Friday, April 8, 2011

Stranger in a Strange Land.

This is what I feel today in America..............and, oh, who does this better than Leon?

nobody, that's who.


beamish said...

I like the Iron Maiden version.

[same title, entirely different song, hehehe]

Z said...

VERY different song...more Huxley than Heinlein, too.

Leave my Leon alone. :-)

Pris said...

It's good stuff Z,

Yeah, what would those folks think when they hear NY want's to send squads out to MacDonald's to check out Happy Meals so they don't contain a toy if the meal is over 500 calories!

Yep. This song speaks for me too.

beamish said...

You've read Huxley?


Just kiddin'


Z said...

Pris, I can't believe that's true but I'd heard a tidbit on it on the radio it must be.
WHat the.....

Hey, WAIT, wouldn't you think the gubmint telling parents what to feed their kids is NONESSENTIAL EMPLOYEES, too? :-)
By the way, how would ANY company survive with NONESSENTIAL EMPLOYEES being paid?


beamish said...


Z said...

I wanted to mention that I'm starting to actually enjoy CNN more than FOX; it's kind of a comic relief.
HOW the HECK they're not being paid by the DNC is WAY BEYOND ME. At least FOX deals with both sides on every single segment!!
MAN, is CNN and Yahoo and GOogle lobbying..the Yahoo headlines are about soldier benefits, Planned Parenthood defenses, etc etc.......

With a media like this, CAN we be America ever again? I thought we stood for honesty and democracy. I'm not naive, I know media haven't always been honest, but I know FOR SURE that journalism profs used to instill a kind of integrity about the truth...who, what, when, where and why. Now it's who, what, when, where, why and kill the Republicans. Amazing.

beamish said...

I had to lose Fox when I scaled back to basic cable. All I have had is CNN, at least on TV. Fox is not available with the basic cable package lineup.

It's been a laugh riot, if you can find humor in left-wing stupidity.

It's uncanny how I can imagine the most stupid thing a leftist could possibly say then turn on CNN and hear it nearly verbatim.

Z said...

Beamish, I swear it really is funny!
David Gergen's on tonight raving about Obama's 'gracious speech' can't pay for comedy like this!

beamish said...

I'm pissed.

I wanted the government shut down.

At $10 Billion per day, they could shut down for four years and totally wipe out the National Debt.

Z said...

Beamish, you ought to hear Mark Levin on the subject; he's furious and totally depressed me this morning because I think he's right in saying Boehner caved...

apparently, there's talk now that the cuts come from the non-budget from last does one CUT from a non existent budget? there are all kinds of loopholes like that the left's apparently used.

Meanwhile, seen CNN lately?
They're selling this to soldiers' wives who call in as "politicians using you as pawns"...
nice, huh?

Apparently, there IS no such thing as DOING THE RIGHT THING to the's all politics and ideology with them.....the Republicans just CAN'T be trying to HELP THIS COUNTRY, CNN says it's ALL POLITICS (which I know is a big part of it, but how the heck are we EVER going to get through this time with the left's ridiculous, hackneyed mantras?)

Pris said...

This morning, they were saying the Cherry Blossom Parade didn't have to be cancelled, because there wasn't a shutdown.

People who had gone to DC on vacation were SO RELIEVED, their plans didn't have to be changed.

It's a little like lemmings headed toward a cliff, but, on the way they get to have a nice parade, cherry blossoms and all.
Well Whoopdidoo!

You can't make this stuff up!

Z said...

Pris, I saw that, too!
And Obama opened his talk last night with "That's the Washington monument behind me....that won't be closed tomorrow.."
Well, thank GOODNESS because I'd hate to have THAT happen when we're completely BROKE!
As if that monument IS AMERICA and "boy, those Republicans came close to shuttin' her down" Absolutely amazing stuff.