Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Islamists and the Royals...can't the English have ONE day without threats?

Muslims are going to do their best to disrupt the royal wedding next week.  HERE is the information.

Yes, a well known extremist Muslim group has threatened to protest outside the Church and (sit down when you read this or you might fall down)  the London Assistant Commissioner Lynne Owens tells Sky News "So far we've had two request from groups wishing to protest and we're currently engaging with them to decide whether we think that's appropriate."

They are deciding whether protesting outside a wedding is appropriate? WHAT?   Here's the most amazing and utterly disingenuous quote from the article....."We find that one of the biggest advocates of British imperialism, Flight Lieutenant Prince William, wishes to enjoy an extravagant wedding ceremony, ironically at the expense of the tax-payer," the website says. (that'd be the extremist Muslim website)    Right, I'm SURE that's why the Muslims are protesting, because the wedding's extravagant!   :-)  See the cunning of these people?  Using what they hope will be language that would rile the English poor?  As IF.

Here is more:  "Meanwhile the English Defense League (EDL), a right-wing anti-Islamist group, whose past protests have been marred by violence, has also applied to stage a demonstration should MAC get the go-ahead."    Ah, a 'right-wing anti Islamist group.'   I wonder if any anti-Islamist group must be said to be 'right-wing'........They make that sound a pejorative, when ANY group of people should be anti-Islamist.  Who should support Islamist ideology in Western society?

So, this group who we're told is a 'peaceful religion' is threatening the Royals and endangering the lives of thousands of people along the parade routes, the parks, the streets........bomb sniffing dogs are at it, cops are looking into every light fixture, every manhole, every ........everything.   Because of Islamists.   On a day which England's people are looking forward to, a day for civilized celebration in jolly old England.

I saw THE KING'S SPEECH tonight on DVD........amazing how the King could walk around unescorted in those days........amazing how nobody considered he might get killed.   Today, sure, some English anarchists could cause havoc, and their media's always throwing anarchists into the equation when discussing terrorism, but does anybody believe anarchists are the real threat?

Or is it Islamists?   They live under dark and foreboding extremism, women wrapped from head to foot, angry men who will try to see to it that the English lovely times of royal excitement are marred.  IN ENGLAND.  Congratulations, Islam

And the British are thinking over whether they should allow protests at the wedding?  By Islamists?  While their cops are combing the city for potential terrorists?   WOW.



Anonymous said...

It does sound delightfully politically correct, doesn't it? I'm sure most of us simply misunderstand Islamism ...

Ducky's here said...

Some group that's out in the open isn't likely to be a problem.

Likely the bigger concern is some IRA splinter groups that haven't been infiltrated. And they ain't talking.

The skinheads are just a nuisance.

Major said...
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Major said...
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Major said...

Let the muslime slime balls have at hope is the so called "right wingers" (typical Brits fed up with the reprobate savages ) kick their burka'd asses into the gutters.

Mudslimes don't know joy, happiness nor do they want anyone else to have it. Let the "soccer" players do what they do best when their home team is getting beat up by the opposition. (BTW...just what are the slimeball muslims really opposed to in this case? A marriage of two people? Jeeezuz....they hate gays and they hate marriage too?)

Oh and duck..."The skinheads are just a nuisance."

Would you include our Marines, Sailors, Airman and Soldiers then as "skin heads" because they damn sure are killing their share of mo's little troopers and oppose their every move.

And what about those 80% of New Yakkers opposed to the WTC mosque? Skin heads too?

What then is a skin head, quack?

I assume that anyone who opposes mohammeds little terrorists, savages and maniacs...are all "skin heads"?

And mudslimes get a pass somehow? They're not a nuisance when they and they alone are responsible for the murder and mayhem throughout the world? Even in their own crap holes? Face it, they're not happy unless they're freakin' miserable.

Get your head out your arse school boy.

Ticker said...

"We find that one of the biggest advocates of British imperialism, Flight Lieutenant Prince William, wishes to enjoy an extravagant wedding ceremony..."

Sounds like language Obama and the Democrats use claiming that the rich are bad.

Z said...

Mustang...of course :-)

Ah,'s the IRA they should be more afraid of while the Muslims are promising problems.

Major, did you know that the Brits arrested several anarchists a month ago after their raid on London, breaking windows, knocking things down, etc., and LET THEM GO? Ya...let them go.

How to lose your country in 3 easy lessons; don't prosecute people you SAW in the throes of criminal activity and even CONSIDER allowing islamists to protest in front of an event they have NO BUSINESS being near particularly when they have threatened the occasion with violence.

Z said...

