Saturday, April 2, 2011

Jesse Jackson's Rainbow is still in the sky..........

The REVEREND Jackson is still PUSHING the RAINBOW....I wondered where it had gone.

I was clicking channels this morning and came upon a convention of Rainbow people in Chicago.  Jackson was in Wisconsin "caring about the disenfranchized", according to the speakers.

A certain Janice Mathis's speech was what I listened to from start to finish.  What intrigued me the most was that she sounded like a Civil Rights speaker before we Republicans finally passed the Civil Rights Law.

She began by saying the Pledge of Allegiance.."Good start," I thought.........until she pulled it apart.  That was after mentioning how, in her State of Georgia, "people on probation and parole can't vote...if they could, we'd have quite different election results."      Yes, she said that.  If people who were criminals could vote, I'm guessing we would have much different results....would they be good for the country or only good for PUSHERS? (you can take that both ways, come to think of it)

She went on to say we should never pledge allegiance to a country who now says kids need a 3.7 to get into college (which isn't true, of course, but it helped her speech)...She said they "jacked up that number so average kids couldn't get into college and only rich kids could".    She also said the SAT scores in Georgia are low and the nation set that number higher than their average of 1200 so Blacks can't go to college.  Yes, she did say that.

Oh, and did you know that the Tea Partiers are asking for cuts in education so our kids will suffer?
There was absolutely no mention anywhere in her 15 minute speech about self responsibility, positive parental influence and encouragement, nothing.  Never mind that children who went to school in prairie schools were better educated than most of our kids today with millions of dollars thrown at computers, teachers, etc etc......
By the way, she also said the Tea Party movement means "freedom from Black people"...yes, she did.

She went on that "one nation" is a joke because Detroit and Chicago and New York are 'among the most segregated cities in 2011'.........she added Los Angeles, too, but L.A. is so segregated that's just a bald faced LIE.

"Under God", she went on to add, is all wrong now because "we have surrendered our preachers to teachers who don't believe in SOCIAL JUSTICE"   How I wish that were true.  Sadly, more and more, our churches are moving from Scripture and into Socialism, but she doesn't see it..............lost in her hate and agenda.  

Did you know Georgia can take homes away without a hearing?   "without a hearing?"  Well, whatever that hearing is, apparently, that's not so in Illinois, and she's upset about that and "still working to change things in Georgia.".  I sat there wondering how hearings would help when a person bought a house he/she couldn't afford and now is losing it this about dishonest judges she hopes will shove the banks down and baby the people who bought knowing they couldn't afford their house, buying the Daniel Mudd LIE?   She said    "Some in D.C. want to close down Fannie and Freddie, AS IF HOMEOWNERS CREATED THE HOUSING CRISIS!"  (is this woman CONSCIOUS?...she was no dummy, but...)

Then she closed with how "those who want to bust the unions do it because the union dues support Jackson and Obama.".......and how we all need to stop buying lottery tickets because "it only helps educate the RICH."

So, the reason this country isn't healing is become more easily recognized, isn't it?   No personal responsibility mentioned ONCE, no "keep your kids in school and work with them" ,  no "only buy a house when you can afford it, not owning a house is not a blemish on one's character, anyway!"...........

Her speech saddened me.   That's one angry lady who somehow got a degree in Law, even with no money in her earlier schools and as hard as whites are trying to stop the education of blacks (AS IF)!!  It must have been a MIRACLE :-)

By the way, don't you still kind of wonder where Jesse Jackson was during the Obama campaign?    Always struck me odd he was NOWHERE.   I wish Black America would understand that there are very few racists left, that racism works both ways, that the only segregation I've seen in schools here in L.A., for example, are self segregation (See Larry Elder's info on this) by the Black kids, and LIVE YOUR LIVES AS AMERICANS!  We'd all like that!  You're one of us, you're more American than my family is because most of you've been here way longer than my people have!    If Cops are arresting innocent Blacks, that has to stop, there are still apparent injustices but this constant drumbeat of victimhood is helping NO ONE.



Joe said...

Janice Mathis is the essence of what racism really is.

beamish said...

Why don't they ever get to the real and discuss why all reports of black voter intimidation by police at polling places all come from communities that are led by Democrats?

Here's a thought.

If you want to keep the right to vote, why not stay out of jail and don't commit crimes that put you there?

I know, white man's rocket science.

Z said...

Joe, that's so true...I wish you could have seen her speaking on TV...very hateful and very very prejudice and misrepresentative of so much.

Beamish, "white man's rocket science"....exactly. And the science of many good black folk, too, believe me. I know you know that.

Pris said...

Janice Mathis is, like Jesse Jackson, a poverty pimp. It's people like her, along with a vast liberal swath of the country, who have created the victocrat mentality. They create resentment and separatism everywhere they go, and make a living off of it.

"Detroit and Chicago and New York are 'among the most segregated cities in 2011'.........she added Los Angeles, too"

Now what do these cities all have in common? They're run by liberals, and for the most part, have been for some time. Yes Giuliani and Bloomberg are Republicans, but they too are liberal, especially Bloomberg.

