Wednesday, April 10, 2013

TV or not TV?

Could you, or DO you, live without television?  Check THIS out.   FIVE MILLION homes have given up TV.  The sad thing is that those are mostly homes without children.  Kids could do a lot better without any TV, too.

Honestly, I don't know if I could do it........I don't watch network shows, but I take a kind of solace in the old reruns of shows that are pure fun, like Frasier, I Love Lucy, Everybody Loves Raymond, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, etc..........I have to admit, they are SO much nicer to watch than the NEWS and I frequently get so sick of the constant negative diatribes that I just change the channel and watch something fun.  And I adore old films.'d be tough for me, particularly now that I live alone.
How about you?  Do you have a TV, could you live without one?



Constitutional Insurgent said...

I absolutley could, just leave me my internet.

You can get any Television content from the net these days, as well as a broader choice of *gasp* investigative journalism.

Ducky's here said...

They haven't given up watching TV shows.

They're just watching on the net.

The content is still pretty spotty.

Fredd said...

Gotta have my 'Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.'

Gotta have my 'Counting Cars,' 'Deadliest Catch,' 'Shark Tank' and 'Varney and Company.'

I go into convulsions thinking about the posibility of no TV.

Can't do it.

Ducky's here said...

If you like watching movies z a Netflix or Hulu account pretty much makes TV extraneous.

JonBerg said...

"Could you...... live without television?"

I suppose so and perhaps even a telephone and PC/Internet, as well, but I prefer to have these options.

Jen Nifer said...
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Right Truth said...

Oh I don't know, I do like my TV. Certain shows, none of these so-called reality shows though. I want an escape now and then, something entertaining, a drama, mystery,...

I suppose with internet I could watch whatever I want on the computer, or even on the DROID DNA but it is a much more enjoyable experience to see the larger screen.

We don't watch any commercials, record everything on the DVR/Direct TV, and FFW through the commercials.

Right Truth

Z said...

Const. Insurg and Ducky... It's TELEVISION I was wondering about.

Fredd, I'm with you on Triple D :-) None of the others!
I can't do it, either.

Ducky, I love Netflix and like getting them in the mail.
TV will never be extraneous for me. I don't like watching on my computer screen. way would I do without the phone.

Jen, I agree about 'the noise' but I still do get encouraged by some of the really good conservatives one finds on FOX and (rarely but sometimes) on CNN. I like to realize how clear their thinking is, how pro-American, and how they're on to the media's bias.

Right Truth..I love the old comedies...on METV and TVLAND, etc.

I haven't ever watched more than 10 min of a reality show....but I have accidentally come upon HOT IN CLEVELAND and find it repulsive and disgusting...just a head's up on REAL TRASH

Dave Miller said...

I spend half my year without television serving in Mexico. Amazingly, I do not miss it at all.

And then once I return, i expect to have it.

It's an interesting question... could we live without it?

Yes... will we? Probably not...

Anonymous said...

I could as long as I can stream. Sports would be problematic if it's not streamed (NFL Sunday ticket!!!). But I could go see games too.

Anonymous said...

Z, once you have something like XBOX plugged in to a big screen, it's pretty sweet to stream Netflix or Hulu or Vudu. etc...

JonBerg said...


" way would I do without the phone."

Me neither; my inclusion of such was just for effect (insert Smiley Face)!

Hugh Petersen said...

My wife & I watch too much TV but there are some things well worth watching. I'm with Fredd about "Varney & Co.". I opt to keep my cable and hi-def TV.

Pris said...

For sure I couldn't do without baseball season on TV! I'm a huge Dodger fan and seldom miss watching them!

I can't stand reality shows though, and today's good movies are few and far between.

Z,s right the older movies are better, and most aren't full of special effects, thank goodness.

Of course I do watch the news.

Leticia said...

I don't think I could give up TV. I am hooked on..shhh.... The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, Touched By An Angel and Once Upon A time.

Plus, the SyFy channel has the corniest alien shows, like mutant spiders, Yetti's, etc. LOL!

