Monday, April 22, 2013

Paying for the terrorist..........

In the amazing conversations here yesterday, something came up which I thought was a fascinating point for discussion:

We all know friend and blogger Always On Watch and she's filled us in on her husband's stroke and his immediate difficulties and the trying challenges since it happened nearly four years ago. She's been a rock and he's never lost his sense of humor.  They're amazing.

BUT, she's also occasionally filled us in on the large financial burden of his having been so sick and even now with the equipment he needs by which to get around, medicines, etc., etc.

Yesterday, she wrote this in Comments on my Sunday Faith post: 
"It really does gall me that Tsarnaev's needs (medical care, help with activities of daily living, etc.) will be met indefinitely if he should be permanently disabled. Permanent disability is a real possibility if what I read this morning is true: leg and neck wounds. The maimed at the bomb sites will likely get less attention and, more importantly, less help."

Is that fair?  Always on Watch didn't bring up her situation, she brought up the innocent who have been maimed...but she's facing this, too!  And she's had financial help through Medicare, probably, but not everything's been covered!  She and her husband have paid their taxes since they had their first jobs and here's a 19 year old who'd just as soon see them both dead and they might have been today had they gone to the marathon and been around those two bombs.    So, we can't let the kid die and not give him medical care (though some of you will think it's fine to allow a baby who survived an abortion attempt to die, not to change the subject here)..........but IS IT FAIR?

What do you think?



Always On Watch said...

How kind of you to say all these nice things about Mr. AOW and me!

Those maimed during the Boston jihad attacks are much younger than Mr. AOW was when he had his stroke at the age of 59. When I think of the several decades of caregiving that some of these individuals will require, my heart goes out to those maimed AND to those families.

The situation for double amputees will be horrific. Think of the logistics. I need not go into the graphic details, do I?

But there are other grievous wounds as well, including chest wounds that will disable at least some of these people: heart damage, lung damage, damage to other organs, including reproductive organs.

Nerve damage will consign many to a lifetime of unrelenting pain.

Also, most of those injured will require expensive physical therapy in order to facilitate the best recovery possible.

Full recovery for many of these individuals will be impossible. Some may require what amounts to 24/7/365 care for an extended period of time.

As for Medicare, IF those so young can qualify at all, well, it's unavailable until the "qualifying event" has undergone a time lapse of 30 months, during which time one goes without having any health insurance, obtains expensive COBRA coverage, or finds an expensive private policy with a big deductible and usually without any pharmacy coverage at all. In the case of the AOW household, medical costs were about $30,000/year (about $11,000 a year being health insurance premiums).

Always On Watch said...

And one more thing....

Even if one qualifies for Social Security Disability, those checks do not arrive until 6 months after the qualifying event.

Anonymous said...

No it's not fair. If you want fairness to fix this, the only solution is single payer unfortunately or a French-like healthcare system. But even that won't cover everything.

It's sad situation.

Darth Bacon said...

I think that she is 100 % correct, as you are in your blog this morning.

Mindy B. said...

Ironic isn't it! I would have wished they were as much in a rush to find the truth and the facts about Benghazi, but that's something that we will never know.

Silverfiddle said...

No, it's not fair, but little in life is.

This is the fodder from which political hay is made...

Darth Bacon said...

Let's hope that this event kills Obama's immigration reform bill as quickly as the Gun Control bill was shot down. (pardon the pun)

And by the way, did you hear what that Old Fart Tom Brokaw said yesterday? .

FreeThinke said...

JFK said it at his Innaugural. I remember hearing at the time from his own lips


Right! Nothing to do but ACCEPT REALITY, take up your Burden, shoulder up your Cross, and keep going -- till you can't.


Sam Huntington said...

Not fair, and I think it illustrates that government doesn't really care about its citizens ... only some of the citizens. In choosing winners and losers, the government discriminates. In very few cases have I seen justice in the way government decides which of us deserves its compassion. It is no wonder that many of us continue to love our country, while learning to hate our government.

