Monday, April 29, 2013

Obama and the "red line".............

What does Obama do now that it's fairly clear that Syria has chemical weapons (By the way, CBS news reports that Hagel says "on a small scale ":-)?  Obama warned that finding that out would be "the red line"...what "red line"?  "red line" for ....?

Obama: "We have been very clear to the Assad regime, but also to other players on the ground, that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized.  That would change my calculus.  That would change my equation." (Z: I remember cringing when I heard "a whole bunch"

We all know how weak this makes us look around the world and that Iran is surely watching for proof that this president doesn't quite mean what he says if it involves force.  Did he say it to placate Israel when he needed to appear strong and on their side?

Or is this another perfect storm, perhaps a biproduct that works against the GOP when Senator McCain calls Obama on his weakness and noncompliance with his own words?  Does this enable Obama to accuse Republicans of being war mongers again, even though McCain's been extremely clear about not using precious American blood there but using unmanned drones, etc?

Should Obama have ever made the threat?   Do we look weaker to the world?  If they really do only have these chemical weapons "on a small scale" is there a 'small scale' reaction that doesn't make Hagel's boss look too butch for the Left?  Or will it be "a whole bunch?" of reaction?

How will Obama negotiate his latest "inartful" comment?  I so wish he hadn't said it.  But then I usually do.



Joe said...

Obama is an empty suit.

As for Liberalmann's comment, it shows him to be little more than an offensive joke.

Waylon said...

Is the Obama still operating under the guise of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC)? I thought that project was wrapped up back in 2006, after it was getting out that what was needed was a new Pearl Harbor incident to kick start the thing down the path to glory (or infamy).

My Conservative Values said...

He has already shown stupidity by issuing a ultimatum that I suspect he has no intention of backing up. That is lesson that you learn as kid at the playground.
Obama has already shown his weakness. So nothing is going to be done, perhaps he'll once again tale tough and say "WE WILL PROPOSE SANCTIONS! And we all know how much that's going to do. Nothing! Bottom line? Obama has no plan.

The Debonair Dudes World said...

We have all seen this before, in fact, too many time and now we see it again in both Syria and North Korea. These dictators that know Obama is full of crap and will not do anything to them but once again propose his phony Sanctions, They even know that if they attack Israel or another one of our allies all that will happen is that Obama and Kerry will send letters threatening severe diplomatic sanctions by us and he UN and that́s it. And once again Obama will make an ass of himself with his empty threats and his utter incompetence.

Ducky's here said...

It might be worthwhile to learn the extent of the use, who used chemical, how many casualties etc.
Was it extensive or was it a few obsolete mortar shells.

It would also be a good idea to tell Israel to shut up. It makes it more difficult to implement a sound policy when Nuttyyahoo is running his mouth.

Darth Bacon said...

I guess that first we have to determine what shade of "Red" we are talking about
If we are talking about a light shade of “Red” like “Pink” yhen they are able to use chemical weapons sometimes...but not all the time."Like maybe once a year?
But seeing that since Obama's “Red Line” statement, Bashar al-Assad has managed to kill another 17 thousand Syrians without crossing Obama's “Red Line”. So what did Obama do about that? He moved the “Red Line”, back to a place Assad hasn't crossed yet! Obama's Lack of Leadership has made our enemies view us as weak.
Pardon me Progressives if I was a bit too harsh for you.

I'm still wondering why Eric Holder was so fast in sending in someone to read the Boston Bomber his Miranda Rights and made him to Immediately stop talking, They had a 48 hour window to question this clown, they were shut down 16 hours into it. . WHY?

Always On Watch said...

If Syria does have these weapons, were the weapons "imported" from Iraq? As Mustang recently said:

...the weapons of mass destruction that never actually existed within the regime of Saddam Hussein (no relation to the current US president), that were never moved into Syria on the eve of the US led invasion of Iraq, that Syria never received, or if they did, never used against its own people, all of which was proved in the media by the American left as a damn lie told by Bush the Younger and Grinch Cheney, seems to have come full circle...

