyone?

Z said...

Liberalmann, oh, please.
Read the darned posts then comment if you must.

Z said...

and BUsh was mentioned...and his brother was featured.

And yes, the troops were mentioned more than once. Maybe moveon's TV isn't working?

I'll be eager to hear how many times Obama's amazing kindnesses to people over the years are mentioned.....
and I'll be eager to hear how many times Bush is mentioned at the DNC :-) 30587023984509845 times?

ANYTHING to get the heat off your hero, huh?

Anonymous said...

@LibTurd...this is for you and the other needy rats in your moms cellar...hey...maybe even the gerbils in your Spidey ( or Batman ) jammies...

"The intended recipient was not Mitt Romney, the convention delegates, or even Republican voters, but rather wavering independents. Clint was there to tell them it’s OK to find Obama, his ugly campaign operation, and his increasingly shrill band of die-hard defenders ridiculous. It’s OK to laugh at them."

All you freaks...were punked...yes one of the best.

Even 'Tingles' couldn't make a decent comeback to him. I could see it in his eyes....that his boxers were soaked in his bodily fluids....MadCow looked like she could smell it too.

Your're toast...better feed your gerbils.

Stand up...let them the Lib punks gerbils...

Kid said...

IMP, All. It's very telling that they Can't address the content of Clint's speech. All they can do is call it weird.

Very symbolic the empty chair. Empty Suit. Empty Chair. Nothing There. Anytime the POTUS was actually needed for something, the imbecile was either on the gold course or on vacation. Usually coming back looking "for someones ass to kick". The POS should have looked in the mirror for his target.

Empty Chair. Empty Oval office. Very symbolic. To the point that I think even some of stupid people will get it.

I didn't see it on TV, but in pictures later, they had a teleprompter setup for the empty chair. hahaa.

Finally, How pathetic does someone have to be to support a president who has not accomplished anything and more importantly actually taken steps backwards.

How Pathetic does someone have to be to support a party and its media arm (the MSM) who can't point out anything positive about obama, but only be all negative all the time.

As Allen West pointed out, they only have a crap sandwich to serve. How many really are ordering it.

viburnum said...

Honestly? As much as we complain about Matthews and Maddow etc., and the left complains about Hannity and company, I'd much rather know where they were coming from than have them pretending to be neutral and quietly editing what we see and hear behind the scenes. The more perspectives, the better off we are.

Z said...

Kid, you are SO right....
The content scared the daylights out of them (Hollywood STAR is Conservative and DOESN'T LOVE OUR HERO and LAUGHS AT HIM!?) and they have LITERALLY not addressed the words at all.
GOod point.

Gary Freid said...

The mockery of Eastwood's empty chair was predictable... What was wrong wit it?
It was chuck full of President Obama, failures done in a comical way. Clint is a brilliant actor, and a superb director of other actors, and no matter what these libs say, he was right on target, he know exactly what he was saying and no matter how the Dem’s spin it, he is not a demented old man. Let us not forget that he's an actor.
The left forgets that he was giving a performance. And a brilliant one may I add.
It was great, and he was great, and the more people talk about it, the more others will want to see it, and that will get them thinking.
Yes, it doesn't have to be personal--if your employee is doing a poor job, you let him go.
And by the way, ever hear of Bill Mahar, or Davis Letterman?
What is it about lefties that makes them change the subject when faced with facts?
All Clint Eastwood really did was to reminded everyone of the lost hope that Obama had promised. I for one liked Clint's routine, very much. It was right on target and it made me laugh at the same time.
Clint certainly gets it.
Maybe we can expect the Dems to bring in Robin Williams.or Tina Fey to counter act. Clint Eastwood did indeed, Make My Day.

Chuck said...

Liberalmann, oh, please.
Read the darned posts then comment if you must.

Z, he wasn't commenting, he was doing a cut and paste job. He had the same comment at AOW's. He's just a sad little troll.