Saturday, April 9, 2011

Obama's Birth Certificate...WHY SPEND THE MONEY, MR O?

Please see my UPDATE:  APRIL 27, 2011. for new information and my take on it.

Original post:
I'm kind of tired of the Obama birth certificate thing but Trump's investigation has got me thinking:

If the Obamas are worth between $5 and $10 million, which is what I'm finding by Googling, how could they have paid between $1.4 and $2 million to keep the birth certificate under wraps, and why?
And, doesn't the American government require absolutely airtight proof of citizenship before anybody's allowed to run?
Why doesn't the media at least look into it, maybe just ask about it, maybe just have a little curiosity?  They didn't shirk slamming Bush with every accusation that came down the pike, including Dan Rather's lies.

Seems like an awfully big percentage of his worth spent if he's secure in believing a Certificate of Live Birth's all anybody's got to prove he was born in Hawaii, doesn't it? Instead of dropping a million or two, wouldn't you just say to yourself "I  know there's technically no certificate for some reason, and I know I was born in America and nobody can prove I was born in Kenya because it's ludicrous to suggest that.....why spend the bucks?"   I would.  Wouldn't YOU?



Anonymous said...

Faith said...
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Faith said...

Yes, Z, very suspicious -- what did he pay so much money FOR?

I had no problem getting a photocopy of my long form birth certificate from the state of California about twenty years ago. Why would Hawaiian policy be different?

My brother tells me, however, that California sent him that sort of document when he applied for his birth certificate more recently, but that it was rejected when he presented it for whatever purpose it was that he'd requested it and he had to go back to the records office and insist on getting a copy of the original from them.

They were able to produce it.

Why can't this be done for Obama? With all this suspicion over it he should have demanded it by now. That this hasn't been done does increase suspicion that it doesn't exist and that the supposed short form is a fraud.

beamish said...

You don't honestly think Obama spent his own money on this do you?

Why would he spend his when he's got ours?

Z said...

"Anonymous", you don't REALLY think we've not all heard that before, RIGHT? :-)
Ya, we all know this is just confusion (smile)...
Gee, if it's JUST CONFUSION, why dump millions into it? (smile again!?)

Faith......WHY PAY is the main question....
I sure wouldn't if I was 100% sure of myself.

Beamish, that's the obvious question and why I mentioned O's worth: Would ANYBODY spend maybe 1/5 of it for nothing? If it was his money!

Z said...

and Faith, your brother's story is compelling, isn't it.
I get sloppy about where I file my cert. here at home, and can't find it for a while sometimes...but I know where I could go if I lost it permanently.

Re the Certificate of Live Birth, that could have done by O's mother's mother IN Hawaii....taking the information and registering it there and also announcing it in the papers...though 'they say' the hospital releases the birth information to the papers.
If that's the case, why can't the hospital come up with the certificate?

I've seen a lot of lefties on line in comments sections who say "His mother's American, so he's American, period" Apparently, they liken being American with being Jewish (smile!)

Major said...

I've seen Long Form COB's from Hawaii from the same year and about the exact same time Obama was born. They've been published by those who also say "where's the beef"?

Trump is right. Put it to rest. I can't imagine why he would allow this "intrigue" or outright deception to continue as it apparently is going to hurt him.

Go Trump...Push.

Z said...

exactly, Major....even Philip Berg, a Democrat activist, took it to court but the courts put him off...about 2 yrs ago.
How deep IS this cover?
there is NO REASON they can't prove this once and for reason at ALL...except.......

Always On Watch said...

I used to think, back in 2008, that BHO was merely delaying so as to put the matter to rest right before the election and thereby make all those asking the questions about his eligibility to serve as President look like wackos.

And here we are, over two years later, and he still hasn't produced the document.

All that money is being spent on something that BHO or his cohorts think worth hiding.

Z said...

AOW, that's my exact point..


They can call people "stupid birthers" all they want...but, this is nuts.

Also nuts is the fact that the media's not delved into this like they would have had Bush been the one who can't even prove where he was BORN.
I hope Obama's grandma in Kenya's watching her back, by the way, come to think of it.

There's radio audio of two talk show hosts asking the Mayor in some Kenyan town about a statue in Obama's honor and they guy says twice "since he was born here....'

FairWitness said...

John McCain's eligibility was challenged in a California lawsuit a week before the Republican convention in 2008. He produced his original birth certificate and the suit was dismissed. McCain just produced the original birth certificate to a the presiding judge and voila -- case over. At the same time this was happening, candidate Obama hired lawyers to challenge the standing for those asking to see his original birth certificate, lawsuits filed by fellow Democrats, I might add. Instead of simply producing his original birth certificate, he has spent millions of dollars paying lawyers to prevent him from having to show it.

I'm sorry but there's a reason for that -- and I'm sorry -- but President Obama is obligated to produce it and show every American citizen that he meets the eligibility requirements -- PERIOD! He has failed to do so and therefore all the controversy has ensued. This is his choice, his failure, his deception, his disrespect, his drama. He could end it in less than 1 minute by releasing it. There must be a huge reason why he hasn't done so. And it would probably have meant his not being elected President -- therefore, he's a fraud and an imposter.

Hillary Clinton would have and should have won the Democratic nomination and would be the first woman President right now. Democrats who have protected Barack Obama have betrayed their own. No way would John McCain have won the Presidency, regardless of who was the Democratic nominee.

