Monday, April 15, 2013

Ann Frank...and Justin "BELIEBER!"?

Justin!  You "hope" Ann Frank, had she lived, would have "been a BELIEBER"?   (Belieber apparently means a Justin Bieber fan).   Apparently, Bieber had a private guided tour of the rooms in Amsterdam in which the Frank family lived in fear every second of being found during World War II.   They were finally found and sent to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp where all died but Herr Frank, her father.

I stopped when I read that "..been a belieber" and thought it was in lousy taste.  Perhaps I'm wrong and overly sensitive.

When Mr. Z and I were in Amsterdam, I asked him to please take me to that building.  We finally found it (it's on canals and they're not the easiest streets to negotiate if you haven't done it before).  We got out of the car and I stood there looking up, for a long time, at the Frank hiding place, turning and looking at the canal she must have seen, looking down both sides of the street at what Ann might have seen.  Then I told Mr. Z to please let's leave.  "Without going up?" he asked. I said "Yes, going up would seem like we're visiting a tourist attraction and I just can't do it."  So we left, he kind of wondering what kind of nut he was married to! (not for the first time, I might add!)  (the actual building is behind the turquoise kiosk; the one with the flat top.  It is said that she used to stare out at the chestnut tree you see there.  In the foreground is the canal.

I know many, many people go up to the Frank rooms every single day and I do not take away from their desire to see that space.  Why I, so suddenly and unexpectedly, felt I just couldn't go up, is something many probably wouldn't quite understand.  Me included. 
By the way, while typing this post, I Googled and found THIS.  I had never actually seen a picture of Ann's actual bedroom before.  The bookcase behind which was the door to their apartments is pictured, too.   I want you to know I just now suddenly felt  ill just from looking at these pictures.  Now I'm really glad I didn't go up ten years ago.

Have you been there?  Did you go up and can you tell us about it?  If you haven't been there, might you have had my reaction?  Want to kick Bieber in the rear for obviously feeling everything is about HIM?

What do you feel about the whole thing?

WE MUST NEVER FORGET.  Who had she EVER hurt?

Why I felt like doing this post just from reading Bieber's line is beyond me, but this story has always haunted me and I hope it's a good reminder to be kind, to love, to store up happy moments in our lives.  And that we might forgive but we need not forget.



Always On Watch said...

Justin Bieber's comment speaks to his own narcissism and immaturity.

BTW, I just found THIS:

While searching for videos of a different singer, Scooter Braun, a former marketing executive of So So Def, clicked on one of Bieber's 2007 videos by accident. Impressed, Braun tracked down the theater Bieber was performing in, located Bieber's school, and finally contacted Mallette, who was reluctant because of Braun's Jewish religion; she remembered praying, "God, I gave him to you. You could send me a Christian man, a Christian label!... you don’t want this Jewish kid to be Justin’s man, do you?" However, after praying with her church elders and receiving their encouragement, she permitted Braun to fly Bieber, then 13,[11] to Atlanta, Georgia, to record demo tapes.

JonBerg said...

It just sounds like the typical hubris, replete in today's entertainment community from both young and older! I don't follow any of them!

FreeThinke said...

You won't like what I think about the whole thing, but I believe the subject has received far more than its fair share of publicity.

Overexposure over long periods of time deadens sensitivity to even the most poignantly disturbing events.

Dredging up the Holocaust and rubbing everyone's nose in it year after year after year, as though it were the only atrocity that ever really mattered, demeans and diminishes the importance of the HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of OTHER people who suffered persecution, lost their lives, their homes, heir health, their family members, their fortunes and their culture in the horrors of every war ever fought -- most of them for purposes long forgotten.

I have read Anne's diary at least twice. I saw the play when it was first produced on Broadway. I saw the movie. I was appropriately touched and outraged at the time. However, the preoccupation with RELIVING these dreadful times over and over again is morbid and unwholesome.

The Holocaust was one of the most horrific events in history to be sure, but it needs to be regarded in proper perspective where we would see that it was just one of a long, long parade of gruesome atrocities that illustrate Man's Inhumanity to Man.

