Tuesday, April 2, 2013

please pray that Christina does really well through surgery happening now.Thanks z


Ed Bonderenka said...


Elmers Brother said...

Lord we ask for Christinas complete healing. Please give the doctors wisdom and tie technical skills needed for Christina to get well. Amen

Leticia said...

I pray in agreement right now.

How is she doing?

Divine Theatre said...

Praying now, my friend. I just called my prayer line as well.



Z said...

Oh, you guys are THE BEST!
Andie, thanks SO SO much for getting more praying!
I can't say much because you know how anonymous I try to be, but I'll say she is a lovely close relative and having REALLY major oral surgery; bones, teeth, etc.
She'd been having daily headaches for a couple of years and other pains and it turned out it's her bite, so she's gone through a saga of braces, etc., and she's a gorgeous girl and is looking to getting them OFF and that this surgery will align her into a place where the headaches will finally stop.

Leticia, thanks! I don't know how she's doing; no call yet but I should hear soon.

Thanks, from the bottom of my heart. She's a wonderful Christian, too, so I know she'll be thrilled to hear you guys prayed for her. xxx

Z said...

She's out of surgery and the doc thought everything went well..three hours in surgery.
She's in for a lot of swelling and pain so the prayers are now that the pain isn't too bad and that this cures the headache problem.

Rita said...

Sorry I missed this yesterday. But I'm sure the Good Lord is stilll accepting some prayers.