And I love my internet, soooo... shamefully, I cannot live without it.

Ducky's here said...

@Z -- I don't like watching on my computer screen.
I hate it also.

Try a TV streaming setup like Roku.

Anonymous said...


"right the older movies are better.."

And I've noticed that when I scroll through my on screen Guide...and hit TCM...99% of these older films have 4 stars?

As opposed to way too many today that barely manage 1 or two?

Always On Watch said...

Over the years, several students in my classes came from families who didn't have television sets. These students were among the best students I've ever encountered -- and most gained admission with a free ride (or nearly a free ride) to very prestigious universities.

As for myself, I watch a lot of reruns Law and Order in its various types. I also use my DirecTV system for certain music channels, usually the classical ones.

There are very few first-run shows that I watch.

I could go without television, I suppose. But I could. I'd read more, of course.

But take away my Internet access and Netflix, and I'll have a meltdown!

Mr. AOW, on the other hand, is a television addict -- usually certain reruns (Western channel, for example) and certain game shows.

As for reality TV, neither Mr. AOW nor I can abide it.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I admit I'm a TV guy. I love news and I use it in my Current Events class. I read newspapers all the way through and books galore but I can't do away with TV. I'm a true boomer who watched 2 channels of black and white and loved it. I have to admit I like the immediacy of TV news.

Most of History Channel is crap although sometimes they come up with home runs; I could name many. Of course, then there's sports. Ah, TV.

Liberalmann said...

I couldn't last a day withouot my MSNBC. You see I CARE about the truth.

Kid said...

I probably do about 5-10 hours a week on TV. So I'm overpaying for it for sure. But yea, when I need to sit and veg, I appreciate having it.

I wish I could just pay for the few channels I watch.

Z said...

Ducky, like I could figure THAT out!? :-)
(and please, everybody, do NOT help me; you will be SO wasting your time. And no private emails with instructions, either! I'm HAPPY doing what I do..and don't do! There's something wonderful about the mailbox holding a movie I've been dying to see)

AOW, I have to admit; I, Z, am a TV ADDICT. There are no two ways about it.

L&O: I like that immediacy, too. Well said.

Liberalmann..I'm not deleting this comment because it is HILARIOUS.
You simply CAN'T be that immature to believe everything Rachel Maddow tells you and mischaracterizes is TRUTH:-)
I have lib friends who know MSNBC is a CROCK. But, now I get why you're like you are.
I'm so sorry for you. And for America because of that :-(

beamish said...

<---no TV, except when Walking Dead is on. Love that show!

beamish said...

<---no TV, except when Walking Dead is on. Love that show!

Divine Theatre said...

We don't watch television. I have not had a television for over 20 years! We recently bought a set that Gracie could watch her homeschool DVDs. She also watches videos that we have screened.
While out at other people's homes, I have seen many commercials (on children's programs) that are utterly inappropriate for young children, especially girls.
Gracie came home from my husband's mother's house one day and told us the story she saw on teevee of a woman who couldn't get married because her teeth weren't white enough! She was relieved to discover it was a toothpaste commercial!
She loves Father Knows Best and Ma and Pa Kettle. She will never see cartoons like Barbie or Brats...until she turns 18. Many children's shows glorify impertinent behavior and the few times we allowed her to watch those videos we could see a slight change in her personality.
I often wonder WHO writes these shows? Are they parents?
I don't miss the "news", that's for certain! I have always been very skeptical of having my "reality" fed to me by paid corporate hacks.
I don't miss television. Not one bit!


Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - "It's TELEVISION I was wondering about."

Yes......which is why I stated that as long as I had internet, I can live quite nicely without television.

Z said...

Andie, that's why you get SO MUCH DONE at your house!! I applaud parents whose children aren't subjected to TV. It used to be that it was safe and fun and only Elvis' hips offended some VERY uptight folks.

Today, men are made to look like MORONS on commercials, mothers lie, animals talk, and babies rule the roost. Awful, awful messages by advertisers and 'creative types'... not good at all. brainiac nephew loves WALKING DEAD...what IS it about it that's so fascinating? I've only clicked by and saw bloody people walking around. HUH?

