Friday, August 10, 2012


We could say there are more than 160 counties in the United States that have registered more voters than actually reside in those counties.

We could tell you that there are 500 more registered voters than there are residents in one Illinois County.

We could tell you more than 2 million dead people continue to appear on county voter rolls, coast to coast.

We might even suggest that Team Obama’s selective enforcement of immigration and its refusal to assist states wishing to purge their voter registration lists —while denying the voter fraud is even an issue— endangers one of our most sacred liberties: voting.

We could do that, but then the least intelligent among us would show up to assert (a) there is no problem, and/or (b) embed a video of one of the George Soros organizations showing Harry Reid demanding that Romney release his father’s tax records.

No, We are not going to make these assertions, but a non-partisan group called True the Vote has made them: we report, you decide. Meanwhile, a federal judge has informed the Holder Justice Department (an oxymoron if ever there was one) that Florida has every right to purge its voter registration records. California activists, on the other hand, are seeking to push through legislation that allows registration on the same day as voting. No, seriously.

What is the voter buzz where you live? 

-Mustang Sent!

Thanks, Mustang..


Joe said...

In Florida we are trying to make certain that all eligible voters get to vote and that all inelligible voters do not.

Of course, the Obama administration is fighting us tooth-and-nail because they like having as many illegal (pun intended) votes cast as possible.

They are through-and-through Chicago style thugs, they act like despots and soon they will make a power play to take over the country.

Whitey said...

Kid said...
that's what "progressive" shits want...power and dominance.

Exactly Imp. Ignorance always insists it is the smartest kid in the room. Yet, the progressives are exactly what they accuse of the rest of us.

Only a NAZI wants people DEAD who disagree with it. How many times has the left called for the Death of people on the right? Literally

Kid, you couldn't have said it better.
The progressive's can now be considered a clear and present danger to America.
Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, Bill Daley, Eric Holder, Valerie Jarrett, and Barack and Michelle. Obama brought their “Chicago Values” to Washington and the country has never been the same since.

Anonymous said...

There is nothingmore important this November than outing Obama and that means we must protect the integrity of the vote.

My Observations said...

If seems as if you are as sick and tired of these scumbags as I am.
Well it's high time that they are called on it. And expose the whole bunch for what they really are.
In my opinion, for what it's worth, maybe the Birthers may or may not have the details right, but they smell something. Could it be that t Obama didn't attend Columbia at all, which would explain why nobody remembers him and why there are no transcripts?
I think its time we switch from the Tax record questions to making the assertion that Barack Obama WAS a foreign exchange student, and let HIM prove that he wasn't.

Thersites said...

The people who vote don't have any power. The people who COUNT the votes have it ALL.

beamish said...

If you're a conservative in Missouri, you have to register to vote every year if you want to keep your name on the rolls.

Mr. AOW said...

All this voter fraud is insane!

The inmates are running the asylum -- with the Democraps in charge.

CnC said...

I live in Indy where the Republican Governor had the balls to get voter ID law through over the wailing and gnashing of teeth by the Dems.
This year we got out voter reg. cards we also got a reg. card for the previous owner of our house. She has been dead for about 9 years. I took her card to the polls and gave it to the poll worker and said, "this woman has been dead for a long time and unless she's a Democrat she shouldn't be voting" I got a big laugh from him and the people standing behind me, They must have all been Republicans.
There is only one reason why someone would appose Voter ID law. it makes it much harder to commit voter fraud.

Z said...

What a bunch of really smart comments, thanks.

Joe, I hope Florida gets past the leftwingers with other intentions.

Whitey.......I don't think the country will be the same unless we get someone SO honorable and clean and well meaning in there; putting America first, restoring pride; getting some jobs here, not pulling deals at midnight, telling us we can see a bill after it's passed, etc.
Thanks for coming by!

ConsonFire...Every time Republicans try to protect integrity in the vote, we're accused of trying to stop certain voting blocs and we haven't been able to say WHICH blocs.


"TODAY, Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown slammed his own state for spending $275,000 on what he described as a politically motivated push to send voter registration letters to people on welfare."

What's THAT smell like?
We should be working to get registered those who worked hard to get OFF the welfare rolls...

We'll have Ducky by and he'll try to spin this as a positive thing, of course.
I'm so proud Scott Brown has the GUTS to tell Elizabeth Warren exactly what he thinks of it.
I think this is a GREAT story for HIM: showing American voters what's happening and showing him the left's motivations .." Get those who NEED GOV'T registered in time to put Mr. BIg Gov't back in office...we need those moochers"

My Observation...welcome.
It's an interesting suggestion but we never get traction with our Pravda media. You're right...let the burden be on HIM to prove he doesn't have that Foreign ID Student Card so many HAVE SEEN.

Thersites, sickening but very true... we need Third World country voting teams coming HERE to keep it legal because we are as bad as THEY are now.

Beamish...that smacks of leftwing crap, too.

Hi Mr AOW! You're absolutely right...Americans should be furious, and where ARE THEY?

CnC, I couldn't agree with you more.
AND, some state stats show that ID UPPED the amount of voters. Why's the Left not pay attention to FACTS?

Anonymous said...

Signs of a banana republic.

And some want to allow voting online. With this, it's a big no no.

I'd rather go the low tech way:
- ID card
- paper ballots
- officials opening envelopes and calling the name on the ballot with party officials next to them.

Basically the way it works in France. Nobody talks about fraud there.

Anonymous said...

Signed up as a volunteer! Have to do something for American democracy and Monsieur Tocqueville :)

Z said...

FB, good for you!

