Saturday, April 20, 2013

Where was the family?

Last night, a newsman asked Boston Police Chief Ed Davis if, after the two pictures of the terrorists were shown everywhere for two days or so, did any of their family members come forth and say "We know who they are"?    They did not.

Thank GOD either their cowardice or ideology**** didn't kill more innocent people.  And, some relatives say they were FRAMED.    It will be interesting to see what the fellow who lost both legs below the knee says when he recognizes the one brother who looked him right in the eyes as he put one of the bombs next to his legs and walked away.   Framed?

****UPDATE:  After writing this, I heard K T MacFarland, whose daughter knows a young woman who had facials in the very home of these two boys.  The young woman has written a piece on this for the internet but I haven't even looked for it.  Suffice it to say she felt very welcome and enjoyed the facials until, months into her visits, the mother of the boys, the woman who did the facials, started acting odd and talking more about her 'spiritual adviser.'  Suddenly, the girl says, the woman wouldn't go outside without a head scarf.  She told this young woman that 9/11 was a plot just to make Americans hate muslims.   She and her sons were becoming more and more radicalized to the point that the young woman felt so uncomfortable in the home she stopped going.    So, I guess it was less cowardice and more ideology which caused these people to never come forward.  Perhaps they'd put their sons up to this attack.  We had taken them in as asylum seekers, the youngest son was granted citizenship and a scholarship.

And this is what they did, after months spent with their new spiritual adviser.  

A young boy died just because he went to see his dad run in the marathon!  Pray for him and his family.  I believe his sister is an amputee now.  And remember to pray for the Chinese parents of an only child, a daughter, who they were so proud of and who lost her life at the marathon.

What kind of parents would not turn their sons in when they saw the pictures of them as suspects?   The kind who are radicalized, hate-filled, who hate freedom and don't recognize generosity when they see it.

Now let's get someone here standing up for the parents and those boys.   You think it was a frame-up?   Would you have turned your children in?   Maybe if you didn't share their objectives you would.



FreeThinke said...

Has anyone here ever read Eric Berne's classic little pop psychology treatise called Games People Play?

It's probably been out of print for at least two decades, but it's still very revealing.

I highly recommend it. I found it a great help in learning what I -- and most people -- keep doing to themselves that stunts mental and spiritual growth while thwarting the fulfillment of human potential.


I'm sure it's available for your Kindle at, and old paperback copies are always turning up at yard sales, flea markets and second-hand bookstores.

I highly recommend it.

Always On Watch said...

How often do Muslims turn in other members of the ummah?

Joe Conservative said...

Blood is still thicker than nationality.

Joe Conservative said...

Titus, we barely knew ye!

Joe Conservative said...

The aunt does not believe, for in Islam, the truth lies ONLY in one's willingness to die, and her nephew is dead.

beakerkin said...

In general we don't have people say my relative is a moron unless they are related to are related to Ducky.

sue hanes said...

Z - It's hard to relate to this situation. I hope I would turn my children in if I believed that they were capable of something like this.

I'm just so thankful that they got the other brother and that this part of this horrible crime is over - knowing that no more lives will be taken.

My prayers go out to those who were so terribly wounded - and for the families of the dead victims.

Dave Miller said...

Great link Joe, and I mean that... The author sums it well in at the end... I have seen this righteous religious fatalism in my work and it ain't easy to combat.

Thanks for posting...

Waylon said...

I believe there is more to the story than is being told by the media. Apparently the older brother was not a dumb ass. He had studied engineering, spoke three languages and played the piano. He was also a good enough boxer to have won recognition for his skills at that.He may have been alienated in not integrating into the American culture and apparently was into Islam and possibly radical, although he went drinking and carousing. The younger brother according to some who knew him was not considered to be radical or overly religious.

That picture doesn't jibe with the picture of them painted by most of the media. The garb they were wearing in the photos appears to be consistent with others that were at the crime scene as well. Including such distinguishing features as back packs, jackets and caps. The parents, although living in Russia , think they were framed since they can't reconcile these actions with the boys they knew.

Hard to believe that a whole city would be under lock down. Expecting residents to "obey the law" and stay inside. Do they expect residents to just follow commands and hide under the bed, watch some television and wait for the 'all clear' signal to be broadcast and they can heave a sigh of relief and come out into the fresh air and sunshine again? Guess so.

Seems the fans of MLB in parks across the nation exploded in rousing cheers when the jumbotrons announced the culprit had been apprehended. Of course now theses baseball fans can get back to the more important business at hand: Watching the overpaid superstars develop hangnails while standing around scratching their crotches.

Waylon said...

Has the Boston Marathon blast sucked the oxygen out of the room in relation to other stories receiving media coverage? I'm thinking, possibly, yes.

The huge fertilizer plant explosion in a small Texas town has not received nearly the coverage that Boston has. The blast was bigger. More fatalities. More injuries. More damage. And I recently saw a state trooped interviewed saying that this is still considered a "crime scene". Just a peculiar coincidence? Maybe?

The Absolute Marxist said...

Please, we need MORE tolerance, not LESS!

How can we achieve total meaninglessness, UNLESS we accomodate and tolerate EVERY ONE's values?

Z said...

