Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Choice to a liberal

Last week, I came up with the FACT that liberals don't allow any choice unless abortion's involved.
When friend/commenter Impertinent emailed this to me, I couldn't resist posting it.   It's exactly right.

thanks, Imp.   Thanks, whoever's writing Peanuts these days.



FreeThinke said...

Marvelous cartoon!

It's always a treat to see important points illustrated with wit, candor, good humor and brevity.

No shrieking, No roaring. No hand wringing. No nose thumbing. No paroxysms of anguish and despair. No tearing up the scenery. Just a clean, clear statement of a simple truth without embellishment.

I love it.


DaBlade said...

"... liberals don't allow any choice unless abortion's involved."

"choice" in that you'd better not choose life.

sue hanes said...

Z - Good one.

Spidey said...

Barack Obama is a failure as a President.
His promise of hope and change is an illusion, the dream is a lie. He is a hopeless case of failed liberal status quo.
Obama has nothing to show for his 1st term, except the decline of America
For four years Obama has bullied anybody who dared question him or disagree with him. Now it is time for ordinary Americans to finally treat him the way he treats them. Obama is unworthy of veneration; he is worthy only of contempt.
Barack Obama allowed four Americans to be murdered in Benghazi, Libya. His administration is still covering up the truth. Seven Benghazi survivors are being kept from the public, while an innocent film-maker sits in jail. Obama is his administration; their mistakes are his. Nobody has been held accountable. While Ambassador Stevens and a pair of Navy SEALs were being murdered by Islamists, Obama was going to bed early and partying in Las Vegas the next day.

Barack Obama allowed an American border guard to be murdered due to a “Fast and Furious” gunrunning operation that was created and botched by his administration. His Attorney General Eric Holder was asked who authorized the operation and still refuses to answer the question.

Barack Obama forced a healthcare plan on an American public that never wanted it. He insisted that premiums would decrease and people could keep their own doctors. He cooked the books, and now the bill is coming due. Premiums are skyrocketing and people are losing coverage they liked. The program is a failure and only going to get worse.
Barack Obama has presided over record food and fuel prices. He claims inflation is low by removing food and fuel from the inflation calculation.
Barack Obama claims unemployment is down. He removes those who have given up all hope of finding work from the calculation. People are hurting everywhere because Barack Obama cares more about trees and bunny rabbits than human beings desperate for jobs. After years of dithering on the Keystone Pipeline, he still has not been forced to answer the simple question of whether he is for or against it. He pontificates on Mount Olympus while citizens starve.
Barack Obama uses tragedies committed by crazed psychopaths to confiscate guns from ordinary citizens in violation of the Second Amendment.

Spidey said...

Meanwhile, murder rates skyrocket in his home city of Chicago due to the very failed liberal policies he wants to impose on the rest of us.
Barack Obama created a sequester, signed it into law, and then blamed Republicans for it, claiming he never wanted it to begin with and never dreamed that the law had consequences. He claims that programs are being “cut,” although actually nothing is being cut at all. There is a slowing of the rate of growth, which is an increase in spending. Rather than level with the American people, he decided to deliberately inflict pain on ordinary citizens in the hopes they would rise up against Republicans.
Barack Obama canceled tours of the White House, then sent his daughters on any kid’s dream spring break, at a taxpayer cost that would keep those tours going for months. He threatened to lay off FAA traffic controllers and airport security, yet found billions to spend on fraudulent green energy programs. He found millions more to give to Islamist terrorist groups including the Muslim Brotherhood, which seeks to turn Egypt into a Sharia theocracy, obliterate Israel, and spread the Caliphate.
Barack Obama is more than a disaster in action. He is also a disaster of inaction.
Syrian leader Bashar Assad is murdering his own citizens. Obama has no answers.
Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is building a nuclear bomb to annihilate the world and bring about the Twelfth Imam. Obama has no answers.
Barack Obama hides a complete lack of ability and and demonstrates a badly flawed code of ethics by accusing his critics of being racist, sexist, bigoted homophobes. A master of “divide and conquer,” he pits Americans against each other, race against race, rich against poor, young against old. He calls wasteful spending “investments,” then derides real investors and job creators as selfish “millionaires and billionaires,” parasites on America.
And as for MOOchelle, she is one hateful angry Women, shes only happy when she can vacation and that is half of the year. How many vacations a year do they need?? It's been what, 6 weeks since they were in Hawaii. Why do the tax payers have to pay so many times a year. If they admit we have a spending problem they'd have to cut down their vacations to 15 a year. And this week another 415,000 Americans found themselves unemployed, but the Obama daughters trances around the Caribbean with 25 friends and another 25 Secret Service men on our dime!

Vinnie Says said...

