Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Poverty PAYS

When poverty pays better than work, I'm thinking a country's on its last legs;  what do you think?

Here is only one of the very good thinking/writing in the linked article:

The true hardcore leftist hates the middle class, because it combines numerical voting strength with independence.  It has good reasons to resist collectivism, and the political power to do so.  This hard-Left hatred is so intense that it frequently spills over into mainstream liberal culture, where it is generally fashionable to express sarcastic contempt for the middle-class lifestyle, or conflate middle-class identity with sheltered, arrogant, insensitive “whiteness.”

The author says it's bad when "the safety net becomes a hammock"...very well said.

Your thoughts?



Average American said...

Sometimes it is so easy to blame the people that are living off the government teat for being so damned lazy, but I place most of the blame on the system that created the problem, and the people to a lessor degree. Americans have learned how easy it is to vote themselves in all these freebies but they have not figured out yet that the end of the gravy train is coming sooner than later.

This scenario can only end in 1 of 2 ways. Either we will go bankrupt and turn into a third-world shit hole, or we will end up fighting a second revolution to bring about drastic change. I don't see a middle ground unless a lot of people wake up REAL soon. If our politicians don't learn how to co-exist and get shit done, WE are done!

Always On Watch said...

From the linked article:

Food Stamp Nation has made it possible for a minimum-wage earner to have more disposable income than someone earning sixty grand a year.

Therefore, the parasites win.

FreeThinke said...

The bridge is out and the gravy train is about to fall into the canyon and be dashed to pieces on the rocks below.

While spewing contempt for the rotten system in which we are trapped we forget, however, that CORPORATE WELFARE and the dirty bastards who make sure we are perpetually at war in order to please the international bankers, who play all ends against the middle, and to enrich the bloated coffers of arms manufacturers cost us far more than the meager welfare payments we mete out to weaken potential resistance to the tyrants who really run things behind the scenes.

The devil's greatest accomplishment to date has been to persuade the majority that he doesn't exist.

Ducky's here said...

Whoa, St. Ronnie Raygun's back with the welfare Cadillac line.

It was a lire then, It's a lie now.

Anonymous said...

Although I am not an anarcho-capitalist, I do wish we had about thirty million of them to off set the far left and the corporatists. Then what we conservatives want would be considered in the middle.

FreeThinke said...

There's only ONE liar around here, and he QUACKS.

Anonymous said...

Europe is dying because of it and that's why I left in the first place. Not matter on how much generous or compassionate you are, you cannot deny it. Even my socialist Catholic friends in France told me it was getting too much and it was collapsing the country.

Now some people need help. People who really can't help themselves need help. The question is how to create a system that caters to those people and prevent abuses. I have no answer to that. Especially in the context of a democracy where people vote themselves money whether it's corporations or individuals. I think overall it is not a crisis of the welfare state but more a crisis of our entire society and its values.

Liberalman points out millionaires who get unemployment or people with offshore accounts. In France, a minister had to resign because of tax fraud and now they're finding Hollande, the moralist socialist, has some offshore accounts. Nothing illegal but the hypocrisy never stops. Those are the signs of a society that has no values, and it unfortunately starts at the top. The elite has no problem whatsoever making promises to people to get elected, no matter what the cost is for the country. They do not care about trillions of debt if that's what those promises cost.

Americans need to get back together in the middle to fight all this. Some people who claim themselves liberals around me are not left wing nut jobs like Ducky. One told me he was against redistribution of wealth for example.

I'm tired of the bickering with people with whom you can reason if the emotions are set aside. That's the only way to get out of this.

Z said...

FrogBurger, libmann's been deleted as promised...
I say that so people know you're responding to it and it's gone now.

Your comment is right; that IS the only way to get out of this. Sadly, in America at least, the differences are SO fundamental and the left's mischaracterized so completely, that it's tough to do.

Don't forget; the mantra now that they're teaching our kids and convincing adults thru the media is; Republicans don't care about the sick, Republicans want every nut to have a gun, Republicans hate women, Republicans hate the poor.... and Obama's not-so-subtle lines pile it on, too. I laugh out loud every time he starts with "We just can't let politics dictate what's right..." I mean, REALLY? He doesn't DO politics, right?

So...when the president's set the bar so low that HE's insulting and belittling and mischaracterizing TOO, where do we go for minds to be even open enough to TRY to get past all of this?

Presidents are supposed to bring people together but he's divided us even more than we were on race and about every other thing, too.

Maybe we'll have to wait till we have someone who wants healing in America before anything gets done.