JonBerg said...


Obviously a resounding NO, it isn't fair! Our Government's concept of "fair" is enigmatic, at best. It blows countless billions of dollars on: useless grant projects, redundent-overlaping agencies of questionable value/necessity,"Green Energy" boondoggling, aid to hostile infinitum while often times leaving honest taxpayers in the "lurch". Speaking of "fair" it seems that we have a, so called, President who constantly harps on "fair share" when it comes to taxation; this while some 47% pay no Federal Income Tax, whatsoever and Payroll Tax funds, meant for Social Security, Medicare, etc are commingled into the General Fund.

Back to those who pay no tax: A friend of mine, who was a Social Worker (unitl she couldn't take it any longer), reinforced to me what is obvious and ubiquitous. We have an entire,growing, class of people [sic], who NEVER work but draw: Welfare, Food Stamps, Section 8 Housing, ADC and a cornucopia of other largess, whose main objective(s)in life are to get to their "dealer" and/or to the tavern at 11:00 AM!

Obviously a resounding NO!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, there are men in prison who committed crimes soly to be arrested and recieve a warm place to live, three meals per day, and health care all for free.

Anonymous T. Irrelevant said...

Salon syndicated columnist David Sirota really seems to despise many of his fellow countrymen.
In a piece he published Sunday, Sirota actually asked regarding the Boston Marathon bombing, “Could it be that some Americans actually want to see the kind of bigoted, violent, civil-liberties-trampling reaction we tend to see when terrorism suspects end up being Muslim?””
For those with short memories, Sirota is the columnist that wrote an article Tuesday with the headline ““Let’’s Hope the Boston Marathon Bomber Is a White American.””
As NewsBusters reported throughout the week, Sirota continued doubling down on his insanity.
Now that it turns out the bombers did have ties to Islam, Sirota doubled down again:

Sirota didn't hope the bombers weren't Muslims. He wished - several times in print, no less! - that they were white Americans.
That's disgraceful.
As for his contention that conservatives might have been hoping the attackers weren't white non-Islamic Americans, there may be some truth to that.
After all, since the creation of the Tea Party, any time a white American male commits a heinous crime, the media are quick to make that connection and blame the incident on all conservatives especially talk radio hosts and Fox News.
By contrast, when someone connected to Islam commits a heinous act, the press will either bury this fact or downplay its importance.
As such, white conservatives that are sick and tired of being blamed for everything wrong in the society rightly might have wished the bombers would have no connection to them just as Muslims here and abroad were likely praying the attackers were not Islamists.
One imagines Sirota doesn't find it at all distasteful that Muslims could feel that way.Of course, now that the suspects are alleged to be Muslim, we will see if America follows the same historical path that we have before –– one involving mass surveillance of whole religious communities, hate crimes, new Patriot Acts and calls for other punitive measures. Rush Limbaugh insists that we won’’t see such a response –– and I sincerely hope he is right.
But events suggest history may already be repeat [sic] itself. Indeed, in the last few days, we’’ve seen reports of hate crimes against Muslims (before the suspects were identified, by the way) ; Homeland Security Committee chairman Rep. Peter King (R-NY) call for mass surveillance of all Muslims; Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) demand that the suspect –– an American citizen –– be deemed an enemy combatant and denied due process; the Obama administration deny Miranda rights to the suspect; and New York State Sen. Greg Ball (R) call for the use of torture. Notably, these kinds of affronts to civil liberties and the constitution are almost never seen when terrorism suspects are white non-Islamic Americans.
All of this underscores my argument about why I had hoped the suspects ended up being white non-Islamic Americans. It also begs the aforementioned question: knowing the differences in how we react to Muslim terrorism and non-Islamic white American terrorism, why are so many conservatives gleefully cheering the possibility that the suspects are the former? Could it be that some Americans actually want to see the kind of bigoted, violent, civil-liberties-trampling reaction we tend to see when terrorism suspects end up being Muslim?

Z said...

Maybe my question should have been "is it RIGHT"?" instead of "FAIR" ...