To be a liberal is a different kind of mind-set, We republicans can’t understand the Liberal mind-set. This is something that we republicans can not and will never figure out. Why the liberal have this love and loyalty for Obama is beyond me and I’m sure that most of you feel that way as well. All of us Americans, are witnessing a increasingly bankrupt nation, and we see taht day after day the Obama loving Liberals are finding excuses for this falure. The Bush Blame Game lives on.
Obama has been groomed, educated, indoctrinated, coddled, and encouraged to do exactly what he is doing today. He was "installed" as President by powerful ideologues to so weaken this nation that it will have no real power over world events. His rise to power was carefully orchestrated and his presidency will be as well. Powerful people have invested an enormous amount of energy and money in his success. They will control the message. All Obama has to do is be the face of the agenda and go along for the ride with the help of an adoring media. However, things would be very different if Obama faced an adversarial press like every other president. It wońt happen and he knows it. Bottom line is that understanding the Liberal mind is something that we will never be capable of doing.
The sad part about all this is that They elected him....and now we will have to live with him...

Anonymous said...

Liberals have never been about any kind of freedom; be it chice or anything else. Liberals are all about control.

Darth Bacon said...

Liberalmann said...
"Nice copy and paste of lies, Spidey"

Pot talking to Kettle?

Divine Theatre said...

Personal responsibility never seems to be an option for liberals.


Dave Miller said...

Great cartoon Z...

Liberal, while cuts in programs that aid children are worrisome, Dems frequently avoid the main issue... are abortions bad for us as a people?

Are there any abortions that liberals or Dems believe to not be in the best interests of people, or, are all abortions, no matter how late in the term to be allowed?

Liberals, myself included, frequently insist on limits, perhaps the gun issue is a good example.

How can libs demand some limits on gun ownership, yet argue against all efforts to limit at least some abortions?

When lib decry all or nothing acceptance of abortion, and then seek to limit the rights conservatives favor, life just becomes a political football game with no winners and no solutions.

Spidey... I am sure Eric Golub, who yesterday wrote the piece from where you copied the majority of your rant would have liked at least a mention that he, not you, wrote that material.


Z said...

Our friend/commenter Imp and a few other non-blog friends emailed this to me, so I can't take the credit.
I'm just glad he allowed me to blog it here.

FT...it is nice, isn't it...simple, clean, elightening.


Sue, thanks.

Spidey, as Dave Miller says, it's good to quote your sources when you cut/paste.

Vinnie, there's some puppet master and I just wish some honest Dem would come forward with who it is, and WHY it is.

Andie, it would have seemed that 'choice' is more a 'liberal' word, but apparently not.

Dave, the awkward thing is that liberals like to promote the idea that conservatives want no gun laws; at least that's the way it's presented on the news.
Anybody who watches the debate knows that's absolutely not true.

if Reps disagree with Obama Care, it apparently means they want no one to get health care.

if Reps believe in cutting federal funds, it means they hate children when, in fact, they might either believe faith-based groups can step in or the states can.

I could go on and on; this is why the Democrats are getting so popular. These misconceptions are rampant coming from them and being regurgitated, sometimes quite subtly, by the media.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Not terribly accurate...but it is a cartoon after all.

Pretty funny.

Lisa said...

and the libs definition of freedom is free:

Food stamps
Now they are pushing for more people to go on disabilty.

JonBerg said...


"Obama has nothing to show for his 1st term, except the decline of America"

Was there some other expectation?

Z said...

Constitutional Insurgent...of course it's accurate. Obviously, cartoons are black/white, but Republicans are constantly accused of situations rarely showing the 'grays' of their viewpoints, and there's no reason the Republicans can't play that game, too.
There isn't a point in that cartoon which isn't what leftwingers have tried to do as far as taking rights away.

Z said...

Lisa, imagine those things representing freedom? And people buying that?

Constitutional Insurgent said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - "There isn't a point in that cartoon which isn't what leftwingers have tried to do as far as taking rights away."

You can't choose to honor God?

Z said...

Const. Insurg...that's about your cheapest shot here yet. And I'm glad you chose that one, proving that I'm completely correct on the obvious.

Yes, anybody can choose to honor God, but the leftwing secularists are definitely demanding removal of crosses on public lands, God off official documents... gay marriage isn't honoring God.z
That is what was meant in the cartoon.

So, yes, I will always honor God...the left? notsomuch.


Z said...

I'm happy the media's not showing bias for gay marriage (that thing conservatives want banned because they hate gays and don't want any rights for them, right? (smile))(bear with my sarcasm here);

today, Yahoo's homepage has a piece on Magic Johnson's gay son holding hands in public ("What a hero!")

