Wednesday, April 6, 2011's that working for Western Societies?

This is absolutely horrible.......MULTICULTURALISM doesn't WORK.  What more do we need to understand this?

Pretty bad, isn't it.   Can you comment without slamming all Muslims..or all of the French? You know  all of that can happen here.  Can you comment on the video and give constructive ideas for solutions?  Could Christians and Jews meet with Muslims to get them to try to stop the worst among them?



Always On Watch said...

Could Christians and Jews meet with Muslims to get them to try to stop the worst among them?

I doubt it.

Devout Muslims who meet for such interfaith dialogues are more sincere about that faith than many Christians and Jews.

beamish said...
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beamish said...

Imagine there's no welfare
It's easy if you try
No help to kill us
No one to bleed us dry
Imagine all our people
Working for themselves

Imagine there's no coddling
It isn't hard to do
No free power to light them
No free running water too
Imagine all our people
Making their own way

They may say I'm an infidel
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday they'll leave us
On their own or at the point of a gun

Imagine insurrections
I wonder if you can
A war for greed and hunger
A culling of the land
Imagine all our people
Keeping out the world...

They may say you're an infidel
But you're not the only one
We hope someday they'll leave us
On their own or at the point of a gun

Speedy G said...

If people are told not to pee in the pool, and continue to pee in it... they should be MADE to leave.

Anonymous said...

...their incontinence might be chronic you mean? ;)

Anonymous said...

...incurable, to boot? :)

Anonymous said...

Where is thy faith in Higher Medicine, my friend?

No wonder the witch-doctors are having a field day... :)

WomanHonorThyself said...

Could Christians and Jews meet with Muslims to get them to try to stop the worst among them?..thats like asking if Jews could have met with Nazis Z..the rabid Jew hatred is embedded from Youth...Do u know of any Muzlim org that supports the AUTHENTIC right of Israel...nope!..have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

...either way, it's a crucible

Anonymous said...

Could Christians and Jews meet with Muslims to get them to try to stop the worst among them?

Of course they could meet. Any one can meet. Would it produce results? We all know the answer to that. It never has, it never will because everyone's ideal solution is selfish instead of being group minded. There will never be peace in the Middle East.

The sad part of it all is that our government needs to mind its own business. This nation is falling apart and they want to instruct another country or peoples how to behave? They cannot even get it right in their own back yards. The U.S. is such hypocrites and I truly can see why so much of the world loathes the U.S. - that our government has brought upon us.

I left a comment at my blog to your Trump question Z. Follow-up. You might just be surprised by my answer! :)

Joe said...

Multiculturism cannot work, if it means each nationality remains to itself and functions as another country within a country...any country, France or USA.

The only answer is assimilation into the culture and mores of the country in which one lives.

European immigrants to the US used to come over, live in groups of like kind, but assimilate by the second generation.

With multiculturism, assimilation is neither accomplished nor desired.

While there are a few examples of "cities within cities," such as Chinatowns in LA and New York, etc., in most of America if you live there, you learn to fit in.

We must encourage assimilation, which means foreigners who wish to live here should learn English, learn the Constitution, learn our rules of civil conduct, etc. This must be accomplished by the second generation or trouble will ensue in most of the country.

(By the way, many Americans need to learn those things, too.)

As for Christians, Jews and Muslims meeting in interfaith dialog, it can't happen, because to the average Muslim, if you are not Muslim you are an infidel, worthy of being lied to, ostracised, beaten, killed and/or beheaded.

How is that supposed to result in dialog?

Speedy G said...

...either way, it's a crucible

It's better to be a guard escorting undesirables to the border than a prisoner in the gulag or an ex-prisoner six feet under it.

As George S. Patton once remarked, "Let the other sob die for his country!"

beamish said...

I'm having trouble finding in the US Constitution where it says other countries have the right to disobey a direct order to surrender from the US military.

Anonymous said...

Multiculturalism is an WESTERN INVENTION;

any body who do not comply with the host country's LAWS, Behaviors, Habits, EXPEL HIM.

The Religion is a private and personal affair of the individuals, Making NOISE (Appeal for the prayer called AZAN, Cry for ALLAH O AKBAR) or any kind of RELIGIOUS or RITUAL or BARBARIC demonstration should be forbidden, and sanctioned, if repeated, the individual should be expelled.


