Saturday, August 25, 2012

Little Georgie says ...

Just how much do you think Obama owes to GEORGE SOROS? And, have you ever heard anything nice about this guy?
Z and Mustang...



Anonymous said...

I'be written about Soros a few times. No, I've never come across a good word on the man. He plays the role of "King Maker"; but I suspect he is only the front man for other powerful men. I wonder if we will ever know who funded Obama's life and education and political career? Obama does appear to be the real life Manchurian Candidate, doen't he?

FreeThinke said...

I just coined the term SOROSIAN yesterday to describe the modern Machiavellian maneuverings that truly control our lives. Then on impulse I typed it into Google, and lo and behold -- others had gotten there before me.

Does something still qualify as "original," if you thought it up all by yourself, even if someone else did too but you didn't know it?

Reminds me of the controversy over Mushett and Bessemer's steel conversion processes, or the one between Edison and Britain's Frieze-Greene each of whom claimed to have invented moving pictures.

Anyway, I agree with COF. Soros, often thought of as "Sore Ass" by this irreverent old curmudgeon, is just the tip of the iceberg that's been lurking in the water getting larger and ever more threatening for over a century waiting for just the right opportunity that will enable it to sink good ship USA.

Soros is in his eighties now and dirty old David Rockefeller, who must be nearly a hundred, are hopefully nearing the end of their fiendishly misspent lives, BUT once they are gone, there are many more as bad -- or worse -- ready to take their places.

Satan never sleeps, and only the good die young.

Be forever vigilant, and pray for The Ultimate Triumph of Good over Evil.

~ FreeThinke


Ducky's here said...

He's simply a big money donor. No different than all the others.

His primary purpose is to give Glenn Beck something to talk about.

Nothing to see her, move along folks.

Ducky's here said...

... of course Barbra Streisand's witches coven is another story entirely.

Liberalmann said...

He's just the Jew hating, Nazi loving tool used by the cultural Marxist to take over the Democratic Party.

Robert Sinclair said...

The man is a enigma, that’s for sure. He got his money by taking advantage of capitalism to finance his commitment to communist principles. The man is corrupt. No one has ever held him accountable for his corruption; not when he collaborated with the Nazis against his own (Jewish) people, and not when convicted of insider trading in Great Britain.

Who benefitted most when Obama shut down Gulf Oil Production? It was George Soros, who picked up a sweet deal renting “suddenly available” oil platforms. What did he do with them? He moved them to Brazil to bolster his $811 million investment in Brazilian oil. Yes, the same Brazilian oil Obama subsidized with taxpayer money, while at the same time cutting off Canadian oil. So Obama gives Soros a huge chunk of public money, guaranteeing him a substantial profit from his investment, and we don’t hear anything about this in the press?

Z said...

Conservativesonfire: Yes, very Manchurian Candidate........

FreeThinke.......Happily, there aren't quite as many men as rich or with a lack of character or integrity like Soros.. I remember when, as a Jewish boy, he turned on the Jews in his city. I guess we could understand a starving child fearful for his life, but today he says he has absolutely no guilt over it.

Ducky...odd, when the Koch Bros. come up, thought, they are VERY different "than all the others", not "simply big money donors" because they're on the Right, correct?
Thanks for yet another example of virulent mind-numbing bias.
Re Streisand, I have no idea what you're talking about, but when you open your own blog, maybe you can cover that story. you're getting it.

Robert "So Obama gives Soros a huge chunk of public money, guaranteeing him a substantial profit from his investment, and we don’t hear anything about this in the press?"

It's astonishing, isn't it.

But lefties will say "nothing to see here..move along folks" :-)
THis is why we're losing America....the heart of AMerica's rotten to the core, thanks to the leftist media which won't expose the incredible agenda of the Left.

Z said...

Did you all know this? "Organizers of the Republican National Convention are moving Ann Romney's speech to Tuesday night after the three major television networks opted against airing convention coverage on Monday."

I will be so curious about what nights the three major TV networks opt against airing any of the Democrat convention. They'd be smart to leave out the part about celebrating "Islamic Culture and FUn", don't you think?
Islam is "FUN"? :-)

Anonymous said...

I think Obama owes a lot more to Bush unfortunately.

beamish said...

George Soros is a currency speculator. He can't make money from people that don't have any.

And that is precisely what motivates George Soros - making money. He's not going to do anything to poison his wellsprings.

DaBlade said...