Waylon.."Crime Scene" in TEXAS? I have never heard that suggested to be anything but water which shouldn't have been administered to a certain volatile fertilizer.
CRIME SCENE? In that tiny town? WHY? What's the thinking? Let us know what you've heard.
As I listened that night to the horrific explosion stories, I couldn't understand why, if five blocks were "flattened" as they said, more people hadn't died. I was SO close to tears all that evening, feeling so badly for those people...but only 3 dead. Then I figured that the first fire reported had caused them to be evacuated. Is that right? Man, hundreds could have been killed had that not happened.

Free Thinke...could you relate that to this story? I'd like to hear your thinking.

Always..that's my point. What other family wouldn't have turned murderers in?

Joe Con...blood's thick in all families but some HAVE turned in their family members ...

Beak :-)
But the truth is some families DO turn in their perps

Sue...that's the point, isn't it. If they were capable of this, decent folks would do all they could to prevent innocent people from dying under their family members' hands unless they were of the same mind/ideology. How sad.

Dave, it isn't easy to combat, no. When I first wrote this post last night, I hadn't heard of the account of how the mother/cosmetologist had slowly become so radicalized by her 'spiritual counselor'...once I'd heard that, it was clear why she hadn't turned her sons in. So sad.

Waylon, when bombs like that could be made and kill, I'd say lock down was called for JUST IN CASE. If they hadn't done that and these boys had friends set to plant other bombs, Boston's Mayor and Police Chief would be in more trouble than these horrible radicalized islamists.

Ducky's here said...

His own classmates saw the photos, recognized him and brushed it off because they didn't believe he could do it.

I'm more curious about the family from a different point of view. e came to the U.S. as a small boy and he was young when his parents left. What was there to anchor him. Unfortunately just his brother.

And what caused his brother to snap.

Yeah, where were his parents. There was a hole in this kid's life.

Z said...

Ducky, from my post, it's clear the mother lived with the boys, or at least in town ... as it says, her client got uncomfortable after having known her for quite some time, when she saw the mother becoming radicalized, telling her 911 was an inside job hoping to turn America off of Muslims.... putting on a headscarf every time she went outside when she'd never done that before... all of this happening after she became involved with a 'spiritual advisor'.The father lives in Chechnya or Russia... I'm not going to make it my new hobby to know or understand every aspect of these monsters' lives as we so often do in these cases.

Marxist...that video really bugged me. There's a lot of good message in it behind the 'innocent' lines of the Peanuts gang. And the message in that is part of what's hurt our country so terribly. you're right.

Z said...

In other words, she's with her husband in Russia now, but the news says "it's not clear when the mother left the united states".

Apparently, she'd been here for quite a while with her sons.

The parents also say the boys had been under surveillance, their having been told by the feds "we know what you eat and what internet sites you visit".

Trying to build a case that the boys were set up.

Again, I'll be interested to hear what the boy who lost both legs says because he recognizes one brother as the one who looked directly into his eyes as he laid the bag on the ground next to him...and walked away. The amputee will recognize him.

The Absolute Marxist said...

All we need to do is add Ramadan to our Christmas-Channukah-Kwanza-Winter Solstice holidays... and then life in America will be COMPLETEly perfect!

Z said...

THAT is an excellent story on the brothers; their family did live together here for quite some time..parents, sons, etc.

The story of the facials I mention in my post is in there, too..
The uncle who thinks so badly of the boys, tho was barely around them the last five years, says his brother just moved to Russia. The family has apparently been in tact for some years here.

The uncle says this has nothing to do with islam; it's something else that radicalized them...
While we know the mother was probably radicalized by her spiritual advisor.

Z said...

CNN's article I linked pretty much suggests these kids were just too nice to do anything like's all a mistake, according to the relatives, and they've been marked by our feds for years...with absolutely no provocation. (Smile)

Marxist; I don't know what we do about that anymore. We've bent over backward in America so nobody feels bad while those same people can't wait to make US feel bad. Troubling times.
It's like we work hard at no collateral damage while our enemy's goal is the most collateral damage possible..and our left slams US :-)

really bad times...and nobody here has the guts or can get past the leftwinger political correctness wall with all it's seeming 'sweet tolerance' that's now killing us.

Z said...

NPR: in case you take it seriously and need a wake-up call.

The Absolute Marxist said...

I hate to make excuses for monsters...

But the older brother was a "lost" soul. He lost his wife, child, and had few "prospects". Islam gave him a "greater purpose". The lower he descended, personally, the more he grasped at his religion and "those" who offered him "greater purposes" to serve. And given the state of our nation, and its' economy, there will be many more who may follow this path.

The Absolute Marxist said...

erratum above - "erroneous path" for "path", above.

The Absolute Marxist said...

"What? You search? You would multiply yourself by ten, by a hundred? You seek followers? Seek zeros!" - Friedrich Nietzsche

The Absolute Marxist said...

America needs LEADERSHIP, not some post-modern go-along-to-get-along Namby-Pamby President. The American people NEED to be empowered to take charge of their OWN lives, not be "taken care of" by a grandiose, but soul-robbing, Wefare State.

The Absolute Marxist said...

Corporate Crony-Capitalsim isn't an answer. It's the problem. It makes every American a wage-slave, instead of an owner-operator.

The Absolute Marxist said...

The time has come to restore our trust in Big 'G G_d, not little 'g government.

Fear not! He WILL provide, so long as we place our Faith in Him!

Z said...

The point is it doesn't matter what a 'loser' he felt he was.

Is America going to be one long shrink's couch for every sick puppy who kills innocent AMericans?