Barack Obama is NOT going to be reelected no matter what he does. His Presidency has been a disaster, a complete failure. But he shouldn't even be allowed to run again unless he clears this up -- DEMOCRATS SHOULD DEMAND THAT HE PRODUCE PROOF OF HIS ELIGIBILITY. Otherwise, their party will lose even more respect than it already has. What they did to get Obama elected, cheating during the caucuses ... the betrayal of Hillary Clinton was outrageous and disgusting. I don't agree with the woman's politics, but I abhor the crimes that were committed against her by her own Democrat Party to defeat her. The whole campaign was as corrupt as they come.

Jan said...

From what I understand from the myriad of articles, and endless hours of searching for them, and reading them, it is not only the birth certificate that he has spent so much money to keep from being seen, but all the other documents which would reveal anything about him...even the mundane things which would interest no one, if not for all the mystery surrounding the birth certificate.

The thing that is really sickening about it all, is that there is NO WAY that others were not aware of the things which HAD to be concealed in order for him to become President of the U.S. and were complicit in allowing it...for whatever reason.

Another thing that I've always wondered about, is why his profile on his initial myspace account listed a different age, making him a couple of years older than he actually claims, now.

And to think, all of this Conspiratorial Right Wing Idiocy could be put to rest, and he could have saved tons of money, simply by presenting his REAL birth certificate!

Faith said...
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Dan said...

Why would they pay to keep the BC under wraps?

I just did a post that relates to this. For O's supporters, they couldn't care less if Obama is legal. He after all is a Democrat and that is more important than any old constitution. For those who see O for what he is, a disaster, it doesn't make any difference either; this is simply ammo to fire at him. Where it does count is with those who stick their finger in the air the third day of November then go into the voting booth and determine our country's future. The real question is how is it playing out with them. You've got the media on one side making those who won't let it drop out to be a bunch of fringe kooks. As for the Constitutionality? What's a constitution?

The real question, as always in elections and political antics before such a willingly uninformed populace, is how is this going to play out with the so called moderates. It could be that a strategy of poisoning the well and a media blitzing making constructionists out to be kooks might end up turning a weakness into a strength; if he has the COB, all the more; if he is not legally a president, then still ok in the eyes of the middle. We are learning now that in every strata of government, it takes more than a puny majority in a nation that sees a wayward actor's meltdown as more of a pressing issue than its future to keep a nation of laws a nation of laws.

Z said...

But Fair Witnesss, not all people feel like you do or I do, and I agree with all you said.
PHilip Berg, a Dem, had taken the lack of certificate to court and it was thrown out. He thought this was an affront to America, and it is.
Some are saying now that there might be something ON the certificate which needs cover-up....I don't know what, obviously...what COULD it be?

I disagree about Obama not winning: I think that too many Americans actually buy into his socialism....and, of course, he'll be doing his best to get illegals voting (by law or not).

If they could stand outside the Houston precincts and intimidate little Black ladies to go home if they're not voting for Obama, they'll do more next time. Odd that Gloria ALlred gave up that fight, remember I had posted her video saying this is what had happened ? She was 100% behind Hillary and heartsick at the fraud she saw ...and some Dems from Chicago who supported Hillary were there, too, seeing the lies.

I guess their party meant more than integrity to them (big surprise, huh?>.sarcasm there)'s very surprising, isn't it..or is it!? Nobody remembers him from Occidental College....nobody knows who the heck could afford to pay for Harvard for him...or how you can be the Ed. of the Law Review and only do ONE article the whole time....
By the way...also think about this: who pays for autobiographies from a virtual NOBODY? at THAT AGE? really is.

Z said...

thanks, Faith, just fixed it!
By the way, now that I did that, I'm not sure I like this POP UP format ... but, I'm hoping it prevents peoples' comments from inadvertantly disappearing so often.

Dan, thanks for coming by.....Have you seen how quickly the media (and a lot of the Right pundits) jumped on Trump for his remarks re the COB?
I'm curious about that...all Trump's saying is WHY NOT MAKE SURE? But, they're painting him out as a grandstander and nut already... Man, you can FEEL the fear of Trump by the left and people like Karl Rove. Every time I see Rove and he talks against Tea Party candidates, I say to myself "GOP MACHINE...who knew?"

Always On Watch said...

Like you, I think that Obama may well win in 2012. Where is the opposing candidate who can garner 51% of the vote?

The Dems will unite behind Obama again; the rest of us are too divided.

Z said...

TRUMP. God help me, he's the only hope.
Americans are dumbed down but they admire success and they admire outspokenness and they like scrappy...BIG TIME.
And they like when anybody can disarm the media like Trump did Meredith Vieira the other day......
Americans also, I think, (as does any mentally healthy person, which leaves out somebody you and I know :-) D...) like to be proud of their country and they SURE haven't felt it lately with Obama...Trump? BIG TIME

beamish said...

If Trump doesn't bring something other than his name to the GOP primaries and is not knocked out of contention for his lack of anything but a name, I'll more than stay home. I'll campaign for Obama.

And I detest Obama.

I'm sorry but there are several viable candidates in the GOP. Trump ain't one of them.

beamish said...

Just call me "not dumbed down."

Ducky's here said...

But Beamish, z says Trump is the only hope.

Stick a fork in America.

You surprise me, Beamish. You seem to have it figured out. The Tea Party is going to drive the R's so far to the right that the party implodes. It's happening right on cue and Obummer is loving it.

The DLC toadie Obummer is taking care of his masters. Guy's nothing but a corporate lawn jockey.So it's not a total loss, right?