I agree with Z that this treatment by a publicity seeking jerk of a pop singer is beyond tasteless. But then we live in an age where the popular culture, itself, is obscene. What else could we expect from a generation of tasteless, moronic perverts?

sue hanes said...

Z - I thought Justin Beiber's remark was immature and self-centered.

I can totally understand your feeling about not wanting to tour Anne Frank's house.

Always On Watch said...

It's not merely a matter of Bieber's writing such a comment at the Ann Frank Museum. I would call Bieber's comment had he left the same comment elsewhere.

But I do think that the comment illustrates something shallow and STRANGE about Bieber, who is about 20 years old.

Clearly, Bieber thinks that the world is all about HIM. Pfffft.

Suppose he had left the comment at a 9/11 memorial site?

At the museum of any other young heroes or martyrs whom we can name?

At Laurence Olivier Museum (if there is any such place)?

Always On Watch said...

Please see this article in today's WaPo. Excerpt:

I cringe at the insensitivity and the sheer ego of your remark. No wonder “the ugly American” stereotype lives on in Europe.

Bieber, who’s on tour, visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam Friday. Before leaving, he wrote a comment in the guestbook, later posted on the Facebook page for the historic landmark: “Truly inspiring to be able to come here.”

Had he only stopped there. But no, he felt compelled to keep writing. “Anne was a great girl.” Great girl? That was the best he could do? Pretty shallow. How about gifted writer? Courageous young woman? Time magazine, after all, listed her as one of the most influential people of the 20th century.

Then the clincher: “Hopefully she would have been a belieber.” Oh yes, I can see it now: Anne Frank as president of the Amsterdam chapter of the Justin Bieber Fan Club. Maybe it was those photos of movie stars that Anne taped to the walls. Maybe it was Anne’s age — only 15 when she died — the age of many of his fans. Maybe he didn’t mean it to sound as narcissistic as it did. But it was still an insensitive and ignorant comment that ruined an otherwise positive visit.

Of course, I found his grammar painful, but since the venerated AP Stylebook has accepted the use of hopefully for “it is hoped” at the beginning of a sentence, I’m alone in that agony.

What pains me much more about this nonevent (shouldn’t we be obsessing over North Korea or the global economy or something a little more important than a pop star’s selfish remark?) is the discovery that some of Bieber’s fans don’t know who Anne Frank was....

A few years ago, I was gobsmacked when I discovered that my middle school homeschooled students and SOME OF THEIR PARENTS didn't know who Helen Keller was! They all did know who Anne Frank was. But I'm willing to bet that many, many public school students don't have a clue as to the identity of Anne Frank.

Lisa said...

This just goes to show how the young liberal mind of many today.
I can understand the last minute not wanting to go in there Z because it is a very haunting story,always haunted me as well.
I am sure most people who went inside were equally as haunted and possibly more so,with the exception of JB, when they did.

Anonymous said...

Are all young people today nacissists?

JonBerg said...

"Are all young people today nacissists?"

It seems to be trending in that direction. I get the idea that Public Education isn't helping the problem much, either!

Z said...

This is on CNN and FOX this morning; I saw it on Yahoo and didn't think it would be even noticed by the news venues much.

Always On Watch is right...I don't think people really know the story. It's astonishing but we have to realize our kids aren't being taught the important things we were.

If they don't know, they won't know to PREVENT. I believe this holds for our Constitution and our patriotism, too. A lot of our kids are taught our history and constitution in ONE CLASS and don't know our great beginnings...they have no feeling about what it took to found this country so they don't seem to know what it would take to bring us back to being the great country we were.

Ducky's here said...

@FT --- Overexposure over long periods of time deadens sensitivity to even the most poignantly disturbing events.

Partially true, FT. We are immersed in this inhumanity constantly and "Never Again" causes us to lose sight of that fact.
We can point to all kinds of horrors over that last few decades but the only one that seems to matter to us is the one that occurred on American soil. I think that kind of parochialism is so very short sighted.

