Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston...I didn't want to cover it here, but........

..there's a good news story here if we can find it and I think we have.........this isn't anything I'm the first to think of, that's for sure.  But, I have an extended view of it:

Americans HELP.  Everybody I've heard who was anywhere near the explosions at the Boston Marathon has said that people just started helping IMMEDIATELY.  Some ran in fear, who wouldn't, they didn't know what was going on.  But MANY stayed to help.  Emergency people, who are there in huge numbers because of what could happen to the runners on a normal Marathon day were waiting....one woman said she'd thought to herself "Boy, they must be bored sitting around," just minutes before the explosions.    They weren't bored for long, were they.

My husband, as most of you know, was from Germany.  He had to admit that he'd never experienced such outpourings of love and help there as he'd seen here in America when we had tragedies...which surprised me, but it's true.  He'd see Teddy Bears delivered to children in flood areas, etc., and say "That wouldn't happen in Germany."  I know German medical help would come immediately, but as wonderful as Germans are (and they are), I think the American responses of the normal man/woman on the street are extraodinary.  I only single out Germany because it's what I know intimately.  And I single it out only as a juxtaposition.

Americans care deeply for others.  I don't think that's limited to any particular creed or color.  I hope we can celebrate that today and every day................

And I'd like to add that the doctors are talking about how unbelievably heroic the injured have been.
God bless us all.  God help those who are injured...especially help the family whose 8 yr old died because his sister is now an amputee and his mother has brain injuries, just because they'd gone to cheer the father on.   Makes me cry.



Divine Theatre said...

I have been online researching, trying to make sense of this. My heart breaks for the people affected by this criminal act. I really have no words. That little boy is Gracie's age. My prayers are with his family and the families of all the victims. I wish there was something I could do.


Ducky's here said...

The press conference with the trauma teams at Mass. General have been pretty revealing.

If you are familiar with Boston you know that the blast site is dead center in a ring of very high quality hospitals.

The responders were well drilled in how to distribute the wounded and the head trauma surgeon at Mass. General feels two or three minutes meant life or death in a number of cases. The death count could have been much higher.

The bombs caused maximum serious damage and this was a well planned attack. It does lead in a certain direction but we'll see.

One thing is known. The trauma teams have performed off the charts.

JonBerg said...

It's already been reported that Representative Steny Hoyer D,MD is blaming the Boston tragedy on the Sequester.

While it is unknow who the "perps" are, it sounds like they weren't, or wouldn't have been, required to go through a "background check"!

Divine Theatre said...

Please see my recent post on ways we can help.



Z said...

Andie..I wish there was something I could do, too. Just saw your most recent comment; I sure will.


Ducky, that's good information, thanks. I heard some of those pressers this AM about how those minutes really mattered. Thank GOD it happened where it did if it had to happen at all.
One doc had been doing surgery since 8 that morning (non explosion, obviously) and was going on into the night. These guys are pros and selfless.
We've got to remember all the surgery teams...nurses, anesthetists, etc.

JB..what can we expect? Esquire Mag and ABC (to mention the two I know of) were blaming the Tea Party because some day in MAY in Boston is Patriot Day. Imagine?

sue hanes said...

Z - I agree that Americans are heroes at heart. And that they do all they can to help those in need.

I can barely stand to think of what happened yesterday.

Radical Redneck said...

Z Patriots' Day actually falls on 4/19 as that's when the first shots were fired on Lexington and Concord. The state always celebrates it on the closest Monday.

It's a huge party day in the city. A morning Red Sox game (only game MLB schedules all year before noon) which ends right about when the majority of runners pass. The time is synched so the majority can enjoy both. Stadium is about a 10 minute walk to the finish line.

Undoubtedly this was timed to also include the baseball fans in addition to zillions of spectators. The area is crowded and a very festive atmosphere - a Times Square New Year's mini-me.

This fine event will have a sad asterisk next to it from now on.

(I went to school about 1/4 mile from this blast site).

Speedy G said...

Boston wasn't the ONLY violent place in the world yesterday. President-Elect (by fruad?) Maduro decided to take advantage of the situation in the USA and stiff-arm the democratic process.

Pris said...

Yes, this was a terrible act of terrorism! No question about it.

Now, for some to make it political before the blood is cleaned off the street, is loathsome indeed. But then, they never let a crisis go to waste do they!

Yes, citizens who were there, jumped right in and did what they could to help. God bless them.

Z said...

Ya, Radical Redneck, and Esquire Mag and ABC TV said it's because of that PATRIOT'S DAY, the Tea Party had set off the blasts..imagine?

Pris, good point; another nightmare the left will play on.
But at least Obama's FINALLY saying TERROR...whew.

