Friday, April 5, 2013

"Black People Control"?? awful

This is so important....Please watch and consider their words:

What to you think?   What would Obama think?



DaBlade said...

Amen! Uplifting video and thanks for sharing Z. Hope these black leaders are prepared for the backlash they are likely to receive.

Democrats ongoing mission statement = "we can not allow the law to recognize the humanity of this individual because (fill in the blank)"

The Question Man said...
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The Question Man said...

Have you seen what the Republicans been putting in the news lately? Wild packs of Blacks Gangs have been running around terrorizing white people. Well it's a little exaggerated. Some "kids" have used flash mobs to do some petty crime. It's nothing the National Guard should be called on to stop. Now some people have said that the Guard should be brought in. Now these "Gangs" as they're called aren't Gangs. This would be equivalent to saying that the WHITE kids from "the Jersey Shore" and doing mob hits. What's happening in certain parts of the country is that someone is telling these kids to do this and it NOT organized crime. The one thing that organized crime hates is publicity, they're out to make money. The nations largest Black organized crime groups are located in Chicago. Many control the organized crime even in other cities and states including all the way to L.A. I don't think that they're telling thirty people to go into Wal-Mart and steal thirty sandwiches and soft drinks. Would John Gotti do that? Somebody is going to be hurt and it's not the REAL gangsters. Many of the gangs in Chicago are even connected with the Mafia. I repeat they are NOT telling kids to steal food out of stores. The real gangs are WHITE who want to make money and when people mess with their money they use violence.

The different gangs in Chicago are at least fifty years old. Some of the people have establish legal businesses. Now why would organize crime tell kids to do petty crime that they can't make money off of? The reason someone is controlling the kids for other reasons. In many right wing publications they're connecting it with race. The meme is that the big bad blacks are attacking whites because they want to start the revolution. This kind of talk only appeals to old bigots. If kids were trying to start a revolution wouldn't they go to gun shops instead of a store to buy a sandwich? I can't prove that this is politically motivated from the right but I can prove that they WERE lying about how many events it were as in Peoria. You take a lot of crime articles about blacks and exaggerated and lie and you got black mobs hunting whites. Black people KNOW that when you do a crime against a white person the sentence will be twice or three times as long as it would be if it was committed on a minority.
Our world is getting more violent and we can help stop it. The question is do the Republicans want to stop it? People can go back and forth and play this little game of putting the blame on minorities. Like RADICAL REDNECK, the FREAKING, IGNORANT, RACIST PIECE OF TRASH that doesn't even have the balls to show his true self. How convenient it is that he hides behind a cloak of anonymity. Like most of the WHITE trash do.

The Question Man said...

The racist right can’t accept the fact that the majority of Americans DON’T hate having a Black Man as their President as they do.

Anonymous said...

Question Man, that is just disgusting.
I am so sick of people like you, when every time anyone disagrees with this president it is because you are a racist. It couldn't possibly be because of his failed policies. The mouthpieces for the black community and black politicians want racism. That is why they are continually bring it up. It's their bread and butter. It must be that it's all they have! It's from where they get their power and make their fortunes. They will do their best to prevent us from seeing the day when a person will be judged by his character and not by the color of their skin. Take a deap breath and try to see the facts as they really are.

Waylon said...

Hate to break this to you Q Man but no man or woman becomes President of the United States without the explicit approval of a ruling elite who insist on pulling a puppet's strings from behind the throne. In the case of President Obama he was selected at a secret meeting in Chantilly, Virginia where there was a misdirection fake thrown to the so-called media watch dogs who were herded onto a plane for an Obama rally to occur in Chicago. Obama somehow missed the plane to Chicago and wound up at a Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly, Virginia.

As President we can assume that Obama is performing a step and fetch it that meets the approval of those ventriloquists that selected him to perform "their heart's desire", since he did a good enough job for them to become a two term President. The consequences of NOT performing are dire, indeed. He'd go out in a box just like JFK.

Waylon said...

Here's a little oddity.

Did Willard Mitt Romney receive his marching orders for 2012 from a meeting in the same venue in Chantilly, Virginia. Don't these creeps change locations for their meeting every year?

