Monday, April 25, 2011

It PAINS ME TO POST THIS....but I believe he's right, God help us

As it turns out, this was probably not written by Dr. Walter Williams....I received this multiple times via email the last few days and published it because I think it's right, no matter WHO wrote it...but there's now talk that it's a hoax and they "apologize".  It matters not whether Walter Williams wrote it or you did, in my opinion.

Whoever wrote it can't be faulted....I believe all ten points need to be discussed.  
When someone can prove that most Hispanics will vote Republican, or most Blacks will vote Republican, or most Union members, or most college-educated women, or most Democrats....or that most big businesses won't support him (except for Big Oil who he's now attempting to throw under the bus for his lack of leadership on the gasoline price situation) OR that the media will honestly announce his huge faults and the failures of the this first 2 1/2 years, or even TRY to look into his past (who paid for Harvard and Columbia?) then maybe we can rest easier and I would have deleted the post.  But, I can't.... So, here's some of the "Walter Williams' piece (I deleted his photo and much of his introduction).......whoever actually did say makes excellent points and I believe we need to wake up and start working to get the truth out SOON.  It's good to know what we're up against:

Can President Obama be defeated in 2012?  No.  He can't.
There simply are no conditions under which Barak Obama can be defeated in 2012.
The quality of the Republican candidate doesn't matter.  Obama gets reelected.
Nine percent unemployment?  No problem.  Obama will win.
Gas prices moving toward five dollars a gallon?  He still wins.
The economy soars or goes into the gutter.  Obama wins.
War in the Middle East?  He wins a second term.
America's role as the leading Superpower disappears?  Hurrah for Barak Obama!

The American people are notoriously ignorant of economics.  And economics is the key to why Obama should be defeated.  Even when Obama's policies lead the nation to final ruin, the majority of the American people are going to believe the bait-and-switch tactics Obama and his supporters in the media will use to explain why it isn't his fault.  After all, things were much worse than understood when he took office.
Obama's reelection is really a very, very simple math problem.  Consider the following:
1) Blacks will vote for Obama blindly.  Period.  Doesn't matter what he does.  It's a race thing.
2) College educated women will vote for Obama.  Though they will be offended by this, they swoon at his oratory.  It's really not more complex than that,
3) Liberals will vote for Obama.  He is their great hope,
4) Democrats will vote for Obama.  He is the leader of their party and his coattails will carry them to victory nationwide,
5) Hispanics will vote for Obama.  He is the path to citizenship for those who are illegal and Hispanic leaders recognize the political clout they carry in the Democratic Party,
6) Union members will vote overwhelmingly for Obama.  He is their key to money and power in business, state and local politics,
7) Big Business will support Obama.  They already have.  He has almost $1 Billion dollars in his reelection purse gained largely from his connections with Big Business and is gaining more everyday.  Big Business loves Obama because he gives them access to taxpayer money so long as they support his social and political agenda,
8) The media love him.  They may attack the people who work for him, but they love him.  After all... to not love him would be racist,
9) Most other minorities and special interest groups will vote for him.  Oddly, the overwhelming majority of Jews and Muslims will support him because they won't vote Republican.  American Indians will support him.  Obviously homosexuals tend to vote Democratic.  And lastly,
10) Approximately half of independents will vote for Obama.  And he doesn't need anywhere near that number because he has all of the groups previously mentioned.  The President will win an overwhelming victory in 2012.
--  Dr. Walter E. Williams, George Mason University
Z:  If you disagree with the 10 points, please explain which one and why.   Tell me WHAT CONDITIONS DO YOU THINK COULD/WOULD LOSE 2012 for OBAMA?


beamish said...

The ideological warfare over the 2012 federal budget can kill the Obama Presidency.

Obama has nothing to horse trade with the Republican controlled House in order to raise taxes or allocate funds to forward his agenda.

Democrats will be defending 23 Senate seats in 2012. Their chances at re-election are somewhere between dismal and hopeless. These Senators will not want to campaign for or alongside a President less popular than Bush was after Hurricane Katrina. He can't save them, and they can't save him.

The only reason I can see for Obama winning is the vast efforts his comrades in the Tea Party are putting into demoralizing conservatives with their going gaga over Donald Trump's publicity stunts.

