Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kid hits it OUT of the BALLPARK

This is from our friend Kid's blog...he wrote it, emailed it to me last night, and I had to have it here....HERE is his super blog... leave him a comment there, but I know he'll be here reading, too (at least, I hope so!)  I wanted it here for obvious reasons. Thanks, Kid!  

An Expired Truism, A Method for Greatness - Killed, A Tool for Parents - No Longer Available

This is the endgame of socialism in America.  That word is supposed to be capitalized but it sure doesn't deserve to be so it's not.

Well, here it is.

Not Anymore.  Today if you work really hard, or if you worked really hard, and did all the right things like saving for a nice retirement and to be able to enrich your family upon passing, all you do or did was create a gift for the new socialist America.  A gift to be inhaled by the loser class of morons. A gift unappreciated and forgotten a nanosecond after they belch out the gaseous remains of your lifelong contribution to the societal plague known as socialism.

What you worked for the last 50 years will be inhaled and forgotten in a matter of minutes by a country that burns cash like China burns through coal.

Here are a few tidbits of evidence in a case too large for an army of prosecutors, even if they were all like Juan Martinez...

obamacare will suck the life and savings out of every living thing on the planet that is unfortunate enough to fall into its event horizon.  A black hole phenomenon that is the perfect description for obamacare. Black hole.

I personally predict the entire healthcare system in America will be unionized and we all know how efficient union workers are.  And this is in addition to all the evil that we actually know about obamacare like no healthcare provided for senior cancer patients, affirmative action for health "professionals", death squads of morons deciding what heath care will be afforded to you If they actually get around to you before you're dead. etc.

Next up is old Ben Bernanke who promised us in early 2008 that "Subprime is well contained and would not affect the financial system of even America"  We know it wasn't contained and has, since 2007, chewed through and destroyed the economic systems of many countries around the world.

Oh Ok Ben, sure we trust ya.  Congress has already floated the idea of a "one time" (yea right) "Tax" on savings accounts.  Hey, the money is sitting around doing nothing and the gov needs it right?

Well, I lunch with a retired couple every day for the most part who Did It Right.  Every day they tell me about how their savings are being eaten alive by the loser class and by inflation.  Their only hope of staying afloat is by tossing their nest eggs into the stock market, which even the most professional of the professional will only tell you that over a 20 years span no one has actually lost money.  They don't include inflation.  But what if you are retired.  The same people tell you you shouldn't have your income source at that much risk, so you're constrained to savings and things like CD's.  Too bad the 'financial crisis' has made the interest rate of CD's to go into the hundredths of a percent.

All the evidence now says that if you work really hard, all you get is screwed.  That is socialism.
Unless you're connected to the political class or the super rich, plan to be sheared to the point of having to drive some little POS that gets decent gas mileage and provides little else like they all do in England or France or any other socialist hellhole.

I think you can see where this is going.  You know, unless you're a progressive loser moron parasite feeding off of everyone who is putting in an effort.  Then it's great right? 

Z:  Of course, I do take umbrage over "French socialist hellhole".. for a socialist hellhole, France is pretty darned great to live in! :-=)
Thanks for this terrific piece, are SO RIGHT.



JonBerg said...

And is there any wonder why B.O. and his band of Liberal thugs want to confiscate our firearms?

Good Night!

Always On Watch said...

ObamaCare "navigators"? Talk about expense! An expense that will be passed along to the consumers (the patients, the taxpayers), of course.

But what if you are retired.

Retirees are going to be moving in with younger relatives, at least some of whom will end up being caregivers and pulled out of the workforce to do so. Some nursing homes already cost $25,000 a month for "the basics"; the basics will not include spoon feeding, laundry services -- only "room and board." All other services are extra.

At the rate that the cost of being in a nursing home is climbing, even those who have done all the right things will not be able to fund their own care -- and certainly Medicaid isn't sustainable, either.