Waylon said...

Here's a link from an off shore source about that story ...

JonBerg said...

I imagine that the folks appearing in today's video would be as bewildered by The Question Man's desultory rants as I am!

JB, AKA: The Answer Man

Speedy G said...

Last night, I'm ashamed to report, the "Right" to keep and bear arms became a government granted "privilege" in the State of Maryland. Gun purchasers are now going to be required to be fingerprinted, undergo training (which includes time firing weapons that they do NOT have direct access to), and registered BEFORE they will be allowed to purchase a firearm.

What was once a Constitutional "Right" is no longer even a lowercase "right".

Anonymous said...

Martin Luther King would be proud of those who spoke truth to power in this videao.

Louis H. said...

Martin Luther King would be ashamed of The Question Man.

Silverfiddle said...

The Question Man is a perfect leftwing specimen:

An angry, irrational nutlog with a fluffy, hate-filled center.

His ilk will not be happy until everybody to his right is marched off to reeducation camps.

No, wait... unhinged fleck-spittle ranters like him will never be happy.

Dave Miller said...

Speedy, does the law deny access to any law abiding citizens?

Jack Whyte said...

QM is a typical black panther nut bag who hasn't gotten his fill of other people's money.

Radical Redneck said...
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Z said...

I deleted on QM rant ... I will not be called racist... He says I don't know any Blacks after I've told him I have a black relative I love, so it's clear he's not reading any of the comments...just making up as he goes; as ugly as he can possibly get.
This man is SO to be pitied and prayed for.
Jack's right; I believe he must be a Black Panther.

I honestly didn't know anybody this angry existed.

Waylon; Bilderberg is something I'm very interested in. I will definitely look at that video soon.

Z said...

bythe way...the only reason I left QM's other 2 rants is because so many responded to him. Can't blame you, but he's not using my blog for his racist rants anymore, so I'll be having to delete him all the time in the future.
I wish he could grow up and get some truth.

By the way, I haven't heard of the black flash mob thieves in a year or so, so it's not quite true about "republicans" (CNN Dems covered that when it happened too, by the way)...and I'd vote for a patriotic, honorable black man for president in a heart beat...

His kind of ranting is uninformed and silly, but it's good to know some people really do feel this way.

Z said...


PLEASE PLEASE pray for WIND in the Pacific down by stepdaughter's on that sailboat and they've lost 4 days (Now on their way to New Zealand...just left Robinson Crusoe island, I believe) because of no wind...thanks!

Radical Redneck said...

Feel free to tell Question Man directly how you feel of his idiotic, racist, copy/paste spam rants.

Pris said...

God bless the Americans in this video for standing up against the trashing of our Constitution!

They recognize the paternalism, and condescending rhetoric from the left, and they know propaganda when they hear it.

They also are aware of us all losing our freedom regardless of skin color, if this administration succeeds in it's never ending assault on our rights!

Divine Theatre said...

Makes me proud to be an American, right there. Truth to power.


Speedy G said...

Does the law deny access to any law abiding citizens

Yes, ALL of them, until such time as they have applied for and secured the government's "permission" to acquire a firearm.

In times of turmoil and general insurrection, how many citizens will then be "permitted" to exercise their right to self-defense?... and what will the "progressive" criteria for "exercising" those "privileges" be? This is all, as of yet, unknown and undetermined. If the LA Rodney King Riots provide any example, there are going to be a LOT of people left abandoned by the authorities and subject to the whims of the mob.

The riots broke out after the 10:45-11:00 AM not guilty verdict on a Wednesday. By late afternoon on the same day, Tom Bradley, than mayor of Los Angeles, ordered all stores, within the city limits of Los Angeles, to cease the sales of guns and ammunition.

When the Korean store owners were being attacked by then, the Korean language radio station(s) were calling all the gun stores throughout Southern California and relaying back the info on the air (in Korean), telling their listeners which stores still had ammo.

Speedy G said...

btw - This "permission" is not free, either. It started as a $100 registration fee... but now with firearm training, etc, who knows what the final cost will be?