But I come from a fatalistic culture. I wish I could find a book I read some years ago by a Ukrainian who took part in the slaughter in Afghanistan. Terrific book which contrasts the Soviet occupation with his own struggle with the subjugation by the communist party growing up.
He didn't see an end. Just the wheel of human tragedy.

I remember one short passage between him and his grandmother:

"Grandmother, tell me about the famine.
Oh, it was so long ago, I've forgotten."

And it seemed natural to him to find a way to let go.

That said, the instructive aspect of Bieber's shallowness is simply his shallowness. We are dealing with a popular culture fueled by kids with money that isn't about to deal in ideas. And it's a hell of lot more powerful than any school.

Always On Watch said...

It's not just the culture fueled by money.

It's the culture that isn't about to deal in ideas. Period.

We have become mostly a non-reading culture and a culture obsessed with momentary gratification.

Today, I stumbled across THIS: "The iPhone Killed My Creativity."

Brief excerpt:

...Spending so much time with our heads focused inside the box - staring at our smartphone - may mean, however, that we are ultimately limiting our creativity. There is no time freed up to see the larger picture, to make connections where they previously never existed, to allow our brains rest, to see and hear and accept alternatives....

Here we are in the Information Age, and people seem to be more ignorant than ever.

Waylon said...

Justin Bieber. Just goes to show what a young and obscure person plucked off the internet, interviewed in Hollywood by the star-making glitterati and, voila, you're made into a pop star. Such instant success must come with a price, I think. Likely the price of selling his soul to "the man" in Hollywood.

Waylon said...

Did Ducky experience an epiphany? Communism equals subjugation? There must still be hope for the most fanatical of deniers, I guess.

""Grandmother, tell me about the famine.
Oh, it was so long ago, I've forgotten."

I'm guessing here: Grandma must have been a reader of the New York Times and Walter Duranty.

Pris said...

Z, I understand your hesitation in this matter. It's like being intrusive and disrespectful in gawking at a place where such pain and sadness once took place.

This young man Bieber is evidently all about himself, and he made this visit to Anne Frank's hideaway into a publicity stunt which is so crude and yes, self centered. How sad and disturbing!

Pris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ducky's here said...

@Waylon -- I'm guessing here: Grandma must have been a reader of the New York Times and Walter Duranty.

No, it was the writer's true grandmother. And in your haste to write your snotty little polemic you miss the point.

Ducky's here said...

AOW, you know I share your concern about the iPhone and the intense "noise" of the culture in general.

It's not going to make kids any more aware of Ann Frank and we know it won't make them any more aware of other genocides. Victims of comfort.

What I notice is that as the culture switched inexorably to a visual culture that ideas are also being lost in favor of celebrity.
Got to have the latest shot of Lohan or any of that tribe.
It's much easier to be visually manipulative.

I try to express an idea or a least a sensitivity to the human comedy in my photos but street photography is under attack by the forces of political correctness.
Seems a reviewer of the Gary Winograd (big name) show at the San Francisco museum called him a misogynist and felt the show was bigoted.
We share more of a concern than you might think.

Liberalmann said...

Bergen-Belsen concentration camp

A myth.



Z said...

I've been saying here for a few years how awful the culture has become.
A "baby bump" on an unwed celeb has headlines while countries threatening with nukes.
School kids today are constantly plugged in with ear buds, their iPads, their laptops, etc etc...
One boy, at lunch the other day, said "Mrs. Z, it's like kids don't talk anymore..they're texting or listening to music, or on the phone.."
obviously, a lot DO talk but for a kid to say that says a lot.

Ann Frank is an important story for a thousand reasons and I'm glad that our educations included learning about her and that whole situation.
Without knowing what DID happen, we can't be truly aware of what COULD happen.

Some teachers tell me there isn't time to cover as much as was covered in the past. Is it that so much has happened since Ann Frank, for example, that they literally can't squeeze in all of history into a curriculum?
Or are they wasting time with lessons which should/could be taught at home, like sex education, environmental awareness, sensitivity to others, etc?

Ducky, how can street photography be critized due to political correctness? What's mysogentistic about Winograd's photography?

