Saturday, April 30, 2011

Black Chamber of Commerce..."Obama's group is Marxist, like with black shirts and swastikas"

I found this at my buddy BZ's blog and I thank him for bringing it to our attention; it's something that every American should hear, believe me. Please send this to your friends;

I've been wondering why in the world would Obama have a goal of raising one billion dollars to run in 2012 and maybe this is the reason. The CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Harry Alford, thinks Obama might only get 30% of the Black vote. I think he's probably overly optimistic, but I've been wondering how Mr. Obama'd do amongst blacks and maybe Mr. Obama has reason to wonder these days, too?  He mentions Sharpton, he mentions a lot of things you really MUST HEAR.  Please listen to this video.

Mr. Alford said his wife's warned him not to say this but that he feels that the Obama machine is Marxist..."might as well be wearing black shirts and swastikas." Laura asked him why he voted for Obama and Mr. Alford said "Because he's Black......the worst decision in my life."
The thing on which I disagree with Mr. Alford is that he feels Obama's plan to help kids pay their tuitions is wrong. He said Obama says they won't be able to pay their school tuitions once they're out of college so they'll need help but Mr. Alford says "Sure they will!"  I say "NO, they won' can they? Only Mr. Obama knows how few businesses will exist in order for those kids (Black or White) to work and pay their tuitions off.. Their incomes, if they do get employed, will be so low that Obama's right, they will not have tuition money". But, mostly, I agree with everything Harry Alford says on this subject.

Please pray for him...he talks all over the country to Black business groups and he said he used to get jibed for trying to open peoples' eyes to Obama's treatment of businesses......but, today, he said most Black audiences shake their heads in agreement.  And hear how MANY Black business there are's excellent.

He could be right about the Black vote in 2012. Could this be something Obama knows, too? Could it be why HE thinks he needs a BILLION DOLLARS to run with?  

What did you think of the video and what else did you pick up in it that caught your attention? There was a lot there!  Thanks.


Ducky's here said...

The right should worry less about Obummer and more about fielding a sane candidate.

Z said...

that's definitely true, Ducky, this country does need sanity again.
But, though most on the right are intelligent and love this country and have experience, without the glitzy celebrity that Americans seem to gravitate toward, we have to count on Americans like Alford and his group to wake up and at least give an eye to someone who's good but not glitz.
But, I have to admit, you're absolutely right.

Joe said...

I respect and admire this guy for having the courage to say what he has said.

We are never going to have agreement on every issue in this country, but on the basics: freedom with individual responsibility, we should really be able to agree.

And I completely agree that President BO has decimated the education system in the US.

tha malcontent said...

Big Breaking news.
Obama's Father was forced to leave the United States in 1964..

Dan said...

Worth a million bucks.

Dan said...

and it is the left that should be looking for a sane candidate.

Z said...

Hey, Mal...really?
I read today he was kicked out of Harvard, but out of the country?

Dan..isn't that a terrific bit of news from the Black Chamber? Of course, Laura's right, and the days we have ONE AMERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE will be much more county-building, step at a time. I keep forgetting what racists we all are :-) (Sarcasm, of course)
Yesterday, a lib troll came on accusing us of racism and I asked how that could be when every one of us would probably vote for Alan West tomorrow if we could.
He didn't come back. :-)

Z said...

Mal, I just googled and found that he was told to leave Harvard under the guise that they couldn't support foreign students anymore(which seems to be true)...and that his private life was iffy...running around with women.

Also, the INS says that he lied and said he'd divorced his wife in Kenya when he married Obama's mother, but that all turned out to be a lie , so apparently, that marriage was invalid.

Seems unfair, even to me, to pin anything on Obama about this; unless he did some cover-up.
I think this country's ready for whatever debauchery's in peoples' families (unless they're Republicans) face, this country seems to honor debauchery these days. If anything "Hey, how COOL, Barack's folks weren't married when he was born!" Just like Kate Hudson, and Susan Sarandon, and Ingrid Bergman, and Jodie Foster, and on and on and on....... :-) COOL! (sarcasm)

Still, one can't pin that on an infant.
Unless he grew up and lied. About that, I mean.