Yet people like Mathis and Jackson, who are on the left, continue to sell their snake oil, which encourages self-segregation because they preach against conservatives, the rich, and play the race card.

It's really sad, the lies and manipulation this woman resorted to. It's no wonder she believes convicted felons should be able to vote.

Hate is such an ugly thing.

Z said...

Pris, good points... when you said "It's no wonder she believes convicted felons should be able to vote." it couldn't help bring to my mind that she's concerned about HER PEOPLE as if they're not Americans: ANYTHING to get handouts and entitlements and continue the victimhood which keeps Jesse Jackson in his position anyhow.
And, of course, she probably feels most of those black criminals are only in jail because they're black!, not because they're crooks or murderers or rapists, etc....If they make those awful choices, she knows what voting choices they'll make, right?

I've told this story before at GeeeZ, I think, but let me say again I know a DC Lawyer who deals with VERY VERY important clients and I asked him once how Jesse Jackson gets paid: who supports him?
He said it's well known that he's a guy who companies like CocaCola call for help with their workers...he calms the people down, gets them a little bit of extra whatever, much less than their demands, and he gets paid off by Coke. (probably WITH coke :-)
Ya, very admirable man who SCREWS workers to get money and then complain the corporations are hurting HIS PEOPLE.


RedWood said...

"It's no wonder she believes convicted felons should be able to vote."

Logical from her racist standpoint isn't it? Actually she's admitting that there are more black felons in jail or in the system than ones eligible to vote.

It'd probably raise black voting by 50% if the felons were allowed to vote.

Rather than speak of accountability and other worthy endeavors to emulate and practice....she continues her blame game and forgives the criminals.

Who said there's not two Americas? Sometimes I wonder if it's possible to co exist after 50 years of this grudge match against society?

RedWood said...

"and he gets paid off by Coke. (probably WITH coke :-)"

Or a nice Budweiser distributorship that lines his ( Junior too ) slimy pockets.

RedWood said...

It's been documented that Jerkson fraudently stole his "Shroud of Turin" from King...when after King was shot and lay dying....he wiped some of Kings blood on himself to give the impression he was there when the man was shot.

Reminds me of the picture of that college kid at Kent State who had her arms outreached over the body of a downed kid?


Z said...

RedWood, everyone knows Jackson did that.. how can the black community continue to support someone who'd do that? It's impossible to understand.

Faith said...

Reminds me of the picture of that college kid at Kent State who had her arms outreached over the body of a downed kid?

I don't doubt that Jackson staged such a slimy event, but the Kent State photo wasn't staged. The girl -- a 14 year old runaway -- just happened to be there and the photographer just happened to catch her reacting to the dead boy.

Ducky's here said...

Thanks for keeping us up to date, z. Frightened right wingers are about the only ones left who pay any attention to this pimp.

Z said...

Ducky, Is that the best you've got?
kind of weak...I enjoyed it!

RedWood said...

Faith..Thank you...I stand corrected.

I figured that if they could stage the Iwo Jima flag.....why wouldn't the lefties stage that one too./sarc off

RedWood said...

"how can the black community continue to support someone who'd do that? It's impossible to understand."

My take is that as flamboyant as KIng was....they needed a quick substitute to wear that shroud? Also someone who would grab the opportunity to self importance and aggrandizement?

RedWood said...

"Frightened right wingers..."

Boy....98% of blacks are right wingers?

News to me. Can you post a supporting, factual link?

Z said...

RedWood, good catch on the rightwingers :-)

Chuck said...

Most of these groups, Rev JJJ's Rainbow, NAACP, Urban League, etc are all racist groups IMHO.

RedWood said...

"Most of these groups, Rev JJJ's Rainbow, NAACP, Urban League, etc are all racist groups IMHO."

Of course they are. But like the black intimidators / thugs outside a Philly polling center, they aren't ever called out on it cause they're...well, liberal stooges and pets.

Hey...I'm not a fan of the KKK.....but to me...they have as much right to call out blacks as they see fit.

I see the DOJ as more racist these days than the Klaan.

But...that's what real freedom and equality is about. Keep calling them out...if you can stand the...double standard of victimhood vs the facts.

Mark said...

"She said they "jacked up that number so average kids couldn't get into college and only rich kids could". She also said the SAT scores in Georgia are low and the nation set that number higher than their average of 1200 so Blacks can't go to college."

This woman is black, right? She must be the most self loathing person I've heard of in quite some time. She is basically saying black people aren't as smart as rich white people.

Hey, I'm white and I know that isn't true.

Where does she get the nads to stand up there and bash her own people like that? I am ashamed for her. And, anyone that thinks affirmative action doesn't produce college graduates who are idiots obviously has never heard of this one.

Anonymous said...

Z..your post about that Janice Mathis character just made my blood boil!

I am so sick of those deluded, misguided RACISTS spouting off a bunch of lying nonsense!

If anyone has any doubts about the F.L. of this administration's REAL opinion about our country, they only need be reminded that Jesse Jackson's home, was where she spent most of her growing up years, according to her own admission.