Kid said...

Ok, I'll add. I watch a few food channel programs, Triple D for sure, then Iron Chef sometimes, rarely other things.
I do like the series Revolution, where the theme is a spook with the DOD contracts a couple to amplify electricity but they find how to shut it off instead. The series tracks people dealing with no power, few guns, very little ammo, etc for over a decade with a trumped up 'Monroe Militia' abusing the population. The globe is shut down, but only the USA is featured.
The focus then is on a group of people who mean to shut down the Monroe Militia and get the power back on.
The current episodes seem close to getting the power back on, so you'd have to go back and at least sample some episodes to get the flavor thus far.
I don't think there is a single actor/actress in this that I've seen before which adds to the quality, and the production quality is very good. Very realistic stuff.
The other show we've toyed with is The Following, about a serial killer who has a large following, and his wife in love with the FBI agent -Kevin Bacon-(mutual) who is trying to shut him down. I like the Bacon character because he makes it real, but generally speaking, it appears to us now after the 4-5 shows we've seen that the FBI agents outside of Bacon's character are incredible dolts and the serial killer has been given superpowers in comparison, so it's getting kinda stupid from that POV.
Outside of that, we like watching the prosecutor, Juan Martinez, tearing the defense witnesses to shreds in the Jodi Arias trial. He's killer.
Then military, history, discovery, build it bigger comes up from time to time.
That's about it. fwiw.

Z said...

Kid, I LIKE BACON, PERIOD :-) (I used to have a little picture of him on my blog!!)

and ya...I know remember you like Triple D, too!
A lot of REALLY bright friends don't like much of the History Channel. Do you like most productions or see problems with them, too? (not that I won't continue to find you super bright if you don't agree with them!!!!! Heck,my 2260 SAT nephew likes THE WALKING DEAD, so...........

Ed Bonderenka said...

Bret Baier.
the Bible miniseries.
Netflix Streaming and DVD
Burn Notice (but on DVD).
Fox saturday mornings for background.
Dr. Charles Stanley on Saturday nights.
I have a computer with wireless keyboard hooked up to my TV with an HDMI connection.
Youtube on the big screen is easier to share.
Duck Dynasty seems popular with my Bible Study for it's values, but I can't bear it.

FreeThinke said...


I hate it, but I do watch it. I think it's important to remain aware of what influences "the nation" as a whole, even though I find most of it disgusting, discouraging and appalling.

Mostly, I watch old movies on TCM -- but very selectively -- and reruns of Perry Mason, when I can find them. I wish someone would set up a channel that offered NOTHING BUT reruns of all the old detective-whodunit shows.

It's funny you would see Frasier as an "old" show, Z. I think of it as one of the later manifestations of the kind of comedy brought to us by Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore -- all stuff I could never get into, though I don't disapprove of it.

C-Span's Washington Journal CAN be enlightening, hough the IQ and levels of articulateness and awareness of the callers has been dropping steadily for the past ten or fifteen years. I find that very depressing -- and infuriating. c-Span's BOOK TV and much of their History programming can be wonderful. I'm a big fan of the likes of Richard Norton Smith, David McCullough, Richard Brookheiser and Ken Burns, even though Burns is more closely identified with PBS than C-Span.

FOX news is better than anyone else's news, but that's no saying much. I absolutely can not STAND Bill O'Reilly or Sean Hannity anymore. I kinda like The Five, and the Six-O'clock News with Bret Baier is pretty good.

I do wish someone would set up a channel with the motto OUR AGENDA is to HAVE NO AGENDA" and be true to their word. Wouldn't that be refreshing?

Out of more than EIGHT-HUNDRED channels, however, 99.44% of the offerings are out-and-out GARBAGE.

If they reran everything from the EARLIEST days of TV, I'd be a happy camper -- I think. It would be fun to have the chance to know for sure.

Z said...

Ed....DUCK DYNASTY? What is that?
I'm a big Brett Baier fan.

