Saturday, April 27, 2013

Chik Fil A..........classy

This is written by a wonderful young Rabbi friend of mine.  West Hollywood, by the way, is the gay section of Los Angeles, for those who might not know that.  I've never seen a Chik Fil A in Los Angeles, so I was surprised there was one let alone in the middle of (very heavily) gay country:

I was driving through W. Hollywood today, saw Chik fil A and decided to get some fries and a coke. 

The place was packed.  There were 14 cars in the two seperate drive-through lines they have, and both lines moved and were replenished fully quickly.  At this Chik Fil A, you order and eat outside.  All of the outdoor seating at the pleasant and clean patio dining area was filled.  The two young men who took my order and gave me my food -- big smile, mature and friendly greeting, professional as hell, white shirt and tie, amazing.  The staff inside was as ethnically diverse as the neighborhood outside it.  (Matters?  No.  But I just find it ironic.  And apparently there are plenty of gay employees in the company.)  My food came out in about 60 seconds.  The training these men and women must get has to be fantastic, they are light years away from any fast food staff I've ever encountered.

The manager of the place was out in this little patio area, chatting with the customers, cooing over some babies in a stroller. 

Even the parking lot attendant was a fan.  "It's always like this, people just love this place" he said.

The whole experience, especially knowing where this place is located and the hatred directed against the ownership nationally, just blew me away.  Way to meet blind hatred with tons of class. 

My Rabbi friend is a political conservative man of great faith and great discernment...I read this with interest, particularly after the press given to this company a few months ago, and I'm sure this account is of interest to you, too.

VERY classy to be so friendly in such terribly UNfriendly territory.   They've always hired gays, by the way.  Nice to see that the neighborhood responds so well to the class of this company.  



A Little Birdie Told Me said...

Wonderful post, thanks for it.

Thersites said...

West Hollywood Chik-Fil-A? I think I might have been there. ;)

Tyrone. said...

It’s a well known fact that rhe Democratic Party has long the party of anti-American radicals.
We could start by naming a few who comes into mind like Jane Fonda,,, the wll known Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn (both of whom were chummy with Bill and Hillary and who hosted Barack Obama’s political coming out party in Chicago politics). And does Rev. Jeremiah Wright come to mind?
All who share similar values to Louis Farrakhan and the Muslim Brotherhood, e.g. the destruction of the State of Israel, implementation of Sharia law, etc.? And all who are anti-American. Add to the above President Barack Hussein Obama, who’s apology/bowing-to-Muslim-potentate tours abroad and looking the other way while Iran’s ruling Mullahs mowed down freedom fighters in the streets before the “Arab Spring”, and should we really be surprised that our present Democratic Party-controlled federal government treats Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood as honored guests in the Oval Office. In comparison to snubbing the Israeli Prime Minister in the Oval Office in the past to go eat dinner with his family. But don’t you see, now that Obama has been re-elected he thinks he is above us mere mortals.
That said, I also consider myself a Free Thinker.
I also know that this post don’t relate to Chik-Fil-A, but I had to get it off my chest. Thank you for the opportunity to. And today, I will go out of my way to find myself a Chick-fil-A .
As for Ted Kennedy’s immigration amendments "will not cause American workers to lose their jobs." Ted Kennedy cannot have it both ways, either the immigrant act would cause the illegal immigrant to remain UNEMPLOYED and become a burden to the public, (and we all know that Crime increases with illegal immigration) , or the illegal immigrant will take a job that otherwise could have gone to an American.

Radical Redneck said...

Obviously It's the lazy, bleeding heart Liberals who don't want to work, but just want to get in line with the picketers, the letter writers, the protesters, and the ones who want the sponsors to drop the advertizing who are the troublemakers. And we a;; know who they are!

These useless bums need to get a life.

Anonymous said...

The type of class shown by Chick Fil A is not the type of "class' the liberals understand.

sue hanes said...

Z - My daughters and their families think a lot of Chik Fil A
and go there whenever they can.
They have a good reputation in the two cities where they are located.

Mustang said...

You won't find much class on the left, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the Left...

Mark Steyn:

"“The alleged involvement of two ethnic Chechen brothers in the deadly attack at the Boston Marathon last week should prompt Americans to reflect on whether we do an adequate job assimilating immigrants who arrive in the United States as children or teenagers.”

Maybe. Alternatively, the above opening sentence should “prompt Americans to reflect” on whether whoever’s editing America’s newspaper of record these days “does an adequate job” in choosing which pseudo-credentialed experts it farms out its principal analysis on terrorist atrocities to.

But, if I follow correctly, these UCLA profs are arguing that, when some guys go all Allahu Akbar on you and blow up your marathon, that just shows that you lazy complacent Americans need to work even harder at “assimilating” “immigrants.”