Maybe I'm being harsh on populists (and one can never be too harsh to a populist) but all this naysaying barely 3 months after Republican control of the House began? Why?

If all efforts to defeat Obama in 2012 are doomed to fail anyway, why make the efforts?

Just roll over and die. But do it out of the way of those still convinced Obama can lose.

Always On Watch said...

A lot can happen between now and the 2012 election.

Although I think that Williams is correct on many counts, I also think that he hasn't taken into account that the world is still revolving on its axis, thereby bringing change [cough].

Two years into Jimmy Peanut's Presidency, few even imagined that a Republican would trounce the Peanut in 1980.

Speedy G said...

#10. He's lost the independents, and they are the election "swing".

Scotty said...

Walter E. Williams words are just opinions, like all the other opinions out there.

Just like the opinions of those that said the Democrats wouldn't lose that many seats last November.

As beamish said, it's a little early to roll over and die.

Susannah said...

Obama is a puppet in the hands of billionaire G. Soros. God help us, indeed.

If our nation is to be saved, Obama need not be the biggest 'target' -- all of the 'one world order' cats are the ones whose tentacles we MUST extricate from our Gov't. The czars, the people 'appointed' to Gov't positions - w/ no Congressional screening whatsoever. Those are the people who're writing the script. Obama is just a smooth voiced reader, & he knows it (that's why he's so defensive & edgy if somebody goes off prompter).

God, in heaven, help us. Indeed.

Ducky's here said...

Note that he fails to mention the primary reason:

The Republican hopeful's clown car.

Keep harping on the birth certificate.

Sam Huntington said...

If Williams is right, then it will be because of what Ducky said. The republican clown car is filled to capacity with ... clowns.

Mark said...

I fear he is right. I've been considering a lengthy blogpost on the various Republican candidate hopefuls. I see none out of the current crop who could defeat Obama.

Many of the possible Republican candidates are quite good, actually, but are no match for the Liberal State run media attack machine.

Every time a possible Republican presidential candidate implies her may run, I can think of several negatives(just off the top of my head), on which the Media will focus, thereby making their electability null and void.

The only thing that can happen to bring about a loss for Obama in 2012 is, I fear, if he somehow self destructs.

Mark said...

Bad last line. Sorry. I mean I fear he will not be defeated UNLESS he self destructs.

Tom's Place said...

Great find, Z. You get extra credit.

Susannah said...

Oh, that stupid birth cert. thing...Duck, have you not tired of it yet? Watch...when Soros decides that BHO is no longer the Pinocchio he used to be & needs to take a dive, the vault will open & out will rise proof that BHO is indeed, after all, of Kenyan birth. Hillary will have it clutched triumphantly in her sweaty, grasping fist. And all the media will miraculously, then, see the ingenius validity of her logic.

And so it'll go. Perfect.

Z said...

You know, it's so clear we absolutely can't win with a milktoast and, so far, that's all we've got.

BUt, I must say that I was encouraged to see how many people seem to be finally waking up to the Obama economic nightmare with Frank LUntz last night on TV.....that was rather astonishing and gave me hope.
Of course, Obama's become desperate and one could almost wonder if this gas crisis is just to let him condemn "BIG OIL" now as he's doing......very much easier for lefties to blame the corporations they've already set in AMerica's minds are THE DEVIL than actually take any steps that might help. Never let a crisis go to waste, I believe the phrase is?

re Republicans winning, the media's just too tough..and too dishonest. They never chased Obama ONCE while he was running. They're so racist they only saw black, young, HOPE AND CHANGE!; putting the darned birth certificate aside (imagine the AP saying they've seen it yet nobody can just put it to rest, but Obama spends about 1/5 of his net work on keeping it shut? :-) Okay..put that aside, we're all nuts and racist and that's the only reason we care that a man might be illegally in office, right? (Ya, lots of sarcasm there)...
then let's start with how he 'barely knows Bill Ayers' but Conservative media learned he'd had his first political gathering IN AYERS'S HOME...and that MIchelle had worked with Bernadette, the wife, AND that Ayers had hired Obama and they worked on Boards together..."barely knows?" is a different definition in MY dictionary. But, people voted for him.
Remember Joe the Plumber? But, the voted for him.
Why's the media not ever asked "Gee, Barack, why would any big publishing house even want to print an "autobiography" of a man who's in his early thirties and done ZILCH in his life? Hmmm
well, we could go on and on. (Soros$$?) After all, many said that book pushed a lot of voters into his camp, even though he does SO MUCH bemoan the white blood in him in that book... That's so amazing....that anybody'd vote for that resentful a man. Scary.

