Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Obama versus Bush again......such hypocrisy.......again

Many of the news outlets have carried THIS STORY for a few days and every time I see it I remember the pictures here meant to insult Bush during his campaign and presidency..........Can somebody provide information about what Democrat had to apologize for them?  

This was only by Page 5 of "George W Bush monkey images" in Google....there are many more.    Ya, the linked picture is wrong; it's disrespectful and mean spirited....but, geeeez...................aren't THESE?



Always On Watch said...

Here's what we must remember: the Left is never held to the same standard as the Right.

Thus it has ever been, and thus it ever shall be.

Joe said...

The picture of President BO as a chimp was disrespectful.

The pictures of George Bush as chimps and monkeys were not disrespectful because...because...well, because they were of George Bush.

Anytime one can make fun of George Bush it is funny and true. Anytime one makes fun of President BO it is serious and false.

What's the word for all that again?

beamish said...

Don't forget it was Team Hillary that first pointed out that Michelle Obama looks like Dr. Zira from Planet of the Apes.

Always On Watch said...

Michelle Obama does indeed look like Dr. Zira.

Anonymous said...

The monkey humor is a waste of time; there is plenty to criticize Obama about without having to resort to leftist tactics. That said, if this person was attempting humor to private friends, he or she has the right to do that unmolested by a hypocritical press.

Mark said...

Two wrongs don't make a right. However, one wrong compared against hundreds of wrongs shows hypocrisy at it's worst.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Joe... It's called reality.

Ducky's here said...

Well, z, in advanced cultures like Florida, for instance, the comparison of blacks to apes does have a racist history.

Comparing Bush to an ape just implies he's dumb.

Z said...

Blogger Z said...

AOW, every day we're bombarded with the hypocrisy.

Joe....all of it's disrespectful, absolutely.

beamish...go back to work :-)
And I have to look into Dr Zira...A family friend played Julius...but I never saw it!

Mustang...apparently not. Man, the Obama crowd's getting as touchy as islamists ...Meanwhile, Christians and Jews have to sit tight and be slammed because that's okay, too, in this new world.

Mark, it's all wrong....but this is a free country. Oops, WAS

Vegas Guy...the NEW reality.

Ducky...of course there's that implication but you need to put race aside and treat a white president and black president the same. Republicans aren't into special treatment, we're into equality and fairness.

You want to talk DUMB, I just watched 15 minutes of the Obama "Town Hall" this morning ...(what I won't do for my blog ..:-)

Z said...



This bunch bills it as a TOWN HALL but it's always at a COLLEGE of young Obama sycophants! TOWN HALL at the Northern Virginia COmmunity COllege?
I thought a TOWN HALL is for the TOWN!?

Everyone is DUMB to consider this isn't a campaign speech and it's getting to me that the DNC doesn't need to pay for that TV time. His parting words were "I'm going to NEED YOUR HELP"

It's always "I"....I'm pretty sure we rarely heard Bush or Clinton talk about themselves ...this guy really thinks the presidency is ALL ABOUT HIM and I think that's why he's so thin skinned.

"My goal is to WIN THE FUTURE" I guess that's the new campaign mantra....

And he had the nerve to push for "lean government!" I swear! Oh..and an "accountable" government...WAIT! But what about the czars he snuck in? the bills nobody's been able to READ? ACCOUNTABLE?? Is this a joke?

Oh, and he just had to take a deep breath when he saw what his taxes were this year but "why wouldn't I make that sacrifice" of paying more if it means CHILDREN CAN STAY IN HEAD START and the ELDERLY CAN GET THEIR MEDICARE?
For the rich to pay a little more is FAIR....what's wrong with going back to the Clinton level of taxation (which Z is not exactly totally against, frankly, but those were QUITE different times)..

This is my favorite:

He feels that foreign companies won't want to come here (Z: why should they when they'd have to pay union wages and sink?) because we have POT HOLES in the streets because of our lousy infrastructure and "they don't want their trucks hitting pot holes"

yes, he DID say that.

That is DUMB....not an 'implication' of dumb...really just plain dumb.

dmarks said...

I agree that the Obama ape stuff is racist.

But the Bush ape stuff was not because he was dumb. It was out of blind partisan hatred.

After all, Bush (as shown by his ideas) is smarter than Obama.

Z said...