Same sex weddings have 'new rituals' now. I was afraid to look into that one.

The "New Normal" show, apparently about a gay father and an expectant child (not sure if it's he or some woman who's expecting..we would have been pretty sure only 5 years ago, right?"):-),..the dad is an "unexpected activist"

So lefties...keep on with the "media has no bias" mantra, okay?

Ducky's here said...

Couldn't take it, eh z.

Nailed you and your silly cartoon to the wall.

You are a coward.

cube said...

This is spot on!!!! I love it.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

How is that a cheap shot, you admit the error in your own statement:

"Yes, anybody can choose to honor God..."

The leftwing us pursuing everything you claim, and the right is pursuing the interjection of religion in areas it need not be in order for one to honor God.

I would add that a great many hetero marriages do not honor God either....but since the State became involved in marriage, honoring God is irrelevant from a legal standpoint.

Z said...

Ducky, YOu are the coward. You do the work of a blog, showing your heart and mind every day and then you can call me a coward, OK?
I'll make sure I come by and call you a petulant child, too, as you did, 10 times, in your diatribe which was deleted. Also, you were dead wrong, by the way. And, trust me, because YOU don't understand or believe does not make others wrong.

Don't give ME that crap that I couldn't take it. I'm SICK of your ridiculous put downs and close mindedness. No need to keep it here, trust me.

Constitutional Insurg. ...did you not see my point? That the left, in their attempts to dishonor God in the village square IS attempting to take that choice away, too? I'd have thought you'd understand that.

Z said...

by the way, I'd love anybody to disprove any of the points made in the cartoon.....

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"That the left, in their attempts to dishonor God in the village square IS attempting to take that choice away, too? I'd have thought you'd understand that."

What I see is that there is a delineation between what you would consider dishonoring God [subjectively based]....and infinging on a Constitutional right [objectively based].

Strictly speaking, a party that is willful conducting an action that you consider dishonorable, is not necessarily equal to denying your right to exercise the 1st Amendment.

Personal actions regarding religious belief should be protected, but not at the expense of the secular...and vice versa.

Z said...

OK, CI..so dishonoring God, in your lexicon, does not include removing him from the places the founding fathers placed him, those guys who wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
Fine..we disagree, but fine.

Nobody is really attacking the secular. Who ever CARED about this kind of thing until Americans were were suddenly advised that store clerks shouldn't say MERRY CHRISTMAS, the Easter bunny is now the SPRING BUNNY and the Christmas TREE is now a HOLIDAY TREE?

It never occurred to Christians that we'd have to fight back for the overt anti-Christian attempts made.. Who ever even thought that COULD happen in a country where 80% of its inhabitants espouse Christianity and whose founders so obviously and clearly relied on God in everything they did and wrote?
Jewish friends of mine LOVE Christmas and grew up singing Jingle Bells and Silent Night in public school..they never minded, they loved it.
This push by secularists is new and not unplanned.

Secularists would be wise to remember nobody pushed this faith-fight until they pushed.

Z said...

And, by the way, atheists have every right to feel as they do. But to push Christians into removing Christian symbols which have been there since the inception of the USA??? WHY? Just BE WHO YOU ARE.

AND, I only worry about the souls of atheists for my own personal reasons they don't care about (which is dandY)...I do not worry for their intellect.

Divine Theatre said...

Duck is proof that leftwits are a tolerant bunch.


Z said...

Andie...the epitome of intolerance and they don't see it.

you are so right.

Constitutional Insurgent said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Constitutional Insurgent said...

Nobody is attacking the secular...but Christianity is under attack? This is the issue that I have the biggest beef with, not because of any animus towards Christianity, but because it so blatantly flies in the face of the concept of liberty.

Commercial entities realize that their customer base is made up of more than Christians, and make a free market call to have their people say Happy Holidays, rather than Merry Christmas....and Christians see this as not only dishonoring God....that simply doesn't have enough emotional appeal...it has to be a WAR on Christmas.

Which I find odd that the religious would strive so hard to seek affirmation from those who pursue crass commercial exploitation of religious holidays for sales.

Z said...

CI, liberty applies to Christians, too.
You've bought into the very thing that does inflame Christians to push back....blaming them instead of those who perpetrate it.
"War on Christmas"...it's an expression few use; don't get carried away and run with that ball to label all.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"liberty applies to Christians, too."

Of course it is. I haven't stated otherwise.

"....blaming them instead of those who perpetrate it."

Yet your engaging in the same activity, against those who are secular. You would presume to have a right to interject religion in any aspect of the pubic square that you might desire, even though the public is not homogenuously religious....and take offense when their is any actions to the contary.

Do Christians need constant affirmation from symbols and small talk? Just be who you are.

Z said...