FairWitness said...

Wow, this is devastating for Obama. It has to be that successful black businesses are victims of this Marxist regime, too. It's not as if Obama can exempt them from his edicts.

It is amazing to hear this and so encouraging! Blacks don't want to go backwards either --- and we are going back.

How do we spend so much money on government and yet have such a poor economy? Obviously, all that money was just pissed away on nothing. Truly, we elected Obama and the Democrats in Congress and they raided our treasury.

That's what we get for putting these thieves in charge of our government. Lots of lessons being learned here.

Z said...

Hi, FAir Witness..nice to see you. I'm so glad you saw this video, isn't it amazing?
I'm thinking of reposting it next week because wknds are slow on all the blogs and people really do need to see this, don't you think?
Yes, it's pretty devastating for THE ONE (or THE WON, as a friend calls him!)...gee, i hate that, don't you? (smile)

FairWitness said...

Hi Z, truly, this tape is important. President Obama STILL doesn't realize this nation is a just and fair country where anyone who applies themselves can succeed. His Marxist policies are killing all businesses, including black owned businesses. To hear the President decided to form his own black business association in the White House, instead of taking advice from the existing one whose members are black business owners, speaks volumes, doesn't it? President Obama has no respect for anyone .... not even fellow blacks who have succeeded. Glad someone in the black business world is trying to educate us all on this.

Z said...

what commenter is from Coshocton, Ohio and is willing to tell me..(i know we like to remain anonymous!)? I see you often on my site meter and thank you for being here and LOVE that name COSHOCTON! I've never heard of it!
there are some terrific American city names on my site meter...

Z said...

Right, FW..he's not for ANY of us, black or white, he's for himself.
I'll never forget reading parts of DREAMS OF MY FATHER and how he so obviously resented the white blood in was frightening, SO many references like that.
And people elected him, some say, based on the book!

By the way...what publishing house do you know would give a book deal to a young guy with absolutely no name recognition and no accomplishments?

Bd said...

Wow, you guys really believe that becasue another black man blasts Obama he is in BIG trouble? Lol.

Harry Alford, black conservative hero? No, the biggest fraud in America

Anonymous said...

"And how he so obviously resented the white blood in him..."

And now apparently....his "black" roots. Oh the dilemma of deciding just whose side he's on, who he really is...and where / and what to place before that hyphen.

O I know...Marxist - American - Socialist - Race Baiter -?

Z said...

bd, you are drawn to geez, aren't you! And I thank you so much.

Did anybody here say Alford is perfect? NOooo..Republicans know nobody is perfect. We said he got it right here: he's getting Black AMerica to wake up...he exposed Obama (see Fair Witness's comment...).
Your link is hilarious..what a cite!.....and you think FOX is biased :-)?
By the way, Alford even said O'Reilly said they should get a lynching party for Michelle Obama (and Keith Olbermann fell for it...even hearing the audio!!!) Check out this link!

Believe that, BD? REALLY? :-)
THink anybody'd be on TV for five seconds who said that and meant it like Olbermann presents it?

Watch that and tell me how honest ALford or your political CESSPOOL site or liberal Olbermann are ...the left is really something.

The right is pleased that anybody is exposing Obama for what he is. Again, thanks for coming by.

Anonymous said...

"The right is pleased that anybody is exposing Obama for what he is..."

Awwww....I might even feel sorry for the skinny little BB player....he must be up to two packs a day now.

The dude in chief ( anointed by Jon Stewart ) might be in a bit of trouble...on a hook shot he'll never make on the court of the world.