Mindy...Benghazi sure got shut up quickly.. each time the GOP rightfully brought anything up, it got silenced because the media didn't want to discuss it...they're really quite eager compliants with the WH.

I believe non muslim Americans WERE a bit relieved ..particularly Conservatives who had blame dumped on them by the Left anyway, for the first hours before we learned who the perps probably were.........
It's utterly SICK to consider that leftwingers are so eager to condemn white Conservatives while doing all they can do cover for islamists. Sick and dangerous.

Jack Whyte said...

To follow up on what Sam wrote, it seems to me that the people who do receive government benefits don't love America, or the government. They are only interested in getting free stuff. They deserve it ... for the sins of the past. Which is utter BS ...

And in the doing of this, the government divides us, making us far easier to control. Our government is woefully shameful.

Z said...

Jack, that division is also resulting from the leftwing constant drumbeat of condemning white conservatives, too.

it's 'them against us' on so MANY things that weren't quite that bad before Obama's methodology....

Z said...

Why not present the bill for the young man's medical expenses to his parents?
"If you cannot pay, you will not be allowed back into the United States without this debt cleared up.."

Z said...

we'd still end up paying for it but it might serve, at least, that good purpose, particularly since the mother is radicalized.

Darth Bacon said...

And by the way, the latest news if that the 19 year old Scum is awake, responding. Maybe someone should visit him with a pillow to put over his mouth and nose.

Z said...

unless he's telling the truth to our people, Darth. Then our law enforcement needs to hear a lot of information, learn from it, and pray hard that they don't release the information that could help future terrorists.

Darth Bacon said...

Z said...
"unless he's telling the truth to our people, Darth. Then our law enforcement needs to hear a lot of information, learn from it, and pray hard that they don't release the information that could help future terrorists."

I know, I was just expressing my feelings.

Dave Miller said...

Jack said... "To follow up on what Sam wrote, it seems to me that the people who do receive government benefits don't love America, or the government. They are only interested in getting free stuff.",

Really? Veterans who receive assistance don't love America? Spouses caring for a disabled husband or wife are only interested in getting free stuff?

Retirees receiving more in social security benefits than they ever paid in do not love their government or America and are only interested in free stuff?

That is quite a broad brush and might explain why the current base of the GOP is having troubles connecting with mainstream America.

I agree with Z in that many liberals have nothing but contempt for conservative America. It is wrong and for too long, many liberals in our country have resisted even considering small cutbacks in the rate of growth of many entitlement programs.

Libs can be short sight sighted and just as intellectually inconsistent as anyone else, as witnessed by their support of states rights when they like the right.

But a view that people who receive federal benefits, which in reality will be all of us at some time or another, do not love America or the government and only want free stuff is about as cynical as it gets.

Jack, to show your love for America, are you willing to forgo any and all future benefits you are currently entitled to receive?

it isn't the government that is dividing us... it is people, liberal and conservative alike who somehow can divine who loves and who hates America and who is and who isn't a "real" American.

sue hanes said...

Z - It isn't a matter of what's fair - but what is the solution.
If police are to find out what happened last Monday - they have to nurse him back to health.

The Screaming Eagle said...

ObamaCare doesn't fix the problem.
face it these Liberal Utopian schemes can be worse than the problem it self, the cure can be worse than the disease.
As Dr. Frankenstein cried, "It's alive! It's alive!" Then the monster was unleashed.
Thanks, to the Obama supporters. You just unleashed the Monster. The same message applies to Obama's Gun Control bill. Obviously the idiots who voted for the First Black President are so enamored by the civil rights slant and by their PC they are blinded by the facts that surround them

The Screaming Eagle said...

Dave Miller said "I agree with Z in that many liberals have nothing but contempt for conservative America."

Well I'm here to tell that that the feeling is Mutual. I feel the same way about sucking up to your Dera Leader.

Jack Whyte said...