FT..I'm with you; I like to know what everybody's saying but am tired of the screeching opinions shows. Still, both Hannity and O'Reilly do have libs on and counter them so well that, if I can stomach the stepping on the others' lines (from both sides), I like to hear it.

The TV rule these days is "The more the channels, the more there isn't anything on!"
I swear, that's the truth.

I love lots of TCM, and I feel grateful for the old sitcoms like Mary Tyler Moore, Frasier, etc.... so good.

Anonymous said...


"my brainiac nephew loves WALKING DEAD.."

Nothing wrong with that Z...he should know everything he can about dem's, don' ya think?

Ducky's here said...

Let The Boss explain it

Kid said...

Z, I don't consider the history channel as a defacto source at all. Yea, problems there.

Anonymous said...


" couldn't last a day withouot my MSNBC.." need to check if your level of instability and insanity matches theirs. Try to keep up on the Librium too..Matthews and Schulz chew it all day long.

Anonymous said...


"and reruns of Perry Mason.."

Don't forget Columbo FT.

FreeThinke said...

Don't you realize, Imp, that the character of COLUMBO is a symbol of vulgar proletarianism gaining victory over everything that even hintsat being "high class?"

I have always HATED Columbo, because i saw right through it the moment that crummy Peter Falk with his disgusting low-class NOO YAWK accent came on the scene.

I'd bet the farm that Falk and the writers and producers of Columbo are crypro-Communists at heart.

Kid said...

I love Columbo. I love the premise.

I love how Columbo gets his 'man' by appearing to be an idiot while the perp gos parabolic on their ego trip. I think it's very real life.

I think jodi arias on trial now in Maricopa Co Az would make a fantastic Columbo perp.

The prosecutor isn't playing dumb though by comparison. He's playing Perry Mason on steroids.

Ducky's here said...

"... but one thing bothered me."

beamish said... brainiac nephew loves WALKING DEAD...what IS it about it that's so fascinating? I've only clicked by and saw bloody people walking around. HUH?

I'm sure I could geek out and write a dissertation on all of the sociology, political philosophy, and such embedded in the show's writing - and the writing is superb - going on in this continuing story of a global zombie apocalypse where the undead outnumber the living 5000 to 1 and everyone who dies will rise as a flesh-eating zombie (unless, Zombie Combat 101, their brain is destroyed).

A lot of thought has gone into depicting what life would be like if all of a sudden civilization came to an end. It's a damn good show. I've cheered when characters I hated died, and I've blubbered like a baby when favorite characters died.

I can't be the only one. It is after all the #1 rated show on television.

Anonymous said...


HeySoos Christos my man...relax.

I'll takes Kids opinion of it...OK.

Falk was my kind of Wiseguy.

And the show always had top notch actors on it.

Sorry if I gave you a damn stroke.

Anonymous said...


"A lot of thought has gone into depicting what life would be like if all of a sudden civilization came to an end..."

Like we're headed towards now? I'll have to tune in to see if I should prep or not.

Actually...24 used to make me cheer...until it became a PC political liability. Keifer was top notch.

Z said...

FT...Columbo was a seedy, sloppy looking guy no perps thought was bright enough to do anything, wise-cracking himself into solving a murder and you think it's a communist plot? Come ON, my friend! :-)

beamish..#1? Man, there must be SOMETHING to it. Maybe I should give it a try, but the visuals weren't too appealing!

Mark said...

Gotta have TV, especially for sports. My alma Mater, Wichita State University, recently defied the odds and captured a final four berth in the NCAA Basketball tournament, and would have advanced to the championship game were it not for some questionable calls from the referees.

But I'm not bitter. They had a great run.

And of course, I never get tired of Andy Griffith and Monk reruns.

Ducky's here said...

FT rather than watch TV I put on John Frankenheimer's, The Train and I was struck by how much you remind me of Colonel von Waldheim.

You should really give it a look. You'd identify with him.