Thank you for the resume you sent in.

If you are interested, please go to the following link and fill out our
complete application and then FAX or send it in to us. are SO right..but it's not just ignoring IDEAS it's ignoring IDEALS because we have a leftwing which doesn't believe in them unless the ideals are theirs.
I heard this morning on Prager that he asked Tom Freedman if he would do a radio talk show and he said "Naaa..I don't do talk shows"...he was on NPR later that same week. See, it's not that he won't go on, he can't go on if he'll be challenged.

When IDEALS are questioned, when TRUTH is questioned "What is truth?" ..or "What is evil?" etc, we've got problems.

Man has been told to be his own god and when that happens, there's chaos. We're there now.

Z said...

Libjerk, I'm leaving your comment because people need to see your thinking. It says a lot.
Yes, it was there. It happened.

I had no idea you were a hater of Jews. God help you.

I want my other readers to know that one comment I deleted by you the other day included how you'd like to put UN FLAGS all over our country. it was then that I started thinking that maybe some of my readers who've emailed me are right; you're posing as a liberal ...because nobody can be this uninformed, hateful, or stupid..right?
(no offense :)

Ducky's here said...

@Z --- ...because we have a leftwing which doesn't believe in them unless the ideals are theirs.

Haven't you described ever being on the planet, left, right or center?

Z said...



enjoy! (She calls herself MICHA in comments)

Anonymous said...

Stupid ass. Egomaniacal moron. That's what he is.

The Political Chic said...

Late Breaking News!

Two explosions reported at finish line of Boston marathon. Fox speculating a terrorist attack Mass General Hospital ER reports 10 patients with amputations and blown-off limbs at this time.
Check your Twitter feed for more news. Events moving too swiftly to cover on this blog. God help us all. Pray for the good people of Boston.

Anonymous said...


What's your take on Boston and the bombs??

Darth Bacon said...

Go to HELL you Ass Hole

Ducky's here said...

Chaos right now, Imp.

They weren't large devices but were placed to cause maximum shrapnel damage.

If this were an experienced terrorist attack you would expect a delayed explosion as first responders arrived.

Hard to say, it's being reported as easily home made devices.

Z said...

Ducky, they don't know what this is, but don't be naive. Circumstances sometimes dictate to people THAT SICK and things change on the ground to get what they want.
Yes, always better to wait for first responders so they can kill them, too, but I'd not rule out something because that isn't what happened.

This is awful and we have to realize that America's not safe anymore. We pander, we put the bad guys first because we've been cowed to really ACT in preemption, we simply will never be able to stop the nuts.
Hey, I KNOW...let's get rid of good guys having guns!! :-) (sarcasm here)

Z said...

Ducky, what's this about the Kennedy Library or explosion there, too?

They're asking people in Boston to stay home and, if you need to get about, don't travel in groups, go alone.

Anonymous said...

We'll never be safe 100%. From a crazy guy killing kids at school to terrorists, we won't be. If we want to be 100% safe we have to accept a dictatorship that monitors every single thing. And even that will mean we're not safe.

It's pretty sad and I am glad Ducky's safe.

viburnum said...

May be old news by now but I head on the way home of a third explosion at the JFK library, and two more devises found and neutralized.

Glad you're OK Duck. I'd wondered if you were there taking pictures.

Always On Watch said...

There is one NY Post report that a Saudi national has been taken into custody -- injured and under guard at a hospital. I haven't found confirmation.

Always On Watch said...

Glad to hear that you're okay.

Ducky's here said...

Well, he crazies are out, Imp

Ducky's here said...

z, the JFK library was being reported as an unconnected electrical explosion. No casualties but now it is being connected to down town.

Always On Watch said...

Why hasn't Obama addressed the nation? A few hours have passed now.

Ducky's here said...

Well, for those following.

Two unexploded devices were found and maybe more significantly, every Federal and local agency has showed up at Brigham & Women's hospital as if they have a person of interest.

Tufts medical center is also under extreme security.

Curiously, Mass. General where the worst of the injuries are being treated is not under the same security.