What I like most about Dave Miller is his consistency. He is one of a long list of people who cannot make a differentiation between earned entitlements, and those given out like candy in an election year. So let’s recap, since the first time around was too vague for him.

People who receive combat wounds, whether physical or mental wounds, receive federal benefits. And they should. We Americans should take care of those who offered themselves up in our collective defense.

People who are injured on the job back home are usually entitled to disability payments; these are normally state benefits except for SSI payments disbursed from the Social Security Administration. We should wonder about that, too. Again, workers pay into disability insurance programs and are entitled to receive those benefits.

Good people like AOW are left out in the cold. It didn’t used to be that way, though. We used to have community chests that cared for needy members of the community. Our churches used to do that too … until the federal government decided that it could do a much better job; one of the government’s better lies.

And so now we have people living here illegally from other countries simply because they know they can get free stuff … benefits NOT earned. We can’t blame these people; they are only taking advantage of programs offered up by a socialist government.

There are also people who receive benefits for sitting home watching the neighbors deal in drugs, while they are perfectly able to work but choose not to do so. They have NOT earned any entitlements beyond a racial profile.

Now Dave, genius that you are, solve this riddle. Who should receive this limited resource? People who earned their entitlement, people who are lawful citizens with a demonstrable need, people who are illegally here and NOT entitled, or people who are patently slothful and whose only claim to need is the myth of white oppression?

Go ahead, take your time.

Speedy G said...

In the days of early America, charity was dispensed ONLY to a category of individuals known by the volunteer organizations that dispensed it as "the DESERVING poor"... people who through no fault of their own, were rendered indigent and in need (ie - widows and orphans). Today, no such "distinction" exists. One can be so reckless as to be criminal... and the organizations will STILL qualify said individuals for assistance. In America, there are no "undeserving" poor. For to make any "meaningful" distinction, is to de facto "discriminate".

Louis H. said...

Our problem today is how the government sees fit to define "deserving poor." This is just my opinion, but the inner city crack ho isn't very deserving.

Dave Miller said...

Jack, you are the one who said "people who do receive government benefits don't love America..."

Nowhere in your original post did you mention entitlements. I assumed you meant anyone receiving those benefits, as those were your words.

I am sure you are aware that most entitlement programs we operate here in the US pay out much more to an individual that he or she contributes, so in a sense, we are all consuming much more than we contribute.

As for people here illegally, have you ever asked anyone in that type of situation why they are here?

If so, how many times has free benefits been the answer versus the chance to get a job?

I've hired people here illegally, have known and still know many and I've never come across a single person who says they have come here for free benefits.

i've also never received that as a reason for risking their life to come here when I've asked that question in Mexico. It's about jobs and the opportunity to work and feed their family back home... nothing more, nothing less

Tell me Jack, why did you introduce race into our discussion? One of the frequent canards I've heard is that us liberals are the ones always doing that.

Darth Bacon said...

No Louis, our problem here today are Liberals. .

JonBerg said...


"our problem here today are Liberals."

YES, see my comment above. I hold [them] accountable, irrespective of political affiliation, for all that I've said. Have we reached a point-of-no-return?

Mustang said...

I've hired people here illegally, have known and still know many and I've never come across a single person who says they have come here for free benefits.

Interesting and very revealing. Does that make you a law breaker, Dave?

JonBerg said...

"I've never come across a single person who says they have come here for free benefits."

Well duh, who would ever say that's why they are here-pleeeeez!

The Screaming Eagle said...

Dave Miller said..
"I've hired people here illegally, have known and still know many and I've never come across a single person who says they have come here for free benefits."

And the Prisons are FULL of Prisoners who say they are innocent...............LOL What a doofus!

I'd bet that this guy is getting his information form Joe Biden.

The Screaming Eagle said...

Given the logic of liberals, it won’t be long before if you go to the store to buy a pressure cooker, you’ll have to have it registered. Since there is no constitutional right to own a pressure cooker, it’s possible that you’ll need a license to purchase and operate one. They’ll be stamped with a serial number so they can be tracked. If you pass it on to a family member or sell it at a garage sale, you’ll have to notify the ATF

Liberalmann said...