Speedy..will check that out later.thanks

Robert Sinclair said...

I’m very sure we’ll get to the bottom of what happened — and maybe even before we learn what happened in Benghazi.

Robert Sinclair said...

Also, thank goodness Janet Napolitano is at the helm of the Department of Homeland Security. We're all so much safer now.

Anonymous said...


"One thing is known. The trauma teams have performed off the charts."

Major, major kudos and hats off to all of the first responders....they were there like white on rice. It's remarkable to see all those people run towards the bomb and not away from it....amazing bravery from these Yanks!

Anonymous said...


"But then, they never let a crisis go to waste do they!"

Nope...and "Super Dude" is already on his way to Boston to shed his croc ( like Super Storm Sandy...Sandy Hook...Newton ) tears.
He'll make it political...he has too.

But I wonder if he'll ever acknowledge that this is what his good buddy Ayers and Bernadine did 30 years ago? Blow people up and she murdered cops?Nah...and what does it matter. If this is a home grown terrorist....they'll probably be offered a "professorship" at Yale or Columbia.

Ducky's here said...

Not exactly, IMP. The Weather Underground tried to avoid civilian casualties. They never tried anything like this. False analogy of little value.

That sai, it seems that we are dealing with a foreign terrorist. The bomb was fairly sophisticated and not something like anything home grown loons and abortion killers have ever used.

What we need is to send the word that we are going to take out the garbage. We definitely want Muslims of good faith to help but we are going to take out the freaking garbage.

I'm just becoming more and more pissed that the city I love was attacked at a time when it was at its most welcoming and open. Patriots Day weekend is a big deal here and now this... every freaking time I walk past the Boston Public Library I can think of the 30 amputations.

Life in Cedar Junction and have him put in gen p and have the guards tell everyone game's on.

Anonymous said...


Well Duck, I'm not going to argue the point...fact is both of them were terrorists and Ayers got off due to some lame technicality if I recall correctly...without have to wiki it.

"The bomb was fairly sophisticated.."

What the hell is so "sophisticated" about a dutch oven / pressure cooker? Easy to Mail order one from WalMart or another vendor online. They might be lucky to find that a few thousand people in Boston bought one in the past year? Not much of a lead.

"What we need is to send the word that we are going to take out the garbage.."

Yup...and I don't give a damn who it is....they have to hang...maybe where the race ended? This was indeed another Boston Massacre.

"every freaking time I walk past the Boston Public Library I can think of the 30 amputations."

And that will never go away...never. Just like I felt every time we landed at LGA, EWR or TEB....those towers that I watched them build...are gone. And that's forever too.

I'm hoping it's a lone loon too. Otherwise...there is going to be some sheet flying if it happens to be one of the two I'm thinking of.

And Duck...I have to ask..when they catch him.....is water boarding OK so he can give it all up?

Speedy G said...

Under the category of "Qui Bono" from the Boston bombing... I can only think of one person...

QUESTION: So what do you make of the fact that they went ahead and certified the result without a full recount or a full audit? What do you make of the violence that has ensued?

MR. VENTRELL: So, Matt, as we noted yesterday, given the very close results, opposition candidate Henrique Capriles and a member of the electoral council, the CNE, as the – it’s referred to, called for a 100 percent audit, a recount of the results. Ruling party candidate Maduro also endorsed this idea. And we said yesterday, a full recount would be important, prudent, and necessary in ensuring that an evenly divided Venezuelan electorate is confident that the election meets their democratic aspirations. The OAS and the EU have expressed similar views. And there are also outstanding allegations of voting irregularities raised by the opposition.

So the CNE’s decision to declare Mr. Maduro the victor before completing a full recount is difficult to understand, and they did not explain their haste in taking this decision.

QUESTION: Sorry. You’re still sticking with this line that Maduro called for a whole – a full recount?

MR. VENTRELL: My understanding is he did endorse that idea at one point yesterday. Now, where he eventually ended up throughout the day – but there was a moment where he endorsed the idea of a recount and said there was nothing to hide. So those were his words.

Awfully curious, if you ask me... The "Imperialists" being so "distracted".

Speedy G said...

Iran, Libya, Syria... all very good friends of the Bolivarian regime.

Speedy G said...

If I were a novelist... I 'd be willing to bet that I could write a pretty good story... about Citgo providing heating oil to Boston residents... about a dictator dying from cancer with a dying wish to merge his own country with Cuba... and the rest of South America... about a plot to ensure a political succession... about striking a blow from the grave against the Yankee Imperialist.

Yep, it would make a very audacious story.

Speedy G said...