Ducky's here said...

Someone tell fairwitness that numerous far right luminaries from Orly Taitz to the ambassador himself, Alan Keyes, have brought this to the courts and been defeated.

beamish said...

You surprise me, Beamish. You seem to have it figured out. The Tea Party is going to drive the R's so far to the right that the party implodes.

The Tea Party? You mean the group rallying behind "RINO" McCain's VP pick, Ron and Rand Paul, and Donald Trump?

I don't have time for tea parties. I'm a conservative.

Z said...

Beamish, no, you are not 'dumbed down' enough, and I hope you understand that my thinking Trump could win has nothing do with my intelligence, either.
I'm not sure how many times I need to reiterate that our Left has intentionally dumbed two generations down enough to where American kids actually believe they're entitled to the Democrat goodies, which is why they're accepting this horrid Obama....

But I'm realistic enough to know that, with this dumbed down audience, they'll go for Trump.
Me, I'll take anybody who loves this country as unashamedly as he obviously does.

As for Tea Parties and Conservativism...don't look now, but they are Conservative and you're FAR more libertarian than I'd have guessed.
41% of the TP is Democrat, by the way....this REPUBLICANS ARE GOING TO LOSE BECAUSE OF THEM is a joke, a wet dream for Libs.

I know you made that comment because lately you've been enjoying being a bomb thrower here, and I don't like to play along very often, but I will say that.......Tea Parties not Conservative? Small Government, less spending, lower taxes...
how so?
And please remember most of us are pretty bright and informed, too.....thanks.

Anonymous said...
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beamish said...

As for Tea Parties and Conservativism...don't look now, but they are Conservative and you're FAR more libertarian than I'd have guessed.

Thank you. That's the nicest thing anyone's said to me in a while.

"The heart and soul of conservatism IS LIBERTARIANISM" - Ronald Reagan [emphasis mine)

I can "common cause" with the Tea Party insomuch as they flirt with Fusionism, but I just can't go gaga for Donald Trump.

To me he's like Sarah Palin. No skin in the game, to use an Obama metaphor. Yes, the Tea Party put Republicans in charge of the House of Representatives as much as Democrat incompetence did.

Three months in office they've managed to reduce the Obama 2011 deficit by less than 5%.

They cutting the budget with teaspoons. I want chainsaws.

Z said...

And who do YOU think will do that? Romney? NO
Gingrich? NO
Pawlenty? NO

Ryan might..but most are afraid of their political HIDES more than saving America. Trump doesn't give a (#$@*&

Anonymous said...

"Why doesn't the media at least look into it, maybe just ask about it, maybe just have a little curiosity? They didn't shirk slamming Bush with every accusation that came down the pike, including Dan Rather's lies.

You said it exactly correct Z. No one, not even I could have said this any better. It is so true and it is also so a shame that they are not looking into it when you consider what liberaltards get away with and how Bush was bashed and slammed wrongfully so many time. I was not a Bush lover during his second term. I truly felt he let us supporters down, but that being said he did not deserve all the trash they spewed against him and the garbage that was thrown at his feet - even to this day! Disgusting! *HEH*

beamish said...

you've been enjoying being a bomb thrower here

My bombs are ice cold water balloons.

Be happy you're where I was 2 years ago taking flak for supporting McCain against "da conservative base" tearing him down.

Trump's going to be an even harder "at least he's not Obama" sell.

We've already got a bullshit artist in office. Why change horses mid-stream?

Z said...

Because this one loves this country and has more experience than the BS artist we have now...and knows how to get out of debt, knows how to treat enemies, and obviously knows how to deal with all kinds of people, too.
And, if it gets down to it, I'll be 1000% behind him.

beamish said...

And who do YOU think will do that? Romney? NO
Gingrich? NO
Pawlenty? NO

Ryan might..but most are afraid of their political HIDES more than saving America. Trump doesn't give a (#$@*&

I'll give Gingrich at least the credit that he had the stones to shut down the government until Clinton realized who holds the purse strings and cuts were made.

The "Tea Party" caved under pressure.

A serious effort would have been to shut down the government back in January, and nickel and dime each budget item as seperate bills. We need a bill to just pay the troops, not riders, no earmarks, no hidden spending on things unrealted to paying the troops. Okay, done. Next?

They had the chance to be the line item veto, and they blew it.

Z said...

Boehner is NOT Tea Party, where are you getting that?
Bachmann says she wouldn't vote for it from the start because it didn't nix Obamacare and it could put our troops in jeopardy, SHE is a Tea Partier...not Boehner, he's a good ol' GOP boy who only nods to the TPs when it suits him.

Ducky's here said...
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Scotty said...

I say we make a new amendment. No lawyers can run for any office higher than dog catcher!

beamish said...
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Z said...

goodnight, Ducky.

beamish said...


The Tea Party must not be all that effective of a force in the House then, if the shutdown was avoided without them.

Did you notice the vote was vocal yelps of "ayes" vs. "nays?"

Nobody knows how anyone specifically voted. It's not on paper. Do you think that was accidental?

Brooke said...

G, great conversation going on here!

Look, to get a job at McDonalds I must prove myself a citizen; getting all huffy wouldn't cut it.

Z said...

Brooke, it is a good thread, isn't it..good thinkers here, glad you're here, too! You're one of the best! And you proved it with your McD's comment!'s not all that simple.
Nobody knows how strong the TP is and the GOP/Karl Rove suck ups are scared to death of the TP and the leftist media ....