Lol, and right below this post is the 'Sunday Faith Blog.'

beamish said...

If we have to keep the Boston Marathon bomber alive, I propose we eliminate the unnecessary parts of this endeavor and adjust his minimum sustenance and calorie needs accordingly.

For example, the bomber certainly doesn't need his legs to appear in court. Probably can go without one arm as well. Certainly doesn't need both eyes. I'm certain he can be tube fed, so, let's eliminate his teeth, tongue, and throat as well.

He can probably get by on one lung...

Kid said...

Take any libtard position and easily find an opposing libtard position.
They're stupid - and insane.

Point being the bleeding heart libtards have gotten us to the point of having an effectively dysfunctional legal system, with particular emphasis on how those who cannot operate within society are dealt with - or in many cases Not dealt with..

Dave Miller said...

Yes Mustang it does, along with anyone who has ever exceeded the speed limit. Your point?

And my buddy and I have always paid prevailing wages for legal help and our guys have used the dump SSN to pay taxes into the system in the event they ever received legal status, which they all have in the last five years.

I can personally attest to people leaving the US to have their kids in Mexico so as not to access our system because they knew they could not afford to have kids here.

Additionally, the father of my best friend in Mexico served in our army in WWII and when he returned from duty in Japan, chose to walk home to Mexico from Texas rather than accept our offer of citizenship.

He said he came to fight the enemy, not become a citizen.

Most of the people I know from Mexico, on both sides of the border, would much rather live in Mexico than the US. It's home.

Ducky's here said...

Dave, I take it you're a farmer?

Law and Order Teacher said...

I find Dave's post interesting. If his friend indeed walked home instead of becoming a citizen I'm sure he could have scored a ride. That aside, when people move from one place to another it's obvious they're looking for something where they move. As long as the Daves of the business world hire them they'll continue to come.

To compare hiring an illegal alien to speeding is quite a stretch. Perhaps a better comparison would be fraud or forgery.

Perhaps Dave knows the only group who are just honest hard-working citizens who are here to make some cash and head back to the home country as they magically cure the problems that caused people to leave in the first place.

The other several million are the exception to the rule I assume.

Dave Miller said...

Actually Law I was making the statement that we all break the law, in one way or another.

And yes, I can allow that my experiences are not universal, but rather, just mine.

Ducky, I do quite a bit of farm work in Mexico alongside local campesinos looking for ways to increase crop yields and improve water retention methods in the primarily indigenous south.

Regarding hiring here in the US, we gave up hiring US workers on our construction projects as they could not compete in either speed, or quality of work.

When you are working in multi-million dollar residences in So Cal, there are certain skills and abilities we needed that we were unable to find in the local, legal workforce.

Even paying upwards of $20.00 an hour, it was always a struggle, so we found some guys, trained them ourselves and they've worked for us for over 20 years.

Our situation I am sure is probably not normal, but it is what it is.

Regarding my friends dad, there weren't a lot of people driving from Texas to Mexico City in those days, so i doubt he could have found a ride.

Now if some want to discuss jobs in Mexico, that's another discussion...

Anonymous said...


"pray hard that they don't release the information that could help future terrorists."

Don't fret Z...we can count on the traitorous shits at the NYT to do just that. Here's hoping they're on the short list of those terrorists.

Anonymous said...


DM's bio says it all.

"As Executive Director of Adventures in Life Ministry, I have led and received hundreds of short-term mission teams over the last 20 years of ministry in Mexico, my adopted country.

JonBerg said...


"Dave, I take it you're a farmer?"

I take it that you like to eat.

Z said...

DAVE MILLER...I wish you would respond to Jack Whyte's comments.

AND, I want to thank you for the criticism of the left. It kind of surprised me, frankly.

I very often have wanted to publish a post here that criticized the GOP for certain reasons, and haven't done it because the left will get here and PILE it on in really ugly ways.

