Friday, April 15, 2011

"Mr Obama, why spend money on something you don't need to?"

Obama was on with Stephanopoulos , extremely cagey and well versed in exactly how to make himself look just wonderful, unfairly maligned, etc.  And it was fairly clear the questions were not a surprise to him.

George finally asked him about the birth certificate and Obama treats this as just a silly ploy by the Right which he feels won't bode well for Republicans...that everybody knows he was born in Hawaii.   The only reason I even post this is Stephanopoulos never once said "you're spending a LOT of money keeping it under wraps...why?"    I could barely listen to the last few seconds of the interview in the linked video (watch at risks to your own health), it is so disturbing to hear the subtle, cunning words Obama uses to insult the Right and I'd taken as much as I could stand and more.....but I did want to hear if George would ask him the question about all the money spent...........and he did not.  Sad.

I'd have thought any curious media person with integrity and more than a teleprompter list of questions might have asked that, don't you?   George, you ought to be ashamed of least ask;  answers shouldn't be that difficult.



Pris said...

A SRM media person with integrity? When you find one Z, let us know.
I know you will with bells on, but I won't hold my breath.

It's so disgusting, knowing our so-called free press is in the hands of the thugocracy, like breathless children waiting for a pat on the head from "The One". Ugh!

Anonymous said...

It's quite simple. The MSM is completely lacking in integrity, grit, truth and that age old requirement of any good reporter. The sense and ability to smell the blood in the water and to attack. To dig in when there's a story of such potential magnitude....that their desire for the Pulitzer far outweighs their fear of being labeled as a "racist", right winger or the giggling gay ( Cooper ) slur of "teabagger".

They're all about looks and demographics. Not the story but the appearance of being "fair" and balanced as the putz, Lilliputian O'Really strives for.

This issue must be cleared up. And no amount of obfuscation or dismissal of it by BO as a right wing "conspiracy" holds water any more.

As Trump says...all the man has to do is....SHOW THE GD LONG FORM...and move on.

He won't....and since he won't 48% of America believes he's a fraud.

Keep it up Trump...and that Brill Kreme man Romney has me less than enthusiastic about his principles and values.

Ducky's here said...

Ever hear of a trap play, z.

You're watching a beauty develop.

Ducky's here said...
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beamish said...

I saw a poll earlier that revealed that most people concerned about Obama's birth certificate self-identify as Democrats. I'll try to find it.

beamish said...

But the Democrat birther thing and Obama's lower-than-Bush-after-Katrina poll numbers is a good indication that a new crop of "Reagan Democrats" is ready to be harvested *if* the Republican Party does something buck nutty that they haven't done in 27 years... a small government libertarian-conservative for President.

Debbie said...

Donald Trump is doing a great job speaking out. Something is very suspicious that they spend all that money rather than just producing the evidence.

Right Truth

Pris said...

I hate to tell you this, but I just heard that Trump, in his book, lauded universal healthcare.

He Said GWB "is evil", at the time he was President.

He also said a few days ago, he may run as an Independent. If he does that, we lose. So, who is he really, and what is he up to?

He donated to Emanuel, Schumer, and Wiener just months ago. Schumer and Wiener represent NY don't they? And Trump is a New Yorker, isnt he? So, is it the country Trump is worried about, or is it Trump?

This is why I have said the jury is still out on this man, and why I hold back this early in the race for the Presidency.

Don't forget Schwartzeneger when he ran here in California. He said all the right things, and then caved to the special interests.

Image is not everything in the long run, and sometimes, only serves to blur what's lying just under the surface.

It could very likely be, that what lies under the surface with Trump is what benefit's Trump at the moment. And the same with Obama.

Frankly, the media, celebrity, and and style over substance, raises my hackles, and I ask, "what is the real skinny"?

Finally, the birth certificate hullabaloo is going nowhere, except to get Trump attention. It's a waste of time IMO.

Z said...

Pris, Mr. Trump is ALL EGO and yes, he's talking about running Independent, etc etc etc; I just have to believe that he's 'allowing' the Right to finally speak out.

Well, if he wants Universal Health Care and that gets out, he won't have to run, he'll sink in the polls like a dead weight. And fine.

EVERYONE, odd to consider that 41% of the Tea Partiers are Dems/Indies......I think Beamish is right; just when we thought this country's left couldn't get more stupid, the country's moving right. I still don't think it'll last because our kids are so indoctrinated to "ask what your country can do for YOU, as MUCH as it can do for you", but, you never know.

I know Trump's stirring things up, that's for sure.

Thersites said...