Tick, that's what the muslims are doing here, too; using lefty words against themselves and the lefties, who could get killed in any islamist terror attack, just don't see it. Sadly, we'll all be pulled down for their ignorance.
Ya, as if Muslims are upset because of the RICH and not the IMPERIALISM part of that paragraph? Very cunning.

Major said...

"don't prosecute people you SAW in the throes of criminal activity"

Why look to the Brits? That asinine piece of garbage holder is doing the same right here. NBP problem. Indictments against the "unindicted" co conspirators (CAIR )....forget about that DOJ.

We're not a nation of laws anymore...we're a nation run by militant, lefty thugs that want to capitulate to the ummah and the 12th imam.

Over my dead body. Time to....fill in the blanks. Or full metal jackets. What's left? There is no law any longer.

Let's prosecute that guy Terry Jones ( who whether you agree with him or not is the only guy I see shoving it back in their faces and carries a legal 40mm under his jacket ) who dares "descreate that rag they bow down to. Their book of "law". But American troops are ordered to burn Bibles in Afghanistan lest the savages get upset!!! Burn the Bible as they would common trash!?? WTF?

Z said...

Lest any other person who's either not read my post or just simply can't think things through for own their ideology feels they need to comment about how muslims aren't the real problem here, I've just read the actual quote by the islamists causing trouble...they're using the word "Nightmare" They want to make this day a NIGHTMARE.

Z said...

By the way, can you imagine the outrage by the whole muslim world if some Muslim couple was marrying in a public way and CHristians were threatening to make their day a NIGHTMARE?


Common Sense said...

Today it's Muslims, yesterday it was the Spanish, Mexicans, Germans, Japanese, Vietnamese, English, French and so on and so on.

Should we have killed them all? Men, women and children?

Just asking.

Major said...

"Today it's Muslims"

And today they are the enemy and need to be treated as all the former enemies you've mentioned.

Not intimidated, cowed or threatened by.
You take it to the source, you rout it out, you face it and you defeat it, before it does want it desires to do to you.

A principle of survival that's thousands of years old friend.

Z said...

How very odd, Common Sense.
Does my post mean I'm calling to kill all muslims? :-) REALLY? Sometimes I wonder if I'm typing English...
But, yes...if a group is threatening death to all Brits or all Americans, that would include all CHILDREN AND WOMEN, so yes, we honor our children and woman at least as much as they do and I'd rather we took steps to prevent OUR deaths any day of the week.
Seems obvious to me.

Personally, I keep hoping and waiting for millions of good muslims all over Western society to march against their islamists...I just don't see why they're not.

Major, I think there are people in this country who truly believe any watching after American interests is cruel and unjust.
I don't know quite HOW much Islamists must do to get noticed enough so that we are equipped to best fight their goals of our extermination ....... I'd have thought any group threatening a "NIGHTMARE" to the British for celebrating a royal marriage deserved more condemnation than "considering whether they should be allowed to protest", don't you? :-)

The cops there are hunting down suspects, checking every manhole and lightpost and all else they can do to prevent terror to innocent people.
I guess I'd have to say that if these extremists were German or French or Vietnamese,they'd necessarily have to take the same precautions, huh?

Z said...

Ducky, for the record, NOBODY comes to geeez and calls our troops: simply ignorant, undisciplined and completely unprofessional.

Common Sense said...

Where's Carlos Hathcock when you need him?

Z said...

Common Sense, I'm sure there will be plenty of snipers at the Royal Wedding...
does that bother you?

Common Sense said...

Z, NO, that does not bother me.

I welcome them.

Leticia said...

The Brits were so quick to allow Muslims into their nation without question and now they are reaping that decision with the royal wedding.

Kind of like what is happening here in the states.

Maybe this will wake them up. I do hope it is a peaceful wedding. But, quite frankly, I am not impressed or care about the royals.

Z said...

From what you'd said earlier I feared you thought that by calling Islamists on their evil 'nightmare threats' we're all advocating some American manifesto you resent like killing everybody around us just for fun :-)

Z said...

Hey, surfing much these days?
Too cold to go in without a wetsuit, I'd imagine, right?

Common Sense said...

I am, as much as I can. I get so hot in my wetsuit I sweat.

Don't like surfing in the rain, don't like to get wet, lol.

Major said...

"Where's Carlos Hathcock?"

If that great man were still alive today....he'd be suffocated by these silly, suicidal ROE's that our troops have to put up with today.

But those brave followers in his tradition and skills, are still shooting...dirt bags, shooting more accurately at greater distances taking off their heads, as they should.

Carlos was indeed one of the few and one of the proud.

Common Sense said...

Leaving for Indonesia soon on a great surfing holiday, can't wait.

Still going at 59.

Major said...