The only way we'll save this country is if we listen to the wrongs and rights of each side, at least respecting each others' opinions and trying to see where the other's coming from..........

there's good and bad on both sides (although I can't think of much good in the far left...or the very far right, come to think of it)...:-)

ya, I've often wanted to say something against a particular Republican or something that bugged me by conservatives and I just don't because the lefties here would just go into "told you so" mode and that gets us nowhere.
Plus, my conservative buddies might pile it on me, too.

America deserves us to stop and consider others' opinions and viewpoints.

what about the point that my friends have struggled to pay for their kids' college educations yet illegals get theirs at either huge discounts or free?
Surely you see a terrible injustice there?

Jack Whyte said...

So Dave, I suppose that makes you a Harry Reid lackey; that would go a very long way in explaining your cavalier attitude about the law. I seem to recall that Reid’s grandfather was hung for horse stealing, and they say the apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree. Whether stealing a man’s horse, or stealing tax revenues, or an American’s job … it all amounts to the same thing. I did realize that people have the capacity to justify almost every form of behavior, but I have to admit that stealing in the name of the Lord is a bit odd … even for a leftist.

Always On Watch said...

I wish that everyone still visiting this thread would take a look at this photo. Not for the faint hearted!

In a few months, the Boston Marathon will be "behind us." However, the man in the photo will never be able to put behind him the terrorist attack which has consigned him to a lifetime of misery.

The jihad attack on the Boston Marathon leaves behind many directly injured by the jihadists' IED's.

Always On Watch said...

Note that there is a fund for this: Wrecked boat used as accused Boston bomber’s hideout sparks online fundraising effort for the owner, who found him there.

Any such fund drives for the maimed?

Z said...

AOW...that picture haunts us all. I don't know how an injury that grave, that much blood lost, could have not killed that man. I personally have NEVER seen anything that anatomically graphic. horrible.

You are so right: Imagine then having a fund for the boat...and possibly, none for survivors.

I hope we're wrong

The Screaming Eagle said...

Impertinent said...
"DM's bio says it all."

"As Executive Director of Adventures in Life Ministry, I have led and received hundreds of short-term mission teams over the last 20 years of ministry in Mexico, my adopted country.

And so we´re supposed to believe this guy? And agree with him.. I don't think so!

The Screaming Eagle said...

Dave Miller said: "Additionally, the father of my best friend in Mexico served in our army in WWII and when he returned from duty in Japan, chose to walk home to Mexico from Texas rather than accept our offer of citizenship."

Maybe we should have offered him a house and a new car??.... And whatever else it takes. I can hardly wait.

FreeThinke said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Screaming Eagle said...

Two of the biggest reasons and incentives for illegal aliens to come to the United States is
1) to find work. If there are no employers willing to hire the illegal aliens like Dave Miller here, then the flood of illegal aliens will subside. And please don’t give me that old BS line that “They are only doing the jobs Americans won’t do.”
2) to crack down on the entitlement grabbers. Why give these people, health care, jobs, education, food, housing,when these is so much unemployment amongst American Citizens!
The only way we are ever going to stop this is to crack down on the EMPLOYERS who hire these illegal immigrants..
Also may I add that Social Security is a great system and should not be eliminated nor reduced nor should the increases due to the cost of living be stopped as Obama is doing– but instead strengthened.. The people collecting Social Security have not only earned it, but this is their own money earned and paid for throughout their working lifetime. The Entitlements or Handouts we are seeing these days are for the most part for the Lazy Grabbers.
And as for Affirmative Action, it’s high time for that to be stopped, it only promotes laziness and is just out dated, bad and stupid, and just flat out a hand out. And Yes it promotes laziness.

Darth Bacon said...