Anonymous said...


It's better to be a guard escorting undesirables to the border than a prisoner in the gulag or an ex-prisoner six feet under it.

...why employ a whole person, my friend, when a few "choicest" pieces should do the trick? ;)

Anonymous said...

...magic vs. magic, you see. One likes a level playing field. :)

Mark said...

Happy National Tartan day!

Speedy G said...

Only members of the Nocturnal Council are authorized to "play tricks".

The rest get their pee-pee's whacked!

Anonymous said...

you ain't calling this company here witches' Sabbath, are you? Beware! my friend. Our hostess is very strict, and a Christian, to boot. (Excuse me, Mrs Z. Just having harmless fun.) :)

FrogBurger said...

21 years of Mitterrand and socialists who leveraged minorities to establish power led to this.
And the French right has been weak, b/c like here, you get treated as a racist when you say there's a problem.

Cut all welfare and people will have to be back to work and find a way to live. Or they'll get out and they'll stop having 6-7 kids, some of them sometimes being in North Africa. (Had a coworker who was getting money for his kids in Algeria.)

But politics and French won't have the courage to take those drastic measures b/c they love welfare as well. That's why people like Le Pen want to keep welfare for the "real french" as they call them. And that's a NO-NO in my books.

The whole country has been put asleep by this entitlement culture and not surprisingly, the woman in the video is a business owner. Not a government worker like 30% of the French workforce. Not a student staying in school till 27 b/c there are no jobs. Someone who makes a living on her own and realizes the issues.

My mom, who's a moderate, and to whom I sometimes say she thinks like a socialist (b/c she thinks welfare is necessary at times) is sick of it and now votes National Front.

Get ready for the next presidential election. Another major national front wave is coming.

Anonymous said...

...but i think i had better take it somewhere else. C ya folks. Apprise me when you have burnt the "others". :)

Speedy G said...

We don't burn "others". We simply revoke their Green cards and walk them to the border. This ain't Russia (your utopia) my friend.

Anonymous said...


This ain't Russia (your utopia) my friend.

Not much difference anymore, mon ami. Since you have stared too long into the abyss... :)

Anonymous said...

... you but not you, if you know what i mean. ;)

Speedy G said...

...and what did we see? The Tea Party is the reaction, a drawing back and return to Enlightenment 1st principles (now "customary") and a return to classical liberalism (which is in no way/ shape/ form "progressive").

nicrap said..., no, my friend. It's much more infectious, fighting the monsters is.

Anonymous said...

... you will have to now use a veritable "third ear" if you want to see how far the infection has spread. :)

Anonymous said...

...But we are hogging our hostess's space. So I bid you adieu. :)

Anonymous said...


You are in FRANCE?


FrogBurger said...

No, SAM. I am close to Z, in LA.

Anonymous said...


you said;
My mom, who's a moderate, and to whom I sometimes say she thinks like a socialist (b/c she thinks welfare is necessary at times) is sick of it and now votes National Front.

that's why I thought that you may be in FRANCE.

And what you wrote about France, is like that you are living here!


FrogBurger said...

Well I've lived the issues with French kids coming from immigrant parents.

I've had my verbal fights (never turned physical) in the school bus b.c I was treated of "fucking French" or when I was harassed by a 10-year old French arab when I was 20.

I think it's now worse b/c the *extreme* version of Islam has taken roots in suburbs now.

When I was a teen and young adult, there was no burqas. Veil yes, but no burqas.

How can the modern French society, which started with the Englightment of Moliere or Montesquieu can turn into this? You can't deny there's a problem.

And the problem has been created by the economic situation and entitlements started end of the 70s and aggressively pursued under Mitterrand to capitalize on the economic crisis.

France had 3% unemployment in 1976. Granted, figures may have been measured differently but the country went from a work-based immigration to a welfare-based immigration. Doesn't take a genius to figure out the consequences.

Ducky's here said...

@Joe - (By the way, many Americans need to learn those things, too.)


See that's where it breaks down. This is a worthwhile topic but what we have driving it are the self appointed overseers of cultural norms.
Those supposed norms are often extreme themselves.
So there isn't much of a chance for anyone to assimilate into that culture and the majority don't want to. Muslims aren't given much f a chance in Joe's world and it all breaks down into crazy talk about wearing burqas and living under sharia law.

