Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Don't I have the RIGHT to be MAD?

You know, THIS REALLY TICKS ME OFF.   That link is an article about how some Hispanics feel about the new immigration reform suggestions and certain of them want to make sure that, in immigration reform, "their rights are respected."  

They broke into this country, they have lived off us in many ways, and they have rights?  They've broken our laws!

I really hesitate posting this because most of you know I'm quite fond of the Hispanic immigrants I work with, employ, talk to at my local grocery store, etc.. They are sweet, giving people and they're legal and they pay taxes!  MY RIGHTS are being infringed upon when I pay for illegals' health care, when many are working under-the-table and sending money out of our economy into Central America, when I hear everyone around me speaking Spanish and I feel like the usurper in the stores I've shopped in most of my adult life, when I know darned well that many Hispanics I see snuck in here and ...now are demanding RIGHTS.

WHAT RIGHTS???   Yes, they have the right to decent treatment, kindness, cordiality from us all.
Other than that, an illegal has the RIGHT to come clean and start his or her legal immigration process.

This post isn't meant to be a 'pile on' on Latinos, please don't do that in the comments section, but I really do get angry when I hear this RIGHTS thing.  One has 'rights' one is entitled to by law in ones' own country, not in the country into which someone snuck and is taking advantage of in almost every possible way.  Don't you agree???

If they don't agree, they do have the RIGHT to leave.


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