You made this excellent point, Z:

Iran is surely watching for proof that this president doesn't quite mean what he says if it involves force

It seems to me that Obama believes that if he has stated something, others will immediately listen and immediately obey. What folly! It is the folly of the consummate narcissist.

Darth Bacon said...

Ducky's here said...
It would also be a good idea to tell Israel to shut up. It makes it more difficult to implement a sound policy when Nuttyyahoo is running his mouth.

Thanks for your anti Semitic Bull Shit Ducky, Maybe we should tell Nelson Mandela to Shut Up as well!
And Al Sharpton and Jessie Jerkson, and Charlie Rangel, and most definitely Emanuel Cleaver!

Radical Redneck said...
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Z said...

Joe, I didn't see Libmann's comment...Elbro must have erased it. Or someone else who has the key to geeeZ, come to think of it. (thanks)

Ducky, your antisemitism is rough to acknowledge. I never can understand how people still buy into the 'poor Palestinians' and 'strong Israel' if they're open to the facts. astonishing.
Also, I knew SO WELL that the first thing you'd agree with is the amount of chemicals :-) You fall in every time.
Also, it doesn't take much, is what you should know. Neither does it take much to sell to terrorists desirous of hurting us here.

AOW: Mustang is right.

Dave Miller said...

If we ultimately verify that in fact the murderous government of Syria used chemical weapons on the largely Al Qaeda supported rebels, what should be our response?

Z said...

Sadly, all information coming from our gov't says Syria is using nerve gas and other chems "on its people," there is no proof it's only against the FSA, if at all.

Of course, Syria's gov't is saying it's the rebels using the chemicals.

So, since Obama never gave any caveats for the usage and it's apparently clear they've been used, now what, folks?

Anonymous said...

Whose side should the USbe On? The side of the jihadist or the side of the anti-jihadist?

JonBerg said...


"If Syria does have these weapons, were the weapons "imported" from Iraq? As Mustang recently said"

YES and if not, then just where did the WMD come from? If it turns out that such weapons do exist and , in fact, came from Iraq then will we hear that [Bush] didn't act quick enough, from his detractors?

Radical Redneck said...

Dave Miller said...
If we ultimately verify that in fact the murderous government of Syria used chemical weapons on the largely Al Qaeda supported rebels, what should be our response?

Are you freaken kidding? What do you mean "IF WE"
Dave Miller said...

If we ultimately verify that in fact the murderous government of Syria used chemical weapons on the largely Al Qaeda supported rebels, what should be our response?

Either say it like it “IS” when you comment, or do not comment at all....then you wont look like a coward . Sarin gas......bullets...mortars... it doesn't matter, 70,000 Syrian civilians are still dead. Like Hillary Clinton said, “What difference at this point does it make?”

Our dear Leader ( President Gutsy Call) does not know how to do anything else but make promises that he can’t keep. And Syria owns one of the largest stockpiles of Chemical Weapons in the world, could it be that they got them from Iraq? Not only does Obama make an ass of himself again with his utter incompetence, but he shows the world that he is a weakling with a bark louder than his bite..

Z said...

Conson Fire...

Thanks for that question; this is why I posted this.
Obviously, it's an error by Obama and could be far-reaching error, but the other part is definitely "who's side are we on?"

And, of course,should chemical weapons/nerve gases, etc., be used on ANYONE? That's another point...and should enemies of ours, like jihadists, have them? Not because they're our enemy (other than the fact that they could easily use them here) but because they're more prone to use them on ANYONE than Western allies and us would be...

Sam Huntington said...

Dave Miller and I agree for once. We haven't yet learned that the Middle East is a quagmire. If we oppose Bashar al-Assad, does that mean we support the al-Qaeda backed rebels?

It would have been in America's best interests if Barack Obama had kept his mouth shut. There is nothing in Syria worth the life of one of our citizens or the cost to taxpayers for even one bomb. If the US had any surrogates in the Middle East, and I'm not saying we did, then they must be laughing at us right now.

The Debonair Dudes World said...
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FreeThinke said...