SO, who are you for, Beamish? Who do you think is a 2012 possibility...who can WIN?

Z said...

I've got to say one more thing before I leave here for a while.

I keep seeing ANONYMOUS' link at the top of this thread and it just never fails to make me LAUGH!
I HONESTLY think lefties and others come here thinking we haven't checked into these things ourselves; "how can they disagree with ME? With THIS LINK?!" :-)
It's think they learn it in college, following their silly lib prof's lead?

Honestly, I think so!!

I mean, I've got people here who ask "How could God let bad things happen?" on my Sunday Faith blog as if believers are supposed to have a EUREKA moment and become atheists because "Gee, that never occurred to me!" It's HILARIOUS! It just never ceases to amaze me, this hubris and insistence we agree with them.

Susannah said...

After watching Boehner go down the drain yesterday, I'm kinda liking Trump more & more. Esp. this birth cert. thing. What I like is that he couldn't care less about the political schtick, & he has more $$ than God, so it's a win/win for him.

President Trump...hmmm...nice ring...

Oh, & I am highly educated (& can actually prove it - unlike our president), exceptionally conservative, & very Tea Party.

Love ya, Z!

beamish said...

SO, who are you for, Beamish? Who do you think is a 2012 possibility...who can WIN?

That's just it. There's a lot of 2012 possibilities that can win. I've not settled on backing a particular one yet.

I've already ruled out the ones who can't win. Donald Trump is one. Ron Paul is another. You can add Huckabee, Romney and Gingrich to my "please don't bother running" category.

Huckabee, Romney, and Gingrich will cause me to stay home.

Ron Paul and Donald Trump will have me selling my blood to raise money for Obama.

It's still early. I'm not totally repulsed by Sarah Palin, but I feel like Donald Trump is filling in for her currently. He's a diversion, at best.

I'd seriously consider Chris Christie, Bobby Jindal, Tim Pawlenty, Marco Rubio, Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, Michelle Bachmann....

The dugout isn't depleted so much that we need Donald Trump to pinch hit.

Major said...

"Odd that Gloria ALlred gave up that fight..."

SHE'S A LAWYER....WHERE DO YOU THINK SHE GETS HER MONEY FROM? Much the same way Jackson does. And BTW...what ever happened to that confessed illegal house maid of that woman running for Gov of CA? That she "represented". Who paid for that? LaRaza, that's who. And why isn't the admitted illegal being tossed out?

Funny huh?

Z said...

love you, too, sweetie! :-)

Beamish, as if "we have to bring AMerica back to Jesus" Huckabee has a chance after having that quote on VIDEO!?

Except for Pawlenty (yaaawn), I think the rest are good and can't win. Not with the media working for the way.
Sadly, we need someone like Trump, for all the reasons I've put forward and Susannah's confirmed so eloquently.

Z said...

Major...that was a rhetorical question. !! I know why Allred dropped it.. the left can't stand on integrity, they have to stand on ideology...Allred will do anything to make sure enough babies are being killed, dontchaknow.

Susannah said...

I'd seriously consider Chris Christie, Bobby Jindal, Tim Pawlenty, Marco Rubio, Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, Michelle Bachmann....

Ohhh, now you're talkin', Beam! Re: Trump -- can ya just loosen up & dream a little, B? ;)

beamish said...

I HONESTLY think lefties and others come here thinking we haven't checked into these things ourselves; "how can they disagree with ME? With THIS LINK?!" :-)

It's RoboLeftism.

They think showing a COLB with no document matching numbers to an actual birth certificate is a substitute for the real thing.

I had to get a copy of my actual birth certificate from Alabama back in August and present it to my landlord before moving into my apartment (Missouri's put a dent in illegal immigration via making it illegal to rent property to illegal aliens... they all shack up six to eight deep in motels now, and blow whatever "cheap labor" money they made doing so)

They wouldn't take my COLB. They wanted the actual birth certificate, with hospital, doctor's signatures, the works.

I can prove I'm eligible to rent my apartment. I can prove I'm eligible to run for President.

beamish said...

Ohhh, now you're talkin', Beam! Re: Trump -- can ya just loosen up & dream a little, B? ;)

Dream? I'm running for Prez too you know :P

I'd tear Trump up in a debate.

beamish said...

Except for Pawlenty (yaaawn), I think the rest are good and can't win. Not with the media working for the way.

Let's be real. Do you think the media is going to just stop "working for the Left" for ANY GOP candidate vs. Obama, no matter who it is?

I harp on Ron Paul's ties to neo-Nazis when that nincompoop's name comes up because I'm vetting all potentials.

You think I'm harsh on Ron Paul? Nominate him and see what the Left does to him.

[please, don't. I want Obama out]

Anonymous said...

"They wouldn't take my COLB. They wanted the actual birth certificate, with hospital, doctor's signatures, the works. "

Yet the clown in chief who occupies the WH and not a rental unit ( well maybe but we still are the landlords of it ) can get into it without proof?

As my dear departed pop used to say....

"Ain't that enough to burn the balls of a brass monkey"?

And for the ladies that don't know what a brass monkey it. Then you'll know.

beamish said...

I didn't google to confirm, but isn't a "brass monkey" a ring that retains its size (doesn't expand or shrink) in temperature extremes, so you can stack cannon balls and not have them rolling around when the ship hits choppy water and waves?

[I love military terms, heh]

Anonymous said...

"a ring that retains its size (doesn't expand or shrink) in temperature extremes, so you can stack cannon balls and not have them rolling around when the ship hits choppy water and waves?"