I say all that to contrast that with the scrutiny of Palin; every word, every garbage can she owned, every secret they could POSSIBLY find was taken a part for any clues, any chinks in the armor........that was open season to this same Obama-loving media which protects him till this moment. WOW.

It will get infinitely worse for ANY Republican candidate, we all know that; and it might be worth candidates keeping their plans private as long as possible. I mean 18 months of nastiness is worse than 9 months of lies and nastiness by our media, right? We can only pray there's one we don't know about...

A lot can happen between now and 2012 but Obama would have to almost literally shoot himself in the foot (and then the media'd say it's because of gun control, and some nasty Republican NRA jerk must have pulled the trigger! :-)

Mark, no offense, but a long blog post on each of the Rep. candidates would put even ME to sleep... :-) Which, I think, makes your point!?

Susannah...I remember when O'Reilly finally forced the (midnight on a Friday or Saturday night) firing of Van Jones. The WH had raved about him, Valerie Jarrett's direct quote went something like "We have watched him for years and like what we see"...until the Conservative media found out what Jones was about, then they fired him out of the light of media ....safely on a weekend late at night., remember? Then they threw him under the bus, but now he's way up there again with much better protective cover....trying to make REAL CHANGE which means an America we won't recognize anymore...where we'll never be able to raise families to succeed because Van Jones feels that's unfair, dontchaknow.

Beamish is right...we're so doomed to fail,and Williams' points should be heeded, that why bother?

Z said...

I was informed by Mustang via email that this is not attributed to Mr. Williams so I changed my post to reflect what we need to pay attention to whoever wrote it. Thanks, Mustang.

cube said...

Wouldn't the democrats just love it if the GOP just rolled over and gave up without a fight. I, for one, am not going to make it easy on them.

~Leslie said...

Okay... while he is most likely correct in most of these points, I, being a college educated woman will NOT ever vote for Obama -he needs to be a little careful in generalizing.

Other than that, this may be closer to the truth than we care to look at.

Z said...

cube, if I keep the blog open, BELIEVE ME, I will fight..not sure what I'm going to do.

Leslie, me, too....but YOU know how many kids our college profs have indoctrinated. I'll never forget my Columbia nephew telling me "Calm down, Auntie Z...I just don't listen to the stuff, I do my exams per the Prof's opinions and I get good grades; I don't swallow ANY of that and my buddies don't, either, it's a joke"
I hope so, but not all kids have been raised with the strength and ability to THINK and fight it.

I often say "The communists let us think we won the Cold War and then they moved their profs into our universities.." They did a very good job, I have to admit...a nuclear war from within, and SO effective.

This will be a tough slog, especially now that voting aged kids so much believe in entitlements and that America's done more harm than good here and anywhere else. Let's face it, it's true...that's what they 'learn'.

AND..imagine Texas schools now don't have to require their kids to stand for the Pledge? Did you hear that this morning? Ya, TWO kids complained to the ACLU and so no kids have to stand to honor our flag.......imagine them having to be told to stand up?
Where are the parents? (I forgot, they're of that age that they, too, have been indoctrinated..oops)

And this is the climate in which we're hoping to get Republicans elected who'll be the grown ups and make cuts that MIGHT save the financial futures for these ungrateful jerk kids who refuse to stand for the flag? WOW. Who's going to vote for people who're doing their best to save the economy if it entails taking freebies away?

Whoever wrote this is right....and if we don't fight all of this, where's America? In the hands of Socialists the likes of which we've never seen here. DOn't forget, we've all heard young dopes who still say "Socialism WILL work HERE even if it's never worked elsewhere (ever)...we'll do it right!"

you can't make this stuff up

cube said...

I had a blog break because of taxes, a visit from my in-laws, and Easter company, but I missed blogging the whole time.

Z said...