Get OUT of the Middle east, and STAY out of the Middle East.

Too much is too much!

Dave Miller said...

And Sam, you'll notice that no one has any suggestions about what to do.

BTW, we'd probably agree more in person than in the impersonal print.

George Bush, via the suggestions of John McCain, put the surge in place in Iraq and completely changed the disastrous war plan of Cheney/Rumsfeld.

He took a horrible situation and turned it around.

Now Obama has a horrible situation.

What, if anything can be done to turn it around?

Z said...

"nobody has any suggestion of what to do?" Do you? :=)

The point of my post, very clearly, is Obama's having made this threat and the fact that it was unwise...and NOW what CAN he do?

Sam, who shouldn't be laughing at us now over there? Something many Americans don't like to admit is that FEAR OF US is a good thing, even as we do the amazing philanthropic/charitable things we do around the world. It's worked for us and it may not anymore. There is no fear...we've shown that we don't have the chops and now the world knows how badly our military is cut, though I do know we've got plenty left that's probably extremely effective.

The Debonair Dudes World said...

Not to worry, he has plenty of time to go on vacation for a few days and relax and think about his next White House Party.
I agree with Dave Miller also.
We should be glad that we don't have George Bush’s administration in charge... Could you imagine invading a Nation based on suspicions? Hell 70,000 dead bodies isn’t really proof of anything. It could be from an outbreak of Mad Cow disease, or a possible outbreak of West Nile Virus, after all they are near the Nile!
So, lets see now, how many more reports and deaths is good enough for Obama to call it “Evidence”? Another 70,000? The evidence appears to be strong but not necessarily exactly conclusive.

Look, I’m not saying that we should get involved or that we should or shouldn't intervene, but I am saying that if Obama is going to draw any “Red Lines” then he must show that he means what he says or else he is showing the whole world that we are Full of Crap and that we are really weaklings with a big mouth. Words are cheap!

Constitutional Insurgent said...

The threat should not have been made, it was irresponsible; just as intervening in the middle of a civil war between a dictator and an amalgamation of devoted freedom fighters and al Qaeda rtained/inspired/facilitated extremists.

Based on the purported events involving Sarin, I'm not yet convinced it was even an offensive employment....or if it was, it was amateurish.

Mustang said...

Some years ago, the US accused Iraq of using chemical weapons against the Kurds living in the North. What most people do not realize is that Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons in retribution for the Kurds working (not so) quietly with the CIA. That Saddam Hussein (no relation to our president) used these chemical weapons is beyond dispute. I know it to be a fact.

Even so, we cannot say the US invasion of Iraq was a shining success. The troops performed wonderfully, but the leadership was an absolute sham. We lost far too many troops … and for what? How was the Iraq war in America’s best interests?

I don’t want to see al-Assad using chemical weapons on American ground troops, but we are heading in that direction. In the news today, Sen. Claire McCaskill has said, “… don’t rule out using American troops in Syria.” This proves that Machiavelli was right all along: when the people are grumbling, start a war. It also (once more) illustrates that its government is poorly serving the interests of the American people –a true statement no matter what party has control.

Someone above asked the question, what should we do now? I think the answer is, we should tell Obama to shut the hell up, and we should ignore Syria like the plague up to the point where either side in the Syrian conflict uses chemical weapons against any neighboring countries, such as Jordan.

Dave Miller said...

CI, another good point...

Perhaps it was deployed in an attempt to draw us in.

Z, the questions is not what can he, rather, what can we do?

We may not always like the decisions our presidents make, I surely didn't like a lot of W's war decisions, but he was still my president and president of our country and I always hoped for the best for all of us.

I did not like Obama's decision to go public with his "line in the sand" but he did it. Now what can we do?

Perhaps he should have said nothing, but wouldn't people have said then that silence showed weakness?

Dave Miller said...

Or to reparaphrase Mustang... when the people start grumbling... say something...

Exactly what Obama did...

Thersites said...

I sure miss Qadaffy's "Line of Death"...

Thersites said...

...cuz he sure did show us!

