Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Andrew Breitbart's new book............. full of RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION.   How many times have I said here that we should do more than just "type our little fingers off in righteous indignation on our blogs?"   Andrew is complex, controversial, and courageous;  he IS doing more than 'just typing'........Please buy the book; he can use your support, conservatism can use your support, and he's out there doing the fighting we wish we all could do.  
Pray for Andrew, too, please...he's got a lot going on on all fronts of his life and still fights the good a great way.  thanks.


Z said...

sorry, Ducky....opened the post (which I'd accidentally posted at this time) and put my finger on DELETE before I even saw you had, indeed, written. I didn't read what you wrote but I'm sure you wrote with real righteous indignation!
Nobody cares what you're going to slam Breitbart with, honestly.
LIke we thought you'd APPRECIATE HIM? come ooooonnnn! :-)

Anonymous said...

Breitbart is a scammer and a liar.

Elmers Brother said...

He was on Hewitt the other day and I was encouraged to hear that he's moving toward the Christian faith after reading books like Mere Christianity.

Ducky's here said...

As I said, looking at his inability to pull the hidden camera stunt at Planned Parenthood and his failure to get NPR defunded he should start waving goodbye.

Let him stick to slurring decent people like Shirley Sherrod.

Z said...

bd, SO surprising! :-)

Wait till you and Ducky get the truth on Shirley SHerrod then let's talk, okay?
Breitbart can't wait for the story to break; they served him with a lawsuit and he's eager to get it publicized. He's being assisted...he's not alone in this...wait for it.
Sherrod SCREWED black excuse for that, my friends, NONE.
Conservatives don't like racists.
It's fun to see you lefties squirm, it truly is.

Elbro, did I tell you that I did tune in after you called?
I believe it's modeling that's touching him, and his in-laws (you know) and God, of course. NOt in that order!

Ducky, by the way....I'm quite sure nobody's looked at Planned Parenthood quite as trustingly since Andrew "screwed up!"!!!! (how do you think that didn't work!??)!

As for many people quit? :-)

beamish said...

I'm surprised Ducky didn't call for Andrew Breitbart to be put to death again with that typically crazed bloodthirsty homocidal hatred for all Americans harbored by people on the left.

Minding your tone, Ducky?

Z said...

Beamish, that's right!
It was a body bag Ducky hoped for for Breitbart, wasn't it? And now says it was a joke? :-)

Chuck said...

Z, check this out

Duck, don't bother - you wouldn't understand the irony.

Z said...

Chuck, MY GOSH. It makes sense, tho, doesn't it...that he went on to say more?
Our mainstream media has gone so far beyond acceptable it's even unbelievable for we who've been documenting this kind of thing for the last 2 1/2 years.

By the way, I watched O'Reilly a little tonight and he did a thing on Jill Biden on THE VIEW defending her husband's falling dead asleep during Obama's last speech. The picture behind THE VIEW sofa where the ladies sit was of Biden but they picked the only one that managed somehow to obscure the black woman to HIS right who'd also fallen asleep, and a woman behind him who seemed to use his back for a pillow while SHE slept....When O'Reilly showed Jill Biden talking, I quickly scanned the picture behind her and thought "Man, how'd they find a picture without any of the other people sleeping in it?" The media's so complicit and so sickening you'd think they'd have the decency to at least be embarrassed of themselves


Ducky's here said...

Who's going to give us the "truth" about Shirley Sharrod, z? Breitbart?

He's never managed the truth about anything else. Does he go into the white supremacist background of his hired camera in this tell all?

beamish said...

Breitbart's cameraman is a Democrat?

Z said...

Ducky, read my comments. The truth will come out. I know the story and you will, too.
You're too uninformed to argue with about it; you can't know because the information's not out there and I only know parts.
you'll see.
I don't know about any white supremacist; was Robt Byrd his mentor?