Friday, April 12, 2013


I'm sorry, but this was just TOO FUNNY not to blog.   
By the way, a few days after Rodman returned to the States and was the hit of TV interviewers, I swear I heard him say  "...I wondered why Kim wanted to speak to ME!  But I figured it out...he didn't talk to Tiger or Michael Jordan because...I'm BLACK!"    Man, that guy is NOT the smartest tool in the shed, is he.  :-)

I thought the caption above was hilarious..enjoy!
z  (thanks to Kid and Imp!)


Average American said...

Damn publicity pimp. Maybe they should have kept him over there. Obama too!

Z said...'s true; this caption really does seem to capture Kim's cluelessness!

sue hanes said...

Z - You are right - that is hilarious. By the way - that guy makes me more that a little nervous. And I don't mean Dennis Rodman.

JonBerg said...

Is he being groomed for B.O.'s replacement? From what I've been seeing lately, anything is possible!

Thersites said...

..."when I said 'nuke the Chinese,' I meant 'put the leftovers in the microwave!'"

Anonymous said...

Oh that's what the red button does!

Z said...

Sue, we're all smart to be nervous.'re right.

What was he DOING THERE? And have you heard about the conflict in stories between the White House and JZ on the Cuba trip? My gosh.
It all makes me sad.

Thersites, that is funny! (took me a minute!)

Z said...


Have you heard that a "progressive" Leftwing Super PAC 'reportedly' is behind the McConnell plans to bring up negatives about Ashley Judd when she was considering running for senator?
The media's been busy printing stories about it as if it's the new Watergate, but it occurred to me how dreadfully the Democrats plotted and schemed against Palin (going thru trash, mischaracterizing things she said, saying her CHILD wasn't hers...etc..and worse than that)...where was the media critical outrage THEN?
Palin was running for VICE PRESIDENT.

The hypocrisy STINKS.

Anonymous said...


"when I said 'nuke the Chinese,' I meant 'put the leftovers in the microwave!'"

Now...that's funny!!

FreeThinke said...

Anyone who is not subversive is a racist. Being a racist is the worst Crime Against Humanity imaginable.

Committing Mass Murder in order to Achieve Social Justice and Economic Equality is enlightened.

All White People are Racists. PERIOD!

Ergo, All White People Must DIE.

Isn't that about it? };-)>

Anonymous said...


"Ergo, All White People Must DIE."

Isn't that from the NBPP constitution? Or was it Louie Fake-akhan?

Rita said...

Z: when I get home I will send you a copy if an email I got from work yesterday regarding No. and So. Korea. you won't believe my client's take on the situation.

Waylon said...

I don't think that the media focus and fixation on Kim Jung-un and North Korea is an accident, but a deliberate tactic of diversion from more important events being undertaken on the home front which are never mentioned in the media or polite company without the label of "conspiracy theory". Let's just simply face reality: There is no way that any supposed missile from North Korea could ever reach the shores of North America unless it was allowed to happen deliberately.

Since it should be evident that there is now and has been a war going on for some time. The war being against the minds of the people—psychological warfare—designed to cause despondency and fear in the minds of those that would stand against the evil being spread. The powers that seek to rule a new generation of slavery embracing serfs are moving ever closer to the destination of "their hearts desire" to cite the tag of the Fabian Socialist brand.

Waylon said...

The idea of demonizing white people received a giant boost from the writing of Susan Sontag" "White people are the cancer of the planet".

Of course the bitch was just another cuddly lovable socialist ...

Z said...

Ya, that line about the CHinese food is very funny!

Cons on Fire..YIKES!

FT..that's about it, according to MSNBC!


Waylon..there's a dismal thought... I don't put anything past this president but I think I'd stop at allowing America to be nuked; except if he could only nuke John Boehner and Sarah Palin's homes, maybe? Oh, and the NRA offices? (#$@($&*@*(#$

Waylon said...

Z, I don't want to be dismal, there's no future there. But I don't think one can fight an enemy set on destruction of a complete way of life without recognizing that the evil today seems to be a distilled evil that makes the evils of the past shrink in comparison. What despot of the past openly advocated the reduction of the population of the Earth on the scale advocated today by these people who have found a new enemy—humanity?

Human life is of lesser value to them than the flora and fauna of the planet, at least according to the likes of Ted Turner and Maurice Strong, to name two of similar thinking.

beamish said...

An enemy's nuke going off on American soil would REQUIRE a genocidal response to that enemy. We'd settle for nothing less.

Well, some of us would, but only a few would be stupid enough to admit it within earshot of that majority that would stomp the guts out on the sidewalk.

If we don't want to be F***-ed with, we HAVE to be the craziest M@#$%$F@#$@RS in the room.

Anonymous said...


"we HAVE to be the craziest M@#$%$F@#$@RS in the room."

Exactly...and then maybe they'll kick us out of the UN.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I agree with you on the hypocrisy. It's a shame that that tool Korn in now the go to guy on trashing conservatives. I hope they charge those guys criminally and put some fear into "political operatives" which is code for sneaky little pansies who hide in hallways and eavesdrop on grown-ups. I wonder if they were giggling like little kids while they listened to grown-up talk. Get a real job losers.

Ed Bonderenka said...

They let Iran stay.

Kid said...

Z, Thanks for the mention. Man there is some funny stuff coming out re: North Korea and kimmy. I'll have to blog a little of it also.

Z said...

You have to love the left...there's a REALLY leftwing guy who says he's "the expert on Cuba" and he was all for JZ and Beyonce going to Cuba .."that's what we should be good it is to succeed!".
Yet, he knows about the Cuban regime's oppression, presumably, and then has the NERVE to tout it's LITERACY PROGRAMS!
ARE YOU KIDDING MEEEE? That's the numero uno that makes Cuba wonderful?

beamish said...


"Exactly...and then maybe they'll kick us out of the UN."

Wouldn't happen.

China re: Tibet
Russia re: Chechnya
France re: Algeria

The worst that could happen is the UN would take us more seriously.

beamish said...

you dance now

Z said...

beamish, good one!

By the way, when I look at YouTube now, it advises I REALLY should use my real name and it bugs me SO big time. One thing I do NOT want to do is use my real name on the internet at YouTube, etc...
Do you do it?
What's WITH that?

Leticia said...

Two clueless men connecting, awww...

beamish said...


Garbage in, garbage out. My name is "Mister Beamish" on sites that I feel don't need my real name.

I use my real name on Facebook, but I only "friend" family members there. My real name's on a work email address and my Yahoo account, and that's it.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I never use my real name.
That's why I use my dad's.
i just got a comment yesterday on a video I posted about safe cracking that says my voice sounds like John Wayne ... Gacey.
Glad I didn't use my real voice.
I wonder if the commenter was JWG's cell mate?

FreeThinke said...

John Wayne was GAY -- SEE?

It was the GAY in his name that made that poor man into a maniacal sadistic murdering DEVIL.

He would have been all right if it hadn't been for that darned GAY.

}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} SHUDDER {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{

The Absolute Marxist said...


Z said...

Absolute Marxist..that is FUNNY!

Liberalmann said...

Oh I get it, it's funny becasue he's black and Obama's is black and the old stereotype that 'they all look alike' by racists with juvenile brains is still funny, hehehe... heheheh...hehehe.

The Screaming Eagle said...

These hysterical liberals making up excuses for being Commies make me sick.

Liberalmann said...

Really Eagle? So tell me how and why liberals are 'commies.' give me some proof. Some examples. You can't becasue you're a Fox News drone.