I wonder how much of each dollar we earn right now is gobbled up by various taxes: income taxes, real estate taxes, utility taxes, etc.

having to drive some little POS that gets decent gas mileage

Yesterday, I got my heating-oil bill for the past three months. $1900! Despite keeping the thermostat set below 65 degrees! Driving a little POS doesn't save me enough money to contribute toward paying that heating-oil bill.

Pretty soon, our tax return will read as follows:

1. How much money did you earn?

2. Send it in.

FreeThinke said...

We are able -- under most any kind of regime -- to work zealously to improve our store of knowledge, gain new insights, develop new skills and sharpen existing ones. We are able to enjoy and learn more about literature, poetry, Art, Music, Architecture, Horticulture, Drama and Film. Most of all we are able -- always -- to deepen and take increasing joy in our relationship with Almighty God.

Money, Fame and Power are illusory "Bitch Goddesses" who lead us away from the true purpose of life which is SELF-FULFILLMENT through ever increasing awareness, appreciation and love for Reality,

More important than ALL of that is our opportunity -- even in a DUNGEON -- to LOVE OUR NEIGHBORS as we LOVE OURSELVES.

If we truly follow Christ's Example we would not fail to bless even those who would blindfold us, tie our hands behind us, bind us to a post and order the guards to machine gun us to death.

IF we were truly decent, honorable, loving Christians, our very last thoughts would be a prayer for the souls of our executioners.

FreeThinke said...
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Dave Miller said...

Amen Free, and in that, we will always be free no matter what anyone else says or does...

Z said...

JonBerg...good morning!

AOW...i love that tax plan; it's been around for years but never quite so poignant and meaningful, right?

FreeThinke...we are told to pray for our enemies,you are so right.
As a little joke at a prayer time with friends once, they asked me to pray for Obama and I started with "Lord, we lift up Obama to you.." And it hit me as funny, so I added "..and we ask that you keep him up there for a while.." Big laughter ensued :-)
But, seriously...we do need to pray.
And we need to heed Kid's post and remember that taking care of ourselves is important so we can care for others, as instructed.
When we have so much stripped from us, we all end up in the same socialist bag; all needing to turn to government for sustenance; never part of the plan.

Sam Huntington said...

"Bank Account Seizure Unlikely In U.S." ... notice, he didn't say "out of the question."

I almost agree with everything FT wrote (above). Where I differ is that I think if we were truly decent, honorable, loving Christians, we would say a prayer at the executions of people like Bernanke. Sadly, there is very little decent about America anymore and if Bernanke ( empty out our bank accounts, we probably deserve it. The wages of sin is death.

Radical Redneck said...

The funeral for Margaret Thatcher in London was a memorable inspirational funeral , which did her memory and her country proud, properly done for a great lady. It seems that NO one missed Obama, Mooch, and the Moochettes who were absent.
May she rest in peace!

Anonymous said...

Radical Redneck, they didn´t go because they couldn't figure out how to make it all about them. If they´re not the centers of attention then there's no need for them to attend.

The Screaming Eagle said...

Obama needs an attitude adjustment.. I have never seen anyone in a position of leadership who so profoundly sucks at it.

We hear complaints about a lack of bipartisanship in Washington DC. Actually, there is plenty of bipartisanship going on. Bipartisanship in Washington means that Democrats and Republicans come together to vote down the Obama agenda, from budget proposals to the latest gun control bill. I guess that this is "politically incorrect" bipartisanship, or the kind that the media never talks about.

Yesterday, Obama came out ripping the Republicans apart, called it a "shameful day". It was a bitter loss, according to pundits. He was reacting to the US Senate failing to pass the latest of the gun control bills.

President Obama's reaction was a pitiful performance or the actions of a man who doesn't get the political reality around him. He is also a man who does not respect those who disagree with him.

President Obama should get over himself and look at some realities:

1) ObamaCare is "a train wreck", according to Sen Baucus. Even the roofers union is now calling for its repeal. Senate Democrats are staring at a red-state electorate that will not buy the idea that legislators voted for something that will raise their taxes. Furthermore, why would a Senate Democrat running for reelection sign on to a gun law approved by the editorial board of The NY Times but rejected by people living in the real world?