Whites, TPartiers, Independents, Blacks, Latinos, Anarchists, socialists, illegals, union thugs ( the fall of the house of...Acorn ) the meaningless of the SEIU and the AFSCME in Wisconsin, Code Pink, the anti war frauds ( now that we're still in 3 wars. )

Gas at $4 bucks and climbing. ( Guess even after all that bowing to the Saudi King...he ain't picking up that hot OPEC line to ease up on us twerps in America, eh Prez? )

The Clintonista loyalists, the yellow dog dems running for cover...and last but not least...the entire ME whom he bowed to in 2009...on fire....running wild crazy foaming at the mouth muslim fanatics, burning down the ME in order to establish their caliphate under Sharia law.

And his reaction is to condemn a little preacher from Gainesville for exercising his First Amendment rights to protest the creeping jihad in America? But not the frenzied, catatonic black eyed death masters of the "religion of peace"?

Hell....he might just start snorting coke again. Gee...I'm sorry if I offended anyone...but then Clinton and that magic BJ never roused anyone. So why would a little coke in the Oval Office. /sacr orf

Anonymous said...

Guess what prompted Obama to release birth certificate!
Request to Hawaii came day after Corsi book hit No. 1 on"

The party is just starting folks. Even if Trump doesn't run...he will not be quiet!

He has the "O"....leaving skid marks on the Oval rugs.

Go on know there's more to uncover.

Like the bill that Obummer co-sponsored requiring that a President must have been a product of two American born citizens.

FairWitness said...

BD, Harry Alford is a man of stellar character and incredible achievement. He is a true role model and succes story. He is worthy of everyone's respect.

Unlike President Obama, this man has a career filled with firsthand experience in business and the public sector, too. Never mind your smear link, here's the truth:

Pris said...

Mr. Alford hasn't forgotten he was able to be successful in America, because he was his own man, and had ambition and freedom to follow his dream.

Like any American who has climbed that ladder, he knows freedom as an individual is the answer, and Obama and his comrades want to take that away.

What's more they want to tell Mr. Alford how to run his business, and what he can and cannot do.

So, being an intelligent man he realizes he made a huge mistake voting for a sham, and a pretense of an American. He says, because he was black. That no longer matters, what matters is what we do from now until Nov. 2012.

He knows like so many of us, that Obama and his acolytes want to destroy this country, and make it in the image of every marxist or fascist country that failed before now, and this too will fail.

We can only hope, that the Mr. Alford's of this country speak loudly and are heard because if they are, more will be emboldened to do the same.

Better to have the courage to speak now and make a difference, than to wait until the fight is so desperate it will become the kind of fight no one wants.

Carry on Mr. Alford, you're a hell of a man!

Pris said...

Btw, of course college students can pay off their loans. They can do what our son did. He didn't get a loan, he paid as he went.
We helped as much as we could.

He worked his way through college. Have we become so soft, and our children so pampered, that thought is abhorrent and out of the question?

Is it easy? of course not. But life isn't a cakewalk either. If a young person has a loan to pay off, he lives with his parents while he works and pays it off, or shares expenses with others until it's paid for.

Nothing worthwhile is without cost, and some sacrifice. In fact, it's character building. You grow up because you're responsible for yourself.

Z said...

The msm is saying 'Obama is ramping up Tornado help'...why? the tornadoes have been absolutely devastating for a couple of weeks now and Obama just went down yesterday or the day before..doesn't "ramping up" generally mean something was done before that?
Doesn't "escalate federal assistance" mean there had been fed. assist. in the first place?

Odd...Bush has never recovered from the nastiness to him for waiting 2 days, though federal law says the states must request assistance and he had to practically force New Orleans to before he could act.......


Bd said...

Impertinent said: "Like the bill that Obummer co-sponsored requiring that a President must have been a product of two American born citizens."

Another typically righty lie!

Anonymous said...

BD...April 24, 2008...

Perhaps it's a good thing that the U.S. Senate didn't take up a resolution on Barack Obama's status as a "natural born Citizen" in 2008 – as members did for GOP candidate Sen. John McCain while both were seeking the U.S. presidency.