I'm sure that MiniTru will edit out this little Obama mis-step nicely... just like Moamar did. :)

Thersites said...

There's an old Italian proverb

"Alexander never did what he said, and Caesar never said what he did"

Jack Whyte said...

After reading Ducky's comment, I propose the staff at Hope Mental Clinic take away his keyboarding privileges for 30 days.

Ducky's here said...

@AOW --- If Syria does have these weapons, were the weapons "imported" from Iraq?

Well, give in to conjecture and innuendo. That worked out so well in Iraq.

1. If they don't have nukes, they don't have WMD.

2. The extent of any use in Syria has not been released. Maybe the White House knows but You, me and mustang sure don't.

3. Why would Hussein have shipped weaponry to an ally of Iran. If I recall, Iraq and Iran fought a pretty brutal war and we were all for upping the body count then.

4. 50 - 100 thousand people have been killed in Syria. If we could do something constructive why haven't we? Or have we done what is feasible?

5. In the face of that kind of loss of life why is this being used as an opportunity for petty Obama bashing (Flash: He was re-elected, figure it out) and not constructive analysis.

Just some thoughts from the irrational fringe left.

Elmers Brother said...

Wrong the term WMD predates nuclear bombs. chemical and biological weapons are included

Ducky's here said...

@Z --- Ducky, your antisemitism is rough to acknowledge.

Ah, the old, give Israel immunity or you're anti-semitic dodge."

Always weak, z. Better to give some idea of how Likud has been constructive in this affair.

Z said...

Ducky....ya, right; you are ALWAYS against Israel and when we say you're anti-semitic, you react.

Now you know what it feels like when we criticize Obama and we're called racists.

DAVE MILLER: No, it's precisely what CAN HE DO. He is the ONLY person in this country who can make that decision.
I am eager to hear what he decides to do; it can't be an easy thing to have put himself in this situation.
I'm not blaming, much..

What do YOU think we CAN do?

Ducky's here said...

Well, z, the difference is that Obama has largely governed as a typical corporate centrist and the rights criticism has been so strident that you have to wonder where it comes from.

Israel has consistently maintained an apartheid regime that has consistently stirred the pot in the mid East. They played their part in the fake weapons "intelligence" on Iraq so you have to be careful about their participation in this potential rush to judgement.

Z said...

Ducky, you are so uninformed about the Middle East it's breathtaking reading your ridiculous comment.
As if Israel would be attacking Palestinian areas were they not constantly (nearly every day) fired upon.
Odd that Palestinians can't get their land to produce much and they have the same water/sun that Israel has. Wouldn't you think their Arab brethren would help$$$?
No..better to keep some Palestinians poor and angry. Witness the JEWS ARE PIGS cartoons we all know about.

As for Obama, stop with the OBAMA'S A CONSERVATIVE idiocy; it doesn't reflect well on you and is silly.

Dave Miller said...

Z, I don't see anything we can do... Except stay home...

Sam Huntington said...

Ducky’s right, Z. Israel made up that whole hidden arms shipment deal that was not masterminded by Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorn. Not only that, Israelis routinely make up stories about rockets being fired into residential areas by Hamas and other terrorist organizations. And you know all those Israeli school children who were murdered by suicide bombers? That was all a lie. Those children are living in the Bahamas today. So you can see that Israel really should be bombed off the planet, and every Joo sent off to an internment camp.

How am I doing, Ducky?

Ducky's here said...

Let's see, Sam. In one of the latest Gaza raids an entire family of 12 was killed. Even Likud admits that but gets around the issue by tagging them all as "suspected militants", makes the civilian kill ratio look so much better.

In the history of the rocket raids on southern Israel have there been 12 deaths. I don't think so. The attacks are a pin prick compared to the destruction Israel has perpetrated.

Ayers and Dorn are weapons merchants. Interesting ... Alex Jones or Free Republic. Absolute loon talk.

This syndrome of kowtowing to the Israeli propaganda machine and believing everything that comes from Likud is a good example of why we should be careful before taking the chemical weapons story at face value.
If Nuttyyahoo is pushing it does he have American interests at heart? Hardly.