Jack Whyte said...

Margaret Thatcher was a great lady. I think the Obamas did honor Thatcher ... by not attending her funeral.

The Screaming Eagle said...

Jack Whyte said...
"Margaret Thatcher was a great lady. I think the Obamas did honor Thatcher ... by not attending her funeral."
Yep, no one missed them, that´s for sure.

Ducky's here said...

Another point of view

Z said...

Ducky.."another point of view"? That's low, even for you, my friend.

She got people WORKING; is that not important to liberals because they WANT everyone going to the government?

Z said...

Everybody: What was the reason the Obamas gave for not going? Any official word or ..?
Did foreign dignitaries attend?

Ducky's here said...

Well,z,let's put the matter of Thatcher on a less divisive base.

Both England(under Thatcher) and socialist Norway came into huge oil money.

Socialist Norway invested in public institutions and Thatcher let it flow to the wealthy to create equity bubbles.
Who was right? Who had the better vision of the future?

Ducky's here said...

z, unemployment under Thatcher went to over 10%.

Where do you get these bizarre ideas?

Waylon said...

Kudos to The Kid. Well said. And I fully agree with his analysis.

JonBerg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JonBerg said...


"Did foreign dignitaries attend?"

Well, If it was for "dignitaries" then B.O. was probably not invited. A funeral is no place for clowns?

Anonymous said...


"Obamas gave for not going.."

He had to use the families of Newtown as poor, pitiful pawns in his angry rant that Congress for once showed some backbone and basically told him to stuff it and leave the Bill of Rights alone!

Sam Huntington said...

Ducky’s problem is that his blinders get in the way. We should wonder what it is that we most prefer in society. Do we prefer high unemployment, as the leftists continually offer us, do we prefer high taxes, or do we prefer less personal liberty and more government? And if we do prefer all these things, then we will naturally vote for a scumbag communist, like El Pato.

On the other hand, if we value making a concerted effort taking care of ourselves and our families, if we prefer a responsible government that keeps its spending to lawful levels, if we value personal liberty over government, then we will most value conservative philosophy —realizing, of course, there is no perfect world.

It is true that Great Britain experienced high unemployment; it was the price that had to be paid for Britain’s left-leaning mistakes of far too many years. The Thatcher government was far superior to that drivel known as Trotskyism —whose concept of a permanent revolution includes terminating with extreme prejudice anyone who stands in opposition.

El Pato lives along a river in Egypt: denial. Challenges will always confront human institutions, but only the mentally ill can think that people who love liberty can tolerate communist ideology. I would rather live under a Thatcher government than one controlled by Comrade Ducky or his big brother, Obama.

Ducky's here said...

Unemployment was high after the start of Thatcher's austerity and just as high when she left office. It was reasonably low when she took office.

Where mistakes made by the labor governments? Mistakes are made by all government, duh. So you really haven't moved this along, Sam.

Was Thatcher's austerity anything close to an optimum solution to the over reach of the Labor governments or did she make things worse by digging the foundation for the problems we are in now?

Reflexive bromides about "freedom" are useless without some idea of what you consider a well conformed society.

I refer you to my question on Britain vs. Norway.

The Screaming Eagle said...

You’re visiting your doctor because you have flu symptoms. After checking your heart, pulse and other vital signs, your doctor turns to you and asks, “By the way, the federal government has authorized me to ask you, What type and how many guns do you have in your home?"

Sounds like George Orwell’s "1984"?
It’s 2013. And if President Barack Obama gets his way by executive order, doctors across the country could play a key role in his new gun control initiative.
Nothing to see here folks, all we are doing is upholding the supreme law of the land....the Constitution.
And while we are on the subject of Obama acting like a FOOL!
WHY didn’t Obama send an official delegation to her funeral.
I as an American I'm way beyond surprised. I'm ashamed....and angry.