We KNOW that broken homes CAN create problematic people...we know broken homes don't usually do that.
SOMETHING prompted these kids to do these awful things and a mother gone radical should be part of the equation; not a mother gone absent only a few years ago.

The ABUSE EXCUSE is something that reared its head fairly recently and it's a terrible idea.

Z said...

I was just thinking how amazingly lucky these monsters were to have committed these hideous murders and maimings in America.

The Absolute Marxist said...

The point is it doesn't matter what a 'loser' he felt he was.

My bad. There's nothing to think about, here. Everything is fine. Go on about your business, America.

The Absolute Marxist said...

SOMETHING prompted these kids to do these awful things and a mother gone radical should be part of the equation; not a mother gone absent only a few years ago.

A LACK of higher purpose, perhaps? Could that "something" be a "lack, a "void", a "nothing"?

That's the point that I was trying to make.

Z said...

You missed it "Marxist"...
I'm agreeing with you but you missed it.

It doesn't matter what a loser he is because there are millions of people some would consider losers who don't KILL PEOPLE.

We can't let people who say "the poor guy thought he was a loser" excuse MURDER.

The Absolute Marxist said...

At least she GAVE them something they "lacked". Something that they couldn't find anywhere else.

Z said...

It must be grating to many Bostonians to hear USA! USA! and see American flags waved by college kids.

The Absolute Marxist said...

Do you realize just how hard it is to get "good" people to do bad things?

The Absolute Marxist said... pervert MURDER into a virtue?

Z said...

News CHannels are asking "How could these boys do this? What caused them to feel this way?"

Meanwhile, stories of the mother's turn to radicalism helped by a 'spiritual leader' aren't being discussed. But they are reporting on how her boys were wonderful and were just set up by the American gov't.

Does the media, left AND right, not pay attention to the stories we hear of radicalized mosques in America where the feds, I believe, still are not allowed to enter because the place is 'holy'?

What's not to understand about radicalized islam? What will it take to wake up?

Where are the non radical muslims who could speak up against this and should be NOW?

Oh ya..they'd be killed.

The Absolute Marxist said...

Islam is obviously "capable" of transfiguring evils into virtues. Nationalism is also (if the SS were any indication).

But these kids weren't likely to turn to American "Nationalism" (aka - patriotism) their "nation" was at war with many co-religionist's. They couldn't "identify" with us. They couldn't make the transition from their "parents" belief's, to their adopted nations. There was nothing to draw them in and cut their parents former ties, in American culture.

The younger son seemed to be making the transition, and absent the elder brother's influence, probably would have done fine.

Joe Conservative said...

Some Muslims were speaking out. We can only hope, and pray, that there will be more.

Z said...

Good that you posted that, Joe...more Americans should know muslims are speaking out against it.
We need parades of them out there speaking up. perhaps in large numbers, their fellow muslims who are more radical won't kill them for disagreeing.

Marxist...absent the mother's having clearly become more radicalized here, that might have helped too.
The point is it doesn't matter, particularly to the young man with no more legs, or the family who lost their 8 year old and have an amputee little girl now, or the Chinese family whose only child is lost to them forever.

Waylon said...

Z, I just googled West Texas explosion +crime scene and found over 50 million hits. Here.s the one at the top of the search.

I just found the lock down a bit of an over reaction, I guess.

Here's something strange that I came across. The neighbour of the alleged perps went outside for a smoke and noticed blood in a path along the side of his house. He followed the trail to the boat in the backyard. Pulled back the tarp and discovered the young man hiding in the boat. If the young man was armed and dangerous why would he let the man walk off and call 911 who came and arrested the guy?

Waylon said...

Here's an interesting link about the similarity of dress between the brothers and others at the scene of the explosion. The others apparently in the "security" detail...

Z said...

Waylon, I don't know...
I think there's a lot of conjecture in that coverage, like the guys look surprised...maybe they're innocent guys running from the scene. I'd look surprised. And they don't look any more surprised than anybody else.

The lockdown had to happen..what if there were five more pressure cookers placed around town, or about ready to be , by others?

And as far as the guy not shooting the fellow who found him, they say he had been shot the day before and he'd probably lost a TON of blood and was either very weak or unconscious...

Impertinent said...


" What other family wouldn't have turned murderers in?"

This kind...

One god commands you to send your son to die for him, the other sent His son to die for you.

Impertinent said...


"But the older brother was a "lost" soul.."

As a former boxer, maybe they'll excuse him because he was punched in the head too many times?

Impertinent said...


"What will it take to wake up?"

Something enormous, catastrophic and totally devastating. Maybe if they brought down the Capitol building...that'd piss off our glorious "leaders"...especially having the cafeteria closed.

Impertinent said...


""How could these boys do this? What caused them to feel this way?"

You can bet your bippy that if they were white Christian, T-Partiers....they'd call for the elimination of both Christianity and the T-Party as the extremist threats they wanted and wished them to be.

beamish said...

Aw c'mon.

The same FBI the left wants running background checks on gun purchasers gave Tamerlan Tsarnaev a background check that he passed.

Can we go back to the day when we were unsafe without the Department of Homeland Security? It wasn't different, but it certainly was less expensive.

Z said...

Imp..HOLY COW "One god commands you to send your son to die for him, the other sent His son to die for you."

Is that your line? WOW. Very good. Very telling.