Good point COF. Soros is an easy pinata but will we ever hear the true story about those shadowy figures hiding behind the hemp bales of Obama's grassy knoll? As for the GOP convention, I can't wait. Ann will rock the house for sure! Also looking forward to your take on it Z!

My Daily Rant said...

Beneath every lie, there is one common denominator...: the evil deceptive ploys and tactics of George Soros

And let us not forget that this is Obama’s number one backer..

Z said...

beamish, you badly underestimate Soros. If all he was doing was making money, who'd care? Yet many see a lot more than that...So you think he has nothing to do with the left?

FB, good point, but my main point of publishing this was that the left lambastes the Kochs but NOBODY IN THE MEDIA Mentions SOROS, and, from much of what I and others read, he's very much involved behind the scenes.
the Brazilian deal is an excellent example.

DB...I have a feeling Ann Romney's going to knock it out of the park for American women; so far, she's very articulate and smart.
I hear Ryan's wife's a sharp as they come, too. I'm hoping she'll speak, but I doubt that will happen.

Z said...

Daily Rant...some people don't think he's pulling the strings, but I DO. Nobody gets paid back as significantly as the Brazil deal for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Z, I agree. I went into a debate in a class because I guy had a tshirt about the Koch Brothers and was going on and on. When I said "What about Soros? Didn't he attack the British pound at some point and yet he supports Democrats?" The guy had no idea.

I'm really starting to open my mouth now. I don't want to change people's minds. I just want them to start questioning things.

Anonymous said...

George Soros is a FASCIST NAZI PIG!
He thinks he is the God Father of the world.
He and his puppet Obama and all of their cronies are a threat to all of mankind.

Anonymous said...

You know what's funny? I learned about Soros attacking the british pound in French school.

Lisa said...

I always post this story whenever Soros comes up
Z do you remember when Teresa Heinz-Kerry spoke at the DNC in 2004?
She sounded like a bumbling idiot on Prozac and true to form the next day all the left wing blogs were praising her fabulous speech. But then again the lefties are notorius for praising empty words and bumbling rhetoric while getting thrills up their legs.

Z said...

FB, the media has tried very hard to marginalize all Conservatives in EVERYTHING, for especially the last 10 years...and the film and tv bunch, too. There's rarely a film that doesn't have a line like "Well, if he'd been a Republican, he'd have fired me" or " know THEM, they're Republicans"
That's heady stuff to people who don't question anything.
The other day, I learned that Axelrod is now calling Romney "WEIRD"...that is extremely effective campaigning.......VERY effective. THere are hordes of nonthinkers who will keep that in the back of their minds and vote accordingly. Axelrod has to be one of the geniuses of his, don't forget, he and Michelle were making about $300K a year doing so much at a hospital together that their jobs weren't filled when they left :-) (draw your own conclusion) He's a very nasty fighter and very cunningly effective..this is also the kind of thing the leftwing media does.
It's time we start speaking up, unafraid of the unwarranted insults, so I'm really glad you're speaking out.
I suspect that many more people feel like we do than they'll say.
I've started voicing my opinions,'s very freeing, and I hope more and more conservatives start talking ...and NOW< before the election. It has to be done kindly, calmly, with the facts. Not like the left fights all about emotion.
All one has to ask is "Wait, how can a party half full of women be anti-woman?" and "....but nobody's taking away abortion, but don't you think those who don't agree with it ought not pay for it?" or "Racist? The Republicans who'd have voted for Alan West tomorrow if we could? I don't understand your point.." :-)
You're probably better at it than I am, but these are the things I've been saying lately.

That Hannity Focus Group of 2008 Obama voters last night really moved me, I have to say.
Let's hope there are MANY just like them!!

Ducky's here said...

Ducky...odd, when the Koch Bros. come up, thought, they are VERY different "than all the others", not "simply big money donors" because they're on the Right, correct?

No, pretty much wrong.

I have been pretty consistent stating that we need to get the money out of the system or we will continue to circle the drain.
Soros is not constructive and the Koch's are every bit as bad.

Anonymous said...

I would give a break to Ducky on that one. He's been pretty consistent on that issue. And I do agree that we need to get money out of the system too. I just don't know how we do it and if it's feasible. I see a country like France where elections are financed by the State, and the media are mostly left wing, and there's little space for communicating different ideas. So if you don't allow for some private money coming in, how can ideas compete? That's my concern. I don't want to kill the marketplace of ideas. It's healthy even if I have to deal with ideas I don't agree with.

Mustang said...