As everyone knows, it is standard operating procedure for the President, or Vice President or the First Lady or, at a minimum the Secretary of State, to attend funerals of ALL foreign leaders, even those from lesser nations.
The White House offered a lame excuse -- all the senior Obama administration officials are way too busy to take 24 hours out of their hectic schedules to pay respects to the woman who along with Ronald Reagan helped win the Cold War.
For Heavens Sake, show some respect, she earned it.
By failing to send even one senior level official to Mrs. Thatcher's funeral, this President has shown this Country and the rest of the world what a FOOL he is, perhaps if it was a Muslim Leader or a Leader from a Black Nation he would be there himself.
But by reading the blogs of the stupid Obamabots, you’d think that he was a Hero!.
Obama said the N.R.A. willfully lied! Well it takes One to Know One!

Sam Huntington said...

According to the 2013 Index of Economic Freedom, the United Kingdom is ranked 13th; Norway, 31st. The definition of a well-conformed society is at best subjective. Personally, I think it is one in which the people choose their own path to success (or failure), rather than relying on a central planning committee. But I do understand your point of view, Ducky … and I do admit that it is convenient to take all of those who disagree with central planning, and stand them against the wall.

JonBerg said...

Has Norway ever produced anything of significance besides the petroleum that just happens to be available there? Great Britain was renowned for many things to include world class manufactured products. That was until they adapted Socialism and its guaranteed path to mediocrity!

To compare Norway, a homogeneous nation of 5,051,275 and a crude oil production of 1,998,000 bb/day to The United Kingdom, a nation of 63,181,775 with diverse ethnicity, producing 1,099,000 bb/day is (I'll be polite) LAUGHABLE!!!!

Z said...

And yet the Brits reelected Thatcher.

Leticia said...

I have told me that I know that I will be working probably until the day I die, unless I win the lottery, or somewhere out of the blue I will inherit from a rich relative (not gonna happen)

It's a sad day that so many of us work hard and we still are struggling to get the bare necessities to survive.

Z said...

Leticia, what does a liberal not understand about Americans who are born here, have paid taxes here, raised children here and then have to pay much more than the children of illegals for their college educations?

beamish said...


Britain pays an extravagant amount to feed, clothe, and shelter a largely symbolic "monarchy" while at the same time requiring its subjects to pay an annual licensing fee to own and operate a television set.

Comparing them to a modern, free, first-world nation like Norway is hardly fair.

Anonymous said...


"what does a liberal not understand about Americans who are born here.."

This Ms. Z...the list of the true enemies of freedom, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights:

This is one more example of their treason and treachery. They're a "party" all right.....the same kind of "party" we destroyed...or thought we they occupy Congress.

These Senators voted to let the UN take our guns. They need to be voted out of office. We have been betrayed. 46 Senators Voted to Give your 2nd Amendment Constitutional Rights to the U.N.

If you ever had any doubts as to who the real enemies of freedom are.....this should dispel your doubts. Fear these bastards....because they will not stop.

Liberalmann said...

Amazing how you need to entertain your ire with bullshit and outright lies.

Jack Whyte said...

Suspect that Liberalman is Suspect #2 ... he has that same slack-jawed expression in his writing.

Z said...

Imp! ALL those Democrats voted for WHAT? Was I sleeping or was there actually a bill about American guns and the UN? I thought that was kind of conjecture nobody'd really BUY?!

Libjerk...ya, thank goodness the Left has no ire and has no lies :-)
YOu are so lame it's almost unbelievable.
God help you

Z said...

Wait till you read that guys will see so much in it. The slams on FOX are hilarious. Gee, they cut away from Obama being if FOXs watchers give a damn that he's not happy that gun checks didn't pass?
Please read that bias, and please get Scarbrough off the air. What a total kiss-bottom JERK.

Z said...

Who's Suspect #2? A commenter?

Anonymous said...


"Who's Suspect #2? A commenter?"..

Catch up Z...#2 is the bomber in the white backwards baseball cap in Boston...and has quite a beak too.

Z said...