It will be a privilege only available to the rich, and privileged.

Speedy G said... most certainly is, no longer, a Constitutional Right which "shall not be infringed".

Speedy G said...

I'd put it in the same category as a "poll tax".

Z said...

Pris, I wonder if QM thinks those Blacks in the video are racist :-)
"regardless of skin color" has to become the message of this land almost was there before Obama because he and the leftwingers have inflamed racism again like a cardboard fanning just-lit coals for a barbecue.
Who would have EVER thought anybody would believe no Black can be criticized. Every leftwinger criticized Bush UNMERCIFULLY...constantly. Nobody said they're anti white, did they?

Andie, isn't it grand? I honestly thought it was carefully edited lip-synching until I remembered that particularly those two Black (real) leaders ARE thoughtful, not all white-hating men.

SpeedyG...I don't see it getting that far.
I often wonder if Obama's civilian military would ever go after their own neighbors. I doubt that, I really do.
Except we've seen it in so many other countries and Obama HAS done a great job of dividing us.

Z said...

Speedy..I do see your point about a poll tax.

Anonymous said...

This video shows that issues cannot be simplified. We have politicians on both sides of the aisle and media that oversimplify things way too much. Granted we're in a culture of powerpoint, tweets and the likes and nobody wants to thoroughly think about issues anymore. Plus it's much easier to create outrage so people can join you and vote for you.

I'm tired of the divide in this country that oversimplifying issues has created. It's sad. Nobody can't sit at a table and look at things with great details.

JonBerg said...

I would sure like to think that "Obama's civilian military" wouldn't "go after their own neighbors". I'm [more] sure that it wouldn't happen unless and until he succeeds in disarming the rest of us. The subject, however, begs a question: Why do we NEED a "civilian military"? For that matter, what, exactly, is a "civilian military" anyway? It sounds like something straight out of the Third Reich, to me. I steadfastly cast doubt on any and all of B.O.'s motives.

Ducky's here said...

No problems, bangers in any city in America have plenty of fire power.

We wouldn't want that to change.

Z said...

JonBerg, we do NOT need a civilian military, but he's talked about it a few times in public. The little s***. oops, sorry, but........

FrogBurger, I couldn't agree with you more. I believe the CNN/FOX/MSNBC situation has created this ridiculous oversimplification. And both sides refuse to show any good in the other side. It has to stop but it will not.
(we need to have dinner soon!)

Ducky, you're exactly right. Sadly, with stricter gun laws, it won't be the gangs who have to relinquish.
You walked into that one.

Pris said...

I think QM is so full of hate, he has no rationality. He operates on emotion, instead of using thought and logic. He doesn't see how his race is being used by the left, which is a form of paternalism.

The left has done nothing but throw a few crumbs to his race to keep them on their plantation, and dependent on their Nanny State, as if black people can't make it on their own, and robbing them of their dignity.

I see his race as equals as you do, not inferiors, as the left does!

JonBerg said...

"bangers in any city in America have plenty of fire power."

Are they B.O.'s "civilian military"?

Z said...

Pris, I completely agree, you're right.
THESE Blacks in my video DO get, pro American, and pro PEOPLE, not just Black People.

I fear QM has been robbed of any dignity he ever had but I think he's chosen that...sounds like it, anyway.
Easier to lash out and be a screeching victim than to grow up, go to school, work hard and be successful.
I had bumps along the way, too, we ALL DO... YOU GET OVER IT ...if you want to.

Anonymous said...


" It sounds like something straight out of the Third Reich..."

Yea...instead of being in Black like the NBPP'll be the Klan in Tan.

I can see it now....a march on DC for a "civil" right to NOT criticize the racist in the WH.

Ducky's here said...

No z, I didn't walk into anything.

Too often these anti regulation screeds focus on the ridiculous idea of disarming homes of personal protection. Nonsense.

What many want to do is stop bulk buying, tighten purchasing at gun shows and keep better records to track firearms used in crimes.
Now, those are regulations that intend to make it more difficult for gangs to obtain guns or make it easier to track rogue dealers.