It isn't always the fault of the perceived outsider.

Speedy G said...

... you will have to now use a veritable "third ear" if you want to see how far the infection has spread.

I see "just how far it has spread" at every election.

And as for "fighting monsters", that's where introspection comes in. Sometimes you have to prevent the radioactive water from flowing into the sea, especially when the sea is the source of your livelihood.

FrogBurger said...

I have to add one comment because in comparison to this extreme Islam problem, you also have French from arab immigration who are perfectly integrated, modern and who don't talk French with that very specific accent from the suburbs (kind of like ebonics here.)

I've met those people through my mom b/c she was a teacher and I was actually really pleased that in a way those people are successful.

The issue is that those people may not do enough to fight the extremists. Partly because they are likely to vote on the left and the left is in denial of those issues, and still believes more welfare will fix the problem.

It's a sad, sad, sad situation.

Speedy G said...

Is Muslims wish to come to America and settle down, that's fine. But they'll do so on OUR terms, one of which includes the assimilation of Enlightenment values. Refusal to assimilate will constitute grounds for return to country of origin. Organized refusal will simply lower the entry quotas for recalcitrant organizational entities (Islam being one).

Anonymous said...


Burqa is the least problem, the real problem is much much over what you had seen.

You are right, this Dirty multiculturalism is tolerated by the left and it's used by the right and extreme right for the elections only.

Do you remember the DOUBLE PEINE of PIERRE JOXE (Ministre de L'Interrieure de Miterand)?

EVEN NOW, they says that JOXE was raciste.

The reason why the educated people do not manifest, you know better than I do.

We have to react physically (pour leur casser la gueul).

Personally I have done it, and I have educated my sons to do it.

But, the police and the Justice turns against us, if we are arrested.

and those FILS DE PUTES attack on mass, 10 to 20 against one.

The French stay inert, we have to react and enter to the fight against those worms.

Inside FRENCH POLICE there are 40% of Extreme right, those police are extremely dangerous and help the Islamists, Specially now that we enter the election periods.

Do you know GIA (Algerian Ultr-Extremist armed terrorists), their leader (Abbasi Madani) is a dear friend of LE PEN.

Front National never dared to attack the super Violante Arab thugs, Front National is always there to profane the JEWS tombs.

Le Pen admires Ahmadinejad.

and all the French Mosques are FUND by the Mullahs of IRAN.

By this way, Iran has taken the FRENCH Gov. par les couilles.

UK is worse, UK has become LONDONESTAN.

I can write the books about it, but the Islamism in FRANCE has become a political tool.

These SUB-Humans proliferate like the mouses and they are polarized by the Mosques, and the Mosques and Imams are funded by the Mullahs of IRAN.
We know it, we denounce it everywhere in EU, but the EU Governments find their interests by not disturbing the Mullahs of IRAN.

Do you remmember the Sarkozy's law about the HIJAB in the public places?

Ahmadinejad took that French girl on hostage, before that, 10 French soldiers were killed by Hekmatyar's taliban in Afghanistan (Hekmatyar's office is in Tehran), then Iran took 2 French reporters on hostage in Afghanistan.
and Sarkozy bended his position on HIJAB.


FrogBurger said...

SAM, what's your national background? I'm curious.

What I've learned with Arab culture, and that's because my dad spent his entire youth in North Africa and taught me this, is that you have to show a lot of strength.

I used the advice when confronted in the bus as a kid where I would be diplomatic without backing down.

Because if you're strong they will leave you. If you turn your back, they'll use the opportunity. Unfortunately we've done the opposite.

And, actually, according to rumors, who would kick their ass in suburbs, when I was there, were Asians and Vietnamese :)

FrogBurger said...

Le Pen admires Ahmadinejad.

Le Pen said the holocauste was a detail. So I'm sure, like Hitler, he is in line with the crazies of the Middle East.

Anonymous said...


I'm Persian, and I work with the Iranian Resistance politically,

But, I am a Research man, all my life was divided on Resistance and Research,

But, you are right, when you see a band of thugs, leave all of them and take their chief only and discharge maximum your anger on the chief or the strongest among them.

in that condition, you will fight only one time, this is my advice.

