Tuesday, April 26, 2011

please pray for those in the flood zones


Pris said...

Consider it done Z.

Btw, isn't it interesting that Obama doesn't go to these natural disaster areas, to show support for the victims? He doesn't even mention them.

Maybe he's too busy raising money for his war chest, and playing golf, and basketball or going on another vacation.

Funny isn't it that Bush was lambasted for waiting a few days before going to the Katrina disaster!

Z said...

OH, my gosh, Pris, you're right.
Obama's not mentioned them...

Bush was required to wait until the State asked for assistance and was horribly and incorrectly maligned on that point, but I BELIEVE he at least MENTIONED the disaster, right? :-) That his and Laura's hearts were with the Katrina victims? Ya, I'd have thought so!

I don't know...maybe the states involved don't touch Obama's sensibilities?
Anyway, these people push their shirt sleeves up and get things done, like the Midwesterners who suffered horrid flooding DURING Katrina, which got all the news.

And all the money.

Leticia said...

I didn't post about it, but I live in Arkansas and the weather has been terrifying, lately.

We survived a tornado last Tuesday, and yesterday our town was spared, but not others. Seven people died yesterday.

Tornado season is just starting and I have never, in my 17 years in Arkansas have witnessed one dangerous storm after another.

Thank God we are blessed with a storm shelter.

Common Sense said...

They became very much afraid and said to one another, "Who then is this, that even the wind and the sea obey Him?" Mark 4:41

Pris said...

That's right Z, Bush asked for permission to send in help and was denied by the idiot Governor for 24hours if I remember right. He followed the law.

I believe she was advised to do what she did, because it was Bush. I can't think of any logical reason she'd do that, except for a political reason.

beamish said...

Rivers are getting way high around here. My shortcut to work is flooded out :(

As much crazy rain as we're had lately, I wouldn't be surprised if St. Louis almost turns into an island for a while in June. We're surrounded by three rivers here.

I remember back in the "Great Flood of '93" when the west bank of the Mississippi River started at 2nd Street downtown and the stairs down to the riverwalk under the Gateway Arch were half underwater.

Mold and mildew headaches are going to kill me this year.

Z said...

Beamish, Missouri is THE WORST from what I heard...the River from the East dumps into some river there and the river from the West dumps into there, too........major flooding...my heart just aches for those people whose homes are 4' full of water. Are your folks safe?
There was some county with a P as the first letter that was where the rivers dump into and cause the worst flooding, I thought?

Z said...

did ya'll know there's a film coming out called WORLD WAR Z?
Holy COW!

beamish said...

Poplar Bluff is one of those towns where you scratch your head and wonder why it is named that. ;)

Yes, there are poplar trees there, and a bluff overlooking the Black River, but the town is on the river and very prone to flooding as the Mississippi backs up.

As the waters rise, the flooding in southern Missouri spreads north up the banks of the Mississippi and every river and stream dumping into it back up and flood over.

St. Louis has the Missouri and Meramec Rivers both flowing into the Mississippi. I'm betting there's water in our future here. They're already getting high.

I'm not in a flood plain where I'm at, but I have to cross a few to get ... well, anywhere. Just depends on if we can have a nice period of rain-free few weeks from Minnesota on down.

But, the bright side is corn and okra will be cheap and plentiful this fall :P

beamish said...

Flash flooding is a danger right now, but we're a lot more prepared for it now than then.

[I hope]