Due to investigations into the events that occurred yesterday at the Boston Marathon, access by vehicles, pedestrians, and public transportation is restricted in the area around the Consulate General of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Boston, and consular personnel cannot enter the building. For that reason, the consulate will remain closed until local authorities restore access.

I wonder how many other countries have diplomatic consulates in Boston?

Speedy G said...

More than I expected. Oh well...

viburnum said...

"Life in Cedar Junction and have him put in gen p and have the guards tell everyone game's on."

You're a much kinder soul than I am Ducky. I'd chain him between lamp posts on either side of Boylston and use him for next years finish line.

Speedy G said...

Wow... the mission is only a block away from the explosions...in Copley Square.

Speedy G said...

...its even on the same side of the street as the explosions...the first one block away... the second, two.

Speedy G said...

Remember just last month, Maduro accusing the USA of causing Hugo Chavez's cancer and plotting to overthrow his government... he couldn't possibly have been serious.... right?

Anonymous said...

I have the feeling it was domestic. Just a feeling.

Anonymous said...


"he couldn't possibly have been serious.... right?"

Why not? I wouldn't put it past our black ops guys...they put poison in Castro's beard or cigar or something didn't they?

This new guy better get a food taster too.

Jack Whyte said...

Don't fret so much, Speedy. You know in your heart that America deserved what happened in Boston. Right? I mean, we aren't very exceptional; we're the great satan. We deserve all the bad things that happen to us. We deserve to have our people mangled by explosives laced with ball bearings. We're just asking for it.

How ironic. Patriots day in a place that hates America. Isn't that right acolytes of Howard Zinn, and Francis Fox Piven, and Richard Cloward. A little anarchy goes a long way, doesn't it agents of chaos?

Speedy G said...

Chavez's ex-allies, the FARC, are all retiring and making peace. I wonder if they hire out...

from a list of terror incidents in 2008/2009

10-23-08 - Six small bombs exploded in downtown Bogata. The bombs all placed in trash cans injured a total of sixteen people and caused minor damage. A sixth bomb exploded on 102nd Street and 21st Ave. P[olice accuse FARC for the attack, however the blast occured in the mudst of a national strike and may be related to this.

11-18-08 - The Columbian Army diffused a bomb under the Mandarino River bridge in Pueblo Rico Municipality without incident. The FARC are believed to have planted the bomb.

11-29-08 - The FARC detonated an explosive device on the La Playa Pier in the Puerto Asis Municipality. The blast killed a local merchant and a policeman. This was the first in a coordinated series of attacks. The FRAC remotely detonated a second on the La Playa Pier. The second bomb was attached to a motorcycle and targeted the police as they attempted to clear the scene from the earlier blast. The second blast seriously wounded the commander of the Puerto Asis police department as well as 12 civilians.

12-08-08 - A FARC planted roadside bomb detonated near a group of people affiliated with the Columbian Family Welfare Institute (ICBF) near San Vincente del Caguan. The blast killed two ICBF members and wounded three others.

12-15-08 - A car-bomb was diffused by the Columbian Army in the city of Aruaca in the Tame Municipality. Aruaca is located neat the Columbia-Venezuela border.

1-31-09 - The FARC detonated a bomb at the special police operations center in the city of Cali. The blst killed four police officers and wounded another thirteen. The FARC claimed responsibility for the attack.

3-11-09 - A bomb exploded at the water treatment plant near the town of Villavicencio. The blast caused serious damage to the pipeline and wounded two police officers, the blast also left the residents of Villavicencio without water. The bomb was comprised of ammonium nitrate fuel oil. The FARC is believed responsible for the attack.

3-19-09 The police deactivated two car bombs without incident in the city of Pasto. The auhorities believe public institutions were the intended target for the attack.

3-23-09 - A 100 kg bomb exploded on the Pan American Highway in the Toribio municipality. The bomb caued significant damage to the road, but no casualties. The FARC are believe responsible for the attack.

3-28-09 - A bomb planted in a supermarket in Apartado. The blst injured eight people including a pregnant woman and caused significant damage to the store. The FARC are believed to be responsible for the attack. Authorities suspect that the original target for the bomb was the town's municiple office.

5-20-09 A bomb exploded under two power pylons near the town of Arauquita in the Aruaca municipality. The blast destroyed the towers and left three cities without power. The FARC are believed responsible for the attack.

5-29-09 - A bomb exploded outside a police station in the La Hormiga Municipality. The blast damaged the station, but no casualties resulted. The authorities believe the FARC is responsible for the attack.

6-1-09 - A 'potato bomb' exploded outside the Lourdes Sports Complex in Cali. The blast slightly injured nine civilians, Authorities suspect the FARC is responsible for the attack.