Imp..."catch up?" I can barely come to my own blog what with working here at the office full time let alone keep up on Suspect #2.
thanks for the information.

Anonymous said...

They are demonizing Senators for representing the will of the people of their states for a change.

It's Landrieu ( who needs to be put into a pot of Jambalaya ), McCain ( deceitful, dishonest RINO ) and the others who should be gone next time they are up for re-election.

Anonymous said...

What I meant was...I'll help ya catch up....I wanted to be brief is all.


Anonymous said...


More info on the UN traitors...

"Over the weekend, we came four votes away from the United States Senate giving our Constitutional rights over to the United Nations.

In a 53-46 vote, the senate narrowly passed a measure that will stop the United States from entering
into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.

The Statement of Purpose from the bill read:
To uphold Second Amendment rights and prevent the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.

The U.N. Small Arms Treaty, which has been championed by the Obama Administration, would have effectively placed a global ban on the import and export of small firearms.

The ban would have affected all private gun owners in the U.S., and
had language that would have implemented an international gun registry on all private guns and ammo.
Astonishingly, 46 of our United States Senators were willing to give away our Constitutional rights to a foreign power.

Again...who are the real enemies of the state?

Anonymous said...


"get Scarbrough off the air. What a total kiss-bottom JERK."

Scarbelly the RINO must be drinking heavily because his Bidenesque errors have become a daily occurrence. Misha needs to have a sex change too.

Anonymous said...


The Dems have fully gone over to the dark side. Karl Marx and Mao would be more comfortable in the Democrat Party today than JFK or even FDR.

They put their party before their country...and if they were working for Mao or Joe Stalin...they'd all be in cold graves now...yet they forget what tyranny really is...because they are the TYRANTS.

Led by a Maoist / Stalinist community organizer commie...that used to be with a small "c"...but has now shed his sheep skin and is a voracious wolf..and gets a BIG "C", now.

Kid said...

Z, Thanks for the compliments.
Waylon, Thanks.

The federal government is the enemy now. Doesn't matter red or blue. Everything is lip service, misdirection, and shiny fuzzy nothing things to focus our attention.

Anonymous said...


I never thought I'd see the day that I realized that US Senators....sworn to uphold the GD Constitution...would undermine, betray and offer our rights up to the "gods" of safety or some such other bullshit and that our freedoms would be in jeopardy. It's insane...and I wonder why they don't outlaw hurricanes, tornados, floods, earthquakes, drunk driving, blizzards, heat & severe cold, drowning, hit and runs and every other GD "preventable" calamity known to man. Are they that fooking idiotic? Are they that insane?

If they I believe they are...then I think the time has come.

The PM's and the parasites don't give a rats ass....they'll get whatever they want ( illegals too ) and never be concerned that it's at someone else's expense.

Kid said...

IMP, it seems to me that this shift came along awfully fast as well if I read you right.

Remember the house, after being taken over by a majority of republicans and tea party in 2010 holding sessions teaching the rest of them about the constitution?

Most of the people in the house and the Senate don't know a * thing about the Constitution. That which they swore to uphold when taking office.

It's absurd. It's like Caligula in the late days of Rome, taking his Senators wives into a side room for sex, and then bringing them back to session talking about their various attributes and skills in front of the audience. Making horses Senators.

The Congress has degraded to the point that all they do now is engage in self gratification. 99.9999% of them.
If any are actually into solving some problems in America, they don't have a snowball's chance in hell because 1) They're probably some dumbass lawyer, and 2) if they do have a brain and good intentions, you can't fight city hall and 3) it would seem the voting majority are now communist and proud of it and they'll get no support.

Z said...

Imp, it's unbelievable, that UN thing.
What are Americans thinking?

What happened to the strong, independent, caring and giving, patriotic American?

Kid, MY PLEASURE to print your piece here.. Love it.

Pris said...

I'm happy to point out, that former VP Dick Cheney attended Margaret Thatcher's funeral.
At least he represents America!

Z said...

that's a class act, Pris.
Thanks for letting us know ! xx