Abs. Marxist: I apologize; the truth is close to what you suggested about the younger brother. It appears that he was a pretty good kid who might very well have been pulled into this jihad not only via possible input from his mother but from the big brother who was quite radicalized and probably did talk him into it. have a point. Mark Fuhrman was just on FOX saying that the feds oftentimes leave the local cops in the dark and that this never works on big investigations/searches like we've just had.

With that lousy Napolitano in charge, it certainly would be a lot cheaper and just as effective without DHS

Z said...

I'm tired of the media and its NO MIRANDA RIGHTS ADMINISTERED.

The truth is that if public safety is so jeopardized, and the arrest/apprehension of a perp this bad, Mirandas aren't even legally necessary.

It's almost as if the media's already in full damned swing of PROTECT THE PERP! HE DIDN'T GET MIRANDAS!

who the hell CARES? Besides the law saying it's not necessary in this case, they also have VIDEO, FIRST HAND WITNESSES, etc etc etc.

damn the media

Z said...

So, should this punk be tried as a combatant or an American citizen?

beamish said...

So, should this punk be tried as a combatant or an American citizen?

Please, Z. We're talking Massachusetts. He'll get weekend furloughs with Willie Horton or just not charged at all like Amy Bishop.

Or, just allowed to leave the country with some Saudi diplomats.

Z said...

beamish...I'm laughing out loud.
good point.
Obama's in a hard spot; "look like a big American hero president...versus...make the leftwing see me as sensitive to this poor kid's faith"

JonBerg said...

"So, should this punk be tried as a combatant or an American citizen?"

Why should he be tried at all when he can be given a full professorship in some liberal Massachusetts university?

Z said...


Remember how outraged Obama was at the white cops in the Harvard Prof situation which prompted the BEER SUMMIT? Only to learn the white cops did nothing wrong?
Lately, he's in the business of asking people to tone down the conjecture...
That REALLY bugs me.

BUT, I'm counting on him to do the right thing in regards to charges against this kid. Any kid who can leave such horrible bombs around in groups of such innocent Americans doesn't deserve to not have the BOOK thrown at him.

beamish said...

Well, things would have been a lot different had the attack occurred in the United States of America instead of Massachusetts.

Guy's allegedly throwing military explosives at the cops and not one of the gay couples in Boston's suburbs had a firearm to drop him?

beamish said...

I'm still waiting for Ducky to demand a mosque be built at the Boston Marathon finish line.

Impertinent said...


"a mosque be built at the Boston Marathon finish line." was harsh.

Impertinent said... that it's all doesn't look like MA / Boston citizens will ever be allowed to defend themselves.

Closing down the entire city and have 10,000 cops on patrol proves to them guns are unnecessary when the Police can be counted on to protect them....even if they have to stay locked up.

Ducky's here said...

@z --- Ducky, from my post, it's clear the mother lived with the boys, or at least in town ...

It's not entirely clear. The mother is in Russia and I'd be curious when she left since the people on the local boxing scene note a major change in the older brothers behavior in just the last year or so.

Questions about where they got money. If this were an organized attack then their actions after the blast don't indicate it.
The younger brother actually swiped his card at the UMass Dartmouth gym on Wednesday.
They had to hijack a car and have the driver withdraw money from an ATM. They had no idea how they were going to escape.

I still maintain it's necessary to look at these guys in much the same way we see school killers.
It struck me that the older brother said he didn't have a friend in America even though he was deeply involved with the local boxing scene which is fairly large.

There are holes to fill in. The mother is reported to have been picked up several years ago on a pretty large shoplifting beef. There's some domestic abuse in the older brothers past.

Then he snapped.

Impertinent said...


"The bill would have expanded background checks for guns, a rather minor measure..."

On top of the background checks that are already law! You might want to listen to a very civil presentation on just what you ignorant eggplants didn't understand.

And really are a sick POS....that's right...I'm a racist...go ahead say have the IQ of a kumquat.

JonBerg said...


Just what we needed, Saturday afternoon comic relief. You, obviously, mock liberal black thinking. I bet that you would have fit right in as a character in one of those 1800's vintage Minstrel Shows!

JB, The: Answer Man

Law and Order Teacher said...

I think they ought to interrogate this guy without any kind of rights advisement. He'll be convicted based on the evidence we have already. Screw him.

Impertinent said...


What's the mood of the Bostonians now? Back to Sam Adams pubs?

Liberalmann said...

If you teabaggers didn't kill the Ground Zero mosque these bombers would have had no grievance, and would be normal college students. Instead you radicalized them.

Teabaggers = cause of marathon bombings!

beakerkin said...

The comments of Liberalman and Ducky should come with the caveat they were
written by imbeciles.

Long live the last American Patriot Mr Beamish.

There is no excuse or rationalization of Beavis and privileged jihadist ripping pages from the bio of Bill Ayers. The elite University educations and suburban lives are not excuses for criminality.

Note the need Liberalman to shift focus.

Mr. Beamish can you print the formal list of subjects Duncy has been demonstrated his ignorance of.

Impertinent said...

" Instead you radicalized them." ignorant dumbass.

Go visit his web site. And you can call us baggers again?....You insufferable sodomite. I'm hoping tonight you choke on someone's bag.

Z said...

Question Man..go somewhere else; you're sounding like a broken record lunatic. We don't like Obama because he doesn't hold our values; we'd vote for a black man, or Asian man or woman, who does tomorrow if we could. What is SO hard to understand about that? Are you so angry you can't even let non-racism sink in?
I have black family I've mentioned here; as you insane or illiterate?