Always On Watch said...

Speaking of nutjobs: Esquire Magazine.

Always On Watch said...

No confirmation of any suspects in custody.

Anonymous said...


"Chaos right now, Imp."

I'm relieved that you were not near it...Thanks for the info...this is horiffic stuff...NYPost is saying they have a Saudi in custody...they say they have video of him putting packages near the bomb site.

Anonymous said...


"Well, he crazies are out, Imp.."

Oh he ever.

Z said...

Always ON Watch: ABC news was also saying it was the Tea Party.

Blaming Alex Jones is a diversion from the fact that Esquire and, at least, ABC NEWS is reporting it's the Tea Party. and he was right, at least partly, by the way.

Ducky, I would say I'm glad you're okay but the chances of your having been hurt are so unbelievably remote, I rested easy and confident you weren't! :-)

If it is an Arab suspect, know that you'll be reading how he's born here, had mortgage problems, and a wife left him (Hey, he's the star of a Country Western song, huH!? :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm getting tired of media and pseudo journalists making assumptions when they barely have enough information.

We have a lot of Justin Bieber on TV.

Always On Watch said...

CNN is now saying that there were four bombs, two of which exploded in a harmful manner.

Always On Watch said...

Good thing that cell phone service in Boston was shut off. Remote detonation may have been involved.

Thersites said...

2 +2 says the NY Post suspect is at Tufts.

Thersites said...

...more here

Elmers Brother said...

Glad to hear ducky is okay

Ducky's here said...

Yeah AOW, two unexploded devices were found.

This was not a lone wolf. Multiple perps.

The area is very heavily photographed and I suspect someone caught something on film.
This will be solved.

Ducky's here said...

@z --- Ducky, I would say I'm glad you're okay but the chances of your having been hurt are so unbelievably remote, I rested easy and confident you weren't! :-)
Well, I could have been snapping a few shots down there.

I really sucks because it's a day when the city is in such good spirits.

All kinds of visitors, the Sox pull out a close one at Fenway and folks are gathering to greet finishers and then some dirt bag kills an 8 year old child and injures up to 100.

So much damn violence.

The Political Chic said...

Always On Watch said...
"Why hasn't Obama addressed the nation? A few hours have passed now."

Hes to busty entertaining the Rappers/

Thersites said...

Obama held a presser about an hour ago.

Z said...

Obama did speak about an hour ago...He rightfully says the perps will "feel the full weight of justice" and the WH is saying it will be "treated like an act of terror"...
Kinda surprised to hear the word TERROR at the WH.

I had no idea a child was killed.

I'm not home yet and too busy to really delve into the internet stories. (but never too busy to visit geeeZ!) :-)

Ducky, I didn't think of that; you very well could have gone there for the pic opportunity. Glad you're fine, to say the least.

Ducky's here said...

Well, not much is known, z.

What is firm:

Two bombs.

The JFK explosion was electrical and unrelated.

There are no suspects. A man on a student visa was burned and was running from the scene (lot of folks were) and he is being questioned.

A third device was smoking and was ignited in a controlled explosion.

It's likely that two other devices were removed.

Ducky thinks the perp should get life at Cedar Junction in general population with word from the guards that it's game on.

Elmers Brother said...

From the "no shit, Sherlock" file: Government officials are now saying its an act of terror.

Z said...

Elbro...that's what I thought when I heard it. "TERROR? ya THINK??" !!
Also,was kinda surprised the WH would even use the word TERROR. I thought that was forbidden!

Ducky, we won't know facts until things have calmed down a bit. Hopefully, there isn't yet another bomb waiting to ignite.
As you know it's mostly conjecture and media-thoughts at this time.

Elmers Brother said...

It certainly makes you wonder who's in charge Z

Kid said...

beiber is a stupid punk kid and has illustrated plenty of times he doesn't even have the education of a 5th grader.

Anyway, I have been there and went through the house and into the room where she and some family hid under the floorboards. I think people who can should visit and see the reality of what it was like to hide from the nazis for years.