Think that person exists in politics?

Anonymous said...

You're right Z but I think it's on both side as well, mostly created by the media. This war is good for them. It's ratings, it's emotions, it's advertising. We need to stop listening to that.

Really I believe you have fringe elements but Americans are mostly centrist. A little bit on the left or a little bit on the right. They're just asked to choose a camp because of the media and the 2 party system.

Presidents are supposed to be presidents for all. But for that they need little power. They now have too much of it. That's a different discussions regarding executive orders and federal agencies. But that's part of the problem.

To get together Americans need to work together without the medium of the government. French people don't work together. IT's a selfish and self-centered society because government takes care of everything. Some people think government is the representation of that on the left, and sometimes on the right. But it is not when it is corrupted and takes lobbies' or unions' money.

Anyways, I wish people could sit down around these issues because most Americans know we have a problem with how our democracy works. There is a reason why Congress and politicians are despised.

Z said...


Frogburger, this is how some on the left are reacting to Thatcher's death. How do you deal with people like this? Pure hate.

Anonymous said...

The craziest are always the most vocal. Do you really think most people are like this?

Maybe I'm deluded but I don't think that's the case.

The Web is terrible for that. It highlights the worse.

Anonymous said...

By the way, if you guys can understand French, this guy always gives realistic analysis of the situation. He talks about how the economic data of the US are being so manipulated, including things about gas and fracking.

Z said...

FB, I said "Some on the left".
But, yes, I DO feel much of the far left does feel like this and, don't kid yourself, there are a lot of people who've bought the far-left KoolAid.

Remember, I looked around conservative blogs when Ted Kennedy died, purposefully, to see the reactions..every one who mentioned it said they didn't agree with him but felt badly.

When Tony Snow died so young, Huff Post crashed under the jubilation. They had to take the whole post off later.
Cheney gets "I hope he dies" every time he has a heart problem.
One doesn't see that on the Right.

The hate is palpable. I got an email this morning asking me why I think that is. It's pure Alinsky and lefties have bought into the Rules. They really DO believe the Right (Thatcher, Cheney, us...) hate the poor, hate the sick, etc.
It's all ridiculous, but they love it and run with it..


Anonymous said...

Those people just love to hate. They hate Jesus or the Catholic church that keeps talking about helping the poors. They should love them in that case.

Their life just needs a purpose. That's the problem.

Z said...

FB..a purpose bigger than themselves is the solution, I think. And they hide that in acting like they're the do-gooders and nobody else is, sadly.

An Army official gave instructions that Evangelicals and Catholics are considered terrorists and lumped together, literally, with Al Qaeda, the Klan and Hamas. This happened the other day; the army denies it was official and it got 'fixed'...but is THIS what we're coming to?
Islam was not on that list. IslamISTS were...big difference.

The Bible tells us this will start happening to Christians, and brother, IS IT.

Anonymous said...


"Their life just needs a purpose..."

Yeah ...reserruct another Jonestown and pass out that koolaide.

Leticia said...

I couldn't agree more with his assessment. I am part of the middle-class and no we are not on any kind of government assistance. We work to survive.

I believe and I have read it in the bible that if you don't work you don't eat.

This nation has become a nation of entitlement and quite frankly, laziness! They want people to support and take care of them instead of doing for themselves.

I refuse to let my boys live in that despicable mentality. No one owes anyone anything.

Anonymous said...

FB..a purpose bigger than themselves is the solution, I think. And they hide that in acting like they're the do-gooders and nobody else is, sadly.

That's why they lecture you. They're projecting their own inabilities.

Anonymous said...

The Bible tells us this will start happening to Christians, and brother, IS IT.

I think it's almost a trend of human history. Any organization that competes with the power of the State, and the power of the people using the State as a tool for their own interests, will be attacked and destroyed. When the Catholic Church was the State they attacked Jewish people, Protestants, etc... It is unfortunately not very hard to predict this trend.

Z said...

FB...this is happening to Christianity all over the world. Yes, Christians (and other faiths) have been persecuted before, but this is something very, very different; more widespread, in countries where they seem emboldened, etc etc.
In AMERICA? never.
This is the faith that founded this country; it's school indoctrination and the weakness of churches to tell the whole truth that's caused this. Nobody'd EVER have predicted it here.
But it IS predicted.

This is too much all at one time...This is different.

Liberalmann said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Liberalman, do you ever sit by yourself and think for yourself or do you just read links and watch youtube videos?