Yes indeed, Free Thinke, "WE REAP WHAT WE SOW."
Affirmative Action was one of the stupidest ideas that this country ever did . The reasons it could never work, are endless. The number one thing it causes is RACISM.
Blacks always complain that they want to be treated by what they do and how they act, and NOT because of THEIR skin color!
If they are able to earn a job position, then fine, they deserve it. But NOT because of that RACIST reason they are entitled to it because of THEIR skin color!
Don’t they always quote Martin Luther King? But they seem to forget what he said. That people should be "judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin." Funny how the Affirmative Action people forget this!
Pardon me, but I thought that this country abolished slavery, and ended segregation a long time ago. Welcome back to 2013.

FreeThinke said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Screaming Eagle said...

FreeThinke said...
“Eagle, you didn't hear a THING I said, did you?
Blindness of the sort you exhibit so freely is the very thing that is holding us back.
You just DON'T get the POINT.”

First of all, I was not responding to you or “YOUR POINT!?
Secondly, I don't particularly give a hoot or a flying fig about what YOU think, or “YOUR POINT”

To be even clearer, I don’t give a crap .I couldn’t care less. Who the hell do you think you are to lecture me like that? I have MY opinion and I’m as entitled to state it here as you are without your lecturing me in BOLD LETTERS!
And I don’t give a flying fig what Thoreau said in (1817-1862) either.

Radical Redneck said...

Superbly well stated, Darth, I can't disagree with anything you said,
You can't get in bed with liberals just a little, just like you can't get a little bit of skunk stink on you. These are evil people hell bent on destroying the American society and everything that's good about it. it's a package deal. you can't support them on sodomy or killing babies and expect quid pro quo when you need support for guns and property rights, because they're not about tolerance or fairness. intolerant is just a label they use to bully anyone Who disagrees with them and their ideology . And you know what? I'm proudly intolerant of every thing liberals stand for.
And by the way, I have mostly given up on commenting and bloggin stuff except for a couple of blogs,, because most of the left/socialists have a bad habit of deleting things that they don’t agree with. It’d the Liberal way of allowing Free Speech. .
And, thank you Mr.Thinke for all of your quotes. Perhaps your relationship with Liberals and progressives are rubbing off on you.

"Better put some ice on that..." ~ Bill Clinton to Juanita Broaddrick

FreeThinke said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Also have you noticed that many of these bloggers have been deleting our comments lately!
Further proof that the freedom of speech doesn’t exist any more. One only has to read or post the opinions on some of these blogs that you and I have been participating or associating in to see that our rights have been eliminated.
I have noticed than more and more of the bloggers have become more and more tolerant with these left leaning bloggers.
And I have been noticing that my comments have been deleted.
I've been called a racist, because I dare to call it like it is....
I've been accused of fascism…because I own guns.
I've been called a “retarded, redneck” because I came from the South
I've been told I'm a raciest because I dare to disagree with this administration.
I've been called a "rightwing nut" because I don’t believe in Gay Marriage. I don’t believe in abortion. I do believe in the separation of church and state/free speech, so I guess I am a “rightwing nut”.
I've been told I can't be trusted, because I own a rifle and how can anyone know I won't go out on a shooting spree?
So much for liberal tolerance.
Is being a Conservative a crime? O for one am really not so evil or hateful to anyone. But go ahead an delete away, I know my place..

Dave Miller said...

Z... I thought I did respond to Jack... I don't agree with him.

Z, If by huge tuition discount, you mean that people here illegally get to pay the same rate as anyone else living here, as opposed to out of state rates, I see no issue there.

Jesus in one of his parables spoke about three workers in a vineyard. One arrives in the morning and learns what he will be paid. One arrives in the middle of the day, and learns what he will be paid. the third worker arrives at almost quitting time and learns what he will be paid.

Each worker was offered the same pay and they all agreed to it when they started.

When it was time to receive their pay, the early arriver was mad because of a perceived injustice between his, and the late arrivers pay.

Jesus went on to teach that there was no injustice at all. Each man got what he was offered, nothing more, nothing less.

Justice was there, even though they men did not like, or see it.

Free, will probably never agree on the root causes, but both can see the results...

Screaming... the lack of American workers for many jobs here has been well researched and documented, particularly in the farm business.