Ayers & Dorn
Arms merchants to the world.

You've outdone yourself Sam and given a striking example of why the right wing sound machine is so damaging.

Crabby Old Man said...

We made a mess in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yeman, the Gulf states, Libya, Egypt, etc and now Mr.Jugears is drawing “Red Lines” in the sand in Syria.
I like many others, think its a good idea to STAY THE HELL OUT OF THIS MESS. How is that hard for you to understand? Even a Affirmative Action Community Organizer should be able to digest that This ain't Shakespeare, or Brain Surgery!
This Blowhard attacked Lybia for "Humanitarian Reasons" in an Illegal War of His Choosing yet preached "Non-interference" while the Mullahs in Iran were shooting their own people in the streets. In order to support the Muslim Brotherhood

He went "Clubbing" in Vegas, as 4 White American Embassy Infidels were Murdered by a Muslim Attack. An Attack that he Lied about for WEEKS, so as to shift the Blame away from "His People" and onto some poor Coptic Christian who is rotting in Prison, as we speak. He's been Secretly Arming the Islamists in Syria.

He has Confirmed his intentions of Doing Nothing against his Arab Muslim Brothers, by ignoring his own Phony Ultimatums written in sand, when it comes to Syria using Chemical Weapons.

He has Armed his Muslim Brotherhood brothers with Advanced Weaponry, as they "Prepare for War against the Decedents of Apes and Pigs". And, he gave them the Weapons FOR FREE.
The answer is not to find better leaders to implement health care, Amnesty, gun control. We need to elect Americans who love the Constitution more than the perks, we need to take back our Constitution. We need a president who will do the right things when we need him. But with this president, I predict that Boston will be forgotten along with AllahAkbar Hassan's workplace incident. And Iran and North Korea are waiting in the wings. Obama has put himself into a corner. He won't intervene and not intervening will cost him politically.
Let us count the ways.
Ft. Hood (oh, that was "workplace violence")
Times Square (which only ended well because the bomb didn't go off correctly)
The underwear bomber (who was stopped by a Dutchman & other passengers on the plane)
The Little Rock recruiting center shooting (dubiously overlooked by the media & this "administration")
And now the Boston bombing.
Anyone want to tell me anything about Bush now?

Sam Huntington said...

You play an interesting game, Ducky. That Ayers and Dorn were involved in smuggling weapons to Gaza, a ship that was stopped by Israeli forces, is a fact. World News Daily and the Clarity Media Group reported the incident. Of course, you are correct to note that the communist media refused to cover the story—why would they? They’re in the tank for Obama and his entire thugocracy. But World News Daily, Clarity Media Group, and Real Clear Politics reported it.

So this means that it is possible you are blind, stupid, or a liar.

The Debonair Dudes World said...

Not to worry, if Syria crosses that “Red Line” Obammy will draw a new line.

Ducky's here said...

World News Daily, Sam? Explains so much.

Now don't they get a little carried away?

Ducky's here said...

Sam, are you sure it wasn't Weekly World News?

Z said...

Dave, you're probably right about staying home.

SAM!! GAD! I thought you were serious for a minute! HOLY COW :-)


re your list...and not in order because my copy/paste won't work at work:

-Generals who know a LOT more than you do still believe Iraq gave Syria weaponry. We can't be naive. And we might have done ourselves a lot of harm when the lefties went into overdrive asking the question you ask here. Lost us time and the possible ability to protect ourselves.

-Be hit by chemicals and say that's not a weapon of mass destruction...

-the extent of the chemicals isn't known (read my post); that they have been used is apparently certain now

-Who knows what's feasible? Still, do we continue to draw lines and then back off? Is that a good message to N Korea or Iran?

-Obama bashing? We're discussing, quite reasonably, if he should never have drawn the red line in the sand. That he was probably dead wrong isn't bashing, it's criticism. Get used to it, he deserves it almost every day.
My GOSH, after the nightmarish bashing you people did to Bush, you think THIS is BASHING? :-)
That's hilarious.