Don't you understand you are not interesting as a person. You're boring the merde out of me.

At least Ducky thinks for himself and gives me stuff to chew on but you're just plain boring.

Z said...

FB..Libmann gets deleted every time I'm around.
And you're right.
And so am I about that. :-)

Anonymous said...

Liberalman, grow up. There's not any trace of 100% truth on MSNBC, FOX, etc... They all twist their stuff based on their audience. So in that case you hate the truth as well. Hence you must be a spineless scoobidoo.

Anonymous said...

And it looks like we're headed to support more indigents and illegals with welfare if this "New BS, crap Immigration bill" passes..

"The true cost of the bill will occur outside the 10-year budgetary window, as illegal immigrants become eligible for green cards and ultimately citizenship.

Once they become eligible for green cards, they will also be eligible for myriad public assistance, welfare, and entitlement programs.

Tellingly, the four Democrat members of the Gang of Eight voted against restrictions on illegal immigrants’ access to Medicaid and Obamacare.

The long-term cost, on net, for Obamacare alone is likely to be around $2 trillion, with Medicare and Social Security expected to account for another $2.5 trillion.

These are net costs—in other words, the amount paid in to the U.S. Treasury by the newly amnestied population is expected to be dramatically less than the amount paid out."

Bye bye American Pie....it's being gobbled up by illegals and you can just go to hell as far as Obullshet is concerned.

Anonymous said...

Libdouche...the poster idiot for all demrats...so...so tolerant and pleasant.


Anonymous said...


Don't get you know who all excited while it's on it's Librium diet....he'll most likely become the next Adam Lanza. Has all the earmarks so far as I can tell. Video gamer...foul, in moms cellar, watching MSNBC all day long...yep...a real marauder in the making. Obsessed with LSM lies...hate...and class envy.

Z said...

I'm not big on 'douche' words here, but I don't blame Imp because Libmann, whom I deleted again, used such disgusting language here and he deserves this.

FrogBurger, you got under his skin. Congratulations. :-)

Anonymous said...

Spineless scoobidoo is my favorite expression now. I will reuse it.

Anonymous said...

"you got under his skin"

Yea...and we all know how tough pig skin is.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I think the writer certainly makes a good point. However, I don't trust either party or politicians in general. That is not to say that there aren't any well-intentioned politicians but I think the congress is such a cesspool that the chances of becoming overwhelmed are astronomical. The narcotic of power is difficult to fight off. The smaller the government the better in IMHO.

As for your comments about the branding of Catholic, Evangelicals etc. Based on recent government watch lists that include but aren't limited to those and former police officers and military veterans, I'm a three time loser.

Don't you think it suspicious that the there is a sudden scarcity of ammo coinciding with the massive ammo buys by the DHS? Thought I'd throw it out there.

JonBerg said...

OK, one more time!


Kid said...

Poverty pays. Yep. In fact, way too many things that are detrimental to a healthy society pay, and pay big.

Like career baby makers popping out democrat voters into 0 opportunity, crime and drug infested environments. We pay for child abuse. Us taxpayers.

I may have mentioned that before :)
There are incredible numbers of things that pay. All amounting to rewarding bad behavior and punishing good behavior.

On all levels.

Look around. People who worked and saved have lost over 50% of their savings thru inflation. That's just since 2007. And that's not counting price increases in necessities like food where those price increases will Never go away.

Well, there is a book here.

How many people see what's going on here. I'm No Genius. The level of damage seems to not be noticed by the vast majority.

Folks are going to wake up in less than 10 years form now and realize what they thought they had in country and personal liberty and assets is GONE.


Ducky's here said...

@kid ---
Look around. People who worked and saved have lost over 50% of their savings thru inflation. That's just since 2007.

Keep blowing smoke, kid. It's what you do best.

Ridiculous figure.

Elmers Brother said...

And there's Duhkkky still full of ad hominems and other logical fallacies

Elmers Brother said...

Try to add something to the conversation next time.... other than the absence of facts

Z said...

Law and Order...no coincidence AT ALL.
I just can't believe this is happening to America. The leftwing's in such compliance, too, name calling anybody who sees what could be happening. Typical Saul Alinsky methodology...and they don't even see it.
Wake up, leftwingers; maybe we're wrong and it's just an odd coincidence and weird occurrence that Homeland Security's bought 2.6 BILLION rounds of ammo (as if we can afford this now...? )and law abiding gun owners can't get any.
Wait till they tell ammo manufacturers they can't make more....not directly, but with such restrictions on their businesses that they won't be able to

They Say/We Say said...