Colonel von Waldheim: ... Does it please you, Labiche? Give you a sense of excitement in just being near them? A painting means as much to you as a string of pearls to an ape. You are nothing, Labiche -- a lump of flesh. The paintings are mine; they always will be; beauty belongs to the man who can appreciate it!

beamish said...

"A lot of thought has gone into depicting what life would be like if all of a sudden civilization came to an end..."

Like we're headed towards now? I'll have to tune in to see if I should prep or not.

Well, there is the healthy outlet aspect of seeing how useful a gun is when either zombies are trying to kill you or other bands of survivors want to take your food stockpiles ;)

I think the show does tap into our populist culture's current obsession with stockpiling guns and ammo for the self-fulfilling prophecy of civil war, anarchy, and societal collapse. Maybe it's a healthy outlet, watching such unfold as fantasy and entertainment rather than living as if it is all one Obama golf swing away from happening.

Anonymous said...


You've outdone yourself.....quite a quote!

Anonymous said...


"either zombies are trying to kill you.."

What's the difference between it and the "Night of the Living Dead"???

Great classic BTW.

beamish said...

What's the difference between it and the "Night of the Living Dead"???

Love that movie!

In story, Walking Dead has been more than one night (IIRC, the movie Night of the Living Dead resolves itself the next morning with law enforcement and the army clearing out remaining zombies). As Season 3 ended it has been around 10 months since the world succumbed to the zombie apocalypse... and there's no end in sight.

Characterization has been awesome.

Anonymous said...

@beamish... it's more excruciatinglinly...painful...for the livingLOL never ends? I'll have to really look into this.

Z said...

Hi, Mark!
Is your blog open again?
How're you doing?

Ya, I could click on your name but I've gotta run!!

beamish said... never ends? I'll have to really look into this.

Yes! The virus that caused the zombie apocalypse in the Walking Dead has infected everyone on the planet... when they die, minutes later they reanimate as mindless flesh eating zombies. The crap hit the fan so fast, as it were, that now the animated dead outnumber the living 5000 to 1. Civilization? There is no civilization.

All 3 seasons are on iTunes now and season 4 starts up this fall, probably around Halloween night. If AMC does what they're done for the last 2 season premieres, they'll run a marathon of every episode from season 1 onward that week as a countdown to the premiere episode to Season 4.

beamish said...
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beamish said...

(sorry for the spoiler... we didn't find out people become zombies when they die even if not bitten by a zombie until the end of season 2)

JonBerg said...

For all of you who like "The Walking Dead" I'm there, as well. I don't know why, it's not the sort of thing that I would normally like, SiFi and continued, but somehow I managed to get hooked. Who likes the fact that we must wait until October for it to start again? I think that sucks!

beakerkin said...

Working on a new TV Show all of you will want to watch

Revolting America

Join us as we take a Communist Waterfoul across America to spread the message of class struggle and Jew hatred. See Mr. Ducky run for his life in housing projects, rodeos and Walmart Parking lots

sue hanes said...

Z - We have 4 tvs. About the only thing I watch is news. Now that I have tv - I have to admit that I wouldn't like to go without it - even though I don't watch it that much.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't last a day withouot my MSNBC. You see I CARE about the truth.

Now that's funny.

Pris said...

I do watch The Game of Thrones on HBO. My grandson comes over to watch it with me. I also had watched The Tudors. I got hooked on these shows. Never missed an episode.

I've also watched The Walking Dead, although once you've watched it, it's pretty predictable.

Kid said...

IMP, Night of the Living Dead.

How's this for trivia.
Movie made in Pittburgh for probably 40 bucks.
Chilly Billy Cardilly as he was known in Pittsburgh had a late night scary B movie thing going
He was later arrested and convicted of playing a major part in tampering wiht the Lotto by injecting some balls with a heavier than air gas, allowing he and pals to concentrate their picks on the numbers moist likely to be sucked up into the 'number selection tube'.

Kid said...

Forgot to mention Chilly Billy was in the movie.

Mark said...

Yes, Z, I'm back. Facebook has become rather intolerant of political posts.