Pris said...

It wasn't only Israeli intelligence which backed up ours, but the UK's as well.

Let's remember the Iranian people rising up against their Govt. and not one word of support for them from Obama!
Syria(Assad)is an ally of Iran, and I think that has a bearing on Obama's decision to talk out of both sides of his mouth, which he almost always does! Ummmm it's a little like voting present!

BTW, Mustang and Z, you are most astute regarding the moving of WMD, from Iraq to Syria.

I don't think Assad would have challenged Bush this way when he was president. Hell no.
At the very least President Bush was strong enough so that he wasn't weak and predictable as Obama is.

Z said...

Pris, EXACTLY. I don't think Assad would have pushed, either...or N Korea, or Iran...........not like they are now.
Exactly so.
I keep thinking of Mr Pris and what he knew and how he'd be able to contribute!

beamish said...

Democrat Presidents have, in the past, directly assisted al Qaeda.

In 1995, Clinton removed the al Qaeda affiliated "Kosovo Liberation Army" from the US State Department list of foreign terrorist organization and provided air support to the against the Serbs.

In 1998, Ahmed Shah Massoud and his United Islamic Front / Northern Alliance forces requested US assistance against al Qaeda, Pakistan, and the Taliban in the Afghanistan Civil War (1996 - 2001). President Clinton balked, and the Taliban took power in Afghanistan, giving a base of operations to al Qaeda even after passing on opportunities to have Osama Bin Laden arrested, or killed on the spot.

In 2011, President Obama provided air support to al Qaeda-affiliated rebels in Libya against Muammar Qadafi. Many of these "rebels" were foreign terrorists that fueled the insurgency in Iraq in 2004.

It remains to be seen if Obama will provide air support to the al Qaeda-affiliated "rebels" against Bashir Assad in Syria. Perhaps he needs a staged "Markele Market Massacre" moment - but it is unlikely Hezbollah will toss bombs off of rooftops onto Syrians to fake a mortar attack for the media to gin up support for overthrowing their meal ticket.

Obama's inaction upon his blustering rhetoric is probably a good thing. If Assad is using chemical weapons on al Qaeda-affiliated "rebels" we should be doing everything we can to get cameras in there making videos we can enjoy over and over with popcorn on YouTube.

Kid said...

Obama is No JFK

skip to 2:10 if you want the meat of this, but the whole vid is pretty illustrative of how much of a mealy, wishy washy, "wait to see how things turn out before taking a position" incompetent boob obama is.

Z said...

Beamish, it's never a good thing to ignore threats you've made, in my humble opinion.

You know how I feel about Massoud...I still feel badly about what happened to him.
I read a mystery called GONE TOMORROW that you might like...a Jack Reacher action/mystery by Lee Child. It talks a lot about Al Qaeda and related groups and how some of it works; I loved it.
They painted Massoud as not so hot, but I don't care; he's a hero of mine! The American gov't sure wasn't fond of him, that's for sure.

Otherwise, what would you do NOW, beamish, about this situation?

Z said...

Kid, I don't think I ever heard respect for him has gone up. And for MacNamara, his Sec of Defense. They really took a chance and it sure paid off.

Ya, I have to smile thinking about Obama taking that risk. First of all, imagine his far left fans? They'd flip out. No, he couldn't ever do that. I hope he never has to make any decision like that.

but he might.

Also, the number of times "I" was used was worth remark; Obama says it constantly. JFK, BUSH, etc., all mostly used "WE" when talking about the White House/Pentagon steps to be taken...
JFK used "I" when it was something he knew he might have to take blame for; THAT is a class act.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Beamish - Your points are well noted, but you left off another example, possibly because it didn't occur under a Democrat Administration? I refer to our actions circa 2001, when our strategic response mirrored al Qaeda's long range goals as encapsulated by Saif al-Adel.

I would also be cautious about presuming that alleged Iraqi WMD material was spirited to Syria prior to our invasion. There's no end of partisan outlets connecting the dots along the path of least intellectual resistance....ignoring that Syria has had a mature chemical WMD program since the mid '80's.

