Thursday, April 4, 2013

Is this guy even SANE?

Though the news isn't good, I've always felt N. Korea was saber-rattling, but seeing this hacked picture of the little twerp makes me a tad bit more nervous, doesn't it you?   He looks psychotic!

Tell me...why do YOU think he's threatening and posturing so hard right now? 



Anonymous said...

Posturing? Nah...I think he's a puppet of his military masters who like the Ruskies in the 60's wanted to have it out with us.

As soon as he announced that he was targeting the US...he should have been answered with a dozen JDAMs on his palace. By our capable B2's.

He's a very dangerous little putz.

Waylon said...

Is he even sane? Short answer: No!

But he's serving a purpose in the idea of globalism and world government. Just a piece to be manipulated on "The Global Chessboard" as Zbigniew Brzezinski would say.

I think the enemies within are much more dangerous that the enemies without, and there are plenty of those roaches within the house now.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Pre-empt. Like Imp said.

Z said...

Imp, I don't think it's quite so simple as bombing his palace.
His military masters? WHO?

Ed, I think he's daring us to, which could make us nervous as to why.

Who's manipulating Kim, Waylon!?

Anonymous said...

And where Pray Tell Where´is our Secretary of State during this crisis... driving around in his non swift boat collecting Purple hearts, or is he conferring with Jane Fonda?.

Thersites said...

Almost makes me miss KimJong Il...

Anonymous said...

John Jerry warned that we will not accept a nuclear North Korea!

Will someone please let Kerry know that North Korea already has nuclear weapons.
How did this moron get as far as he did?

JonBerg said...

I don't have an answer for this but has anyone else wondered what his Generals, who are much older, and perhaps, saner think of this little psycho? If the NK military is afraid of this little psycho, do we need to be afraid of them? North Korea seems to me as nothing more than a giant mental institution, with no professional help or care available, that somehow has reached and maintains international sovereignty. I'm not even sure as to how China benifits from this glorified Cuckoo's Nest!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I personally would like to see North Korea wiped off the map

Z said...

JonBerg, check out the picture closely and look at the men around him...they look NOT HAPPY. And this is apparently a hacker photo, unstaged, unposed. The truth? Freaked out by the little putz?

Cons Thoughts....Kerry REALLY said that? Yikes. And, by the way, Hagel scares me even more than Kerry does. Man, our LIVES are in these guys' hands!

Thersites, it's like wishing Clinton was president, isn't it :-) Who'd have thought we COULD or WOULD ever wish that?

Waylon said...

Who's manipulating Kim, Waylon!?


Ambassador Dennis Rodman

Kid said...

Maybe I'm showing my ignorance here, but I think there are 2 things in play.

- he is anxious to show that is little 28 year old self is capable of supreme ignorance

- it is what his papa did as a ply to get aid and other freebies.

I'd love to see us laugh at him, tell him to knock himself out, and reiterate that the more stupid he is, the less he gets.

his dad made noise and madeline not-so-bright (working for clinton[for the sake of the librats in the audience]) would take him a Michael Jordan autographed basketball, and several 10's of millions of dollars (to be shared among he and the clintons with a few thou tossed out as tips for the lower players)
She probably provided personal services as well.

Kid said...

N Korea is a perfect example of why you never leave wars un-won or unfinished business.

Back in 1950, (and the UN was involved here so you have the moron element included as a given) I'm sure everyone was wringing their hands over how many 'innocent' people might be killed by a nuclear weapon(s) used on N Korea to end this thing successfully.

But look at what has happened instead.

60 years of massive numbers of truly innocent people being forced to live without electricity, food, shelter. Eating grass to stay alive. And how many more decades will this carry on.

When you're dealing with evil you must stamp it out regardless of the immediate costs, otherwise the costs increase exponentially as evil is allowed to persist.


Ducky's here said...

South Koreans are just shrugging their shoulders and we're talking about starting a war.


Kid said...

S Korea is not shrugging their shoulders. They're asking for help. We don't just send Navy and Air Force to S Korea without an invitation.

you're welcome.

Anonymous said...