If that impacts the average person who wants to own a firearm for home protection let me know.

Or we can buy into the curious idea that more guns means less gun crime. The gun industry loves that.

Z said...

Sorry, Ducky, you walked RIGHT into it. You're dead wrong. How anybody could even imagine that the 'bad guys' are going to have no guns because of stricter gun laws is utterly naive and you know it.

I, for one, am not at all against tighter restrictions at gun shows, bulk buying, or tracking of firearms (which is, of course, already done very well).
I am, however, against a government like ours buying 2.6 billion rounds in the idiotic pretext that it's "bulk buying which will be cheaper". That has to be a rough one for even the most devoted leftwinger to swallow, but THEY DO! :-)

The gun control argument has become ridiculous. Our existing laws are good and should be adhered to.

Anonymous said...


"Now, those are regulations that intend to make it more difficult for gangs to obtain guns or make it easier to track rogue dealers."

Yea...the ATF sure knows about them...they're the same laws Holder ignored resulting in a lot of dead people. The same laws that are already on the why more redundant, feel good BS rules that screw over law abiding citizens?

Who prosecutes him for a massacre?

Anonymous said...

I don't understand people who think the gov has more rights than we do to be heavily armed against us. I'm not talking about the military. Because the underlying assumption is that most of us are terrible human beings and are a threat to society. And if that's the case why are we free? But again, that requires to think a little further and without emotionality.

Pris said...

You know damn well that the left never stops. It's a step by step agenda.

Or as I refer to it, death by a thousand cuts!

It's about utter control. Period!

Anonymous said...

Well...we can add another ding to our social, moral meltdown.

Morning after pills will be available over the counter ( even younger that 17 ) without a prescription. A federal "judge"' riled that all girls of reproductive age should have them!

But the libs thinks this is all OK.

Liberalmann said...

Wow, good for you. You got a few (paid off) black people to contradict our President. Now THAT'S credible! Lol!

Mista Anonymous said...

Liberalmann are you the Question man?

beamish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
beamish said...

"bangers in any city in America have plenty of fire power."

Are they B.O.'s "civilian military"?


beamish said...

Wow, good for you. You got a few (paid off) black people to contradict our President. Now THAT'S credible! Lol!

So, you actually believe black men all think and say the same thing universally unless paid money to say something else?

I believe at this point in the observation we can only talk about "leftists that aren't racists" as an absurd hypothetical.

Kid said...

No Question Z.

qman is either a moron or a put on, in either case...

Z said...

You see, folks? If Blacks contradict the leftwing Black plantation, they're "paid off"..this is how bad the leftwing dopes are in this country. This is breathtaking, and the only reason I didn't delete Liberalmann's's too stupid not to have fun with it.

Kid, I know QM isn't anybody but who he "is" because he's elsewhere, too...but I honestly did start wondering if this is a put on. I don't think so...90% sure it's not, but it's so amazing that that 10% lurks in my mind!

Ed Bonderenka said...

I question if he's a man.

Z said...

Ed..who knows!?

QM...if you come back and actually read the comments, I have a question:

Do you feel good about limiting Black America only to your point of view? Some have evolved OUT of the mindset you and so many others have; many are hard working, pro American, conservative capitalists who want to raise families in success and pride, not a nightmare of fatherless kids and entitlements.

Why do you want to limit the Black segment of this country to your victimization and hard feelings?

What do you think when you see those ladies and gentlemen on the dais on the video?? Did you even watch it?

Anonymous said...


"Why do you want to limit the Black segment of this country to your victimization and hard feelings?"

Maybe because he's the illegitimate offspring of Jess Jerk or Fat Al? They have to keep the "raciiiissss" ball rolling well into the 21st Century. Rather than leaving the kids a genuine trust fund from hard work and success....they choose to leave behind old stew, rekindled, PopEyes, stale BS hate. They know that works. To get the ignorant all riled up and in the streets.

Don't believe me? Look no further than the Racist in chief and his hateful "memoirs".

Or his Moochele with her disgusting, hateful statements after she gets an AA degree from Princeton and a 300K a year phony job.