CI, you're looking for me to be who you think I am.
Please read my comments.

It is not I who's attempting to take Christian symbols off the public square, as I said before.

When 80% of a country espouses a religion, it is fairly homogenous.

Also, re abortion, there are secularists against abortion. It's pro LIFE..LIFE was not political until recently.

I am who I am; please stop putting me in the box you believe I'm in.

My faith doesn't depend on symbols... why does secularism depend on their removal?

Constitutional Insurgent said...

I'm not trying to put YOU in a box, but rather respond to the argument you're making...I apologize if it's coming off that way.

I am not particularly on board with Atheist campaigns to remove religious symbology from public spaces, I think it's as much of a waste of time as campaigning to keep them on....espcially if religious affirmation is not dependant on them.

I'm more concerned with legislation that is founded on a religious basis, yet infringes on the lierty of all. Issues such as gay marriage and school prayer for example.

"When 80% of a country espouses a religion, it is fairly homogenous."

There's quit a chasm between espousing and acting in accordance with. Just like espousng the tenets of liberty.

Z said...

CI, DARN. I really can't disagree on anything you said in your last comment :-)

Some of it, I'm not 100% on board with, but mostly, I do agree.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

After re-reading, I'm wishing I had spell check on this computer. I owe you better than sloppy responses.

I appriciate the back and forth...and hope we can find more agreement than disagreement

Z said...

I hope we can, too, CI. I'm sure we can.
Thanks very much.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"By the same token and more to the point, how are wingnuts outraged by abortion and then refuse to support common sense proposals to prevent the slaughter of more children?"

Because the two issues are not of equal standing. Gun control legislation rests on fallacies and rhetorical invention, to circumvent a Constitutional right.

Divine Theatre said...

Guns save lives. Intelligent people know this.


Anonymous said...


"the leftwing secularists are definitely demanding removal of crosses on public lands..."

How soon they forget their insults to Christianity! It was less than a week ago when an FAU "professor" ordered his students to write Jesus on a piece of paper and STOMP on it.

One kid refused. And if it wasn't for the blogs and some media..that kid would have been expelled from the school for disagreeing with the clown "professor"!

FAU is rocking over this insult cause everyone damn well knows if it were "Mohammed" they'd burn the school down and go on a violence spree. That's what they do all too well...but let a Mormon kid defend his beliefs and he faces expulsion?

The clown never expected his sheeple students to protest...Hundreds have turned out to get this moron fired...so far he's been suspended.

It's about time the fight has been brought to the "secularists".

Anonymous said...

@ Z & CI...

Excellent...good show to both of you. I don't agree with all CI claims but it was at least a good match to watch.

Anonymous said...


"Guns save lives. Intelligent people know this..."

But you'll never hear from the LSM that about 6% of the population have used guns to defend themselves and / or prevent a crime. That's hundreds of thousands of times lives were saved by people in self defense.

Of course guns can take a life...so does your backyard pool....and more often...your car.

Z said...

Imp, excellent reminder of that stomping on Jesus thing....
that's pretty extreme, isn't it.

And yes, stomping on Allah would have certainly created a storm all over the world, literally.

Well...it's pretty clear there IS a kind of war. Who'd have ever thought this could happen in this country?

Kid said...

Z, Well...it's pretty clear there IS a kind of war

Imo, there IS a war on. The libtards declared it. Many of the rest don't even know about it yet. Maybe we could hire kobe bryant to get the word out.

Leticia said...

Saw this depiction on Facebook. And I was in agreement.

It's so true. There is no middle-ground with Liberals it's their way or highway.

Z said...

Leticia...it's absolutely true, isn't it.

Kid, you're a voice of reason and I'm glad you agree that there IS a war. Kobe :-)

Z said...

I heard this afternoon, from his mother-in-law, that Andrew Breitbart's mother died the day before the one-year anniversary of his death.
They buried her the next day, next to him. They're Jews so they buried right away.
Isn't that sad? His poor family.

Anonymous said...


" They're Jews so they buried right away..."

Like my mother-in-law....if ever a Jew could be a saint...Andrew is. They have first dibs.

Anonymous said...


"Kid, you're a voice of reason..."

Pffffffffffffffftttttt..... Kid's a pain.. :-)

He's just so...ornery !

Z said...

Kid is NOT a pain :-)

Anonymous said...

I can't help but notice that our resident liberal friends...haven't challenged one of the Peanuts panel?

Must be that it's just so damn straight forward and embarrassing to the ..."CAUSE".

And more to the point...in a cartoon format that fits perfectly with the liberal loon's outlook on...well...their world.

A world where...

"Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose,
Nothing don't mean nothing honey if it ain't free, now now."

Thanks Janis...