Bingo Beamer...but more like a square with indentations in the bottom of the plate ( circular ) where one can lay the foundation and then stack the cannon balls one atop the other into a pyramid.
Invented out of necessity by the navies of old. Cannon balls rolling about the deck were an obvious hazard for the conscripts.

And they were harder to load into the cannons when a swabbie had to chase them.
You da man.

Anonymous said...

Trump is the difference...

"What’s about to hit America is not a “shock.” It’s not an earthquake, it’s not a tsunami, it’s what Paul Ryan calls “the most predictable crisis in the history of our country.” It has one cause: spending. The spending of the class that laughs at the class that drives to work to maintain President Obama, Senator Reid, Senator Baucus, Senator Harkin, and Minority Leader Pelosi’s “communications director” in their comforts and complacency.

America, 2011: A man gets driven in a motorcade to sneer at a man who has to drive himself to work. A guy who has never generated a dime of wealth, never had to make payroll, never worked at any job other than his own tireless self-promotion literally cannot comprehend that out there beyond the far fringes of the motorcade outriders are people who drive a long distance to jobs whose economic viability is greatly diminished when getting there costs twice as much as the buck-eighty-per-gallon it cost back at the dawn of the Hopeychangey Era.

So what? Your fault. Should have gone to Columbia and Harvard and become a community organizer."

Mark Steyn..."Ending America as we Know it."

Damn good read....

This is why Obummer will lose. His contempt for the average man / woman....aka Joe the Plumber.
Especially those poor saps who thought Obummer was going to pay their rent, mortgage and pay for their gas to go to their ( not many left with unemployment at 9% ) menial jobs.

Pris said...

Obama is the issue, and the one who, if he wins, will finish the job of taking us over the cliff if he hasn't already.

No one can afford to stay home knowing that. We have to remember whoever wins will have advisors, Cabinet heads and so on.

Since most conservatives are pretty sensible, I'd be inclined to think whoever the nominee is, will choose sensible, experienced Americans.

Not an administration full of czars and eggheads, or if you prefer, ivory tower academics,
sixties radicals, and Marxists.

I'm waiting to see what shakes out, and who is actually going to run.

It's possible the people may want an older more experienced candidate, after having a young socialist in the Wh, who's associates are more comfortable with thugs, and aging sixties radicals.

Whoever the Republican nominee is, will get my vote. Any of the people mentioned would be leaps and bounds better than what we have now.

beamish said...


The more the Dems say Paul Ryan's plan would "end Medicare as we know it," the moe I like it.

I just wish we could have a candidate that would say "We're going to end Medicare, period, except for a film crew to document people crying about it to enjoy on YouTube with popcorn."

beamish said...

I have about as much regard for the elderly starving to death on Social Security (or the lack thereof) as they had for me in coming up with the idea that I'd pay for their retirement before I was even born or had any say in it.

Maybe even less.

I want tough decisions made.

The next generation, the kids that will be handling things when I'm an old fart, will take the easy out, cost cutting with firing squads and gas chambers.

This has all happened before and it will all happen again.

beamish said...

Obama's health care rationing plan is just the foundation for it.

"Sorry Gramps. You cost too much to feed once a day."

Anonymous said...

"I just wish we could have a candidate that would say "We're going to end Medicare, period..."

Beamer...I disagree.

Just as the "hopey - changey" dopes went for the asinine message of a free bucket of Kentucky Fried Chickens and a Popeyes in every basket"...Free gas, cause that's what these dopes and hopeless morons have alway expected from their "gubmint"....the country will fall behind a populist, for America, for jobs, for less foreign intervention, for less Chi-Americanization of this country....less dependence on fascist robed sheiks of 7000 inbred, infested spawned, tribal nomads who now own us
..rather than a man who knows we DO NOT NEED ME OIL....whilst we have the worlds largest reserves of coal, gas and oil on the planet...

A man who America realizes speaks the plain truth...that we are indeed being bled dry, fooked over, stretched beyond our capabilities...knows that while Americans are starving, that Americans want to work and to earn.....we have these "princes and princesses" in congress that believe we are the worlds salvation...the worlds cops.

No...a man that knows we're being played by the very scum that wish us dead. Or at the very least to see us diminished and broke. Because they know we're suckers for a "just" cause.

Well...islam isn't a a just cause. Nor is Haiti, or any 3rd world dictatorship worth rescuing that we cannot ever expect to come into the 21st century.

Japan for example. Horrendous for ally for sure. But isn't a great part of the world dependent on them for trade too?

So why do we have to shoulder the rescue virtually alone? Isn't Japan in the Chi-coms backyard too?

I want somebody that says, "wait a minute" ...we have our own country to rescue. You've stolen trillions from us...fix it yourselves.

It's long damn time we had a Patton with an attitude. We won't survive without one.

Lastly...isn't Putin just the man the Russians wanted? A guy with guts and unafraid to re assert his country in the world, after the defeat , fall and humiliation of a fallen empire? We need to learn the same lesson.

beamish said...


I detest populism's tendency to go awry.

"Government solution" is an oxymoron.

Anonymous said... nothings changed since then?

So any plan to gain autonomy or true independence is lost?

So you believe it all comes down to selfish, vested interests?

If so Beamer....there is no hope or recovery, prosperity or independence?

Respectfully, Beamer, what can be the answer? I still like Trumps message...his call...his clarion call that we are fed up.