"Leaving for Indonesia soon on a great surfing holiday..."

Have a great ride, good luck and say hello to the Soteros while you're there. Ask them if they'll take the bum back.

Z said...

CS..that's great! I've never been to Indonesia...definitely don't ever want to go to Jakarta, I hear it's a pretty grim place.......there must be gorgeous areas of Indonesia..where are you going?
the closest I've been is 2 trips to Kuala Lumpur and twice to Singapore....VERY COOL...I loved Malaysia..

Major, I laughed out loud!! GOOD ONE!

CS..make sure you do that; it'll be a public service!!

Common Sense said...

Sumba, Mentawai and Bali. We have good friends from Santa Barbara that built a wonderful home on 40 acres in Bali and they're having a week-end party to break it in.

I've been going to Bali almost yearly since 1980, great surfing, great food and great people.

beamish said...

I think America should continue to encourage primitive, barbaric, third world Islamic socialist nations like Britain to continue their transition towards becoming a democratic republic that champions free speech.

If we in America went beyond feeding, clothing, and housing our inbred welfare class to the point of actually putting crowns on their heads and shutting down traffic on public streets whenever they decided to get married, I guarantee there would be a lot more than just petitioning to protest a government that fines and jails you for watching a television set without a license.

Granted, Britain is no where near as barbaric, uncivilized, and warlike as their cousins across the channel in Europe, where 20 years can't pass without one of the indigenous tribes going to war with one another, but that can harldly be helped as America has not been allowed to introduce Western Civilization to Europe as easily as with Britain due to similarities in language.

We can hope that one day, with education and serious efforts at civilizing the natives there that Europe will someday enjoy the comparative peace and tranquility found in Africa or Central Asia, but history suggests otherwise.

It's a shame. Europe has so much potential.

Z said...

Beamish...Since I've lived there, I'd challenge you to your slam on Europe and Britain's 'uncivilized' behavior..they've got us beat on many fronts, but you're fun to read!
By the way, did your sis make it home?

beamish said...

She comes home next month.

I'd take up your challenge on the barbaric history of Europe anyday of the week, Z. You've got to go somewhere like Uganda or Zimbabwe to find a people less apt to go to war with their neigbors willy-nilly.

..they've got us beat on many fronts

Admittedly, Paris does have an impressive number of restaurants and sidewalk cafes with dog shit on the floor, but who wants to win the prize for that?

Z said...

Beamish, I said they're civilized I didn't say they've not gone to war.Of course, so have we.
And for the dog shit, don't believe everything you hear.
Why's proof positive from people who've been there not make a dent?
I lived their four years in Paris and a year in Munich.
NO culture is all bad and I saw things there I like a lot better than here and there IS no more patriotic America-loving girl than me.
I won't be elaborating or arguing the point....
but keep punching if you want to.

Anonymous said...
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Z said...

Imp, I'm a Victoria admirer, too but I'd say Maggie was a close second and, had Elizabeth not had brainless, lefty children, she'd be up there, too :-)

Anonymous said...

"Imp, I'm a Victoria admirer, too"

I do agree with you in that respect. Victoria, from all I've read was totally unprepared to reign. Which, I like to compare to our "clown in chief" today.

With much opposition she cared for her people. Was she a "socialist"? Or was she a humanitarian? What's the difference really. She reigned for 64 years, longer that any sovereign /monarch haas even to this day.

Although I fear Elizabeth is trying hard to beat the numbers.....she unfortunately has spawned too many morons, has had too many scandals to go into the British book of records as THE "Queen" or a successful monarch.

Victoria's 9 children are what made up the 20th Century's modern rulers. From Spain to Italy to Germany to Norway to France to Russia and beyond.

There will never be another Victoria.

There will never be another Reagan...or Jefferson...or Madison...or Adams.

How long will we be able to survive on another Che, Alinsky, Ayers, Wright, Sharpton, Jackson, Morris, Jackson Lee. Waters, Pelousi, Reid...or the ultimate POS....Barry Sotero Obama?

Z said...

Man, make me want to go to bed and put my thumb in my mouth.
No, there never WILL be fine people like that again. I'm convinced you're right.

I watched some odd film on TCM yesterday, a lovely black/white film that is very very obscure; so obscure that it was an AMerican film in ENglish with Dutch subtitles !! (what?) Weird. Made probably in the mid thirties.
It was called something like A MAN TO REMEMBER...
It was about a sweet small town doctor who raised two children and what happens in his town...he showed such integrity, such goodness, such humility and DECENCY that do you know I found myself praying while he was going thru a particular problem "God, protect him!?" I thought "Z, you're losing it..the actor's been dead for YEARS and this is a MOVIE!" That's how much his sheer goodness touched me.
I had tears in my eyes and thought of my granddad and dad and how utterly good they were.........and while I know good men now, and I have some good nephews, etc......the number is shrinking.
That old movie really felt good to watch; gave me faith in something beyond this world which spawned men that fine and which we're pushing away by the minute and the effects of that are showing.