Speedy G said...

Just saying... the man (Maduro) had motive, capability and opportunity.

Z said...

Speedy, Maduro thinks Chavez is still talking to him; I think we can just about kiss Venezuela off by now with leadership like that.

It's a shame what's happening there because Ms Z knows young, sharp entrepreneurs who live there and probably will lose everything due to the ridiculous president ...

Ducky's here said...

@Froggy ---I have the feeling it was domestic. Just a feeling.

One aspect of the bomb that may be significant is that they were constructed to cause maximum injury with a small charge.
They don't appear to be some haphazard internet kit.
They went beyond making a statement.

It may be possible that some domestic group had that much malice toward Boston but it seems to me to be foreign.

Z said...

I feel it's foreign, too...but what do I know about this stuff?

BetteJo said...

You're right Z, Americans help. Always. And while I still believe there are more good people than evil out there - what happened on Monday was an obscenity. I cannot wrap my head around a mindset that says killing and maiming innocent people is honorable and necessary.

I hope I never can.

FreeThinke said...

I cannot understand why no one has not already written a bill banning MARATHONS, PARADES and ALL forms of Public Events apt to attract CROWDS.

Elmers Brother said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elmers Brother said...

Well these type of bombs have been used in Afghanistan, India and Pakistan. The gubmint warned back in 2010 that these type of bombs were possible.

JonBerg said...


"I cannot understand why no one has not already written a bill banning MARATHONS, PARADES and ALL forms of Public Events apt to attract CROWDS."

Yes, and how about "background checks" on all purchasers of pressure cookers?

Speedy G said...

I can just picture Hugo Chavez, lying on his death bed in a Cuban hospital, chatting with Fidel Castro and plotting a way to guarantee that his "life work", the Socialist Bolivarian Revolution, would continue... a fraudulent election backed up by a false flag distraction in Boston to divert American attention from a stolen election.

Ever see these "signs" in the USA?

...and what about THIS kind of parnoid projection...

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Venezuela's President-elect Nicolas Maduro is accusing the United States of inciting all the violence that has occurred in the wake of Sunday's contested elections.

Maduro charges that the U.S. Embassy has been "financing and leading all the violent acts." He says the embassy is backing what he calls "neo-Nazi groups" that he claims are behind the violence.

The United States said earlier Tuesday that it will not consider the election results valid unless the vote-by-vote recount demanded by opposition candidate Henrique Capriles is done.

Maduro is blaming Capriles for seven deaths that the government says occurred in post-election unrest.

The government has provided names of some people it says have been killed by opposition activists but has provided no evidence.

JonBerg said...

Oh, and I frogot to mention, imposition of limits on the size (capacity) of the pressure cookers.

Z said...

JB. "background checks on pressure cookers" cracked me up!

Speedy G said...

No wonder Hugo Chavez banned "The Family Guy" from his television broadcasts... evidently, all the "writers" work for Venezuelan Intelligence...

In the episode, which originally aired March 17, protagonist Peter Griffin is asked by sports announcer Bob Costas about his performance at the marathon. A flashback shows Peter mowing down runners with his car.

"I'll tell ya, Bob, I just got in my car and drove it," Griffin says. "And when there was a guy in my way, I killed him."

Later, Peter befriends a terrorist who, unbeknownst to him, is plotting to blow up a bridge. When Peter dials a cellphone the friend has given him, explosions and screams are heard. On some websites, an edited clip has been circulating that fuses the two scenes, making it seem — incorrectly — as if the explosion was at the marathon. Some commenters have implied that the show "predicted" the bombings.

"Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane took to Twitter on Tuesday to vent anger over the edited clip and offer condolences to victims of Monday's bombings at the marathon.

"The edited 'Family Guy' clip currently circulating is abhorrent," MacFarlane tweeted. "The event was a crime and a tragedy, and my thoughts are with the victims.

Speedy G said...

You can now blame the Boston Marathon bombing on Fox.

Liberalmann said...

Ultimately this may be true. You can blame a few previous attacks when it was found that the loons owned books by Hannity and O'Reilly.

And it's not hard to understand that the hate and lies aired on Fox News is seen everywhere, fueling hate overseas.

beamish said...

I thought the movie Four Lions was to blame.

Z said...

I always promise to delete all of LIbjerk's crap but sometimes it's so damn funny and idiotic I just have to let it stay! :)

FOX is barely aired overseas, if at all, by the way, you JERK. but they get International CNN and the NY Times...and we wonder why they hate us? :-)

Joe Conservative said...

For the lastest rumours on the Boston Marathon bombing, you should go to infowars.com...

It'll blow your mind.


Thersites said...

Too cool for school.