The Democrat might not have qualified under the requirements the Senate, including Obama, a co-sponsor and then-senator, put in the resolution, including the demand that the candidate have "American citizen" parents.

Read more: Obama's McCain resolution demands 'American' parents

Pris said...

"Odd...Bush has never recovered from the nastiness to him for waiting 2 days, though federal law says the states must request assistance and he had to practically force New Orleans to before he could act......."

Absolutely Z. That decision not to accept the help from Bush immediately was because the Governor was a democrat, and Bush was not.

IMO, it was political, and done to create the impression President Bush didn't care.

If that were President Obama, would he have been denied permission? No way!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

That's odd, that's not what Ducky attempted to write in response to my post. Instead he wrote: like one guy calling into Ingraham's show is any kind of indicator? Prove it.

My response would have been: and fine; prove it isn't? Looks to me like someone's not been reading their polls.

I'm glad to see that BD has migrated to you from me. ;^)

And thanks kindly for the linkage!


Z said...

YOU OWE ME, OWE ME BIG TIME :-) He apparently loves geeeZ and just can't get enough. DAMN!!
As for DUcky, you're not looking for consistency and any big thinking, are you?!!

Major said...

Why I like Trumps message! Simple economics. Regardless of his prior failed business deals...He does know the art of a deal. Now I offer this...when a man like Trump looks at a protracted and stalemated "war".

There’s the plus side only a businessman could see….resources and expenses.

Let’s have a guy who won’t wait 10 years for a positive outcome to any war, while cutting off the balls of his Generals / Commanders in theater and allowing our troops to become free from these asinine “ROE’s”.

Let's have a real man who won't have to deliberate, pontificate, think endlessly, waffle and become so unengaged that he meets his General on a plane for 20 minutes after 4 or more months of..errrr.."thoughtful" F'ing deliberation about increasing our presence to WIN....WIN...KILL maim and destroy our Islamic turd, enemies.

A man like Trump who has the ideas of Patton...who could care less about PC and "sensitivities". A man like our previous commanders who knew who an enemy was. And wanted to pulverize, eliminate and crush them.

A man who's not afraid to slap the socialist, weenie, weak-need, leftist idiots in their silly faces. A man who'd not afraid to call a coward...a traitor.

Even if the POS in the crosshairs is wearing a bag with a slit in it for eyes….

It’ll save lives and trillions of dollars to allow our armed forces to do what they do best with the superior weapons we have available.

That is…KILL the bastards and make him wish he never picked up an AK against any HOME BOY AMERICAN.

Destroy them utterly and completely…put the real fear of death in their hearts and forget about rebuilding a 7th century crap hole, forever.

And our borders with the troops that have so masterfully under a fearless leader succeeded and then...line our borders with those same magnificent troops / heros who want America to be preserved...Not a "country" of muslim freaks in a cave.

FairWitness said...

I like the fact that Trump wants to take "spoils" for the lives we've lost... wants to recover the expenses we've incurred. Why should we continue to be the protectors of the world's democracies and get nothing but spit on, in return? We are a bunch of saps and should start demanding our due from allies and enemies, alike.

Z said...

Major, I think Trump has a lot of those traits but I think saying the F word to a Republican gathering a few times is beyond the pale. I"m no prude, but we can't have a president like Biden who's a gaffe-maker; who thinks he's above being more respectable than that.
Also, as much as I like his patriotism and his business sense, he seems even more thin skinned than Obama, which is really saying something.
I still like the guy but I'm on hold now.

FW....I absolutely agree with Trump on that....what's the downside of saying "Look, Iraq, we did this and we did that and we lost a lot of very precious blood here for we want some money back" Instead, Iran will get the oil

Major said...

"but I think saying the F word to a Republican gathering a few times is beyond the pale."

Unfortunately....or maybe fortunately Trump has explained that episode. It's about emphasis...drama and force. The F word has little meaning any longer especially for it's supposed shock value.

Teacher, professors, students....and more women that I have digits to count on use the word regularly.