And no, no fraud discussed there and no Fraud in Germany......
they all have ID cards, they vote ON THE WEEKEND in Germany so nobody can complain or say what I heard 4 years ago from a very pretty black girl who arrived at my precinct with a cell phone to her ear and burst in saying "I live far away from my work so I HAVE to vote HERE, okay?"
"Sure, just sign the Provisional BOok"
Except the provisional book never EVER gets opened...imagine the voting workers all downtown where those books go standing up in some big room saying "Okay, did Martha Jones vote anywhere else? Look Martha Jones in your huge books" NEVER HAPPENS.
SHe ran off with the cell phone at her ear again.
One might say all was legal and she had a girlfriend on the phone.
I don't think so.

Z said...

we need to try to get people to skip absentee ballots IF THEY CAN HELP it this time.
There's a good possibility they'll get lost or simply get ignored in the counting.

Fredd said...

I live in Illnois. The 'dead guy' constituency is still alive and well here. And will turn out in droves to cast their ghostly votes for Obama and his ilk.

I don't think there's any hope here, but in Florida things are looking up.

Silverfiddle said...

The progressives are out of control, lying, cheating and stealing.

As Mark Levin says, the do it in broad daylight and then dance away saying, "Catch me if you can!"

Lisa said...

Why has this president not been dethroned yet?
Speaking of clear and present danger get a load of this

Lisa said...

I am sure some of you already knew this though

Bob said...

Democrats are not totally stupid. They know that their records in office will lose elections. They know that their ideaology will lose elections.They know that thinking people will vote against them.

They also know that the more dead people on the voter rolls, the better chance they have to pull out a close election. They do it election after election, and they never get prosecuted.

Plus, Democrats cater to illegal aliens by protecting them, and making sure that illegal people are on welfare rolls complete with food stamps.

Wow! What a deal. Go to the USA and get your gringo food while you sell their kids cocaine.

We have seen illegal aliens on the southern border go home in droves when the government even PRETENDS to enforce the law. Some things are so obvious even Democrats can get it, and they do.

The Democrat Party is dangerous to the survival of the United States of America. When you have absolute idiots in the White House who cannot understand the meaning of freedom, you have to expect the worst.

Barack Obama - The man whose brains are shovel ready.

Jack Whyte said...

Lisa, that link provides something new to add to a long list of things not covered by the left-stream media. I did have to laugh at the implication anyone is holding Janet Napolitano responsible for her treason. If a grand jury has handed down an indictment, I’m not aware of it.

Napolitano is such trash … really, and long before she conspired to downplay the Fast & Furious debacle in her own state.

Z said...

"Napolitano Caught Hiring Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist, Giving Him Top-Secret Security Clearance"

I don't even want to listen to that video; the title of your linked video says it all.

Z said...

Bob, that was a post in itself!! VERY well said and SO very sad.

I'm hearing GOldman Sachs execs getting off...muslim brotherhood terrorists getting DHS getting top security clearance (DO THEY KNOW WHAT DAMAGE THAT WILL CAUSE? ARE THEY NUTS? OR IS THIS PURPOSEFUL?)

Then I'm hearing about the Obama bigwig aids admitting they lied...and that ad is STILL ON? I'm not sure, but it's been on even though we know it wasn't TRUE and so did O's advisers when they continued to run it.

They are SO DESPERATE. WHY? Unless the polls aren't true, because he IS ahead. Or unless they're afraid they can't do their fraud magic that they pulled on Hillary in '08.

WHat horrible people the Democrat leadership are.

viburnum said...

Joe: "In Florida we are trying to make certain that all eligible voters get to vote and that all inelligible voters do not."

If you think Eric Holder is going to let you do that, I have a bridge for sale. In Brooklyn.

The DoJ's latest claim is that purging the voter rolls within 90 days of an election violates Federal law. It's 87 days until Nov. 6th. And who caused the delay?

Z said...

viburnum, sometimes don't you just want to hide under the covers?
You are SO RIGHT...


Gad, I spoke to a young woman yesterday whose husband's a 2nd year medical student...ALL his colleagues are now scared witless.

My own nephew is #1 in his class in BioChem at UCLA....he's a senior this year with hopes of becoming an MD. All his dad's friends (who are in the health business in one way or the other) are emailing his dad "Tell him NOT TO...."

very sad times for America.
Thanks, you #()$*&#(*@& Obama.

viburnum said...

Z: "...I spoke to a young woman yesterday whose husband's a 2nd year medical student...ALL his colleagues are now scared witless."

I have a cousin who's husband abandoned the practice of medicine to make abetter life for his family. The insurance, and the office staffing required to handle all the paperwork was so expensive that they were barely getting by. Heaven help the kids in med school now.

Liberalmann said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Liberalmann said...

The GOP's assault on voter registration to disenfranchise citizens is contrary to the Constitution to the founding father's intentions.

They cant win on the issues so suppressing the vote is all they got.

Look at what they are doing in Ohio:

Ohio Limits Early Voting Hours In Democratic Counties, Expands In Republican Counties:

viburnum said...

Lib-Mann: "Look at what they are doing in Ohio:"

Do you have actual, legitimate, documentation for that? As opposed to whispers from the echo chamber? I couldn't find anything beyond Lib bloggers citing each other.

beamish said...

Here is Missouri, we've got a Secretary of State [Robin Carnahan] that quite actively purges voters registered by conservative groups.

Hopefully for not too much longer. ;)

I'm extremely excited about Rep. Todd Akin taking on Sen. Claire McAsshole too. So glad it's him and not the Tea Party candidate.

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