Or, all gun owners will have to have a liability insurance and will no longer afford bullets.
This article misses - the Middle Class has the money to fight off the bad guys in the Courts. The Ring Leaders hate that. Then they organize the leftwingers to spew hate about the rich and lobby for more regulations to restrict the Small Business owners to take away their ability to fight the bad guys in the Courts.
There are a great number of Court Cases that have NOT gone the way of the Ring Leaders.
These are the Modern Day Battles, not so much blood and guts aftermath, unless the Ring Leaders can't stop the Middle Class from Making Money. Then It will get more bloody. The Courts are rigged in the favor of the secret handshakes; and secret hand gestures in front of the Judges--unless the Case is covered in the Local News, then the regular Mom and Pop Middle Class is usually victorious.

They Say/We Say said...

Did you hear about the 14 students stabbed at the Lone Star College in Tx today? The same College as January Shoot out. That was gang related.
The guy today was a loner (deaf-with a coloqular implant), says he has been dreaming about going on a stabbing rampage since grade school--and had been planning this for a while (lately).

Anonymous said...

And there's Duhkkky still full of ad hominems and other logical fallacies

Give him credit for using his creativity. Liberalman would've posted a link to a joke instead.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
My Liberal Values said...

I wonder if many Republicans are looking at this from a states’ rights point of view. They also might be viewing this as fiscal conservatives, realizing that prohibition does not work and therefore not worth spending money on.
The Black kids in this country may not be dying from starvation but how many are suffering from malnutritian because of the cheap crap they are forced to eat? No wonder they don't do well in school and wind up getting into trouble and the ones who do get out, wind up taking low paid jobs
It amazes me how much lack of thinking has been done by some people here. But then again, that's the Republican way.

My Liberal Values said...

Republicans pretend to care about the poor and downtrodden but it doesn't stop them from putting their hand in the till for their share. They feel that caring about the poor and minorities entitles them to a piece of the pie. Conservatism isn’t the end all to America’s problems, it’s the cause of them.
I based my conclusions on the posts that I read here and on other Conservative boards.
Many of you Republicans think that they are intellectuals, for example that pompous Free Thinke! I chuckled upon reading his idiotic blog where he caters to the Righties and once in a while throws a bone to a Liberal, just to show how generous and “Free Thinking” he is . I’m pretty confident that in a debate undoubtedly I’d make him look like small potatoes. It is truly frightening to ponder that these GOP thugs are so fearful of a Liberal who can think and problem-solve on their own. Apparently these people are guilty of drinking their own Kool-Aid . I think that because of these Conservative Radio Talk Shows and the arrogant, indignant, holier-than-thou, pseudo-intellectuals that occasionally write articles on those partisan web-sites like Michelle Malkin, Shaun Hannity and Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, The American Thinker, etc, the Republicans have fallen in to the trap of hating their opponents, and projecting false motivations on to them as a result of their warped world view.

JonBerg said...


" Republicans...... putting their hand in the till for their share."

Please explain your concept of the "till" and just exactly how you think it's created. In so doing don't forget to include the fact that >47% pay no Federal Income Tax, whatsoever.

Z said...

My Liberal Views...I'm so proud to be a conservative and it was almost fun to read your comment.
You talk about hate; have you ever watched MSNBC?

I really don't feel the need to respond in (un)kind here to you.

I don't think it would help, anyway. I can only suggest listening with an open mind to Conservative venues; half of this country is not morons. You just aren't hearing the truth in your media, and you should be upset about that. America will only survive with a president with the dignity not to insult or divide/conquer. SO far, we're in trouble.

Thanks for coming by.

Anonymous said...


No wonder they don't do well in school and wind up getting into trouble and the ones who do get out..."

I'll use a little of an old Four Tops, Motown song here: "It's the same old song.."

15,000,000,000,000.00 later...wasted apparently. So don't tell us we don't care. It's on them now sweet heart...it's on them. 50 years later and one would think...ADAPT...Grow...Be Free?

Elmers Brother said...


Pretend to care? Conservatives give more time and treasure than their Liberal counterparts on an exponential scale. E.g. Biden gave what $349 to charities last year. Time for you to read Arthur Brooks book on philanthropy.

As for duhkkky....I expect more than just "I told you so"

beamish said...

There could be no abuse of the government welfare system, if there were no government welfare system.

JonBerg said...


Of course you have no answer, let alone a cogent one, to my questions. How's the new moniker working for you?

JB, AKA: The Answer Man