I know I grew up in the South, but I have never had a racist, or prejudiced bone in my body, so that has nothing to do with the way I feel about people like her....M.O., Jesse Jackson, and the rest of their ilk. Right is right, and wrong is wrong, no matter what color a person happens to be.

When I think of the others, like Shirley Sherrod, and her shenanigans, and the grants, or reparations, paid out , not only to Sherrod, and her husband, but to others falsely claiming to be farmers, or whatever, and whining about being discriminated against, it really makes me sick..realizing how many promotions my husband missed, or was delayed getting while in the military because of affirmative action... which they called "quotas."

The minorities got the promotions ahead of others, no matter how inept they were, as long as there were "quotas" to be filled.

But of course, they denied it, then, and they would deny it, now, when it comes to the subject of whether or not they did it, at all. I'm sure that some of your very astute ex military readers know it, though.

My husband was no dummy, by any means, and did a lot, which I won't go into, here, but he was chosen for a top secret assignment in another country, as Operations Chief of Communications Facility...for which we both had to receive what is known as a TSSBI...Top Secret Special Background Investigation, even though it was an unaccompanied tour.

Even so, "quotas" came first when it came to timely promotions.

So, enough of this "Poor me, I'll never get all that you owe me, and I am entitled to because of the color of my skin, and yours," garbage, PLEASE!

Great really got ME stirred up! :)

Major said...

"he also said the SAT scores in Georgia are low and the nation set that number higher than their average of 1200 so Blacks can't go to college."

Let's set the SAT eligible / passing scores to 100...OK? Just step up and put an X on the bottom and away you go to Yale?

Why not? It's all in fairness and "leveling the playing" field right?

Or....they can always be cops and have a passing score of 58% from 72% right?

A dumb cop with a gun and a few minor convictions ( experienced in the streets and with cred ) can't be scarier than a smart one with a higher score, eh?

Z said...

Mark "so Blacks can't go to college" is my favorite bit.
They get preferences in the excellent colleges i know...

Anonymous, Great comment. The ridiculous SOUTHERNERS ARE RACIST thing is SO SO stupid.......there are racists everywhere and they are deplorable; generalization doesn't help by ANYONE OR anyone.
Here in LA, about 25 years ago, I could NOT let my black secretary go for doing NOTHING but talking, ALL DAY LONG. She'd haul me into my sample room, close the door, and cry about her family, her husband...for HOURS until I'd give up trying to help, etc...that went on FOR DAYS. She had a review and we went into the big boss's office for that and she ripped into ME, I swear)...I don't even remember what the criticism was, but it was ridiculous, the boss knew it, and yet we had to keep her and I had to live with that for a long time, GOD FORBID I spoke MY peace as I'd have felt comfortable to do with a white girl. This has to STOP.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I'm with Joe. He nailed it. Unfortunately Joe not only has common sense but is a member, himself, of a vanishing species.

And yes, I believe things WOULD be different if those in prison, on parole or probation could vote. They would consistently vote for what is known as LARGESSE and for those persons who advocate what I call Free Cheese.

I should remind all:

Alexander Fraser Tyler - Cycle of Democracy (1770)
- "A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over lousy fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average of the world?s great civilizations before they decline has been 200 years. These nations have progressed in this sequence: From bondage to spiritual faith; from faith to great courage; from courage to liberty; from liberty to abundance; from abundance to selfishness; from selfishness to Complacency; from complacency to apathy; from apathy to dependency; from dependency back again to bondage."

This called a Truism and it is being enacted, now, this very moment, in THIS country. And you quite know in which stage we currently live.


Janice Mathis said...

Hi, Mark and friends:

I ran across your comments about a speech I made on TV awhile ago. I thought you might get a kick out of hearing directly from me. In the speech I criticized the Georgia Hope Scholarship program because conservatives changed the program from a need-based to a merit-based program when they won control of the Georgia legislature. They also re-instituted the sales tax on food and medicine. Now, 3.7 gpa is required to get the full tuition Hope scholarship – not to go to college. There have been a number of studies that show that lower income white and black kids have lower average grades than more affluent kids. The difference is explained by experiences like travel, more books, etc, and not by intelligence. When you add the fact that lower income folks, especially blacks, tend to play the lottery more, on average, it becomes grossly unfair. It is also a waste of state resources because the kids who have exceptionally high grades will in all likelihood go to college anyway, whether or not they get the Hope Scholarship. The program was originally intended (by Governor Zell Miller) as an incentive for those youngsters who would not otherwise go to college. I urge people not to play the Lottery because it perpetrates a cruel hoax. I don’t hate anyone, including right-wing whites. I do wish they would vote for what they need instead of what they believe in more often. I agree with Michelle Obama and Condoleeza Rice that race discrimination is a serious and continuing flaw in American life. You would be hard-pressed to find a black female over 40 who does not agree. However, in spite of race prejudice I have built a rewarding life and taught my children to do the same. In case you are wondering, I am fairly well-educated, raised in a two-parent middle income home, married mother of two young adults. I am unabashedly liberal – the word comes from the same Latin root as the words for library and liberate. I’m also born-again Baptist. What a wonderful country we live in! Feel free to write me back, but don’t curse. I am sensitive.