Kid said...

Ok, so now that you've watched the JFK video, clear and strong statements made in response to clear and unmistakable intelligence regards nuclear missiles being sent to Cuba from Russia was not only simple and available in the dawning of the 1960 decade, but acted upon responsibly by a president who not only had a responsibility to the USA but to the 'innocent Russian people' as well. To allow a couple whackjobs led by Kruschev to cause a "full retaliatory response against Russia" by the USA would have resulted in a lot of needless death in Russia as well.

If I were in the White House, I'd certainly feel a responsibility to those people. People in Russia, as opposed to the vermin in the middle east did not hop up and down screaming Death to America.

In contrast, we have a president who thinks maybe Syria used chemical weapons and maybe they didn't. I read today that Israel has definite proof they did.
We have an administration who, warned by the Russian government about at least one of the Boston bombers, failed to be on guard. An administration who oversaw security people and procedures that in probably any other country on guard for terrorism, like England, for decades has had the ability to spot and deal with luggage, back packs, whatever, left unattended, but who have failed this most simple of tasks and are now as responsible for deaths and injuries as a result of the bombing.

PATHETIC! Get your heads out of your butts folks supporting this administration. K?

Sure, there are many who thought and or continue to think: Gee who could have picked up on these guys? Who could have monitored and caught the fact that people, anyone, let alone known terrorists, left their back packs unattended. Gee I would have had such a hard time with that!.
Well, maybe so, but that's not YOUR JOB and never has been.

Take a minute to realize that the job of President gets ZERO POINTS for effort (If there even was any effort)

Points are only given for Successful Execution. What the IRS is going to give YOU points for Effort to fill out your tax forms properly?

If all that mattered was Effort, hell, lets put any idiot in the White House and wring our hands over what they try ever so hard to do but Fail and give them carte blanc on everything because hey they Tried and that's all any of of incompetent boobs do in life right?

Good God.

Z said...

Constitutional Insurg: let's be cautious not to pay attention to experts who still believe Syria holds plenty from Iraq.

Kid..what a fabulous rant...and I'm SO SORRY you're SO RIGHT because it's a very dangerous situation.
No, nobody gets an A FOR EFFORT when it comes to protecting people...EFFORT only if it PAYS OFF.

It's political correctness blocking us from really taking charge and protecting America and Obama's the King of PC. SOmetimes I wonder if he really does know better but is fearful of the Eric Holder/Axelrod/Jarrett gang; but then I don't think he's bright enough or experienced enough to know better.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"....let's be cautious not to pay attention to experts who still believe Syria holds plenty from Iraq."

Some of those experts who have professional, personal or financial gain to be made by the claims in question. The US Intelligence Community has categorically not issued an any assessment that supports this theory.

beamish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
beamish said...

Otherwise, what would you do NOW, beamish, about this situation?

I need to see conclusive evidence that Assad's forces are using chemical weapons. I also need to see conclusive evidence that the uprising against him is al Qaeda fueled.

If both are true, I'd consider giving Assad precision guided bombs.

beamish said...

Beamish - Your points are well noted, but you left off another example, possibly because it didn't occur under a Democrat Administration? I refer to our actions circa 2001, when our strategic response mirrored al Qaeda's long range goals as encapsulated by Saif al-Adel.

Saif al-Adel is more famous for bitterly complaining about not being taken seriously by Osama Bin Laden.

As for al Qaeda's long rang goals of reconstituting an Islamic Caliphate with Baghdad as its capital (as stated in their ideological writings and manifestos)... uh, no. Doesn't seem likely. Baghdad is no closer to becoming al Qaeda's wet dream Caliphate capital than Hackensack, New Jersey is.

Kid said...

Z, Kid, I don't think I ever heard respect for him has gone up.

And the rest of your reply. Yes, exactly. obama is a boob. Let's hope no one Really challenges him.

In my opinion, Russia doesn't event think he needs challenged. They probably think they've got him eating out of their hand and they probably do.