2end, Don't wait that they provoke you, you see them, you feel that they are going to do something, don't hesitate, just attack.

I'm not strong, I'm very small, but I prefer to die rather than to bend myself to any kind of pressure.

Half of my family are the Martyrs.
We are fighting against the Mullahs from 30 years ago till now, non-stop.

I'm not alone, we are the Iranians (Persians).

AND WE ARE 90% Muslims, that's why we don't accept those sub-humans as Muslim.

A muslim will never impose his behavior and his faith to the Others.

A muslim love SAINT MARY and Accepts JESUS and MOISE his loved prophets as Mohamad.

In my LAB. I have a heartbreaking painting illustrating SAINT MARYAM with Jesus in her arms, this is painted by one of my Resistance friends in the Camp Ashraf.

I don't have the picture of Mohamad, I have the Picture of Saint MARYAM.

And I'm not alone, we are Iranians, and we respect the JEWS and the Armenians are very respected in IRAN.

We are occupied by the Islamists, We will free our country from this shame and we will show to the world that what they have seen as ISLAM till now was the SATANISM.



FrogBurger said...

Very interesting, Sam.

I have 2 Iranian friends in LA. One is a Jew who fled through Turkey in the snow, and one is a Christian.

From their story, I understand how you feel, even though you are a Muslim.

Tyranny is tyranny against all after all. Even Germans suffered Hitler's tyranny. Certainly not to the extent of what the Jews suffered but they were not free.

Anonymous said...


The comparison is not well done, We the Resistance people, we are the JEWS now.

120,000 of us, from 7 years old to 90 years old were killed by the Mullahs.

The day the Mullahs will finish with us, they will take the radical steps with the JEWS and the Christians.


FrogBurger said...

Yes you're right, Sam.

That's my concern about the middle east right now.

I am afraid the uprising may be hijacked by the international islamist movement that will spread not only in North Africa, Africa, and Persia but also in Europe.

What do people say, especially Muslims like you about that in France?

Z said...

AOW, I don't doubt it at all. I know there are that many muslims who just want to live here, not change here. It has nothing to do with sincerity; I only mention Christians and Jews to differentiate....who'd ask them to convert? Never.
We just want peace and we want moderate devout Muslims to get a grip and take a chance against their islamist extremist imams.

For example; muslims should be PUSHING FOR the feds to be able to enter a mosque at ANY time and ANY place...instead, we're blocked.
that's what I mean...start fighting..don't convert, just stop the hate on THEIR SIDE. The only hate is supposedly ours, as if anybody hated muslims before 9/11~!!!

Beamish, did you write that?
I'm not big on poetry posted but I like that one and it's brilliant

Imagine there's no Beamish
I wonder if you can
he's smart and very funny
one I'd never ban....

Imagine all the people
following his lead....uh oh..
You may say I'm a schemer
but I'm not the only one
others try to insult him
but his fan club loves his fun!
(oh, well)

Z said...

Speedy, re your pool analogy?
it's made a real splash :-)
right on

LAYLA...saw the answer, thanks and I was very pleased to see you'd support Trump, too!

we are hypocrites now, we used to support those who supported us, how we've dumped on Mubarak and the head of Yemen..they weren't great guys but they kept up our interests and some semblance of peace in that region.
I'm hoping mubarak's ousting isn't more about finally killing Israel than it is about DEMOCRACY.

ANGEL; Yes, there are Muslims in this country who don't give a hoot about Israel. They don't want terrorism, they want peace and no trouble for anybody, including Israel.

JOE, I know you're wrong about the average Muslim in AMerica, but the rest of your comment is right...
CHinatown, etc., are examples of people living within our culture but opening theirs to us in fun, constructive ways.....nobody means us DEAD in CHinatown.
I wouldn't walk into a Muslim NO GO ZONE around London....that's for sure.

I know interfaith dialogue would work and I'd encourage it...I think they'd get thousands who'd disavow terrorism and sharia, I really do.

LIke SAM, a Muslim, so eloquently and compellingly put it "INFIDEL means one who separates one from God...that's the extremist imams and mullahs...not CHristians or Jews".