After all, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan were raised in Cambridge, Mass., a notorious swamp of redneck bigotry where the two young Chechens no doubt felt “alienated” and “excluded” at being surrounded by NPR-listening liberals cooing, “Oh, your family’s from Chechnya? That’s the one next to Slovakia, right? Would you like to come round for a play date and help Jeremiah finish his diversity quilt?” Assimilation is hell.

How hard would it be for Americans to be less inadequate when it comes to assimilating otherwise well-adjusted immigrant children?

Liberalmann said...
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Z said...

Tyrone, your 'either/or' is absolutely correct, sadly.
As for going off topic, that's ok..because you're so right.

Imp...that Steyn piece knocks it out of the park. He synopsizes all that we were saying the other day here about Boston and how it was easy to brew this type of people there.

Mustang, I'm reminded of how, when Tony Snow died so young and so painfully, Huff Post crashed under the weight of liberal revelers in its comments section.
it was truly horrible to see that people could be like that.
So, when Ted Kennedy died, I visited conservative blogs, some I'd never seen before, looking to see what the reaction was and every single one of them, including mine, had something to the effect that we didn't like him but we sure were sorry he'd suffered and were sorry for his family. That said a lot about class.
Each time Cheney dies, check out liberal blogs. The sheer cruelty of the comments will make you ill.

Anonymous said...

And one more for the resident lib-loons:

"As far as assimilating goes, I would guess that around the Cambridge, Mass area there is enough anti-American sentiment thrown around every day that these two reprobates thought they WERE assimilating."

Z said...

Imp, that's why it was astonishing that so many kids had American flags and were shouting USA when the perps were caught. Kind of shocking...sadly so.

Ducky's here said...

For Imp:

After the bombs -- a photo essay

Anonymous said...


I like B&W...too.

Anonymous said...


"so many kids had American flags and were shouting USA.."

Yea....every community has it's share of those dangerous, right wing, patriotic goobers, racists and rednecks I guess. But they sure as hell weren't on any local campus...

Ducky's here said...

Careful, z. The self righteousness can blind you to what's there.

Z said...

Did you all see where a piece of rusty landing gear from an airplane is stuck between an apartment house and mosque in NYC?
They believe it must be from 9/11 and I can't help thinking what an amazing coincidence it is that it would fell tightly wedged near a mosque.

Z said...


The Screaming Eagle said...

The Liberals have always been using their most favored labels..
when they can't use the "race" card.....they pull out the "hate" card...

Ducky's here said...

Well, z, as you look for displays of nationalism and rush to condemn the liberals of Boston you completely miss what's happening here.

Come in from the cold.

Ducky's here said...

Still no Chic-fil-a at Quincy Market. Wouldn't mind if one went in myself.

Could happen eventually, the site is still vacant.

But these boycotts are generally fruitless. Think how successful Focus on the Family has been.

Ducky's here said...

"... Chechens no doubt felt “alienated” and “excluded” at being surrounded by NPR-listening liberals cooing, “Oh, your family’s from Chechnya? That’s the one next to Slovakia, right?"

The Steyn quote is further out of it than he usually is.
Now, how many of you really think than an NPR listening Cantab doesn't have a decent grasp of the geography of the Caucasus?

Certainly better than the average Rush listener.

But what is kind of galling is his crack about assimilation. Boston has some nasty crap in it's past and there has been a hell of a lot done to bury that and grow. In fact we have been pretty successful and Steyn's sniping is just the ignorant fringe right echo chamber.

Z said...

Ducky, only you'd use NATIONALISM instead of PATRIOTISM.

I haven't missed a THING and I think it scares you that you know I'm right.

As for your other two comments, can you ever EVER stop with your ridiculous conceit?
As IF NPR listeners are more intelligent than Rush listeners, or that many of them don't also listen to NPR?
After all, we have to pay for part of NPR.

I wonder how libs would feel having to support Rush's radio show...or Hannity's?
you willing to?
We support your one-sided drivel. (Oh, I KNOW, I'll bet there's one weak conservative on NPR so I'm WRONG, right, ducky?)


Working tonight...big event.
Please, folks..pray all goes well for me and my guests! THANKS! xxx

Anonymous said...


Done Z...done. You're the consummate hostess...why worry??

Sam Huntington said...

Well, Z … Ducky is an ass, has always been an ass, and I assume from that, always will be an ass. He should ask the parents of that dead child what they think of Boston’s efforts in assimilating the world’s tired masses … or anyone who lost a limb. Rather than examining the underlying idea, Ducky responds by insulting anyone who has ever listened to anything other than NPR.

Yet, an opportunity does present itself to Ducky to make a difference within his community. He can continue his inane blathering along the communist POS line, essentially refusing to accept responsibility for where Boston is today, or he can accept the criticism in the spirit it was offered and begin working to make his town … his family, safer. Failing that, then let the record show that Ducky had an opportunity and let it pass by. And this, of course, would mean that Ducky is the problem and he ought to just STFU.