Cube, any ARMENIAN food there with the inlaws? :-) We had small triangles of Lahmajoon for horsdeurvres yesterday and my mother's amazing stuffed grapeleaves (the cold ones with rice, onions, etc.) and feta cheese, kalamata olives, AND small squares of boereg (the thin layers of pasta with cheese/parsley..kind of like an ARmenian lasagna..DEEELICIOUS!)

THEN we had ham, lamb, and all their trimmings!

Pris said...

If things are as bad as they could be, and liberals will vote for Obama because he's their great hope, what is their great hope for? Total failure? Is that their great hope?

I agree with Beamish, that demoralizing conservatives is absolutely counter-productive.

It's my opinion that Donald Trump is a flash in the pan, and sooner rather than later, his impact will fade. We'll see.

There's more to learn about Trump as there is about the others. I suggest we allow all this to shake out. There's time.

Celebrity can fade too, when "it's the economy stupid". People vote their pocketbooks.

Today, 70% of the people believe the country is going in the wrong direction.

If Walter Williams didn't write this, who did? Could it have been someone who want's us to give up? To demoralize conservatives? Hopefully it wouldn't be that easy to accomplish.

All I know is, if you're in a competition with the other team, you give it all you've got, no matter what the pundits say.

In 1992, the democrat candidates were called "the Seven Dwarfs". Bush Sr. was thought to be unbeatable. That's what the pundits said then too.

Personally, I'd rather be a cheerleader.

Z said...

Pris, I see nothing wrong with being prepared with what we're going to face and I still defy anybody to tell me more Blacks and Hispanics or college kids will vote Republican.
My CT cousin had dinner with a staunch cuz says the Dems are souring on Obama but he's hearing them say "but I'll vote for him..who else, a REPUBLICAN?"
It's the media which has done THAT..and our professors, of course.

REPUBLICAN is a dirty word and unless we're armed and ready to fight the misperceptions (which will only grow as the election nears) in the groups mentioned in this piece, we're not going to make it. Unless we get young people like Paul Ryan or Rubio, Christie, etc...who's going to influence the youth vote? GINGRICH?
Pawlenty? :-)

Trump suddenly freed male Politicians to SPEAK Palin did for Republican women....I watched Santorum last night become the man I'd hoped he'd be; brazen and TOUGH, and I think Trump's example might have helped. If that's all Trump ever does, I'll be grateful to him. I'm starting to give Santorum another look again, by the way. I loved what he said about morality in this country and how money is NOT the be-all and end-all and that getting our moral strength back individually and collectively is going to be VERY important in the future, too.
He's an unapologetic Christian who feels led to run and I'm going to watch him.
Nice to hear men speak who don't believe everything is "ALL ABOUT THEM"

I'd love Allen West to run for VP...I hope whoever gets the nomination considers him.

I just know in my guts that we need a REAL shakeup and the bickering between the GOP and the TPers isn't going to help...the Dems are always on the same page because they're so focused on a few topics: giving away as many entitlements to keep them in power, assuring abortion is protected, and growing the government. OH, and killing successful businesses, of course. WHere they think that growing gov't is going to be able to PAY FOR ITSELF is one of the questions they can't answer and nobody's asked them to.

Even now Obama's taking this horrid gasoline price problem as a chance to influence AMericans that "BIG OIL" is the culprit...he's lost NO time in deflecting HIS guilt.

Who is going to beat Obama?
He's not highly intelligent, he has undeniably lied on several subjects, his connections Beck's revealed haven't come out of the Conservative realm because the media's in overdrive covering for him........

Are all of us losers because we know we must do something BIG to win this thing?
AOW's right..there's lots of time before the election and a lot could happen...
and nobody's asking anybody for their FINAL PICK this early in the game, but I think it's important to bandy about names, try to figure out winning methodologies, etc.

And the Right has to figure out SOME WAY to solve the rift between the GOP and the Tea Partiers. Yes, they'll probably all vote for the same final candidate (unless some stupids get Obama elected by staying at home to "show those Republicans!"..well, they sure 'showed' our country into almost certain failure when they wouldn't vote for that awful McCain we all had to vote for, didn't they..bravo), but I'm not sure this rift is a healthy situation right's one that the lefties are playing on and one can't blame them.

And today I hear Ron Paul is organizing a presidential group...oh, brother.

beamish said...