Clinton's former Chief of Staff was supposed to ask a Democrat a tough question? In what universe could THAT possibly happen?

Anonymous said...

"He donated to Emanuel, Schumer, and Wiener just months ago. Schumer and Wiener represent NY don't they?"

Prisc...what would you expect him to do? He's surrounded by the most liberal, whiny, show boat Long Islanders, outside of Tel Aviv!

It's simply the Jewish mafia covering their interests.

Jews who are the last to defend Israel over their Park Avenue investments. Cumo know knows the depths of the corruption in NY..and NYC. All backers of Bernie Maddof too.

He has to grease these libbie screw balls left over from the last Bat Mitzvah they officiated at.

Anonymous said...

Adios you Campaigner in fraud, impostor and unqualified doofus community organizer. We now know that opposing you is not an indictment of our racial preferences. You are a dope..and unqualified "leader" out of his depth and a damn disaster for America.

To wit:

In this week’s polls: An Ipsos survey says 69% of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track, up five points since March. Zogby has only 38% of national respondents saying Mr. Obama deserves re-election, with 55% wanting someone new. Mr. Obama carried Pennsylvania in 2008 by double digits; a poll there this week shows only 42% approving his leadership, with 52% disapproving. Gallup had the president’s support slipping among blacks and Hispanics, with the latter’s numbers dramatic: 73% supported him when he was inaugurated, 54% do now. Support among whites on Inauguration Day was 60%. Now it is 39%.

Your "charm" is bullshit just like an ad for a healthy Wopper at the BK lounge.

"We all get stuck in the day-to-day and lose sight of the overarching, but the overarching fact of Mr. Obama’s presidency is that he made a bad impression his first years in office and has never turned that impression around. He spent his first 14 months moving on what he was thinking about—health care—and not what the public was thinking about—the economic crash, jobs, spending. He seemed not to be thinking like everyone else, which underscored the idea that he was unresponsive to the crises they were seeing. It’s hard to get past that."

BO.....I'm at the point where I think Jimmah Caartah.....was a god!

Pris said...

Hi Imp, this is to excuse protection money. I see nothing that portrays integrity in this.

So if you're a President you buy votes and support by using money to payback the unions, and they in turn buy the politician by holding him hostage with a promise to donate millions, but only if he gives them what they want.
What's the difference?

We can overlook a small buyout, so when it becomes a big buyout it's just a matter of degree, and we should accept it?

Once you pay to play, you're in the clutches of corruption no matter how you slice it. Big or small, it's the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Z I just do not ge Stephanopoulos, He left the Clinton's because he could not stand the disresect going on in the office of POTUS and all the other tell tale signs of disaster leaning towards trouble. He could stand up to Clinton, yet he lets Obama skate? If George was a woman I would be asking who blew up his skirt? Oh how I truly loath such hypocricy!

beamish said...

Exactly my point, Impy.

Obama's probably gone no matter what. So we can afford to be a little picky about his replacement.

Z said...

I think you're all HIGHLY overly optimistic to even suggest Obama's 'gone' way.

Layla, great points. You're right; suddenly that integrity old George S showed is GONE.

Pris, sadly, that's how deals are done. Don't know about 'protection money' but there's money in real estate and somebody pays somebody off to work a deal, that's for sure...
sadly, I'm not sure many men are beyond taking a bribe here and there....terrible, but that's the way it is.
It's one of the reasons I'm wary of Trump, though I like so much about his patriotism and fearlessness in talking to the media; he's got SUCH an ego, and plays ball with pretty unsavory libs!

Pris said...

"I think you're all HIGHLY overly optimistic to even suggest Obama's 'gone' way."

I agree Z. I wouldn't take that for granted at all. Folks have to remember what we're dealing with here. This President makes Nixon look like a babe in the woods.

Obama doesn't have a staff, he has an army, and they're not above doing whatever it takes to win. Surely no one thinks Obama will take the high road!!

beamish said...

I think you're all HIGHLY overly optimistic to even suggest Obama's 'gone' way.

It will depend on the candidate against him.

Obama's counting on divisions in the GOP to balance out the massive defection from Democrats.

I think he's overestimating the loyalty of his "troops."

He's going to have his own primaries to worry about.

Chuck said...

Obama spends a lot of money keeping a lot of things covered up. His birth certificate, college transcripts, early years, etc.

As to Obama, I think this election is the GOP's to lose. He has lost the middle and has lost any chance of getting the votes from the right he got last time. He is losing the left and is even weakening with blacks and Hispanics. Few from the left or blacks will vote for the Republican but they will stay home.