SCOTUS wants to protect our “first amendment” right to give insane amounts of money to political candidates or offshoot organizations … but it is an insane amount of money and it equates to buying elections, particularly when one considers the average intelligence of an American voter. No one on this planet is easier to convince that an American voter.

And, under the current system, there are far too many loopholes —as with the computer banks in Gaza raising illegal money for Barack Hussein Obama in 2008, soliciting donations from foreign governments (both parties guilty as charged), and repaying favors with siphoned off nuclear technology information.

I have thought we should ban private contributions entirely; let the taxpayer pay the total cost of federal and state elections, but limit that amount to a reasonable sum of money, and the period of time during which one may officially campaign for elective office. I think sixty days is enough BS for any civilized nation, don’t you?

Bob said...

COF said:" I wonder if we will ever know who funded Obama's life and education and political career? "

Watch out! You will be called a racist, and a birther to boot.

I thought Romney's joke was appropriate. You don't have to see his birth certificate to know he is an American. Obama, on the other hand, hates America and has to hide all his papers if he ever produced any.

Pris said...

Mr. Pris said right from the beginning, that Obama is a Manchurian Candidate, and I agree.

I also think Soros is not a front man. He pulls the strings on his puppets. A good example is the Brazil oil deal made by our President.

Furthermore, I don't think he's only about money. It's the power it brings him which I believe is his big payoff.

Ducky's here said...

Neato, mustang. You mention the intelligence of the American voter and a birther shows up.

We are so far down the rabbit hole.

Ducky's here said...

Neato, mustang. You mention the intelligence of the American voter and a birther shows up.

We are so far down the rabbit hole.

Sam Huntington said...

The catalyst for the Brazilian oil scam was the failure of a BP oil drilling platform. It makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Did the oil platform fail because of faulty equipment, or was this a sabotage operation? Not mentioned by Robert is the fact that more than 10,000 oil workers lost their jobs when Obama shut down off shore drilling —so again, Obama delivered a hefty advantage to Soros, at a terrible price to the American people. What I don’t understand is why tens of millions of Americans are not marching on the nation’s capital with pitchforks.

Mustang said...

Ducky, I’m certain that even you are smart enough to figure out that the genesis of all this “birther” blather is none other than President Barack Hussein Obama. Now if he had released the same records demanded of Bill Clinton, George Bush and Mitt Romney, there wouldn’t be any discussion about the man’s origin. Of course, we can see how you might object to holding Obama to the same exact standard as everyone else. I guess that makes you an accessory after the fact.

Z said...

DUcky, how nuts.
THERE IS NOTHING WRONG with money in the system; MONEY is needed to keep the economy going, money is needed to further the agendas of everyone.
your comment is out of character for you, and just dead wrong... you have NEVER said anything against Soros, in fact, you've ignored commenting on posts exposing him, but brother, let me or anybody else mention the KOCH BROS who are terrific people of very good values and who've earned every right to use their money not only for the vast charitable things they do but to promote their political opinions (paying for the millions of people who agree with them) and you've never missed a chance to slam them and their beliefs.

Z said...

Mustang, good right.

Sam, I remember Obama screeching about the mess BP made to the environment, how we must stop drilling because it pollutes the ocean, etc., and then he gives huge money to Brazil to drill off their costs...
I guess he doesn't understand that pollution moves? Or was that all a scam just to pay his buddy SOros?

Once he gets guns out of Americans' hands, he'll be investing in some huge gun factory in Hungary; wait for it.

Jan said...

This is interesting...

Maybe, the Honeymoon's over, but who knows, for sure?

Kid said...

Soros - typical POS who got rich off of capitalism and free markets who now wants to turn it off for everyone else.

Pretty common trait actually. Traces back to kindergarten selfishness syndrome.

Z said...

Jan, I sometimes wonder if those articles of rifts between Obama and Soros aren't staged just to throw people off the scent.
Man, the photo in that piece is very interesting.
I've Googled Soros/Obama in many manifestations and got NO images of them together. Typical Google obfuscating, I suppose.
This one's looks like Obama wants to blow in Soros' ear. yuck

Kid, he's really scummy, you're right

Anonymous said...

Traces back to kindergarten selfishness syndrome.

It's called open society, please.

Just this word makes me want to throw up. It's like the word progressive when all it does is spread misery.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Professor Moriarty:
"He is the organizer of half that is evil and nearly all that is undetected in this great city. He is a genius, a philosopher, an abstract thinker. He has a brain of the first order He sits motionless, like a spider in the centre of its web, but that web has a thousand radiations, and he knows every quiver of each of them."