SAM, thanks for the ARMENIAN mention :-)
I was sad to hear a muslim spoke to a Greek Orthodox church here last week and a friend went to hear him and told us about him.......he actually said that the beautiful icons of Mary, etc., at Hagia Sophia in Istanbul are only covered over now that it's a mosque to protect them! I'd have laughed at her if I couldn't tell she took this muslim seriously.

I hope that interfaith groups do start to meet and discuss PEACE and the end of islamist terror in America and around the world.

SAM, nobody can blame the West when we see the large angry crowds of Muslims in, for example, London or Dearborn, MIchigan, with signs of taking over our countries...that has to STOP.

I did not know Sarkozy has bent his opinion on the Hijab...that's the head scarf, is it not? That doesn't bother me..burqas DO bother me...wear them AT HOME.
Christians have been told to take crosses off from their necks in schools here because they're offensive to some...

this ALL has to stop.
And NOT let them 'FINISH YOU'!!!

Sam Huntington said...

I think it is possible to value foreign culture and ethnicity without taking it to a multicultural extreme. We are not Mexicans, or Russians, or Japanese, or any muddled hyphenation of all of the above. We are Americans. We are neither Catholic Americans, nor Methodist Americans … and we should not be Moslem Americans, either.

All of us should strive to be Americans; people who are more similar than not. Even if we are always arguing, —like a family, we remain tied to one another. Well, unless some of us have become psychopathic and have adopted an agenda to destroy Eden, replacing it with one of the so-called Stans.

I don’t think most Americans of the Moslem faith pine for returning to their Middle Eastern or African roots … but I do think that if we reach a point where the majority becomes willing to let minority interests push them back, then we could find ourselves facing the exact same situation we find in France today. And by the way, should you not have noticed it, this has already begun over such issues as the so-called Victory mosque. What kind of American would insist upon building a mosque over the objections of so many? I think, “someone” who has a unique agenda and who doesn’t really care about America.

Anonymous said...


Votre sentiment est partagé.

The people here, the one who are not stupid, they feel the same as you said.

The Islamists are funded and are organized, the others are divided.

the head and the Symbol of Islamism is in TEHRAN.

The Fanatics are inspired by Ahmadinejad even if they are not leaded by Ahmadinejad.

Iranian Regime is the Symbol of ANTI-WEST and anti-USA.

the Muslims are heated and polarized on this direction.

USA and EU put all their pressure on our Resistance to appease the Mullahs.

The west thinks that appeasing the Mullahs will calm them and will encourage them for DIALOG and behavior CHANGE (What Obama do).

It is like that the criminals enter to the house of someone and rape his wife, and the man beats his kid (who is in rage) to calm the criminals.

That's why USA has labeled our Resistance terrorist.

Do you remember when the USA soldiers BARRACK was BOMBED in LEBANON?
USA of REAGAN withdraw ed the US troops from Lebanon and sent Colonel Oliver North to IRAN with a Golden COLT, a Cake, and a Golden printed KORAN (Affair Iran-Gate).

From that time, Your state Dept. named our RESISTANCE MARXIST ISLAMIC!!! according to the Mullahs will.

And After Bombing KHOBAR TOWERS in Saudi Arabi, where 19 US workers were killed, Clinton Administration Labeled us Terrorist, Now, your state Dept. admits that according to Mullahs demand the labeling was done.

What you see now, we informed officially all the EU Governments and USA and UN from 1982 nonstop.

TEHRAN is the MOSCOW of Islamism.


Z said...

SAM HUNTINGTON...I know this is highly irregular among bloggers, but may I publish your comment AS A POST?
Obviously, it'll be my pleasure to attribute it to you.
Please let me know ASAP..thanks.

SAM..."your state Dept. admits that according to Mullahs demand the labeling was done."

You must find a journalist who will listen to you, believe you and get this OUT IN THE AMERICA MEDIA......

Sam Huntington said...

Yes, you may.

Anonymous said...

Multiculturalism isn’t working anywhere … but I can attest to the fact that it is being driven down the throats of high school students, cleverly disguised as World Geography …

Z said...

OH, man, Mustang.....well said.
But that's only when they have time to take a break from Global Climate Change and demonstrations of how to put a condom on a banana.

Anonymous said...


Everything submitted in your blog, belongs to you, you don't need my permission to publish it.

I understand your very, very honorable treatment of the others, and I'm delighted from your humanity.

And thank you so very much.