Jack Whyte said...

In the news: Tamerlane Tsarnaev now a suspect in unsolved triple homicide in Boston, 11 Sep 2011 …

Why is the wife of Tamerlane working 70 hours a week, and still getting welfare?

Kid said...

Z, I hope all goes fantastic for you tonight. I'm keeping a good thought.

Not to pick on your post, or you commenters, but there is something nagging at me when it starts to become normal for people to call "Awesome" when someone does the 'right thing'.

That should be boring right?

Kid said...

Since the bombing was brought up, I'll take this op to point out that for perspective, I'd been through Heathrow 4 times in 1990 and I'm telling you, if luggage was left unattended for 30 seconds, it was taken out and blown up.

That security people had to be on scene and missed backpacks being left unattended near the finish line no less is mind bogglingly incompetent.

Course, that's obama and his DHS clown janet's middle name, but still one would think actual people experienced at the task were there.

Anonymous said...

@ Jack Whyte:

"still getting welfare?"

She's not...they're above the income requirements now that she's an Islamist beats of burden.

Anonymous said...



Beast of burden.

Bob said...

Back to Chik Fil A - It is interesting how family values include courtesy and respect. Even Californians are due a little respect, and a good chicken sandwich, every now and then.

Anonymous said...


"if luggage was left unattended for 30 seconds.."

I prefer the Israeli method....if a Muslim is left alone for more than 30 seconds...

Anonymous said...

Here's another example of muslim love, peace and "tolerance".

"Muslim-Christian Romance Prompts Violent Protest in Egypt
April 26, 2013

An alleged romance between an Egyptian Muslim college student and a Coptic Christian man heightened sectarian tension on Friday in a small rural Egyptian town where police fired tear gas to disperse stone-throwing Muslims who surrounded a Coptic church in anger over the inter-faith relationship, a security official and priest said.

The Muslim protesters accuse Saint Girgis Church of helping 21-year-old Rana el-Shazli, who is believed to have converted to Christianity, flee to Turkey with a Coptic Christian man.

Stories of conversions to Christianity or Islam, inter-faith romances and the illegal building and expanding of churches have caused a series of deadly sectarian incidents in recent years. Since Islamists rose to power after Egypt's 2011 uprising that forced out longtime autocrat Hosni Mubarak, Christians have grown more fearful of intimidation and violence from fellow Egyptians, especially ultraconservative Salafis."

Which begs the question...why would a nice person want to convert to this barbaric ideology? Like "Speed Bump's" wife, Kat?

Ducky's here said...

Well, Imp, if a Jew wants to marry a non Jew in Israel they have to leave the country to get married.
Seems like a similar principal in Egypt.

Of course there wouldn't be a peep out of the ultra orthodox if someone wanted to marry outside the tribe.

Anonymous said...


"n Israel they have to leave the country to get married."

You fail to see one major difference Duck...the Jews are not required to leave in a casket.

The muslim freaks wouldn't stand for anything less. Now that your city has been forever scarred by two of islams finest pieces of shit...I haven't seen a parade of muslims holding afternoon prayers and unfolding their prayer rugs at the finish line / murder site of the Marathon...maybe I missed it?

Keep up the PC Duck....maybe they'll try harder next time they get a chance. There are more than 10,000 of the Saudi ilk roaming around as "students". It only takes two as I see it to close Boston down.

While I mourn those that were maimed and killed by these pukes...these savage seems to me that you're unable to muster up the same outrage? I have some friends up in your neck of the woods...and to a man...a real man....they want revenge.

Now, while we're on the subject...Let's take the Japs...there is no miscenagation at all...and they seem to be the most civilized nation on the planet.

Z said...

Kid, first of all, i HATE the stupid term "AWESOME"....what a dumb thing to say; most things are not AWESOME, right?
And'd think doing the right thing needn't be awesome...I don't know what you're referring to because my head's spinning from the fifth event this week and it's 10 pm and it was quite a night... so I'm not reading all the comments, but you're right. that a joke about the guy's wife and getting welfare? Or is this one of the reasons Gov Patrick shut down all info on their welfare situation? DAMN THEM

can't wait to read the rest of these tomorrow and respond.

thanks, everybody.
Wish you could have tasted our host's margaritas !:-)

Gregg's Blogg said...

Yes, it's true, if a Jew wants to marry a non Jew in Israel they have to leave the country to get married. But so what? That's their law and to them it's important. Because the government of Israel is an orthodox religion based government, strict marriage laws apply.
I believe this is true because they don't want to "water down" the Jewish population.

Z said...

Gregg, you're right, and to malign the for this is unkind.

Let's ask the question of whether Jews can work in Palestinian areas or can Palestinians work in Israel :-)