Is it classy? No...Is it generally acceptable...Yes it is.

Times have changed ms. Z.

MTV....VH1...HBO....Showtime....any movie you might attend...TMC...Bravo....

The rabbit is out of it's cage long ago. Let's not get outraged by the shock troopers that gave us it's meaning and acceptance beside Joe Biden. He's not a boomer. He's just adapted to the dominant culture.

Donald was just communicating to that particular audience.

Z said...

Donald should understand TV cameras are on him, Major.
I live in our culture, I'm well aware that the F word has lost its power, sadly; I use the word from time to time, too, i have to admit, for effect...but I would NEVER do it with cameras on me and I try to avoid writing it!

Major said...

"Donald should understand TV cameras are on him, Major."

Too late Ms. Z.....he's as much a product of populism and revolt as the word is.

It's about power, openness and being a regular guy among regular "guys" IMHO. And it's I'm sure it wasn't spontaneous or done for shock.

Am I missing something? As a jarhead.....I use it as a noun, verb, pronoun, adjective and an adverb....LMAO....shamefully.

Ever see the greatest movie of all time..."The Deerhunter"? I'm like the fat guy who always says..."F'ing A.

But....I'm a guy. We scratch, belch and fart openly and so does Donald.

Besides Ms. Z...words are not the enemy...actions are.

God...I love this place.

Z said...

"We scratch, belch and fart openly and so does Donald."

Well, see? There's another benefit of anonymous (and distant!) blogging!

Glad you like it here, Major!
I got an email from a couple commenters saying how much they admire you...yup, yesterday !

Major said...

"how much they admire you...yup, yesterday !...."

Gedouttahere! I'm the Donald of Geeeeeeeez....I mean Geez! A loud mouth eternally PO'd, irreverent, rude, crude, foul, trash mouth, trailer trash donkey of a man? A one legged Hoppa Long dud that even my horses ass laughs at?

To say nothing of the regulars at the local suds saloon.

Who...I foolish enough to even consider my bellicose, belching as worthy of one minute of their time?

I love this place...Why? Cause I'm allowed to make a fool of myself. Allowed to express my passion, my outrage and particular brand of politics / patriotism. At least as my brand is considered passe, jingoistic, racist, ill informed, ignorant and meaningless by the hordes of...well ...inconsequential ( I wish ) pecker heads that wish my kind would forever disappear.

So...I want to know Ms. Z...what fools out there give a damn....or my horses ass....just what I think?

If you do....I'm satisfied and gratified. I want to be welcomed by you....even though I am an absolute pain in the ass.

I've met many...that love our country...but not as many as you do. And the wonderful souls aboard this ship of truth and loyalty as those who are...Geeeeez(us) fans. corny and as silly as it may appear to our detractors....You alone deserve a bronze star for...being engaged in an action against an enemy of the United wit...liberalism.

You are... our hero.

Major said...

Breaking news.....I was just informed that Osamma bin Laden has been killed.

Keep up the posts....if this is true...GODDAMN....10 years and 4K troops later to end the life of this POS.

Major said...

House Intelligence committee aide confirms that Osama Bin Laden is dead. U.S. has the body.

Good...good damn good.

It doesn't mean the end to Islamist shit heads at all. I t might mean more Islamist shit heads fighting harder cause their "spiritual" head has now achieved ...ummm a kind of "beatification" and sainthood among the illiterate funk of Islam.

The imams will surely use his death as a call to more jihad.

Major said...

About the shit head Osamma.

Z said...

Commenter SilvrLady called me from Louisiana and told me the news and I've had CNN and FOX on since...hurrah!
And people are outside the White House celebrating. As they should be.

By the way, Major; yes, THREE women emailed me (I won't say who but they can come forward if they like, and you can tell from those who begged you not to leave geeeZ the other night, remember?) and they said how much they admire your passion and how much they admire all you have done for America.
OH, and let's get one thing straight:

Enough said.

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