About the State Dept. admittance, it was said and repeated several times by the high ranked USA authorities who were in office in that time in all those Vidéos that I submitted several times in your Blog.

BTW, Madame Francis Townsend (Bush's Security adviser from 2004 to 2008) said that ( in the Paris Conference of 22end Dec. 2010) we could de-list MeK but we were afraid from the Mullahs reactions, and now I admit that we were wrong.

This, you can see in the Vidéo of that Conference.

The courage and integrity of this LADY is ASTOUNDING.

In the BUSH administration, there was such a this kind of right and good persons.

I can not express my admiration more about this lady, because you will take my compliment of her for her physical beauty, she is a very beautiful and super intelligent and honest woman.

do you want me to resend her video again?


Z said...

SAM...there are 2 Sam's...sorry! I just published SAM HUNTINGTON"s comment.

And, no, no need to send her video again..and yes, she is attractive.
I hope she works harder to get MEK off the list, convincing EVERYONE it's the right thing to do.

FrogBurger said...

TEHRAN is the MOSCOW of Islamism.

And very much like the left was in love with the Soviets, Staline, and Lenine, they see radical islam as something related to the disenfranchised of the world and therefore finds excuses to its violence and horror.

It always comes back to the messed up moral compass of the left.

Major said...

"They may say you're an infidel
But you're not the only one
We hope someday they'll leave us
On their own or at the point of a gun..." the man'll be civil war. There's no compromise with these savages. Now it's obvious to these PC addled "leaders" who have brought their respective societies to make a choice....stand down...or fight back.

French pride and nationalism as well as the Germans will rise to the top of this mess.

So long as the muslims continue to has to spawn more groups that want to fight back.

I'm trying to remain civil here...despite my known record on muslims....who I still despise.

beamish said...

[...maybe retyping this comment for the eighth time will get it to post... Z, could you try changing the comments form to "pop up in a new window?" That format seems to work the best on Blogger for some reason.]


"They may say you're an infidel
But you're not the only one
We hope someday they'll leave us
On their own or at the point of a gun..." the man'll be civil war. There's no compromise with these savages. Now it's obvious to these PC addled "leaders" who have brought their respective societies to make a choice....stand down...or fight back.

I just don't see why we can't sit down with the Muslim community over beers and ham sandwiches and talk things out.

Nothing in the definition of "tolerance" implies "capitulation."

If we didn't "tolerate" Muslims in America, does anyone think there would be any here?

French pride and nationalism as well as the Germans will rise to the top of this mess.

That frightens me. America has not remained in Europe long enough to introduce the natives to Western Civilization.

They can't seem to grasp that nationalism become poisonous when mixed with populism. Unlike America, Europeans can't go even 20 years without a war on the soil and against their neighbors and amongst themselves. It's been that way since the days of Phillip II of Macedon. Heck, there's been 34 wars and military conflicts on European soil SINCE World War 2!!!

Europe is the most backward, barbaric continent on the planet, by far. No where near as peaceful as Africa or Central Asia.

I agree, Muslims are lighting a powderkeg there.

So long as the muslims continue to has to spawn more groups that want to fight back.

Or at least groups that WON'T be pushed. "Not in my backyard" is a fine American tradition.

I'm trying to remain civil here...despite my known record on muslims....who I still despise.

I don't despise Muslims. I just wouldn't choose that particular religion for myself.

I don't care if others do choose that religion.

What gets a rise out of me is when people who have chosen a religion (any religion) becomes so dissatisfied with who they are that they seek to impose their religion on others.

I barely have time to mind my own business. I never could understand people who have time for everyone else's business.

Which is why I dislike leftists, of course.

Z said...

beamish, "pop up..." email me, please...on how to do that? thanks.

Major, I have no problem with Muslims except so many want us dead. Who'd care about their religion and us otherwise?!

Joe said...

Ducky: Help me out, here. Are you agreeing that Americans need to learn the English language and the Constitution, or are you disagreeing?

And where did I mention Burkas and Sharia Law?

You must be reading between the lines, where there are no words to confuse you.

So how did you get confused?

Dan said...

This was suppose to bring about world peace and love. Look at what it's done, yet liberals, their brains eaten away by the cancer of futile secular humanist thinking, will not be deterred.

In case you're wondering, just getting caught up on my reader.