Is it...well a revolution? Secession from the libtards failed paradise of entitlement?

What then?

The Vegas Art Guy said...

And here I thought that 'Brass Monkey' was a really cool song from The Beastie Boys... lol

Obama is doing this to discredit anyone who questions it. Plus it diverts attention away from how he is governing the country.

Anonymous said...
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beamish said...


We already have a plan that deals with all of those concerns.

It's the US Constitution, without all the extra-Constitutional and unconstitutional bells and whistles (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, FDA, EPA, Dept. of Education, NASA, etc. etc.)

Eliminate everything the federal government spends money on that has no specifically assigned role via the Constitution to be involved in, hold taxation where it is right now, and we'll have the National Debt paid off in eight years or less.

Likely less once the chokes on the economy known as the federal government disappear.

We need to stop trying to spruce up the cage, and get rid of the cage.

Always On Watch said...

Where is all the Social Security/Medicare dollars I've paid in over the course of my lifetime? I should have a helluva bankroll in a dedicated fund, shouldn't I?

If I hadn't had to shell out all those bucks, I'd have funded my own retirement and my own future health care.

To Paul Ryan's credit, his plan for ditching Medicare wouldn't affect those of us over 55. Once over age 55, even if we didn't have to pay into Medicare, we wouldn't have enough time to fund our own private health care.

Never mind taxable income, those of us who run small businesses have to pay Social Security/Medicare taxes on our net profit. So, even though the federally-taxable joint income for this household in 2010 was a little over $10,000, we have to shell out over $4000 in Social Security/Medicare taxes.

Multiply $4000 by 40 years. See how much I should have in my Social Security/Medicare fund? That's not even counting what should have accrued in interest!

Z said...

AOW: "To Paul Ryan's credit, his plan for ditching Medicare wouldn't affect those of us over 55. Once over age 55, even if we didn't have to pay into Medicare, we wouldn't have enough time to fund our own private health care."

Tell us again how this helps those of us over 55.

Anonymous: I don't think anybody's eye is off the bigger ball when we also ask about the Birth Certificate. It's not the number one concern, but I think my questions are valid.
And, if the obama's are worth ten million, tops, would they spend two million on a joke to divert America's attention?
I doubt it.

Look, i never could stand Trump but he's raised classy kids (since you're so into class)and he loves this country, and he has experience and he's pulled himself out of financial disasters and he's disarming the lefty media by not caring WHAT they think.

Or we could yawn ourselves to death with Pawlenty or Pence; both probably good guys who don't have a CHANGE AGAINST OBAMA ...not in 1987987294837 years.

beamish said...


I believe everyone who has ever paid a dime into Social Security should get all they've ever paid in back, every penny to the penny paid in back minus what they'd already recieved from it back, all in one lump sum comprised of money saved by getting completely rid off all the other federal programs and agencies that don't pass the strict Constitution test. With no interest.

Those that take a loss, the Ida May Fullers that have already recieved back way more than they ever paid in, would get NOTHING, and should be happy we'd not sieze their property to recoup money Social Security has given them beyond what they actually paid in.

A very large percentage of Social Security recipients fall into the Ida May Fuller category.

beamish said...

Ida May Fuller (September 6, 1874 – January 31, 1975) was the first American to receive a monthly benefit Social Security check. She received the check, amounting to $22.54, on January 31, 1940.

Fuller was born on a farm outside Ludlow, Vermont. She spent most of her life in Ludlow, working as a legal secretary, but lived with her niece in Brattleboro, Vermont, during her last eight years. She retired in 1939, having paid just three years of payroll taxes. She received monthly Social Security checks until her death in 1975 at age 100. By the time of her death, Fuller had collected $22,888.92 from Social Security monthly benefits, compared to her contributions of $24.75 to the system.

I frankly don't want to hear arguments about "how people don't get back what they paid in to Social Security."

It's a bullshit Ponzi scheme. A check written on the backs and with the blood of people not even born yet.

beamish said...

Bernie Madoff never ripped people off so bad.

Susannah said...

I'm late getting back to the party...

Beam for President!

Hip, Hip, Hurray!

FairWitness said...

I have decided to forgive Newt Gingrich and forget his trangressions and move on to getting him nominated and elected as the next President of the United States. I would love to see a President Palin or Bachmann, among others. But I don't believe they'll have successful campaigns. And we must defeat the reelection of President Obama.

There are many folks who don't care about the original birth certificate issue. I do care because I don't like the cynical, corrupt gamesmanship of this President. He has no right to treat his office and the citizens of this country with such disdain. He is unworthy of the office he holds.

I hope and pray that Newt Gingrich will run and win. He has enough experience and reform plans to fix our problems. I want our nation restored and I believe he can lead us in that endeavor. We have already donated to his exploratory campaign and have volunteered to help here in our home state.

I admire Donald Trump and greatly respect his straight-shooting, take-no-BS style. If he winds up with the nomination, I will proudly and enthusiastically vote for him with my head held high!!! President Trump will do a magnificent job, if elected. I just think President Gingrich will get a lot more done than the Donald would. (Maybe President Gingrich will appoint Sarah Palin as Secretary of Energy.) :-D

Always On Watch said...

Tell us again how this helps those of us over 55.

Well, if we've paid in for years upon years, we wouldn't be cut off and cheated out of the money.

FairWitness said...

Hey Anonymous, why don't you address the purveyor of this blog with some manners? Mrs. Z is, in no way, shape or form, an asswipe.