I just googled and found this on the film:

Ducky's here said...

I responded to your rant major, but z censored.

I notice your bigotry is just fine with her.

Anonymous said...

"I notice your bigotry is just fine with her."

And where was little inconsequential...little man?

And I ask...since when ( even if it were true ) do little assholes like you...little bugs in the road of freedom and progress..get to decode who is a "bigot"? Who is not?

You...a shill for the most degenerate, backwards, regressive.....repulsive form of "government" that has been responsible for the murder of over 50 million souls on this planet...get to call me...a fucking bigot?

Duck....I so wish...I actually pray (we heathens do) to meet up one on one with we can reconcile our differences.

I'll buy you a me.

Sorry Ms. Z.....I hate...I despise...I cannot be civil with the commie, progressive scumbags...I cannot.

I admit it.....

Z said...

Ducky, you just keep forgetting!! :-)
My rules.
remembering that might make you happier here, your home away from home.

Z said...

Imp; no need to apologize.
I'd have some special words for Ducky in person, too.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Z...forgive me.

My lack of inability to be lack of discipline.

If you need me to leave...I will do so.

If only to preserve this wonderful place and it's integrity.

This a nitro environment.

beamish said...

Oh Z, you know i'm just teasing you. Europe's the sort of welfare utopia America could be if someone else picked up the tab for our military national defense.

But my point on Europeans going to war with each other at the drop of a hat stands.

Do you know just how many wars and military conflicts have raged on European soil since 1945?

34, counting the one still ongoing with Russia in the northern Caucasus.

You'd think World War 2 would have given Europeans a distaste for war on their continent, but the record shows that wars are breaking out there with alarming frequency. The average is 20 years or so between some European barbarian tribe going to war with another European barbarian tribe, going all the way back to Philip of Macedon.

The Greco-Balkan region of Europe is particularly historical in its incapacity of forming a peaceful civilization. It's doubtful most Greeks even know what a civilization is. They've never achieved the cultural heights of say, Afghanistan before the Taliban years.

This doesn't even address Europeans not being content with killing each other and taking their barbarian raiding to other continents.

Z said...

Imp, read what I said.
I have no problem with what you said.
And I really appreciate that you like geeez so much..thanks.

Beamish..well, you've got to admit not too many wars have been fought lately in Germany, ENgland, France, Italy, Spain, etc.......they have stuff like the IRA and ETA but so do we.
But the Balkans, Albania, ...wait, it's all muslim countries that are problematic ! FANCY THAT! :-)

beamish said...

Beamish..well, you've got to admit not too many wars have been fought lately in Germany, ENgland, France, Italy, Spain, etc.......they have stuff like the IRA and ETA but so do we.
But the Balkans, Albania, ...wait, it's all muslim countries that are problematic ! FANCY THAT! :-)

Well, yes. If Muslims and leftists all threw down their weapons, stopped attacking people without provocation, and swore to be non-violent, there'd be no wars on our planet right now.

I still wouldn't put France on the "ready to embrace civilization" list though. They've merely invested their barbaric European urge for war in western and central Africa.

Z said...

beamish, you following what's happening in Nigeria? A Christian's been elected and muslims are tearing apart the country.

beamish said...


Muslims armed by?

"Francafrique" - the French policy of post-colonial interference in Central and West Africa is one of the dirty little not-so-secrets of geopolitics.

France has been backing African Muslim rebels there for decades.

They even used to airdrop weapons and supplies to the Muslim Janjaweed guerillas in the Sudan from United Nations bases in Chad, until they ran out of people to kill.

The Rwanda Genocide in the 1990s has French fingerprints all over it.

I have no love for the world's first leftist country.

Z said...

Good, time I go and indulge in Paris, I'll have it all to myself :-)
By the way, I'm glad I don't live there right now...our apt was around the corner from the very luxurious embassy Cote d'Ivoire! Man, people took to the streets every time there was a problem, so I can't imagine what's been going on at the Place Victor Hugo these days.
I hate to say it, but the poor AFrican country embassies were SO luxurious; their 'leaders' were squired around in limos, their employees in the finest suits, etc.........what hypocrisy.

beamish said...

Good, time I go and indulge in Paris, I'll have it all to myself :-)

Watch your step. :P

Z said...

SORRY disappoint you...there IS no MERDE on the ground there...
glad your town doesn't have any, either :-)