As far as your feeling, I think I may have had the same feeling when visiting Warwick Castle in England, specifically the dungeon where prisoners were kept and tortured.
There was an iron maiden. There was a message scrawled into the stone by years of fingernail rubbing the gist of which was "was here from 1542 to 1546 in the year of our lord" or close to. There was a locked grate in the floor with just enough room for a person to lay horizontal in. It was also the directly in the path of the exit of whatever material came into the dungeon, some of which was the result of guards going to the bathroom above the dungeon. No doubt the prisoners constantly prayed for rain.
Well in my mind, I knew these people no longer had to suffer those conditions, and were much better off, yet a feeling came over me that I was somewhere that I'll describe as "souls didn't not want tourist activity" is the best I can do. I wanted very much to leave on that basis.
I didn't get that feeling with Anne Frank. Her house was inviting and I think she wanted to show people what was what.

After a few minutes, I started feeling very odd and uncomfortable.

beamish said...


Glad you're okay.

But, if this does turn out to be an Islamic terrorist attack, I fully expect to see you leading the way to having a mosque constructed at the blast site.

Kid said...

well, that was poorly written.

Clarify, I began to feel very uncomfortable in the dungeon, and not at all in the Anne Frank house.

FreeThinke said...

Somehow, the Anne Frank House is highly reminiscent of The Lizzie Borden House -- and of Mme. Tussaud's Wax Museum -- and at root The Colosseum.

Humanity gets a vicarious thrill out of dwelling on horror and gore.

We may cloak our morbid fascination with sadistic horror in a show of pious concern for the victims, but at root is that sad, sick, ancient longing for a return to the days when Christians were torn to pieces and devoured by wild beasts, and gladiators were forced to fight each other to the death in arenas filled with cheering, jeering spectators.

Our species may be described as "Fallen" precisely because of our inborn penchant for brute savagery and sadistic manipulative, domineering, and acquisitive practices -- clear and convincing evidence that we were once nothing but wild beasts, ourselves.

Ducky's here said...

Well, beamish, it certainly could be. Was it a Muslim resident of Boston? I'm betting no.
The Roxbury mosques hasn't been a center for fundamentalism, my neighbors are Muslim and good people, Muslims I see at the art museums around town seem as interested in the exhibits as I.

Maybe someone felt it was time to "water the tree of liberty".

Time will tell. I don't believe it's going unsolved.

Charlie Pierce gets it right

Jen Nifer said...

Glad you're safe, Ducky.

Anonymous said...


All this happened not too far from I90 Duck?

Z said...

FT, I think we understand by now that you don't have the same feeling for the memory of Ann Frank and the millions like her. Like the Lizzie Borden house? What connection is there other than they are both "a memory"? The last time you had a colonoscopy is a memory, too. I think the Frank situation is a little more important and much more meaningful on 100 levels. That you don't agree is FINE. we DO get it~!

Ducky, you can tend to be naive if you don't mind my saying so. That your muslim neighbors are nice is irrelevant. That says nothing about that one muslim extremist who wants you dead.

Odd, the media will find out a guy taught Sunday School when he was 22 and, if he murders years later, they'll call him the "Sunday School teacher.." even if he'd not been in a church in 40 years.
Yet, muslims seem off limits to generalize. really odd

Ducky's here said...

Right, Imp. Copley Square.

Ducky's here said...

No, z, I am not naive.

I won't condemn all Muslims for this and I won't be part of hatred toward Muslims in Boston.
I will try to remember Christ's teachings.

Please remember that this is "tax day" and some crew may have wanted to "water the tree of liberty".

If it were jihadi I would expect some internet chatter taking credit for this glorious deed.

Z said...

Yes, you are definitely naive.

Who is condemning all of ANYTHING for this? ME?? Who's condemning ALL MUSLIMS? And don't you tell me you don't share the media glee at any time a Christian does something wrong, Ducky; you talk like that often.

To suggest "My neighbor is really nice so no other neighbors could hurt anybody" is more than naive, pal.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Guys, in a day like this making this political is pretty sad.