Ducky, it is clear. Reports are they lived together for quite a few years here. I'm not going to argue with you; believe what you will.
And go ahead...look at them as you view school killers, but tack "Disgruntled, radicalized muslims" to it because it's the truth, whether you like it or not.

beak: Libjerk knows I delete all his comments but the truly hilarious ones. This is his mindset: If we (and the Democrats also opposed to it) just let muslims build a mosque on Ground Zero, islamists would like us.
Honestly, you can't make this stuff up! HILARIOUS!
oh, what the heck; you're right :-)

Z said...

I was thinking about how long we've had muslims in America..and how it's only since 9/11 since they've become disgruntled. The irony is breathtaking..........
Who cared in the past that they were here? They bothered no one, no one bothered them.
Then some of their radicalized monsters do 9/11 and it's hell to pay for US?
So our whole gov't and most of Europe's heads of state decide we need to go into Iraq and WE're the bad guys?

Don't muslims care about their children here? Aren't they worried they might get killed in a terror attack aimed at Christians and Jews? Or do they believe that if they die in something like that, Allah will be happy because at least some non-muslims bit the dust? amazing 'religion'

FreeThinke said...

"How can we achieve total meaninglessness, UNLESS we accomodate and tolerate EVERY ONE's values?"

TAM, I'm "getting you, " and that means I'm beginning to love you.

It's refreshing to hear a humorously irreverent conservative voice -- a great rarity in these here parts. ;-)

Ed Bonderenka said...

Could you summarize please?

Impertinent said...


"and how it's only since 9/11 since they've become disgruntled.."

Nah...they've always been disgruntled...the men are repressed and horny...the women are in bags and smell humor...all macho posturing and shoe banging...

I think 911 was their great clarion call to push for world conquest and domination....they and the left want the same things. Problem is...they'll take off the lefts heads when they get the chance.

They Say/We Say said...

That is a sad part of the post.
The only child of a couple having to have permission by the have a little happiness for a short while.
If not having to worry about down syndrome with another child---if the Gov. gives approval!

Ducky's here said...

@Imp --- @Duck:

What's the mood of the Bostonians now? Back to Sam Adams pubs?
Back to inviting Neal Diamond to sing at Fenway. That crap is an affront to real baseball.

There's still a sense of confusion. It's a small city and everyone knows someone who was close to the marathon finish or the chases or some aspect of this.

I was leaving a jazz concert and walking to the subway about a mile and a half from the Thursday night chase. The house was full though. People aren't going to cocoon.

I've read all kinds of reactions to it. Mustang's statement that we brought it on ourselves is what I expect from the fringe right.

Myself, I think these were two lost souls who aren't much different than Columbine, Virginia Tech, Newtown ... and there is little we can do to stop it.

Rather we won't Mirandize the kid and we'll just cede more power to the government as this all folds in on us.

My primary concern is that the hate and bigotry doesn't take hold in Boston and so far it seems it won't.

Z said...

From what I hear, they didn't invite Diamond to sing; he got on a plane on his own nickel and asked if he could sing that with the crowd.

Ducky, how can you suddenly not like ceding more power to the gov't when you're all about that every other day?

It's not 'hate' or 'bigotry' to just admit and acknowledge the truth. We're learning more and more about particularly the older brother and his connections with seedy and threatening Russian and Chechnyan terror groups.
what bigotry or hate?

Hate's a strong word, but what I feel for someone who'd do what those two brothers did comes about as close to hating as I'll allow myself.

Z said...

For those of you who remember, I got a nice letter today from The Merry Widow, who used to blog with a lot of us.
She's doing well...........

They Say/We Say said...

A source close to the investigation said: “We have no doubt the brothers were not acting alone. The devices used to detonate the two bombs were highly sophisticated and not the kind of thing people learn from Google.
“They were too advanced. Someone gave the brothers the skills and it is now our job to find out just who they were. Agents think the sleeper cell has up to a dozen members and has been waiting several years for their day to come.”
>The FBI was last night hunting a 12-strong terrorist “sleeper cell” linked to the Boston marathon bomb brothers.
Meanwhile-Obama says,not to jump to conclusions

Z said...

They Say...Obama sure jumped to conclusions about the Harvard Prof and the white cop, huh?

Ducky's here said...

Because, z, it is the responsibility of the government to protect due process (which you apparently don't care about) and not to use the fear of the populous to abrogate that responsibility.

They Say/We Say said...

Four Republican lawmakers called Saturday for the Boston Marathon bombing suspect to be transferred to military custody, rather than face trial in federal court.
Republicans have made similar requests in recent years for other captured terror suspects to be treated as enemy combatants — all of which were rejected by the Obama administration.
The Supreme Court would not uphold such a detention.

They Say/We Say said...

"it is the responsibility of the government to protect due process and not to use the fear of the populous to abrogate that responsibility"; ******EXCEPT
when accusing the Tea Party for the event-watering the tree of liberty

beamish said...

Mr. Beamish can you print the formal list of subjects Duncy has been demonstrated his ignorance of.

Print out the list of books in the Library of Congress sans those dealing with homosexuality and Soviet propaganda.

beamish said...

If you teabaggers didn't kill the Ground Zero mosque these bombers would have had no grievance, and would be normal college students. Instead you radicalized them.