Sorry Kid...I had to chime in B4 I bail...

" and several 10's of millions of dollars (to be shared)"..

To be counterfeited in the millions by this rouge, illegal and ruthless regime. And then flood the world market with his bogus paper. We know that. Which is more serious and threatening to us...bogus dollars..or China's ripping off our IP?

I'd blockade them, isolate them and move missile defense to Guam or Taipai and tell him...your move punk.

But since we have a drunk as SOD, a SOS that's a fraud vet and traitor... and a wimp as POTUS...we'll concede and give them what they want.

Maybe we need a nuke in Seattle or San Fran from him as a message to wake us up?

But I know the sissies will be wringing their hands....afraid to react...afraid to defend our selves...and this punk knows this all too well.

Z said...

Kid, what more could we have done in Korea during the war?

Ducky, S Korea is "shrugging its shoulders?" You'd better start reading more in-depth, true news...
not the wishful leftie thinking that they have a chance to slam us because AMERICA IS WAR MONGERING AGAIN.

Imp, somehow the left's happy waiting for him to hit us; and they'll be enjoying calling America war monger until they do, then, if he does, God forbid( probably technically can't right now, but he will get there) they'll blame America for giving the impression to N Korea we were going to hit them. It'll be our fault..wait for it.
It's unbelievable...

beamish said...

Tell me...why do YOU think he's threatening and posturing so hard right now?

Obama welshed on a March Madness NCAA basketball bracket bet with him.

Anonymous said...

I think the guy has to prove he can take over after and be tough like his daddy. Basic psychology. I don't think he's as dangerous as the nut jobs in Iran.

Anonymous said...

What worries me the most is Russia in this whole international game. Those guys are pulling strings in N. Korea, Syria, etc... I think Putin and some of the former KGB members want revenge on the USA or at least want to go back to the former power of the USSR. And now they are accumulating cash through a more "capitalistic" society, the very same society that made them run out of money, while we ourselves are running out of dough. It's a pretty sad turn of events.

Scotty said...

Z said...
Kid, what more could we have done in Korea during the war?

Not speaking for Kid, but what should have been done was win the war there instead of opting for containment.

We should have bombed and marched all the way to most northern parts of North Korea.

Z said...

beamish..:-) Rodman let him down.
Did you hear Rodman on tape say "He spoke to ME, not Michael Jordan or Tiger because I'M BLACK!" wink wink.
He was serious. yikes

Scotty,'re right.

FB..the Russian part is dangerous. And yes, it's madness to want to "BE LIKE DADDY and GRANDPA"...I hope nobody suffers too much for that.

FreeThinke said...

The short answer to you title question, Z, is "NO!"

He is not sane
, but he's crazy like a FOX.

This all about SHAKING US DOWN for more CASH.

Sadly, we always oblige. Look at the billions we donate to vicious bullies and corrupt regimes all over the world. The more they hate us, the more we give them.

What a racket!

THEY take advantage of us, precisely BECAUSE we are burdened with PRINCIPLES -- a concept they doubtless laugh to scorn.

It will continue that way indefinitely till some lunatic actually deploys a nuclear weapon, and then we will have ARMAGEDDON -- I guess.

Frankly, since I am nearing the end of my life, I don't really care all that much. The Human Race is an experiment that not only failed, it stunk up God's laboratory.

The sooner we go the way of the dinosaurs, the better off the planet will be.

Dein alte Freund,

Herr Doktor Merkwuerdigliebe

Kid said...

Z, we should have done whatever needed to be done. Escalated as far as necessary so as to not leave behind what Has been left behind.

Like WWII. We and the allies did what was necessary. They knew the cost of unfinished business.

Kid said...

PS - How's about we play a little word association.

Diplomacy - Money laundering/stealing

beakerkin said...

I think we should have the Delta Force send in Ducky. They could talk about film for days.

Z said...

Kid, not too much of a leap with those words, huh? You're right.

Beamish, as if Delta Force would do ANYTHING with Ducky?
By the way, do you read LEE CHILD mysteries? I think you'd really like them.