Gad, the articles on this situation never end. Now this woman who had the bad taste to send the Obama/chimp photo around had to say 'I'm not a racist'. Really?
Well, what if it was a black Democrat who perpetrated at least one of the Bush/ape illustrations, does that make HIM a racist?

Leticia said...

I thought the picture was kind of funny, but hey! That's just me. I have a quirky sense of humor.

The Left did some very hateful and sometimes cruel depictions of President Bush and his family and the MSM never said a word.

Reverse roles and the Left are outraged when a depiction of their Great-one is defiled they are in an uproar.

If you smile the wrong way, you offend a liberal. It's a no win scenario.

FairWitness said...

Why don't all these whiners just shut up? Who cares about this juvenile crap? Our country is going to hell and Obama wants to complain about a ridiculing photo? This man isn't serious about solving our problems, leading the country. He is the most selfish, self-centered man to ever occupy the White House.

Z said...

the headline on Yahoo News has been up in various morphs for 2 days now.
Odd, with all the problems America's facing that Yahoo would see this story important to headline for so long, huh?
But, it sure does inform Americans that one Republican sent a lousy joke around and how racist Reps are, huh?

FairWitness said...

Z, it's just so exasperating. Standard & Poors lowered America's credit rating yesterday to negative. Why are we subjected to this trash? It so UN-serious!

What a bunch of morons running this nation and reporting the news.

Z said...

FW, Did you read my take on the Obama "Town Hall" in my comment above?
Of course, Obama forgot to mention this S&P situation when talking about why foreign countries wouldn't want to open businesses here! He's more worried about pot holes and putting in high speed trains when Amtrak's broke from lack of ridership!

He did mention Brazil's oil situation, and he should, since he's the one who's paved the way for Soros to drill there and make even MORE money.......I guess it sends the message "WE're not good enough to drill for but Soros and Brazil are worth it"? Geeez

FairWitness said...

Yes, Z, I did read your post about the press event masquerading as a town hall. He's in campaign mode again and still.

Totally aloof to the job he was elected to do. I don't know why he wants to be reelected, he doesn't even like the job, doesn't want to do it.

Anonymous said...
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Ducky's here said...

Gee Fairwitness, a sitting president is also campaigning. I bet that never happened before, huh?

Just stunning.

Z said...

FW, I'm not sure HE really wants the job anymore. I think he's kind of like the kid in Damn Yankees, if you know what I mean...poor guy. He's in it for keeps. Nobody pays for college, hides your birth info, and gets a publisher to publish an unknown nothing's book without expecting something.

Oh, and yes, Ducky...every president campaigns and usually it's more subtle than this, as you know...and a lot later into the season. Keep slingin'...'just stunning'

beamish said...

beamish...go back to work :-)
And I have to look into Dr Zira...A family friend played Julius...but I never saw it!


this is a picture of Dr. Zira...

... and ...

this is a picture of Michelle Obama.

It's eerie how hard it is to tell them apart. If they weren't labeled, it would be easy to confuse them.

But still, it was in bad taste for the KKK wing of the Democratic Party that backed Hillary to run with such mean-spiritedness.

Z said...

beamish, did you mix the pic links up by mistake? I laughed my head off!! I don't think Michelle looks like that.
I think Michelle looks BIG TIME scarier, tho!

beamish said...

I mixed the links up?

Damn. I told you the likeness is uncanny.


Z said...

that's what I thought :-)

Anonymous said...

So, this is where all the racists are! Nice 'Christians.'

Z said...

Sorry you feel that way but you're not alone. Many who don't understand feel the same way you do.

No, a Bible-reading Christian looks at everyone as equal, as God does, and this unkindness with ape pictures, etc., as a terrible thing to ANY Man, be he white or half white or black or any other color.

Hypocrisy is what we're showing...
not racism.
I hope that helps you.

NOBODY here at this thread thought the Obama/chimp picture a good idea...as you could have seen. Nor did we find it nice for the 8 full years Bush was portrayed like that.
I'm asking why nobody had to apologize for the Bush pictures. That's all. I'd have thought that's simple to see.

beamish said...

So, this is where all the racists are! Nice 'Christians.'

What's "racist" or "Christian" about pointing out that Michelle Obama reminds Democrats for Hillary of our alleged evolutionary cousins?

I merely noted she looks like a movie star.