The only thing "teabaggers" have caused are the passage of Obamacare, increases in the federal deficit, the re-election of Obama, and capitulation on immigration reform. As much as I despise crypto-leftists like the Tea Party, I wouldn't blame them for the Boston Marathon bombing.

But, you've set yourself up nicely. If you don't start campaigning for a mosque to be built at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, you sir are a bigot, by your own definition.

Thersites said...

Because, z, it is the responsibility of the government to protect due process (which you apparently don't care about) and not to use the fear of the populous to abrogate that responsibility.

Sorry, duckman, the responsibility of the government is to protect the PUBLIC. Due process is merely one, of many, possible MEANS to THAT END.

Thersites said...

In other words, duckman, when WARTIME acts are committed (like bombings), laws (and due process) are irrelevant.

Inter arma enim silent leges - Cicero, "Pro Milone"

Thersites said...

They didn't "Mirandize" the bombers.


-FJ said...

Please say "hi" to TMW for us! We miss her!

beamish said...

the responsibility of the government is to protect the PUBLIC.

...I hope not, because we'll have jackasses advocating a government becoming "too big to fail."

It would have been better for the FBI to not come out and admit that Tamerlan Tsarnaev passed their "background check" two years ago.

Thersites said...

Defense is an enumerated power, beamish. If you'd like to narrow Big Brothers scope, pass an Amendment.

beamish said...

Defense is an enumerated power, beamish. If you'd like to narrow Big Brothers scope, pass an Amendment.

I'll be the first to say government doesn't need to be in any business other than making sure the postal mail and our military's warheads are delivered accurately and on time.

But, recall that the Ft. Hood shootings were done by a Muslim terrorist who was under FBI surveillance.

Who exactly are they defending?

beamish said...

BTW, Federal courts have already ruled that the police have absolutely no obligation WHATSOEVER to "protect and serve" you.

beamish said...

There's no money to be made in "fighting crime."

Given a choice between ticketing a speeder or responding to a home invasion, the cops will pursue the speeding driver. That's a source of income. The burglar, well, he has to be clothed, fed, housed, and provided an attorney. That's an expense.

Thersites said...


Congress declared "War". If you want them to stop, get the Senate to vote on and pass a "peace" treaty.

Thersites said...

Now send the bomber to Gitmo, where he belongs.

Thersites said...

You can try them in Boston if you'd like, but I suspect that you'll have a hard time finding a jury that hasn't heard of the Boston marathon attack.

Thersites said...

But I recommend that we ship the pr*ck to Gitmo!

Darth Bacon said...

Shouldn’t the media be reporting this fact? Is the left wing press actually trying to cover for this murdering slime?
The Boston Bomber was not a radical conservative, but rather a socialist muslim Obama supporter!
Many in the media were hoping the boston bombers would be some right wing christian fanatics. But as it turns our the bombers were just the opposite.
The Tsarnaev brothers were socialist Muslim al qaeda sympathizers who supported the election of Barrack Obama in the 2012 presidential elections
And don’t you this that may not have been the best timing for Obama to redefine what a “terrorist” is, and to push is Immigration reform bill! And another thing, I’m SO sick of these Libs who are making excuses for these 2 ANIMALS. Idiots only make excuses for an adult who knew what the bombs would do to the innocent people he placed it next to.
O’m sick as hell of liberals who make excuses for every criminal and terrorism act by people. And had it been your son who was blown apart, you would think the same way to prevent any consequences upon the perpetrator. He is an intelligent and capable person who knew exactly what he was doing. The next time it occurs, why don't you stand in front an protect the innocent from the death about to happen to them.
Any American with an ounce of brains would NOT have any reason to keep this bomber alive let alone give treatment for injuries. But the bleeding Heats Libs want him to get Hospitalization otherwise know as “Let the Taxpayer Pay!” I hope he dies lying in his own crap !

Thersites said...

Why didn't ducky and his friends go out into the streets and protest the Governor's "shelter in place" order last Friday?

Enquiring minds want to know.

Thersites said...

I guess everyone loves an authoritarian dictator when they're unarmed and reduced to hiding under their beds...

The Screaming Eagle said...

Why is everyone always afraid of finger-pointing...?
It seems all over in the media that everyone (except Barack Obama/Axelrod who are always blaming the Tea Party) why were we afraid saying what we thought right from the get-go instead of tippy-toeing around saying that we thought it was MUSLIMS who bombed the Boston Marathon....why the hell is that...?

Have we been fighting a War or not....? Do we have enemies or not....? Why can't anyone finger-point to our enemies...? is it because they are MUSLIMS? who cares? they deserve every frikkin finger-pointing we can give them....or are we that idiotic ...?

Why is it media people can't rightly point out as suspects the Islamic radicals...?
...after all...they are the ones who already bombed the Twin Towers and killed 3,000 of our far as I'm concerned they can be blamed automatically for any bombing over the next 100 years.....

did radical MUSLIMS kill 3,000 innocent Americans or not......? betcha.....!

JonBerg said...


It sounds like you need some "sensitivity training"; just kidding!

Thersites said...

Deval Patrick CYNICALLY suspended habeas corpus and violated every Bostonian's right to DUE PROCESS last Friday by placing everyone in Boston under a de facto form of House Arrest.