Her assertion that the BC issue isn't the number one objection to President Obama, his socialist agenda is. She is correct.

You have every right to argue or differ in views, but kindly show Mrs. Z the respect she deserves. No one cares about your opinion when you resort to such gutter language and disrespect. Whatever point you're trying to make is completely lost when you offend those who visit this blog. All you do is close minds.

Always On Watch said...

Ida May Fuller -- yes, I recall that name now.

I frankly don't want to hear arguments about "how people don't get back what they paid in to Social Security."

You are able-bodied and can work.

The same cannot be said of Mr. AOW and me.

Therein lies the conundrum.

Meanwhile, we shell out $1000/month for our health-insurance policies (high deductibles). Over the years, Mr. AOW and I (with our employers) have paid in nearly $1,000,000 in premiums and have gobbled up approximately $300,000 in medical services (Mr. AOW's brain surgery in 1993 and stroke in 2009). And there is no sheltering assets from medical bankruptcy. It is a surreal financial situation. Mr. AOW and I have already agreed that if he has one more catastrophic medical event ($100,000), we'll have to divorce so that I can live somewhere besides government-subsidized housing.

Meanwhile, the poor and illegals walk away from their bills as there is no property to seize under medical bankruptcy.

Medicare is going to be in one helluva situation shortly. More and more doctors will not accept Medicare assignment. And even if they do, patients without gap coverage will have to pay the gap of 20%. How many people can come up with 20% of a $100,000 medical bill? Gap policies are becoming more and more expensive, and will be unsustainable for many retirees.

FairWitness said...

Beamish, don't you think if LBJ and the Congress hadn't moved the Social Security trust fund into the general fund that the money paid into Social Security by employees and employers would have compounded at the same rate as the rest of the economy? Safely invested and locked away until such time as those who retire are ready to receive benefits, then we there would be no shortage today. The problem is that the money paid into the system was stolen and spent on other expenditures. In the private sector that's called embezzlement, and you go to federal prison for that crime.

Always On Watch said...

Another problem with Social Security:

If you are divorced, even if you have remarried, your ex-spouse may qualify for benefits on your record....The amount of benefits payable to your divorced spouse has no effect on the amount of benefits you or your current spouse may receive.

Always On Watch said...

Is it any wonder that some elderly couples divorce? From this source:

If you are approved for Social Security disability benefits, your benefits may be taxable. You may find yourself with tax obligations if you have other sources of income besides your disability payment, or if your spouse earns a substantial income.

If you file a federal tax return as an "individual" and your combined income* is between $25,000 and $34,000, you may have to pay income tax on 50 percent of your Social Security benefits. If your combined income is above $34,000, up to 85 percent of your Social Security benefits is subject to income tax.

The asterisk relates to AGI, not taxable income after deductions and exemptions.

So, even though this household's taxable income was for 2010 was just a bit over $10,000, Mr. AOW had to pay tax on his SSDI. So far, he has received about $10,000 in SSDI payments.

Yeah, we got socked hard on our 2010 tax return -- only the federal one. The state tax was barely anything.

FairWitness said...

AOW, I am so very sorry that our tax system is so unfair to you and your husband. I thought folks like you were exempt from paying taxes on your payments. I thought only those drawing benefits AND working at a job or other investment income were assessed taxes on Social Security income. What a crock. That needs to change.

Elmers Brother said...

I deleted the comment from anonymous

FairWitness said...

Good for you Elmer's Brother!

Always On Watch said...

Fair Witness,
Yes, the tax system is unfair to married couples. Medical bankruptcy takes down both partners of the marriage -- and there is no way to shelter assets, no matter where they came from. In my case, I inherited assets. Doesn't matter. I was told: "Everything is on the table."

Z said...

THanks for deleting, Elbro; Nobody sticks around here with the kind of language Fair Witness pointed out "anonymous" used.

I'll be gone for hours so I hope you stick around from time to time and keep deleting, Elbro, I really appreciate it, especially since you're not feeling 100%. God bless. xxx

Anonymous said...

C'mon guys, you're really still stuck on the birth certificate issue and Obama's 'socialist agenda?' Get real.

beamish said...


I feel your pain (not to sound like Bill Clinton). When I was unemployed and drawing unemployment insurance benefits from the state of Missouri (money that comes entirely from what I paid in while working, and no where else) was supplemented by the federal government at a whopping $20 a month.

Your income over the last year hasn't been that much more or less than mine. You've got two mouiths to feed and medical expenses of course. I've just got one mouth to feed, and if over the counter meds can't save me from medical emergencies, I'm SOL.

I'm fairly certain in my 20+ years of working since high school that I've paid the federal government a lot more in just Social Security taxes than the $200 total it gave me in $20 per month spurts to live on while looking for a job. I didn't even apply for food stamps, given the insult that would have been ($35 a month, if approved) Whoopie. Ramen noodle heaven.

We're all held hostage and screwed by this BS system.

The only way to get anyone to fix it is to threaten its existence entirely.

beamish said...

C'mon guys, you're really still stuck on the birth certificate issue and Obama's 'socialist agenda?' Get real.

Oh we're worried about steroids in Barry Bonds' piss too, Miss Pelosi,

::rolls eyes::

FairWitness said...