We can bicker on ideas and values but trying to find a culprit with assumptions whether it's a Muslim or some Tea Party crazy guy because it was "Patriots Day" doesn't add anything to the table.

I'm really getting tired. Some people and babies are dead. Knowing whether it's a Muslim crazy or a right wing crazy or a left wing cray or some plain crazy guy won't fix that.

Divine Theatre said...

I dunno. Aren't ALL 20 year olds fairly self absorbed? I know I was...still am at times.
I agree with Freethinke. Why are we more preoccupied with Hitler than with Pol Pot? Are those lives somehow less meaningful?
Glad you are okay, Ducky.


They Say/We Say said...

This Post about Ann Frank is fitting for what happened today.
Hillary Signed the U.N. Small Arms Ban Treaty. The Senate can not Ratify any Treaty that violates any of our Rights.
The Pressure is on as we see a dash for Gun Control (Gun Safety) Laws.
States jumping the gun because the D.C. Legislatures cannot Whip Something through.
How many U.N. Member States are Muslim? And they do want the USA People Disarmed-that's a fact jack.
We will see more of this until we are disarmed or start Charging the Officials dishonoring their Oaths with Insurrection or Subversive Activities or Giving Aid And Comfort to our Enemies or out right Treason.
I called the children under attack at Republican Mothers right after Hillary Signed that Treaty. Some Annon said Hillary did nothing wrong, and I said that the children would be cursed because of that Treaty.
And, now they are so impatient a bigger trigger had to be pulled in Boston.
Again, How Many Members Of The U.N. are Muslims?
Maybe Duck is right about his neighbors - but that doesn't mean that another Cell did not transit from an other State, or from another part of Mass.
This a warning from The U.N. to the Congress - You Had Better Pass Gun Ban.

beakerkin said...

Hmm multiple IEDS seems a familiar MO. According to existing crime patterns and the laws of probability
you are wrong.

beamish said...

Well, beamish, it certainly could be. Was it a Muslim resident of Boston? I'm betting no.
The Roxbury mosques hasn't been a center for fundamentalism, my neighbors are Muslim and good people, Muslims I see at the art museums around town seem as interested in the exhibits as I.

My younger sister is a convert to Islam, is married to a respectable and educated Egyptian Arab, and has with him the most beautiful baby in the universe.

That doesn't change the fact that there are Muslims that want to kill Americans that are seeking to explode bombs in large gatherings of people. As you are someone who constantly harangues people online for warning of the threat of Islamic terrorism, and you have continuously smeared people as bigots and racists and "diaper pissers" for the same, I understand you have a psychological need to pin blame for the Boston Marathon bombings on everyone but the likely responsible parties. And when that avenue runs out, you'll resort to trying to find common cause with the bombers and blame their victims for living in a country that the bombers hate.

Maybe the bombs weren't set by Islamic terrorists. Perhaps Boston's decades of support for Irish terrorists has come home to roost. But I doubt it. And deep down, so do you.

Always On Watch said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Always On Watch said...

Ironic words after what happened to Anne Frank and in Boston today:

"Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart." -- Anne Frank

Z said...

AOW; indeed.

I'm struck by the fact that, after watching some CNN and FOX this morning, CNN is keeping the Saudi national story quiet and FOX is mentioning that Capital Hill HAS BEEN INFORMED that a Saudi is being held, or under suspicion...
It seems to me that a news venue can't HIDE NEWS because they don't like the news...but CNN is doing it.

FOX is reporting NEWS...not making any conclusions..just telling America what Capitol Hill's being told.

Isnt' that NEWS?

Elmers Brother said...

Just be ready to register your pressure cooker. (A common method for IEDs in Afghanistan

Elmers Brother said...

They Say/We Say said...

They are coming after our guns and our children
Those who couldn't see it before--can you hear the loud knock on the door?
Today>Yes>Today!!BO is out raising hell about our guns and how there should be a complete BAN!
Check out the link about taking our kids. It takes a Village, now They are property of the collective community.

Kid said...

Divine Theater, In my opinion, Stalin was worse than any of them, killing 20 to 40 million of his own countrymen.