He COULD have declared a State of Emergency and LEGALLY issued the ORDER, but he didn't (he wanted to protect the terrorists "rights" and get the terrorist remanded to CIVIL courts... and screwing EVERY lawful Bostonian's DUE PROCESS 5th Amendment "rights" in the process)

And if citizen HAD violated the "Shelter in Place" ORDER (phrased as a request), the cops would likely have SHOT THEM.

The police are being trained in MA to enforce ILLEGAL orders. How's THAT for a new "precedent"? The rights of criminals outweigh the rights of citizens now.

Thersites said...

If there REALLY IS a 12 man sleeper cell of terrorists in Boston, why no "State of Emergency" order? After Monday's bombing, does Deval Patrick believe himself NOT to be in a State of War/Emergency with terrorism? Is he needlessly endangering the lives of citizens to protect the "rights" of terrorists?

Enquiring minds want to know...

Darth Bacon said...

I'm a Bad Boy

Thersites said...

Should Deval Patrick be Impeached?

Darth Bacon said...

We MUST BAN all pressure cookers!

Darth Bacon said...

Or at least do a Background Check on anyone who wants to buy one.

Impertinent said...


"Why didn't ducky and his friends go out into the streets and protest the Governor's "shelter in place" order last Friday?

Pretty sad coming from a place that was once known as the "Cradle of Liberty", isn't it?

A complete 180 from a state that was at the center of individual freedoms and rights has collectively put their heads in the sand, remain pawns in a political marxism and remain unarmed while becoming targets.

That goes for several of the original 13 colonies that have abandoned the Bill of Rights and the Constitution for "security".

Lambs waiting for the slaughter can never be counted on to defend this country...or their own homes and neighbors.

"Give me Liberty or give me Death"??? have one but not the other.

Darth Bacon said...

What would you expect ?
It's Boston.

Thersites said...

I'd expect at least one of the Adam's family descendents to be "on the ball"...

Impertinent said...

@ Screaming Eagle:

they deserve every frikkin finger-pointing we can give them....or are we that idiotic ...?"

That's what PC has done to us...crippled our outrage and justifiable finger pointing. This is one of many examples where the bastards in the LSM have been wrong to accuse conservative, right wing Americans of crimes like this.

And we should put the pressure on these lying muslim nuts amongst us should be relentless and the mosques should be under surveillance. Maybe they'll get the fear of their allah in them and start to wise up or get the hell out.

But you already have cowardice in Boston and everywhere else. Look at Ducky warning : ""hate and bigotry doesn't take hold in Boston"

Why not? Why not hate these scum? They've ruined your town and stained it with your citizens blood and limbs. And we know damn well who they were and people still ask..."WHY".

WE KNOW WHY!! And violence against violence...does work...we're at war? BS.

Impertinent said...

Meanwhile..we "Focus" our attention on crap like this!!

"8th grader suspended, arrested for wearing NRA shirt!"

While the brothers Chechen Friends in Boston we're driving a new BMW with a vanity tag saying:


Un flippin believable.

Darth Bacon said...

Amen Brother

Big Ham Bone said...

I guess I'm either too old, too stupid,or too naive to understand why two young men with their whole lives ahead of them and so many opportunities for advancement, education, and success would choose to go down such an evil and dead end path of destruction and terror. Just to be lucky enough and to have the golden opportunity to come to the US and live here in freedom with their families is something many foreigners can only dream of. They could have brought so much honor and dignity to their family, to this country, and to their native land. How very sad!
Let's put it this way, this guy caused his own death by setting off bombs along with his younger brother. The doctor was unable to determine what caused his death, due to multiple injuries from his head to toe, but who really cares, I know that I don’t. Because It really doesn't matter because what about the victims? He didn't show any compassion towards them as he had set off the bombs so he's someone that wouldn't be missed at all. My heart and sympathy goes out to the deceased victims and to those who sustained injuries from this piece of manure's actions. And as for his younger brother, he was so scared he did not care who he ran over including his own blood kin. Well, he was part of all. He followed in his brother's footsteps as we all saw. I think he thought they were big important people doing this for someone up top somewhere. Will we ever know? I doubt the younger one will live, and to tell you the truth, I hope he don’t.
And the FBI, Boston Police, as well as our Attorney General...still think this was a "triumph" for law enforcement? I sure dońt. Law enforcement seems almost willful in its failures to enforce immigration laws, for example. It appears inept that it cannot "remember" its interview of a prospective terrorist in the same city. The bombs exploded after they were planted under the noses of a phalanx of police, with bomb sniffing dogs deployed, at the most likely place to be targeted, despite security cameras and whatever other security technology. And a 19-year old wounded kid, with apparently no serious evasion training, escapes the cops, who apparently ran out of ammunition, driving an SUV with helicopters and whatnot at law enforcement́s disposal. The kid is eventually captured well outside the search perimeter. So, high fives all around. The self-congratulations televised after apprehension were plain grandstanding as various officials elbowed their way to the live shot microphone to act like Barack Obama getting the Nobel, Prize. Lets not forget the three civilians and one Police office dead and 185 injured.
So let’s not for one minute minimize the Islamic terror connection. Wéve already seen lots of evidence of that, i.e.,the neighbors calling the lovely boys, their boxing, wrestling, high school and college careers, their normal lives, etc. We’ve seen this just one too many times. The old mantra is seen through by just about everyone except the willfully, ideologically blind Liberals. Bostonians like most East Coasters just dońt get it. The real guilty in the Tsarnaev darlingś murder spree are the Bostonians themselves who elected and re-elected inept, immoral, criminally traitorous guys like Ted Kennedy, Barney Fwank and of course the Muslim in D.C. Kennedy is almost singularly resonsible for the flood of dangerous illegal immigration and Fwank helped top desroy our banking system and eventually our entire economic system. Let́s hope this tragedy will wake up our entire electorate. .

beamish said...