The Screaming Eagle said...

Dave Miller said
"Screaming... the lack of American workers for many jobs here has been well researched and documented, particularly in the farm business."

Oh really? By Who? The Obama Administration? By Eric Holder?
Everybody has a story, my story is America first. I am against amnesty, I am against Paths to citizenship, and I am against ILLEGAL immigration to this country!
American citizens are being hurt by this. Why should these people get special treatment because they climbed a fence? What about the people who went through the process and legally obtained their green card? What do you say to them? What do you say to our citizens who are out of work?
I am an American born, U.S. veteran, registered voter, never took a dime for the government, I’m a Collage graduate, with a professional career and worked all my life to support the wants and needs of myself and my family. I do not believe in welfare, believing in working, success coming through hard work. I do not usually blame others for my hardships, but lately all the hate coming from the Lazy Left scumballs, who keep on blaming America for all the troubles in the world is just about all I can take.
America is going down because of our lazy populace, the ignorant bunch of takers who are most likely, nonvoters, with liberal principles, with no or low morals, and who only know how to say “give me, give me, give me”! It’s people like these as well as the Progressive bunch who are ruining this country.
We don't need to change our laws; we just need to enforce our laws. What part of "ILLEGAL" don't you get ? Barack Obama seems completely obsessed with systematically legalizing illegal immigration. And I am completely obsessed about the negative way I fell about Barack Obama. The era of hope and change is dead.... it only took six months of having Obama in office to see that.

Margie McGrath said...

We are all Americans here, and if you can't see how much Obama has all but destroyed America by stepping all over the constitution. One has to only look into his past to see who is responsible for his mindset then these Card carrying communists you obviously have so much admiration for want to make this a socialist country, and disregards our most sacred documents like our constitution, like its toilet paper, we ALL knew right from the very first day we heard his name that he and his sacred “First Lady” sat in a well known racist and anti-semiotic church for 20 yrs and claims he never heard anything negative from that dirtbag Rev wright. I could go on and on with issues that the liberal media would eviscerate a Repub about but somehow Obama gets a free pass, time and time again. I was not a fan of Mitt Romney when he was nominated and to be honest I didn’t agree with his vision for our country either, but you can bet your last dollar that I voted for him, as I would have for anyone but our dear leader.
And I truly believe that what will eventually destroy America are these so called “progressives” who will never overcome their paranoia! Their inability to believe in this president and his socialist Marxist agenda will turn us into a 3rd world nation. The insanity level of the liberal/democratic party today is at an all time high. When the people can no longer have any trust in their governments then we have tyranny. Welcome to tyranny. Obama, is the great divider, the great manipulator, the great lair, who has taken our country and put it through a social meat grinder for his own purposes. American against American, Brother against Brother. America ever never been this divided since the Civil War. You can see it every day, in fact all you have to do is read these blogs.

JonBerg said...


I agree that this Nation is on an expressway to Hell. Is Obama the cause? I say no he is a symptom, although a very dangerous person to have in power. I place the blame for our impending demise squarley on a preponderance of very misguided people who pay little or no taxes but who are allowed to vote. We have a public education system that exists almost solely for the enrichment of unionized teachers and administrative staff, with education as a by-product, and unrealistic expectations of dependence on government for all manner sustenance; we are literaly in "self destruct" mode.

With an educated, motivated and rational electorate (that we don't have), Obama would never have been elected the first time. Any doubts of this ended with his second victory [sic]! How bad will it have to get before people wake up (or will they) or is it just too late anyway?

beamish said...

Wrecked boat used as accused Boston bomber’s hideout sparks online fundraising effort for the owner, who found him there.

I'm surprised the guy hasn't been charged with violation of a lockdown curfew for exiting his house.

Though I suppose it's a good thing he lived miles away from the "search perimeter" with all the Keystone Kops kicking in doors and shooting thousands of rounds of ammunition at... something.

beamish said...

..after all highly trained FBI counter-terrorism unlocked fence scalers were on the case