One related comment is that the libtards biggest mistake is that they have no idea the evil out there. It's a serious problem for the world when they're in power.

beamish said...

It's political correctness blocking us from really taking charge and protecting America and Obama's the King of PC. SOmetimes I wonder if he really does know better but is fearful of the Eric Holder/Axelrod/Jarrett gang; but then I don't think he's bright enough or experienced enough to know better.

Obama? Dude's not even smart enough to write the crap he stammers off a teleprompter.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"Baghdad is no closer to becoming al Qaeda's wet dream Caliphate capital than Hackensack, New Jersey is."

Of course not. Their lack of success doesn't mitigate that we've danced to their tune since 2001

Kid said...

Z, thank you. I mean, not only can't we expect people to realize that they are paying for a product that costs about a buck to make when they call in and order the 'free magic night cream, just pay [20 bucks] shipping and handing' because people are obviously so Stupid today (Else these commercials Wouldn't even be on TV), imagine how much we can't expect them to understand the level of Excellence that goes in to keeping a country safe from worldwide threats from hundreds of thousands of individuals on a daily basis.

Then we have janet the lesbian head of DHS, hiring her totally unqualified girlfriend for 6 figures a year and the two of them spend most of their time harassing male underlings at DHS. Does the media tell us about this? Naw. Did the media tell us about when Bush wrote a posty note to C.Rice about taking a bathroom break at the UN? You BETCHA !

I hate libtards. Maximum stupid. Maximum hypocritical, mental disease.

Z said...

Beamish, I think it's 90% proven on both counts about Al Qaeda and Assad.

Const. Insurg....we HAVE been dancing to their tune; very well said.
I used to blog frequently about how it's only since 9/11 that muslim cab drivers could refuse someone with a bottle of alcohol, or schools had to build foot-washing stations as if muslims, before that, couldn't think without clean feet?
or muslim butchers didn't have to cut pork.
That NEVER HAPPENED before...they're calling the shots; there are no two ways about it.

That is why I also frequently ask "Have they got nukes and have threatened our gov't and our gov't doesn't want us to know BUT are dancing to their tune to stop them from using them?"

Kid...that magic night cream doesn't WORK? :-)
Excellent point about Napalitano and Bush......the fun never quits, does it.
(Does Napolitano really have a female lover?)

Kid said...

Z, janet Nap... YEP

Click the word YEP..

Z said...

Kid, imagine if ANY Republican woman had this said about her?

The "oh, so open minded" left would become more homophobic than anybody in the guise of "truth" :-)


I'd heard all those stories in your link, but wondered if it's been proven that she has a certain lover or not...etc. do what she did in her department is despicable. And, as I said, any Republican would have been ousted.

Anonymous said...


"Does Napolitano really have a female lover?"

Why not...we all sure as hell know she's a dyke...look at her..listen to her...she's Maddow with a beard.

This is what we've come to...two "girls" on the Supremes....Muslims in the WH and ineffective misanthropes running our homeland security when she'd be better off managing a wednesday nite bowling league serving tap beer. She sure as hell isn't a "Skinny Girl" candidate.

I hear her favorite girl is Hillary.

God how I despise my country's "leaders" now.

Pris said...

"I keep thinking of Mr Pris and what he knew and how he'd be able to contribute!"

Yes Z, so do I!
But then, there are times these days I'm glad for his sake, he doesn't have to experience what's happening to our

Z said...

Yes, Pris, for my Mr Z and my father...they loved this country very much and would be stunned to see what's going on.

Kid said...

Z, Kid, imagine if ANY Republican woman had this said about her?

Good God! Imagine if a republican said even 0.0001% of what democrats have said and not just the underlings !, but the speaker of the house for God's sake. Never made a single statement that didn't prove she was certifiable.

How about the moron congressman who said that is too many people were put on Guam, the island might tip over and capsize!

How about every single thing biden has said! debbie douchebag-putz!

Good Lord. I could fill up the Interwebs with it if I was so motivated!

Which is why it's so stunning to see libtards defending their evil insane masters day in and day out.... Truly.