Still stuck on it? Still??? Have you been in a coma for the last 27 months? Did you miss the complete failure of Porkulous, the trillion dollar waste of taxpayer money? The takeovers of banks & lending institution, General Motors & Chrysler? The continued fight of Obama to hide all his academic & personal records. The demonizing of citizens who object to his agenda, the generational theft occuring on a massive scale. Circumventing of Presidential obligations to consult Congress on a number of matters, the most recent being the military attacks on Libya. All the unconfirmed Administration Czar appointees with the most radical credentials to ever be in proximity to the President of the United States. The wholesale, thoroughly corrupt bribery used to pass ObamaCare. What world are you living in, for it sure isn't this one.

Faith said...

I'm far from obsessed with it, I hardly ever think about it, but taking for granted that we might have a President who according to the Constitution has no right to be in the office is such a demoralizing idea I don't understand how anyone can dismiss it as a trivial or secondary issue.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Faith said...

A bald-faced violation of the Constitution is not a gnat.

Anonymous said...

Fairwitness; where where you when Bush stated all this? Geez!

The GOP gave everything to the rich. THAT'S what I call 'generational theft.'

FairWitness said...

President Bush, again???

You are completely delusional. The Bush tax cuts, which Obama just extended, gave tax cuts to all taxpayers. He did not engage in class warfare as you and the Democrats continually demonstrate.

You leftists have your raid on the national treasury and stole everything that wasn't nailed down, even spent our future generations wealth by borrowing trillions more.

If you think that is fair, you are out of your obviously, oxygen-deprived mind.

Your time is up -- you thieves masquerading as governing leaders are fired. 2012 can't come soon enough for all of us. Good bye and good riddance. Stick a fork in you!!! You're done!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Always On Watch said...


We're all held hostage and screwed by this BS system.

No argument there.

2010 medical expenses in this household were over $22,000! We're hoping not to have such huge medical bills this year. But I may have to shell out on myself -- deferred maintenance, so to speak.

Anonymous said...

Fairwitness, too bad you just can't see the forest for the trees.

FairWitness said...

That's the trouble with you lefties, you're always underestimating us, oozing contempt, feigning superiority. All the while confiscating every dime of ours you can get your grubby hands on, even stealing from future generations. You have no shame, no moral fiber, no character -- and no right to dictate to anyone. Your alternate reality is devastating to you, our country, the world -- to freedom. You will be stopped -- we will stop you.

Z said...

"The GOP gave everything to the rich."

SOmeone really doesn't understand the economy and should before demeaning others.

I sometimes look at the beautiful homes here in Los ANgeles and wonder that the rich wants to bring those owners forcibly pay for illegals and the poor. I keep wondering where they think America will get the money for more and more entitlements when they've brought the rich down, too?
Well, as Obama thinks we're printing money now, I guess that's the example. I'd have thought Dems would finally see the stats proving they're the party with the money, the party controlling the trial lawyers, the party which keeps thinking that the more freebies they give with OUR MONEY, the more they'll get elected.
Which could work for a while...but it will bring America to its knees.
Oops, another goal that seems to be less and less hidden these days

Anonymous said...

Amazing how the righties play lap dogs to the wealthy who pay fewer taxes in decades and during this time of economic hardship could really help our economic recovery if they paid their fair share and increased our revenues-while n programs are destroyed hurting their own families.

Anonymous said...

Ryan’s proposal also includes dropping the top tax rate for rich people from 35 percent to 25 percent. All by itself, that one change means that the government would be collecting over $4 trillion less over the next ten years.

Deal To Avert Government Shutdown Saves $38 Billion — Bush Tax Cut Deal Spent $150 Billion

CHART: As Services For Main Street Are Gutted, Richest Pay Lowest Taxes In A Generation

FairWitness said...

Anonymous is one of the guys collecting benefits, that's why he/she is clueless about who pays what in taxes. The last 30+ months have been horrendous for anyone with a business or a decent job. The economy all but came to a screeching halt for most of us. We, the employers, were forced to lay off large numbers of loyal, hardworking employees, who did their jobs well. Why, because there was no work for them to do, nothing to sell to customers who pay for our services, which, in turn, fund employees' wages and benefits. Tax revenues are way down right now because business is down and millions are unemployed. Instead of paying taxes, they're collecting unemployment checks from the government. This can all be tracked back to big government meddling into private industry; like mortgages, like energy, etc.

Anonymous, you don't know what you're talking about. The rich didn't get ANYTHING but a bill from government. Those massive businesses that had enough extra to hire lobbyists to have favorable "loop holes" written into the tax code, well-- our government isn't entitled to that money in the first place. I wish all us business owners could afford to fend off the IRS like they have. IT'S NOT YOUR MONEY -- ANONYMOUS. It doesn't belong to you, you had nothing to do with generating those revenues and you aren't entitled to squat! Your socialist views are failures! You don't get it! You want to live a certain lifestyle -- get off your lazy rear end and work for it. You aren't entitled to the fruits of someone else's labor!

Z said...

FairWitness, I don't know where the lefties think money's going to come from once they've bled those who've gone to university and worked hard and succeeded are completely BLED DRY. I guess they can't think that far ahead or something.....or that ideologically sensible?

Apparently, to the left, it's more important to welcome and pay for illegals and to forcibly help those unable or unwilling to work than it is to protect the AMerican dream of people being able to be as successful as they can be and then give charitably...

And they've indoctrinated 2 generations of young AMericans to believe the country owes them a living, too.

it's unconscienable and totally the blame of the left

Elmers Brother said...

Are there no Dems who own businesses?

MK said...

"Why doesn't the media at least look into it, maybe just ask about it, maybe just have a little curiosity?"

Because most of them are stupid shills for the western left. They dare not go against their masters.