Sunday, April 14, 2013

Easter Island...Photos taken today by Ms Z.... (not me but my stepdaughter!)

These pictures were just taken today on Easter Island. Ms Z's 59' sailboat is the third from the right in the ocean scene. As most of you know, they're on their way to New Zealand by way of Turkey, the Atlantic Ocean, Brazil, Argentina, around the Cape, up to Chile and now moving across the Pacific........enjoy!
(More in post below this one)


Kid said...

Fantastic scenery Z.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

So, she must have e-mailed them to you from Easter Island -- ??

Beautiful photographs, though!

If there are more, I'd love to see them! Maybe even some close-ups of the statues.


Z said...

Yes, BZ..there are amazing ways to email.....she's emailed me from the middle of the ocean.... fantastic.

Kid, isn't it gorgeous? She said this is the second best beauty she's seen on this whole amazing trip, glaciers come first!

Anonymous said...

Standing watch for a thousand years....awesome...must have scared the bejeezus out of the visitors!

Anonymous said...

"she must have e-mailed them to you from Easter Island.."

Satellite Phone....?

beamish said...

Z said...
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Z said...

emailed her with that question.
She'd written earlier that she wouldn't have internet contact for a while, but she might go on in the morning and write me.
I know there's a really aptly named company she uses on the high seas..something to do with 'sea' or something, but I can't think of what it is.

Always On Watch said...

Another place that I've always wanted to visit! **sigh**

FreeThinke said...

Will the great mystery of how these massive monuments came to exist ever be solved?

Were they quarried from rock indigenous to Easter Island, or were the massive blocks of stone imported?

Do we know when they were made?

Do we know how long it took?

Will we ever know why?

Will we ever know anything about the people who created them?

The aura of mystery surrounding Easter Island never ceases to fascinate.

Beautiful pictures, Z! I've not seen any better in National Geographic.

Z said...

FT, thanks...she's a really good photographer. Her dad was, too.
She's really having such a fantastic time and writing wonderful emails and taking spectacular pictures; I'm encouraging her to write a book when she's back. How many women sail around the world and can write/shoot as well as she can? Not many!

Look up Easter Island...I'll Google and get back to you!!

Z said...

here FT...enjoy!

Divine Theatre said...

Something creepy and fascinating about those heads. Mostly creepy. :)
Your daughter is a brave soul!