You're spot on, Ham Bone. Seeing all those donut dunkers in BDUs and body armor getting flummoxed and duped by a teen in an SUV should be embarassing, more so to the sheep that stepped out of their homes to clap like circus seals for them.

Had this bombing attack and pursuit occurred in a more Americanized place, say Missouri, Nebraska, or even Texas, the bombers would have been hanging from trees and gutted long before a politician got their microphones and cameras on stand-by.

The surviving bomber was posting taunts on Twitter, for crying out loud. Police incompetence can not be stressed enough.

IMHO said...

I have to agree! Why were the Bostonians such cowards that they had to Hide in their houses from a 19 yr. old kid, when the little 19 year old turd was the one running and hiding under a boat cover. What a bunch of wuss’s . This was pathetic.
And yes, I also agree with what Nate Bell said, how can anyone disagree with that?

JonBerg said...


SPOT ON! What message have they sent? Are you new here? I'm impressed!

IMHO said...

Thanks Jon, I read your posts and your not so bad yourself ;-)

Z said...

I'm thinking that when someone as insane as this horrid younger brother has the ability and propensity to murder innocent people when they least expect it, it might be a good idea for them to stay inside until he's caught.
Nobody knew if he had a gun, another a matter of fact, I'm hearing there were 3 more bombs..? I think?

But, regardless...I don't see that as cowardly; if I had children, or my husband was alive, I'd be devastated thinking they're outside and so's that monster...somewhere.

Z said...

BUT, we like all opinions around here..especiallY HUMBLE ones :-)

Hey, Jon..are you also commenter Jon Berger??

Darth Bacon said...
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Darth Bacon said...

Z said...
I'm thinking that when someone as insane as this horrid younger brother has the ability and propensity to murder innocent people when they least expect it, it might be a good idea for them to stay inside until he's caught.
Nobody knew if he had a gun, another a matter of fact, I'm hearing there were 3 more bombs..? I think?
But, regardless...I don't see that as cowardly; if I had children, or my husband was alive, I'd be devastated thinking they're outside and so's that monster...somewhere.

Hey Toto, I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore

JonBerg said...

"Hey, Jon..are you also commenter Jon Berger??"

That's affirmative; John Berger. Now, do I have to be on the lookout for "Black Helicopters"?

Kid said...

Beam, I'm afraid you're behind the times if you think massachewsits is much different that any other state.

beamish said...

I can agree on that somewhat, Kid. But, we're still mostly free here in Missouri. Without a (unlikely) veto from our Governor, pretty soon it's going to be a Class D felony (four years minimum in the pokey) to attempt to enforce any federal firearms laws presently on the books or potentially in the future.

Impertinent said...

And be consistent...the libby loons along with the ACLU are in a twitter that this POS..piece of shit... hasn't been read his Miranda "rights". ( Meanwhile the mayor and Governor illegally declared martial law over Boston and denied citizens their 4th Amendment rights....this was a real life practice to see how fast they could immobilize an entire populace who were crapping their pants about having to possibly defend themselves or their family and homes.)

And certain commie POS senators have joined the call for "rights" to be granted to this enemy combatant. This is the sate of America today. Along with the toad dipstick DiFi still calling a Remington 980 an "assault" weapon.

Now I hear she has an amendment she wants to attach to her "assault" weapons ban...APC's...are next.

Yes...that's Assault Pressure Cookers. Especially ones with an extended grip and handle that might make them look very scary to the ignorant masses os asses that populate Assachusetts.

Kid said...

Beam, well, see how long it lasts. I won't make a prediction, but it does appear that libtards are flooding into Texas from places like California, and it's not because they've learned the error of their ways. They intend to spread the disease.
Missouri may not be on their map yet, but I honestly don't think its going to be too long before libs and cons start lining up in their respective states.

Then we'll see who has power.

Kid said...

IMP, This was very clearly labeled a terrorist attack. That should have some bearing on the proceedings if there is an American left in congress with influence.

JonBerg said...


"Beam, well, see how long it lasts.............libtards........They intend to spread the disease."

You couldn't be more correct. Colorado should now be under quarantine. We were anoung the first to be, so, victimized!

Kid said...

Jonberg, Yep, It's War.
the democrats went to war and the republicans went to the spa for a facial it seems.
I admit, I'm very surprised how far the dems have gotten their act together since gore, then kerry. They must have had and do have some help. Russia? China?

Seriously. None of them are smart enough to pull this off so well. They're evil, yes, but they'll all on the same page with it.

Meanwhile you've got republicans, fake republicans (doesn't matter eh) running the 1% as a candidate, and blabbering on about rape is God's plan, then lately some dude talking about women as 'vaginas'. They're not going to win an election for at least 12 more years and what good would it to anyway.

Though I did vote romney in 2012 because it was the last chance to avoid obmallecare, and potentially a Liberal supreme court in my lifetime, but that's out the window now. NOW, i won't vote for a repub and certainly no a dem. Probably won't vote for the people in federal elections, just vote no on local taxes and other stupid local crap.