Obama won based on excitement, the tingle is gone for most.

I think he's toast.

Always On Watch said...

Stephanopoulos never once said "you're spending a LOT of money keeping it under wraps...why?"

Is it any wonder that the birther talk continues?

You might be interested in reading THIS ESSAY, which puts forth an interesting theory as to why the media behave the way they do when it comes to Obama. Excerpt:

...Almost everything reported in the mainstream media is contrary to the views of the majority of America. Most Americans don’t trust Islam, so the media reports how tolerant and peaceful that religion is. Most Americans don’t want Obamacare, so the media reports how great it is and how it is so needed. Most Americans want the government to stop spending, so the media reports how spending is not a problem, and entitlement reform is a waste because the Big Three are solvent. When the war on terror was popular, the media hated it. Now that it is old news, the media loves it. Many would suggest these views happen to coincide with a progressive political stance, but in my opinion that is a happy coincidence for many reporters. For sure, most of them are hardcore leftists, but their goal is not their ideology in so much that it is power through influence.

So how come the contrarian stance?...

Worth your time if your as furious as I am about how the mainstream media shill for Obama.

Always On Watch said...

My bad. Should read "if you're as furious."

I do know the difference between a possessive pronoun and a contraction -- if I've had more than one cup of java, that is.

Pris said...

"He's going to have his own primaries to worry about."

There won't be a Democrat primary. Who's going to run against him in a primary?

Anonymous said...

You know Z it is so sad that the left controls the media, the masses and really in retrospect the GOP let a lot of this happen. We have a weak base - if not, Obama would never have gotten in. I remember in 2008 the permeating attitude was, "give them what they want and then maybe they will see how wrong they were." That was wrong, a bad attitude because they got what they want and for the most part they are loving it. Really sad Z.

Z said...

Layla, ya...the true geniuses were Republicans not voting at all with the attitude of "I'll show those Republicans!" Well, they sure showed this country, didn't they.

Chuck, show me one guy with charisma who's thinking seriously of running on the Right...other than Trump.
Pawlenty? Gad.
Gingrich? Gad.

MAYBE Christi..but is he running? He says 'no.

Romney? he'd better take happy pills and start talking about loving this country ..

The thing that MOST ATTRACTS EVERYONE TO TRUMP is his LOVE OF COUNTRY, his forceful criticism of our enemies, his assurance that he will fix things.
Do I think he can? not really.
Do I think his pro American stance can even attract our liberally indoctrinated kids? Yup. Until their profs start slamming least until then

AOW, that's an interesting viewpoint; I still think it's mostly ideology, though...they'd not be so concerned about having influence and supporting anything they disagreed with, don't you think?

beamish said...

There won't be a Democrat primary. Who's going to run against him in a primary?

I wouldn't discount the possibility that Hillary Clinton believes she can do a better job as President.

Pris said...

"I wouldn't discount the possibility that Hillary Clinton believes she can do a better job as President."

Beamish, I don't think so. I think it would fracture their party, something they don't need with an incumbent President running.

She's part of this administration and would be open to criticism as well. Plus, she would have to take on a President whose policies must be followed by her.

If she disagrees with him she should have resigned long ago. If she agrees, then why run? What would her campaign be based on?

Chuck said...

Z, I like that he's sticking it to Obama but the more he opens his mouth, the more he sounds like a nut.

As far as charisma, I'm not sure that's what the voters are looking for. I usually think that charisma trumps all but I think this time around people are looking for an adult to try to pull us out o the God-awful mess we are in with the economy.

I'm not a huge fan of Rommney but I would bet money he's the next President.

Mark said...

He's not going to ask those kinds of questions. He is a Liberal Democrat. 'nuff said.

Z said...

Chuck, I wish I could agree with you. Yes, by now things are SO bad that Americans might be rethinking charisma and promises they, by now, know can't be followed through on, but Romney's got an uphill fight re Massachusetts health care and a few other things.
He's almost as dry and dull as the rest of the Rep stable...
If Romney takes a lead from Trump on speaking out, showing love for the country, etc., we have a chance.

We also have to convince many Christians who believe there's a Mormon conspiracy going on that it's ridiculous....many won't vote for him; I've seen a few writings about the goal of Mormons in America and it's a little shocking and they're hard to find anymore, but it sticks in some peoples' heads.
We need to make sure they VOTE in spite of the Mormon thing.
By the way, as much as I respect the mostly clean lifestyle of Mormons today, it is a little offputting to believe a presidential candidate believes in some of what Mormons think has happened, etc. Not to be offensive, but.....