Who exactly are you calling a milquetoast?

Did Romney, Huckabee, and Pawlenty somehow run successful campaigns to become the governors of their states by not being assertive? By not presenting their ideas and plans and persuading a majority to vote for them?

In a country where Obama wishes his poll numbers were as good as Bush's back after Hurricane Katrina and in the middle of an unpopular troop surge in Iraq, you don't think three candidates that have executive experience running a state (well, Romney's state is what most other people would call a county, if not their back yard in size) who were assertive enough in their political careers to have come so far don't have what it takes to defeat Obama, but a serially bankrupt New York limo liberal cartoon with a bad combover sneering about a birth certificate does?

I think you've answered why Gray Davis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jerry Brown governorships don't happen outside California, but your read of the rest of the nation seems rather stunted.

Believe it or not, outside California, people's brains are more than Ritalin sponges.

Obama will most definitely win California.

Outside California, he's going to encounter serious voters.

Enough to potentially unseat him.

beamish said...

And the Right has to figure out SOME WAY to solve the rift between the GOP and the Tea Partiers.

No we don't. If half of the far left Tea Party organization are Democrats and gray-haired children approaching their seventies worrying about getting cut off from Social Security and Medicare because they only paid in enough in their lifetimes to to give them two years of benefits before thier "entitlements" are money totally robbed from other people, all they need is directions to hell.

Susannah said...

Wait...Z, what? Did you say, "if I keep this blog open?"

What do you mean IF...


Z said...

Susannah, no biggie.
I think it might be a really good thing for my own peace of mind to shut down for a while.
I'll let you know...

Pris said...

Z, I saw Santorum's interview, and liked his strong stance. I felt the same as you did. I'd like to hear more.

I know staunch dems will vote for Obama, it's the others who are questioning his agenda. As for the youth, I'm not convinced they'll even vote.

I know Democrats who will not vote for Obama. They want their party back. I think both parties are in transition.

Furthermore, I think most Americans don't want to lose our country, and that goes for voters in both parties.

If dems have soured on Obama, then surely independents who voted for Obama, are suffering from buyer's remorse.

We're winners. We proved that in the Nov. election. Our message got through, even with the SRM working for Obama and his cronies.

Yes, Aow is right. There's time. We'll come together and do the right thing.

Pris said...

"If half of the far left Tea Party organization are Democrats and gray-haired children approaching their seventies worrying about getting cut off from Social Security and Medicare because they only paid in enough in their lifetimes to to give them two years of benefits before thier "entitlements" are money totally robbed from other people, all they need is directions to hell."

Beamish, this is such a crock. For someone who talks about not demoralizing conservatives, you sure have an odd way of showing it.

The democrats in the TP, are Reagan democrats. Old line democrats. Their party has been co-opted by the far left, and abandoned them. If they're with us, and love America, then they're welcome.

It's unfortunate you suffer from the old generation gap syndrome, but that's your problem!

Z said...

Pris, of course 'there's time', we all know that ... and we have about 18 months to fight the "ya, we're not crazy about Obama anymore but ....we can't vote for a Republican" thing I hear a lot of.
That's all I'm saying...we need someone who can win people over.

I know a LOT of Dems who are very disenchanted with Obama...some don't think he's left ENOUGH and others see what's happening to jobs and healthcare , etc...those are the ones we need to grab somehow.

Yes, it's terribly sad that Americans want CHARISMA and PERSONALITY but we have to wake up and realize that's the horrid reality. Obama didn't get elected for brains or talent, he didn't show anything on those two fronts before the election...he just said magical words that dopes like ....CHANGE and HOPE ...blahblahblah.

Someone needs to SKEWER Obama and show his lies and show his connections and show everything Beck's been trying SO HARD to show...but then you get people who never watched his show, even Conservatives, slamming him! It's amazing. He is the ONLY one with the guts to let it all out there yet he gets attacked by both sides on one thing he got emotional over or something that didn't pan out...when 99% of his things DO.

THAT is the tough road we have ahead of us as Conservatives who love get through to the TRUTH, to buck Soros' gazillions, to show this country what a lame pitiful man they elected.

We can only hope and pray.

And, don't forget; the Right's trying to take the freebies away; people don't like that. We can cry and whine about that all we like but the fact is they want their entitlements, they hear the Dems and media blaming US for their being threatened and they are going to VOTE ENTITLEMENT.

Still, on the other hand, I see Cuomo and CHristie making very tough cuts and their personality popularity numbers are low but their ratings on the job they're doing are high........that's one golden ray of sunlight in an otherwise pretty dark sky.

beamish said...

"If half of the far left Tea Party organization are Democrats and gray-haired children approaching their seventies worrying about getting cut off from Social Security and Medicare because they only paid in enough in their lifetimes to to give them two years of benefits before thier "entitlements" are money totally robbed from other people, all they need is directions to hell."

Beamish, this is such a crock. For someone who talks about not demoralizing conservatives, you sure have an odd way of showing it.

I'm not trying to demoralize conservatives, and I'd caution you not to slander my beliefs by implying I'd confuse actual conservatives with rank and file Tea Party members.

What is "conservative" about the Tea Party? You don't want a government too small to have a Social Security system. You don't want a government too small to have a Medicare system. You don't want a government too small to have a Department of Education. You're rallying behind an isolationist guy that wants to have al-Qaeda decide foreign policy [Ron Paul]. You're rallying behind a economics guy that's filed bankruptcy more often than most welfare moms [Trump]. The Tea Party wants to cut spending except for where it hurts their monthly windfall.

There is NO retired Social Security recipient and NO retired Medicare recipient in America that actually contributed to the system more than what they received back their first two years of retirement. That third year of retirement and beyond is all THEFT. I'm sorry, but the "I paid in all my working life" argument is bullshit, and you know it. You, me, everybody pays for their first two years of Social Security benefits, and after that we draw money we didn't put in the system.

That's how the scam works.

The democrats in the TP, are Reagan democrats. Old line democrats. Their party has been co-opted by the far left, and abandoned them. If they're with us, and love America, then they're welcome.

I call bullshit on this too. "Reagan Democrats" became Republicans and didn't look back. Reagan's been out of office for 23 years. Another word for "Reagan Democrat" is "neoconservative." Last I checked, "neocon" was a dirty word among the Tea Party.

No, your Tea Party Democrats voted for Mondale, voted for Dukakis, voted for Clinton, voted for Gore, voted for Kerry, and voted for Hillary. If they're "conservative," then so is Paul Krugman.

It's unfortunate you suffer from the old generation gap syndrome, but that's your problem!

I'm just the canary in the coal mine. Take YOUR national debt and pay it off already. Wal-Mart's hiring door greeters.

beamish said...

And, don't forget; the Right's trying to take the freebies away; people don't like that. We can cry and whine about that all we like but the fact is they want their entitlements, they hear the Dems and media blaming US for their being threatened and they are going to VOTE ENTITLEMENT.

Only if there was no hope they'd ever grow up to be conservative in their lives in the first place.

I wish the Right were trying to take the freebies away, but they're too busy trying to be "moderate" and "bipartisan" and "shit-filled Twinkies."

Anyone crying foul that it's "insensitive" and "offensive" to suggest all these 65 years old and older children need to finally grow up and pay their own way [something like 90% of Social Security retirees have no other source of income than government largesse] really ought not complain when a Hollywood actress gets "community service" sentencing when they boost a multi-thousand dollar necklace from a jewelry store. After all, they're just getting theirs in one lump sum rather than bleeding the public dry once a month.

Political correctness makes it a "third rail" to suggest gray-haired extortionists need to be cut off.

When you accept the left's premises, you're a leftist.

Anonymous said...

The GOP has nothing but liars and losers and hate him if you want, Obama has done a great job!

Z said...

Ya, bd, I'm going to take the time to see your link...right :-)
Oh, we know, we know..the GOP is just a bunch of unthinking losers.
Keep believing that as we see our country sink into an abyss because of your jerk.Good job.
Wake up.

"What the heck Obama's done so far" is create even more entitlement freaks, appease our enemies and attend yet another America-hating church on Easter SUnday.
He's thrown every friend he had under the bus...great guy.

But, you know, I have to admit he's done a REALLY good job convincing dopes that some big publisher would sign a contract for 2 AUTOBIOGRAPHIES by a guy who'd done nothing in his life. That takes some doing..or SOME connections! :-)